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July 29, 2015:

Batman checks in with Oracle and so does The Fox

Clocktower - Gotham


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In the aftermath of the events in New York and the Atlantic Ocean, the escaped prisoners from NYPD and the, usual, general unrest that is Gotham, Oracle is busy. Busy scrubbing data, tracing leads and helping her team(s) on the ground.

Late afternoon, just as the sun starts to touch the horizon, finds the wheelchair bound redhead in her Control Room at the top of the Clocktower, watching activity across the TriCities. In one window, data is scrolling as one of her programs run.

The roof proximity sensors sound. They usually do when someone lands on the roof. In this case Oracle's cameras show a glowing hawk, briefly, and then a man who looks like a walking rennaisance arsenal opening the top entry with the usual codes and coming on down. Sometimes it pays not to be seen going in, especially if Babs wants to keep her cover of just being a recluse… and one is dressed like a fox masked Aragorn cosplayer. "Oracle? It's the Fox." Kane knows who Babs is but doesn't always know if she's keeping company, so he usually announces himself by handle and not name.

Bruce has been here. He arrived several minutes before the Fox decided to make his arrival, the Dark Knight standing quietly behind Oracle as she runs her routine scans over the Gotham and the surrounding major cities. The rest a concern, especially considering more obelisks have shown themselves.
"Pan back two screens, what is that?" A thoughtful noise escapes Batman, "Nevermind. I've seen it before and it lead to nothing useful. These kids with the boxes attached to them; that is probably our key."
A quick sideglance at who is entering and the Caped Crusader's hands rise up to draw his cowl back over his features letting it mold to his skin, contacts lenses networking back in to internals of his eyes.
"I was just about to ask you about this one."

Bruce has been here. He arrived several minutes before the Fox decided to make his arrival, the Dark Knight standing quietly behind Oracle as she runs her routine scans over Gotham and the surrounding major cities. The rest a concern, of course, especially considering more obelisks have shown themselves but as ever his focus is intent upon his own city.
"Pan back two screens. What is that?" A thoughtful noise escapes Batman, "Nevermind. I've seen it before and it lead to nothing useful. These kids with the boxes attached to them; that is probably our key."
A quick sideglance at who is entering and the Caped Crusader's hands rise up to draw his cowl back over his features letting it mold to his skin. Within a second contacts lenses network back in to internals of his hood's eyes.
"I was just about to ask you about this one."

Two screens? Oracle pans back and then lets the scans continue giving Batman a sidelong glance and a nod. "We followed some of the children here." That had created a discussion amongst the team - using children as bait for an investigation "and we'll try to pick up these new ones and follow again." It's not just disturbing. Seeing the Fox's avatar approach the Tower, she pauses as he enters.

"Two visitors in one night" Oracle sounds slightly amused… "Hello Fox." back to Batman "Ask about The Fox? He's a good asset, finds all sorts of interesting problems to work on."

Looking back to the screen, she becomes grim again "The area around those Obelisks is being terraformed and no one, no company, no person, has been able to identify the elements being created." It's… alien.

"Got a minute? Wanted to talk to you about the attempted robbery at the museum and one of your operativ- oh. Sorry. Didn't know you had company." The Bat cowl comes into view just as the Fox comes around the corner to the command center. Well. That's uncommon. Kane drops by semi regularly. Even brings tea sometimes. The number of times he's seen the Bat here before has been exactly zero. Hell the number of times he's seen the Bat at all he can count on one hand.

"Wasn't the question." Batman informs Oracle about whether or not the Fox was useful. He's proven more than up to the task.
"Good evening, Fox." The tall man's deep voice cuts in. "My usual end of the month ritual is to check up with Oracle." Batman shares this because the man has proven to be an ally, it is not usual for Gotham's boogeyman to divulge in routine or ritual. Not with those he is still at best acquainted with.
"Hrm?" Clearly Bruce is curious as to what Kane has to say or perhaps he is just being quietly polite.

Babs should know better than to answer a question Batman hasn't asked, but still the response gets a slight smile, not a smirk. "No it wasn't."

On to business… "The attempt on the museum and the attempt on the antiques shop that Misfit thwarted… appear to be related, do they not." On her screen, she displays an image of the Magatama that Misfit recovered and the book that Kane and his team had saved from the Museum - the Voynich manuscript.

"Now I could get all nerdy and explain what I've read about the book … but essentially both pieces are old … and Fox says they're of magical significance." A glance at Batman "Fox is investigating and keeping me updated. I provide Overwatch as needed." A slightly narrowed eye glance to The Fox "One of my operatives?" She hadn't missed that.

The Fox nods. "Batgirl. It can wait, it's not pressing. Voynich Manuscript. Isn't that the old book nobody can read?" The druid folds his arms and taps his chin a couple of times. "Someone's gathering ritual components. The problem is who's doing it. So far we've seen tengu and Sidhe, which are from opposite ends of the world…" He glances over to Batman. "It's a little bit like getting nationalist mafias to work together. Someone starts coordinating the activities of, say, the Yakuza, the Irish Mob and Venezuelan Drug Cartels, you know something is up. And that someone with a lot of pull is moving in the background."

The Fox isn't sure how much Batman follows folklore, but most folks don't, so he's trying to be helpful. "What's this about these obelisks? Anything you folks need help on?"

"If it is about Batgirl it can be discussed. She is a part of our team." How is that for good graces the Dark Knight said 'our' and not 'his'. He's working on his people skills a little more recently or just on a positive swing note of his control freak episodes.
"It is believed most of the Manuscript is meant to serve as a sort of pharmacopoeia, there something more to it? Mystical or Alien? This is Gotham it is not unusual for immigrant species to intermix, even Japanese or Celtic originating supernaturals. Though, are they representatives of larger outside organizations or acting solo?"
A muscle bounces underneath the smooth plain of Batman's cheek, just barely visible beyond the cowl. The obelisks are annoying him. Their presence is a blight and a challenge. "It is being worked on. Very little is known but Simon Stagg's research revealed added information that could prove useful. Hopefully."

Oracle had listened in to the discussion Batgirl had with Kane and his companion and her eyes crinkle a little "About the discussion you three had the other day?" Another glance to Batman and she gives a small nod to the 'our' team. "Or something else? Regardless, please discuss it with us." Babs is fond of Cass and if there's something she should know….

"The Voynich Manuscript, yes a pharmocopeia, created in an unknown writing system." She shrugs slightly "From what The Fox is telling me the mystical underworld is getting organised. It matches with some of what I'm seeing." Arcane matters, Babs leaves to Kane - she's got enough on her plate.

Pulling the footage from New York and the Atlantic up, Oracle frowns in worry "This happened the other day. More Obelisks appeared and the damage astounding. But the methods are the same from the ones here and in Africa." A questioning look the Dark Knight to share Simon's information with Kane.

"Oh its unquestionably charged with mystical energy. Might be a grimoire of some kind but its just as likely its simply a battery. Not everything that is magical, or even powerfully so was designed to be. A lot of things just gain metaphysical weight from time amd significance. The older something is and the more significance it has to more people, the more likely it is to have power within it just from that." The Fox pauses in thought. "Oracle when you have time can you cross reference any robberies or attempted robberies made at locations where there were cultural artifacts in excess of three hundred years old? Im betting these two arent the only ones."

The 'our' does get a quirked brow but thats a good thing and Kane wont argue it. "She dropped in on ,e a few days ago for a talk about my… methods. I was womdering if you could give me something that might help me understand where shes coming from. She was very… insistent about saving everyone. Even the monsters." Theres a thoughtful pause. "Im not sure she is right… but Im not sure she's wrong either, about that being the right thing to do. I need to think about it. But I was hoping I could gain some insight in the meantime."

"Yes, they're spreading and it doesn't seem to be in a pattern. Nature is usually the culprit when something lacks mold. Complete disorder is… daunting."
The two topics has Batman considering and responding to both Oracle and Fox in kind,"I knew a man once, a master of Baguazhang and incidentally also a supposed mystic. He often spoke of chi and karmic energy being tied to all things and then would use some trick of the mind or perhaps actual magical talent to display the colors and feel of these objects, living and non… he could do it with anything. Claimed it was basically just the psychic attraction and essence all things collect over time. You and he would probably have gotten along well, Fox. That isn't to say I don't believe in such things myself. I just have no aptitude and my methods achieve what I require. More often than not."
"Insight in to Batgirl's methods? On one note you can consider who she is and what you have learned of her so far. By now you should know she is different she reads body languages like you and I do the sunday paper. She can look at person and learn more about them from the blink of an eye or a facial twitch than most people would gather in months of knowing said individual. Imagine to that at some point there is some intimacy with every person she meets, every person she fights. It is like holding a conversation. We don't often train our soldiers to converse with the enemy for a reason. That point aside, shes a student of my own methods, a shared philosophy. I personally don't want to live in a world where we can't have peace without killing others. I strive to prove our world doesn't have to be like that, to be an example, to be a shield and a savior. Not all of those out there we have defeated have proven to be beyond redemption. That alone is promise, a spark of hope. It is rather beautiful that a girl raised to be the perfect weapon refuses to do so and wishes to save all life, isn't it?"

Babs and Kane have discussed the Bat philosophy in the past and Kanes question, in light of the discussion she listened in to, meets a small amount of amusement. "Batgirl is a product of her upbringing. She found a family with us and has taken our philosophy to heart." That she's done that based on what she experienced as a child, is astounding. "I'd encourage you to spend more time with her, she doesn't speak but she can still communicate."

"Beautiful, perhaps…" The Fox muses. "There's something hopeful about someone who believes that every life has innate value. That even monsters can be saved if you're willing to try hard enough." Gotham's druid could discuss the matter at length but he hasn't particularly felt invited to do so. Maybe one day. But this might not be the day for an extended discussion.

The cliffs notes, though, that perhaps…

"I don't know that I agree, Batman. I don't know that I can afford to agree. Not when the stakes are peoples lives and souls." That's not a figure of speach for Kane. "But…" And now he glances between Oracle and the Bat. "Your protege and friend has earned my respect. I'd like to think that perhaps she's my friend as well…" For as often as she drops in… "So I'm not willing to dismiss the matter out of hand like I'd do for others."

To Oracle's suggestion that he spend more time with the Little Black Bat, the Fox just nods. "Often not my choice to spend time or not, but if I can I will. Certainly, she's proven more than able to keep up when I need her to."

As for the rest… "Sorry, that was rather roundabout. Your friend wasn't wrong. I was taught that there are many ways of viewing the unseen world and that all of them are at least a little right. What worries me is are the objects being targetted. Significant mystical power sources aren't common and the need for them, especially in a city like this one, indicates a working of some power. That I've not heard of this yet means that someone has enough pull to keep people from talking and that is by itself worrying. I'll handle this as best I can, try to keep it from getting too big. Keep you in the loop though. Just in case…"

A slight quirk of the lips and Batman may or may not be smiling, the subject in regards to Batgirl and their No Kill approach being left alone for the time being.
"Any leads? I would suggest the Coventry district and Chinatown if you're still yet unfamiliar with Gotham's true night crowd. Something I actually intended to speak to you about."

Batgirl hasn't punched The Fox, not like someone else of Oracles acquaintance, which is always a good start. Whether Batgirl truly has friends… Babs isn't so sure, the young woman keeps to herself and works - perhaps more than Babs herself does. But still, the little black bat had sought The Fox out and spoken more to him than the redhead has heard - even to herself - and that was telling.

"Fox spends a lot of time in Chinatown." or so it seems to Oracle "And certain supernatural establishments where he sources his leads." Supernatural Fight Club and all.

Oracle has said part of it for him. "Chinatown's a hotbed and I patrol it regularly. Coventry… mmm, that pops hot far less often. Perhaps I should beat the bushes a bit more there." The Fox pauses, now musing to himself. "I do know a witch who lives there. Perhaps I should pay her a visit…" Again, not a turn of phrase with him. He has an odd life. No odder, realy than Oracle's or Batman's, just odd in different ways.

"What's this about Gotham's night crowd now?" He glances between the Bat and Oracle. Rare that they want to chat him up about something. Well, Oracle does, though usually related to whatever happens to be trying to cave his face in at the time.

"Coventry is largely still old Gotham and it lies close to Arkham Asylum. Supposedly those grounds were once heavily Miagani tribesman lands but were struck hard by settlers. A lot of bad things happened there and cultists have made it a hotbed of activity. What you've said about psychic impression… that is strong there. It's made a itself a resting place. Much of the threats I've faced in Gotham that have little to no explaination I've discovered sourced from Coventry. That type… your particular type, seem drawn there. I would like you to focus much of your effort there, that being said, don't stop what you are doing for Chinatown. It's also of more recent years become more… colorful in regards to the unexplainable. Makes me assume there is some sort of unspoken or unknown culture that mirrors our own. Old to New. Chinatown obviously the younger and more diverse."
A shift and Batman draws up a gauntlet to run his finger over it, a small 3D holographic projection that is fuzzed out appears, "Audio issues again. Those obelisks are the cause, on again and off again. I noticed when New York was struck the output from ours here in Gotham heightened. I was tracing it but it cut off abruptly, probably a good thing. Oracle, please keep your ear to the ground on what the League discovers about them. We need any information we can get. I'll be contacting them soon with what I've uncovered as well."

At least The Fox said witch… and Oracle's getting used to dealing with other things 'odd'. Batmans request to The Fox is noted and filed away for future reference. "Maybe Misfit can patrol some of that area, Fox. Give you a little more coverage." The Chaos Muppet had certainly shown a talent for dealing with the Arcane in the recent past.

The Obelisks, again, cause her to frown "We may need to see if we can find more of those children, Fox. See where they lead us." A prospect that really doesn't please her "I'm monitoring the League, of course, and anything else that surfaces." a pause "I note the new inductee, Dr Stephen Strange, was there and directly involved with freeing one of the children. I've yet to see his report on the matter - I'll follow him up. Perhaps with his talents he'll have a different view of the matter."

"Her or Batgirl, if you can convince her. Those are the only two I trust to go solo in these matters beyond…" The 'Boss Bat' has a head jerked at him. Not an expert but clearly adept at figuring things out.

"I'll start patrolling Coventry. It's got a resonance to it and no mistake." It just hadn't been as troublesome recently.

"Good luck with them. The League that is. And let me know if you get anything else that needs my particular talents. I should get going before the Witching Hour." Otherwise he may wind up a bit behind the night's events. Never a good thing for him.

"We'll talk more." The druid gives the other two a wave. Which of them he meant to speak to again isn't clear. Probably both of them really. And then he's climbing up to the landing again with a creak of leather and a slight rustle of that claymore on his back. Moments afterward, Oracle's cameras register a glowing hawk landing and the Fox taking off.

"We'll be in touch, Fox." Batman confirms. "I need to be going as well," A slight moment of hesitation to make sure Kane is out of earshot for the superhuman, technologically or in the Druid's case mystically enhanced and he speaks again this time just to Oracle, "Bruce Wayne has some engagements." The blurry image projected image is transmission ended. "Also… keep a close eye on Cass. I have an unconfirmed sighting of her father and he was departing Gotham. I'm not sure why he was here but I intend to find out."

"Does Bruce?" Oracle watches as the projection completes and offers a slight smile up to the Bat. His next words wipe the smile from her face and her eyes harden, just a little… "Do that and I'll watch Cass." Nothing will harm the little black bat, not while Oracle is around and watching. "I'll keep my eyes peeled as well." That news, is far from welcome, on its own and on top of everything else they've got going on.

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