The King's Council

July 31, 2015:

Arthur calls for council from an old friend.

A Mysterious Island in the Bermuda Triangle


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There is a small island in the South Atlantic that shows up on no maps, cannot be seen by satelite imageing, and that no boat crewed by sailors has ever come within sight of. Unsurprisingly it exsists inside the Bermuda Triangle. It's a flat island for the most part, surrounded by shear cliffs sixty feet high, as if a pillar of bedrock were simply thrust into the sky from the water below. It's rock is dotted with small pools made by rain fall and the nigh constant fog, it's ecosystem an entirely isolated one, where life is cyclical and balanced. Here Arthur sits atop a craggy out cropping staring out at the sea with a far away expression on his face. It's one of the few 'thinking spots' he has, where he can be both alone and with his people at the same time, but not inundated by them. He can almost forget the trident of Tide warriors that constantly circle the islands base just beneath the waves, vigilent bodyguards from a more brutal savage time. He takes a long slow breath and closes his eyes, coming to a decision. «My friend,» his thoughts flicker outward, traveling across the water and echoed through the sea life as if it were a vast network, carrying inevitably across the planet, one creature to another, a telepathic ping, «I… require council.»

J'onn had been resting- recently in Washington DC for the awful happenings there. His eyes closed when the contact comes. He returns- directly to the mind which had touched his own. «Then I come, my friend. I will be with you shortly.»

J'onn's density drops and from his own lonely place- hidden in Zion Canyon in Utah- he flies with great speed towards Arthur and that place hidden to those without permission to be there. It only takes a few minutes before J'onn's form can be seen, floating down to land nearby Arthur. He takes a seat near the King of the Sea, and nods his head quietly in greeting. "How may I be of service?" he asks as he turns his gaze out to sea.
Aquaman is quiet for a long time after J'onn lands, which frankly would be weird with anyone else. Everyone needs noise to be comfortable, even Batman doesn't sit still very well, which has always struck Arthur as odd for a guy who's basically a cape wearing ninja. So far he's only ever found J'onn and Mera to be okay with sitting in silence with him, and for very different reasons. Friends long enough, the Martian can feel the Atlantean's unease, in fact, his fear. It's a fairly disconcerting thing. Arthur is very nearly never afraid. Or anything. The few times he has been they've faced down extinction level events, and even then… "No matter how long I've been at this I keep discovering new things." he says, speaking aloud finally. Perfectly capable of telepathic communication, even comfortable with it unlike most Earthlings, Arthur still seems to prefer to voice his thoughts, as if speaking them lends them greater imporant and more time to parse them correctly.

J'onn, of course, doesn't mind sitting in quiet. He's sat in quiet longer than most human beings could ever contemplate. Its one of those things that happens when you find yourself alone, with literally no one else of your own species. Quiet. Its even comfortable, to be honest- but that fear his friend feels… That unease. It is unusual. Still, J'onn knows that Arthur will speak when he is ready. More important is to be there for his friend, than to fill a silence.

He looks then to ARthur when he speaks, nodding, but remaining silent- allowing his friend to continue his thoughts without interruption.
Aquaman reaches over and pulls the trident, his ever present companion, from the stone where it was stuck three inches deep, and holds it out at arms length, the unblemished gold of the thing glinting in the sunlight, "There is a creature come to the waters," he says, staring at the weapon, "from ages long past. Primordial, ancient beyond reckoning, I believe it to be from another realm entirely. It's big J'onn, bigger then anything we've ever seen." he shoots a look the Martian's way, letting that sink in. Neither of them are unfamiliar with massive physics breaking monsters, hell, Atlantis is practically the home of GIANT SCARY THINGS, Arthur even keeps a relic from before the KT Extinction in Posidonous proper as a sort of Atlantean mascot/pet/guardian. "It's begining to crawl up from the Trench and I am not certain it can be stopped. I have mobilizing my military, the Drift is working recon," he glances down into the waters beneath their feet, "I have even reawoken the Tide," J'onn once helped him put down a rebellion lead by a single woken member of the Tide, a Captain, it almost killed Arthur in open combat, "to better guard my allies and family. But this thing…" he shakes his head slowly.

"I believe it is linked to this," he turns the trident slowly in his hand, "I can /feel/ the trident respond when the creature moves, when it reaches into our world. I don't know how, no one does, the records from before the Cataclysm that sank Atlantis have been destroyed. I don't…" his frustration is clear, and from it spawns his fear. "I may not be able to stop this thing, and I cannot wage all out war on it because even if we win, we will be decimated as a power. Things are delicate these days, politically speaking, ever since the Invasion. Since Orm." and of course that's really the heart of hte matter, the betrayal. Arthur is many things, but off balance has never been one of them, ever since he discovered he was King, he couldn't afford to harbor doubts, to second guess. He must always move forward, show no weakness, never break, never even bend. In a universe comprised of ocean he must be an unshakable mountain. Now he's shook.

J'onn is quiet for a long moment, listening and letting all the words sink in as he nods. He looks out over the ocean, nodding quietly to himself as he lets all his thoughts fall into place before speaking. "You, of course, can always count on me to assist you- should it come to violence. I believe, however, we should begin with research. I do not believe that all records are gone, or that there is not someone who knows about this trident. I admit, when it comes to such magic, I am outside of my element. But I do know, Arthur, that you are not alone- and that you must not give up hope." he begins, "And, you should feel comfortable asking from me anything you need."
Aquaman eyes J'onn for a moment, "My people have never been open with their secrets, and what records exsisted back then on Atlantis are all but gone. We have faced this before you and I, but how many times can we stumble across an underwater ruin with the answers to our questions laid out for us, carved in stone? Twice? Three times? I cannot risk my people's future on the chance the secrets are buried at sea, and no King of Atlantis would have shared his secrets with another land, another mage, not even before the sinking. They were Atlantis, the land of mystery and power, all but rulers of the ancient world, protectors of the Earth." he eyes the trident in his hand and shakes his head, "But you're not wrong. There may b-" he stops talking as something strikes him, a thought, and his lips twist in a wry smirk. "You are infuriatingly good at making me see the errors of my ways J'onn. No one likes a know it all."

J'onn smiles, a rare sight. Few have even seen it- Arthur is certainly the only with human blood. "I apologize, then." He replies simply, with a nod of his head. "I am curious, though, what thought has come to you. If, that is, I am privy to it." J'onn looks now curious to Arthur, his face falling back to his normal 'poker-faced' expression.
Aquaman just shakes his head slowly and plants the trident back into the stone of the island with a simple gesture, "You were right, there are answers out there somewhere, but I was thinking of human records, Atlantean or otherwise. Sitting next to you though I remember that human's aren't the only ones with an interest in this world, and there are those with whom Atlantis has dealt in the past, on equal footing, those I've not yet made my introductions to… and it's past time." he looks up towards the sky as if he could see something past the blue. "I'm thinking perhaps it's time the King of Atlantis makes a diplomatic visit to the King of Asgard."

"I have recently fought at the side of Thor Odinson." J'onn offers, "And helped him with something that was apparently involved with Asgard." The Martian says quietly, "Perhaps were you to impress upon Thor you would find your diplomatic efforts eased. I, of course, would be glad to assist however I can. My recent battle at his side may be parlayed into some good for you, and your people."
Aquaman tilts his head to the side as he considers this for a long moment, "As an intermediary Thor would suffice quite nicely." Arthur says after his consideration, "However it's Odin I would have to speak to in the end." Arthur is a King, he cannot do diplomatic business with a Prince, it would look weak and such things are important to him now because they are important to his people, sad as that is. "He is most likely to hold the answers I need… but I imagine they will cost me." he lets out a long slow breath. "I merely hope it is one I can pay." he shoots a look at J'onn, "Tell me of Thor. I've not yet crossed paths with him but what I hear is mixed."

"I have only met him the one time, but he seems of noble spirit." J'onn replies, "He reminds me of the Vikings of Earth's past. A warrior, honorable. I do not know him well, but I would be glad to introduce you to him. I feel he may be the key to actually getting to Asgard- he seems to be their major player here on Earth." J'onn continues, "I believe he lives in New York City, as of now." J'onn does tend to keep tabs on who and where most powerful beings on Earth are- if only to know what players are on the board, and where they're at. "You are correct, however. Thor would work best as an intermediary."

Aquaman quirks a brow at J'onn, "The vikings of old raped and pillaged their way across Europe, burning and defiling everything they came across, taking from the weak because they were strong." he points out. "Honorable …. maybe in their own twisted way, but as I understand the word, no." but he nods knowing what J'onn meant anyway. "There are protocals in place for me to speak to Odin, but they are thousands of years old and such things tend to be easily laid aside over time. Thor, I imagine, would be a simpler solution." he nods again, "Please make contact for me, let him know that the King and Queen of Atlantis would like to meet his father. It has been to long since our nations enjoyed full diplomatic relations," he sighs, "and do not hide our need to seek knowledge from the Allfather. I suspect Odin will know of it anyway, best not to pretend at deceit."

J'onn nods once. "I will carry your message to Thor." The Manhunter replies, "I'm sure he will welcome Atlantian hospitality. In any regard, you are correct. Deceit is rarely the proper path to a good relationship. Is there anything else I can do for you, my friend?" J'onn wonders, as he looks again towards the King of Atlantis.
Aquaman nods and uses the trident to push himself up to his feet, "When the time comes to drive this thing from my waters I could use your strength." he smirks a bit, "What say you old friend? Feel like fighting a giant evil from beyond the pale of time and dimensional space?"

J'onn floats to his feet, looking towards Aquaman as the question comes. He gives another quiet smile, "That sounds right up my alley, Arthur. Wouldn't miss it for the world." The Martian says, with a nod of his head. "I'll be in contact shortly, my friend."
Aquaman turns and leaps from the cliff without another word and vanishes into the water with hardly a splash, a contrail of bubbles disappearing beneath the surface as he speeds away the only sign he was ever there. Good byes and niceties are for people who don't understand one another so well, besides, now Arthur has to go tell his wife they're going to meet other royalty. He's hoping Mera wears the green armor. Not that green armor. The other green armor. Yeah. /That/ green armor.

J'onn's business here finished he disappears just as quickly- flying off into the distance until he's but a green speck on the horizon. He's got work to

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