Looking For Doug...

July 29, 2015:

X-Red start moving into the building… Rahne comes to visit

X-Red HQ - New York


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The news had come earlier today after some considerable back and forth that Jet Blue would take a profit sharing deal. The specific amount had to be negociated and some safeguards for their financial interests put in place but the end result was that X-Red acquired the building and Jet Blue and its affiliates acquired a revanue stream. There's a whole host of legalities and things that have to be arranged for the rennovation and repurposing of the building, but the deed's done.

Bobby is presently in the area that'll probably end up being the common area. It's got a nice view.

Brins prowling… well walking… around the common area, near Bobby "That wasn't as difficult as I expected." She's referring to the negotiations of course. Stopping next to Bobby, she looks out over the view and then glances up "How does it feel, Bobby?"

The robot guy is standing quietly in the common room, still wearing the Robo chassis — it's a new favorite, a great balance between human and machine that still lets him express emotion but doesn't require him to run a separate process to micromanage expressions and human body language.

In a sort of 'out of body' experience, he's only peripherally in the chassis, the rest of him spread in a flickering, searching way throughout the building, seeing what exists, what's where, what needs to be oh dammit, there's ASBESTOS. Great. Well. Fortunately he can remove that stuff.

"Asbestos. It had to be asbestos. Shroud on the heating system," he says from the chassis.

X-Red. It was mentioned when Rahne visited the mansion and met with Emma Frost, Betsy Braddock, and Nate Grey. Given her time back in Scotland, not to mention her responsibilities there, 3,000+ miles overseas meant that while some news reached her, a lot of things fell through the cracks or didn't get much attention. So, it was quite surprising when she heard a certain someone was still alive and kicking.

The interest in seeing Doug Ramsey was only part of what led Wolfsbane to this new location the group is apparently working on settling into. Beyond that, it's a matter of seeing what there is to see, and upon arriving she knocks on the door, rings the bell, or just walks right in depending on what works best. "Hullo? Anyone around? It's Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane." And, she's dressed in a costume that's quite different from anything she was last seen in around Xavier's.

Bobby Drake is not a face that's really been around the Mansion. He was there once, for a few weeks a few years ago and only in the last year or so came back. He's standing there grinning at Mike while he does his check over. "Feels good Brin. And of course there's asbestos. Place was built in the… oh hang on…" His phone has chimed. Someone's at the main entrence. He wouldn't recognize Wolfsbane if it weren't for the uniform. Different than what he's seen but still undeniably X-Ish. "Hey Wolfsbane, this is Iceman. Come on in, we're toward the back. Can't miss it. Door's unlocked." Well, it is a big place after all.

Tabitha, cute redheaded irish ancestry sort of lass comes up behind Wolfsbane carrying a couple of boxes of supplies, office and otherwise, from the look of it. "Oh hey great… can you get the door for me?" she looks what twenty two tops. She peeks over the second box at Wolfsbane.

Brin had been at the Institute from the time she was nine. She may be recognisable as a surviving member of The Paragons… or not."

"Yes Mike" Brin smiles a little as Bobby comments "The absestos was noted on the building report, we got a concession for it in the negotiation." Of course they hadn't mentioned that Mike could deal with it a lot more cost effectively than traditional methods.

Looking towards the entry, Brin cranes her neck to see who enters, the name doesn't really ring a bell.

The robot guy tilts his head and the giant blue glowing eyes on his blank face slit into a sort of faintly gleeful expression as he hears Tabitha's voice. The door opens by itself. Meanwhile, he mutters, "too small to get a superfund grant. Darnit," and in a store room, a small trundling black box that looks fresh out of Star Wars starts gonk-walking down the hallway leading to the furnace. He'll have to shift into it when it gets there, but for now, he can pretend to be a social mammal. Er. Robot. Mammal chassis is still being repaired after last week's fight with the Purifiers.

"Hm? Oh." Just stepping inside after being told it's open, Wolfsbane stops at the sight of another redhead, though Tabitha isn't fuzzy and wolfen like Rahne. "Aye, here ye go." She holds it open, even reaching to offer to grab the topmost box. "If ye need a hand?" Either way, she's moving in further with a look around, bare feet steering clear of anything she might not want to step on in case the floor isn't the cleanest.

"Och, I'm no' sure I recognize any o' ye. I must have been away from Xavier's longer than I thought. I heard there were some o' ye working together. 'Berto, an'..is it true Doug is alive?" Right to the point, she is, and there's an obvious hint of hope in her question as she takes in the sight of Bobby, Brinley, and..robot guy?

Tabby shifts the boxes "I got it… I'm a bit stronger than I look… animal thing I guess…." she steps inside and then ohs and adds "I'm Tabitha." she peeks around over the box trying to figure out where people are. That is when she blinks at Wolfsbane's wolfish features.

Bobby looks over as the fuzzy woman with the Scottish brogue comes in. "Hey there!" He's about to go over and shake her hand when Tabitha comes in with the boxes. "Leeet me give you a hand with that. Be right with you Rahne…"

He takes one of them off Tabitha's hands and sets it down where the others are going. They'll need help doing the remodel but between Mike and Piotr they should be able to get a lot of it knocked out. "There we go. So hi, welcome, we're just getting kind of settled here. I don't think we've met before. I'm Bobby Drake, this is Mike Dracos, Brinley Meyers and, well you've met Tabitha already. What brings you by?"

"Doug… alive?" Bobby has never particularly known Doug to be otherwise. "Er… yes. Why? Did something happen?"

Brin vaguely recognises Rahne and offers a smile "I'm Brinley. I would have been a few years ahead of you at the Institute, so I might not be familiar." Moving over to help Tabitha with the boxes, she glances back at the other redhead in surprise "What's that about Doug?"

"I haven't asked him about it," Mike says cheerfully, "because death and recovery therefrom are extremely personal and he might not be comfortable talking about it."

He finishes scanning the building, at least. There's some issues with one of the substructural sections. It won't withstand a magnitude 9 quake.

"OK, my attention will be on the machine room for a few minutes, I might be slow responding."

The robot chassis closes its eyes, and the gonk-bot suddenly has a lot more personality as it practically skips down the hall and into the machine room. The next few minutes are disturbing to anyone who's a Lovecraft fan, but fortunately there are no "tekeli-li" calls as the cleaning robot calls forth strange spheres of energy.

At the reactions from the others when she asks about Doug, Wolfsbane might be taking on a bit of color to her cheeks. Thankfully the fur hides it. "It's..kind o' a long story, maybe better left for another time. I canna just ask ye tae forget about it, but I'd really appreciate it if ye dinna bring it up tae him before I've had th' chance tae see him first." Clearly, this is news to them, and…yes, Mike is getting a very swift nod of agreement from the wolfen woman. "Aye. I hope he'll forgive me for just coming oot an' saying it." Awkward moment, no doubt.

It's got Wolfsbane running a hand through her hair, nodding afterward to Brinley. "Unfortunately I'm no' tha' good with names if I didna know someone verra well. I sort o' ran away from things a' one point, but I thought it was th' right time tae come back an' see where everyone is. I stopped by th' mansion first." Tabitha's focus on her earns a curious glance, which is then directed toward whatever the robot named Mike is up to.

Tabitha sighs as she is suddenly boxless. She looks down at her hands and then to Brinley and Bobby "you do know I may be new but I can totally handle a couple of boxes." she smirks "Thank you though…." hands free she turns and offers one of them to Rahne "Nice to meet you." she furrows her brow a tiny bit at the various conversations, no one she knows and other bits.

"I'llllll have to remember to not ask him about it." Doug was dead? That's kind of a disturbing thought for Bobby who's only ever known Doug to be quite alive. It makes sense that he wouldn't mention it of course. Just… jarring.

"Well, nice to meet you all the same Rahne. We're… here. We've gone through a bit of a transition. Berto isn't working with us at present." Mike's report that the area has some structural issues gets a nod. "Let us know what you'll need to fix it. Piotr's offered to help."

Brin gets a shrug. He hadn't heard of that one either. "Oh it's not that we think you can't handle it Tabby. Just, you know, seemed rude to not offer to help."

The machine room is far enough down a side hall that you have to stand in the right place to see it, so the strangeness of consecutive bubbles unforming from the outside of the building and unpopping and de-expanding through everything and down into the machine room is not visible in its entirety, but it's just disturbing enough that it's a very good thing it only happens ten times (in five seconds) and then stops. Then the clunking happens.

"Had to lock it down, before I took it down, because asbestos is very bad for meat people," Mike explains to whoever wants to know. Although he doesn't open his eyes or move this robotic body.

"Sorry Tabitha" Brin looks a little abashed "It's not that your new, it's just what we do." Help each other whenever they can, even if it is lifting boxes.

Turning to shake Rahnes hand, Brins smile warms "Pleased to meet you, Rahne" the brunette empath was always the quiet type "And I won't mention a thing to Doug." Although she's incredibly curious.

Picking up her tablet, Brin watches for Mikes report to update … and his comment about locking the area down, gets a short nod.

Wolfsbane is still rubbing the back of her neck, probably feeling quite like she's gone and done something extremely stupid that could impact things beyond what she was thinking about. What a way to start out. "Please, if ye see him before I do, let him know I'm looking for him?" she asks Bobby, then she appears grateful to have Tabitha extending a hand. "A pleasure..I'm Rahne Sinclair," she explains, in case Tabitha missed it before. She repeats the handshake with Brinley as well. "Thank ye. I really should no' have said a thing."

Rahne cannot quite see what's going on over where Mike is, but the whole situation definitely leaves her tilting her head in seeming wonder. "So, what does yuir group do compared tae th' other teams?" she wonders. "I may be looking tae find others tae work with."

Tabitha gives an easy shrug and a smile "I know I know…." she steps away to open one of the boxes and fishes out an ice tea and then turns around and gives Rahne a curious look before looking to Bobby.

"Much the same as they just more public. We do our jobs, do the impossible for a fee on the weekday and when the need calls we suit up and save people. It's all part of the same thing. We're comfortable with our names and faces out there. Not everyone is. Nothing wrong with that. Its just something we think needs to be done. Brin, Mike, Tabby, all could tell you their own reasons."

There's the usual indicator Brin has set for email, as Mike's computer brain completes running the compilation of the structural report and recommendations for what he'll need to properly shore that one sub-floor. The machine room is filled with an odd hissing noise. This is because the noise of cutting up the freshly compression-and-adhesive-hardened asbestos with a kinetic force blade (using subatomic particles instead of the usual water) is rather noisy, so the gonk-bot is countering it with active noise suppression.

The report that shows up for Brin lists the contents of various rooms (including the two secret rooms and the odd cavity at each base of the arches) as well as showing the structural plan in greater detail.

Brin watches Mikes report update briefly "Mikes just running some checks on the building. Mike, if you have a moment, come out and be social." Brin cajoles. Seeing Tabby with the ice cube and the look to Bobby, she cants her head in question.

"I joined because I wanted to make a difference. I was at the Institute but I'd already been outed by the Purifiers, working with the other teams just wasn't an option. When X-Red said they could use my talents, I jumped at the chance." And it had been a good decision for her. "Really, we want to show people that Mutants can live in and be part of the community - we're nothing to be frightened of."

"I heard about th' Purifiers," Wolfsbane confirms. "They sound like nasty people, especially if it's as bad as I'm hearing in Mutant Town." That, at least, could be something for her to focus on. "Just living in peace around others is hard tae do if they'll no' leave us in peace tae begin with." Nods follow to both Bobby and Brinley in particular, then she asks Tabitha, "How'd ye end up around th' others here? It sounds like ye're new?"

Tabby nods to the others there. ".. Oh um.. yeah I am really new. I applied to work at DCI And with the Team after graduating from school. I figured that I could use my degree and also help do some good with my abilities. I mean I have to have them for a reason right so I should definitely use them and not just hide them." a slow shrug and a smile, if a smidge shy. "I mean aren't we all doing it to help our people and others?"

Bobby chuckles as everyone has their say. "Tabby came to us after the fact yes but she's been very helpful. Hasn't had a chance to go out on anything particularly spectacular but that's how this goes. Can't hero every day. Good thing too." Bobby taps his neck where the ice scars into his flesh. He's not recovering as well as he used to. Or rather he is but… in ways he'd rather not.

The hissing stops, and there's a single MWOMMM! of energy moving outward in strange directions this time; Mike's eyes open and he says, "OK, asbestos cleared. Sorry, I needed to do that so I could restructure that terrible old-fashioned heat pump."

He offers a metallic hand with obvious finger-joints showing, to Wolfsbane.

"Hello, Ms Sinclair. I'm Mike Drakos. I joined because I had already been living out and openly, and I was a known 'safe' entity by a number of way-too-wealthy people and political creatures, so it made sense for me to be part of the 'Mutants For Hire" team. Part of what I do is to see whether the things I've been asked to do, would end up doing harm to someone else's living. If there's not an emergency, and someone is just trying to avoid paying workers suitably, I have always charged three times what it would cost to do things the normal way. And a third of it goes to the workers they're avoiding paying, because IN THEIR FACES."

He pauses suddenly, and pulls out something suspiciously like a gun with an antenna-dish on one end, and scans Bobby for the first time in ages. "Thats what I thought. When did you start doing the ice-flesh thing?"

"Not now, Mike" Brins noticed Bobbys 'affliction' and his reticence to speak about it. She also thinks Jean's aware and until it looks like it's more serious, she's not going to press the point.

Rahnes commentary gets a small snort "This is true and it's why we work closely with the other teams. There are things that we…. simply can't do." Glancing around the group "But we're finding that being public, people bring their concerns and things they find to us… and when they see us acting on it, or something happening, they trust us, so we get more." A small sigh "But it also makes us targets."

Lots of information coming in fast here. Wolfsbane demonstrates a bit of her own thing, all signs of the wolf visibly fading away into nothing in the blink of an eye, leaving her before them in just her pale skin. "I'm a shifter, just tae do with being a wolf or no', an' in between like ye can see." And so, back to the furred form. "What are ye able tae do then, Tabitha?" she wonders, using the more formal name instead of the nickname.

She squints at what Bobby rubs at, though she couldn't say one way or another how normal that is for him until Mike asks about it. Before that, she listens to his explanation of his role in some of this, leaving her to nod and smile briefly at the bit about the pay being charged. "Well, I know a few things about genetics from some o' muh studies, but ye can probably guess what I'm best a'." The metallic hand, of course, is accepted, which includes a closer look of scrutiny along with a subtle sniffing at Mike's scent, whatever it may be. "I know a thing or two about th' dangers o' being targets, aye."

Tabitha watches the shifting back to fully human that Rahne does. "Oh aye.. well kind of that. I've never tried to do..well in between to be honest. I turn into animals. I'm told that I am pretty good at it… but it took a whole lot of practice to get it down." she smiles, though there is a look of concern paid to all of the attention to Bobby's neck there.

Bobby rubs his neck. "It's been a while Mike. I need to see someone about it. Haven't trusted our usual sources. I'm considering going to SHIELD." He shrugs. It is what it is. "If you could help Rahne I'd appreciate it. I have my differences with those at the Mansion. Not the kind of thing that makes you comfortable with a doctor-patient relationship."

Mike smells almost exactly like a high power transformer crossed with a forklift. There's only traces of human to his scent, just because there are humans all over the place and he's constantly brushing against them, etc.

"Interesting," Mike says, reading the data collected from the scanner. Does he bother to translate it to something useful or even perceptible to regular humans? Of course not! He's got something better than a tricorder, this is a pentacorder, and he's not about to put out the API where any meat person can read it; SHIELD would be grabbing his design!

"Ms Sinclaire, I would never presume to claim to know, but I do admire your willingness to use wolvish senses in New York."

"Different animals? Tha's pretty useful, I'm sure," Wolfsbane perks slightly at Tabitha's answer. "Maybe ye'll have tae show me sometime later." Mike gets her focus again long enough for her to tell him, "It's no' been verra fun up tae noo, I can say tha' much. Lots o' foul odors in this city. I'll just have tae get used tae it if I'm tae stick around here." Bobby's talk of conflict with Xavier's earns him a briefly thoughtful look and her saying, "I may need tae ask you about tha' later on. I've hardly been in th' loop with things there for a' least a year noo. Much as I'd like tae stay a while longer, there were a few other things I had tae do before th' day's done. Ye understand, but I'll leave ye with muh number an' try tae visit again soon."

"Feel free. Anyone from the school is welcome to drop by whenever they like. Pardon the power tools while we get it up to snuff but I look forward to seeing you again." Bobby smiles and waves to Rahne as she turns to go, then turns back to his friends. "Shall we get to work guys?"

Tabitha nods to Wolfsbane "That sounds cool. I haven't ever met another shifter before so I am sure you can give me plenty of pointers too!" she grins like she likes this idea now. She looks over to Bobby and ugns "Okay.. but can we order a pizza or something later?"

"Good idea, Bobby. I'll finish double-boxing the Asbestos and we can go over what to do first," Mike says, nodding to Wolfsbane. "Good travels."

He doesn't seem all that active for a robot that's supposed to be boxing up something, but then, looks are deceiving.

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