The Last Days of Wonder, Part 3: Something About Tuesdays (Harlem)

April 07, 2015:

New York is under attack again!


Sight of the renaissance in America, bro.


NPCs: Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Lizard


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THE LAST DAYS OF WONDER, PART 2: Something about Tuesdays.

Art is a form of communication that insinuates. We expect the artist to have more to say than what he communicated and suspect that what he said was a subterfuge for hiding something. — Art in the Age of Risk


It's spring here now and way up in North Dakota that means something very different than most places. There are still large patches of snow in between brown splotches of mud out along the highway somewhere west of Fargo.

The convenience store does not get much business since a new truck stop was built 3 miles up the road. Not a lot of people come in here anymore.

"Pack of Marb reds," says the young woman who appeared from nowhere.

The young, self confident clerk, towers over the young lady with a grin upon his face. "Girls don't smoke Marb reds. I think I'm going to have to see some ID"

It's produced without any hesitation.

"Unice? What kind of name is Unice Hamilton? That's a new one."

"My mother was a fan of the letter U. So she dropped the E."

"Has anyone ever told you you look like that actress who—" Eric's words are cutoff.

"Yes, I get that all the time."



A green haze of smoky nastiness sits in time square like a soup at the dinner table of Satan. At first people don't seem to notice much other than make odd comments as they walk through the nation's busiest intersection. Men in farmer's outfits at all five points make them look like the amish. The assault rifles they carry make them look like murderers.

But one by one, the people begin to have their minds invaded by the green haze. Their worst fears come to life, ordinary citizens now fall into the chaos and abyss of the tainted mind.

Worse, a giant of a man in a maroon suit and a head covering that looks like a large metal dome, looks eager to bring some punishment.

"Well," he says with a thick accent. "I guess it's time to do what I've been paid for." He bends low and begins to drive his massive body with powerful pumps of his legs. As he hits the first van, filled with a family, he easily sends it careening in a flip. The others: A sporty station wagon, a four door sedan, and then a luxury car all are thrown violently as the JUGGERNAUT begins to have his way with the motorists of New York City.

The buildings all around Time Square begin to light up; small flames at first which grow as fuel is added to the fire. Standing at the base is a large, black, molten figure perhaps 8 feet tall. TAR PIT had been sprung from jail, and had just one simple favor to repay before he heads back to Central City.


It reminds the first people who see it of the Wizard of Oz as the streaking being in the sky begins to leave a smoke message amidst the terrible howling of laughter. In the air behind the green and purple demon is the word, "MAYHEM!"


Small pumpkins are thrown from the glider as the GREEN GOBLIN begins peppering the New York Stock Exchange with his little surprises. The masses begin screaming and running and the news hasn't even hit from the northern parts of town yet.

A small child looks terrified at everything happening around them and looks up to see a pale giant of a man with a broken noose around his neck. SOLOMON GRUNDY looks down at the boy and smiles with broken teeth and green in his maw. "GRUNDY HAVE FUN!" he says as he walks out into the street and flips a car with ease.

Meanwhile a man in a trench coat watches the goings on quietly, readjusting his baseball cap, waiting for the right moment.


In Harlem, MR. FREEZE is, well, freezing everything in sight. Cars, buildings, the road. He has specific instructions from his benefactor and if he does what is asked, he has been promised more money and technology to help Nora.

KILLER CROC and LIZARD have no such ambivalent reasons. Instead they just love the chaos as they chase families down and have their way with them. People are running as fast as they can, but the animals are so much faster than them. And it is so easy to run them down.


"God dammit!" yells President Pershing as he slams his phone onto the table. "It's happening again! Get all available personnel, SRD, SHIELD, anyone you can find and get them to New York as soon as possible. We need to go Operation Red Delta on Gotham and Metropolis before we can make sure they are secure. We don't need another night like we had a few months ago people."

The optimist would say that Pershing is worried about the people. The pessimist would say that the already unpopular President is feeling his legacy and coattails fall apart for allowing /another/ attack in such short amount of time. Either way, the call to arms can be heard in every sort of backwater channel from the police, military, and superhero populations.

Harlem. There is something special about Harlem- the energy, the way the people think. Its something that J'onn J'onzz enjoys. That, and there's a bakery that makes these cookies that he just can never seem to get enough of. As just another human, a dark skinned man with jeans and a shirt, J'onn is able to get his cookie fix without much issue. That is, until he steps out onto the street only to find himself struck with some douchebag's freeze beam. Normally, this would leave its victim completely frozen in place. For the Martian Manhunter, it was an inconvenience. One that had completely frozen, and ruined his prized cookies. That darkskinned man frozen in ice looks to Mister Freeze with slightly narrowed eyes. The form in that ice seems to dissolve, disappear, as J'onn's form becomes insubstantial and he phases down through the unfrozen ground, before reappearing in his green skinned, seven foot tall form just behind Mister Freeze. He simply reaches out and taps the villain on the shoulder. "Excuse me." he begins, "I advise you to stop and lay down arms. If you do not, I will stop you." J'onn, of course, does not realize there are others on the way or near by. "You will not like how I stop you." The Martian adds simply.

Lunair doesn't really know much about the President Pershing guy. But while she has been in hiding, and since her recent kidnapping (stupid sexy evil librarians), she's sort of started poking back out of her shell again. She's also pretty relieved Roy was okay after it all (not found naked and propped up on cinder blocks). Today, Lunair has abandoned her ruffle monster look for something normal. She has a light hoodie with a unicorn motif, jeans and looks like a vaguely artsy, weird student. Which is actually pretty apt.

She has some Chinese takeout from a local place and is going to visit Iron Fist. Or at least, she was, as her royal purple vespa nearly hits someone tossed by one of the reptilian villains. Also, ice? There's more ice here than a Frozen LARP. "Crickey!" Hey, she's a fan. Not every creature in the world is lovable, but they all are important and serve their purposes. Except these two. An annoyed cheep from her purse. Sir Philbert von Cheeps is annoyed! "We can't even get crab supplies and takeout in piece." Grump. She comes to a skidding halt, parking her vespa and ducking behind cover to armor up. Sir von Cheeps is going to stay in cover and guard her purse.

It started out as a standard day in Harlem for Danny, some business calls, some paper work, and then the rest of the day at Dojo doing what he loves and does best. Teaching the kids that go there all about the martial arts. And of course trying to get the point across that they won't be learning how to use the 'Ninja Swords' as they have been calling them. Man these kids are fun, but what is their obsession with the weapons…

Of course during the class is when Danny hears all of the things going down, and there is a lot of noise indicating that. "Kids, go to the lunch room and stay there. I'm going to see what's going on out there. Tell Mrs. Sanders to put on the TV, maybe there is a good movie or something on." Once he knows the kids will be secure, Danny starts running out, taking off the shirt off as he does so, exposing that awesome chest scar that looks like a tattoo.

A quick stop at the office to change into the hero gear and outside he goes, he does a quick survey of the situation, and then he sees one of the green lizard guys, in fact it's the one that's called The Lizard. The Martial Artist doesn't hesitate as he leaps at the guy and aims a kick at the creatures face, "Go, try and get to safety." He tells the family that the Lizard was currently trying to hurt.

"Agent Harper, in position," Roy reports in, crouched on a rooftop. Let's see. Mr. Freeze was certainly living up to his name… it was a shame, really, that the man had never gone into -cleaning-. He certainly had the bald head to and the burly physique to be popular with housewives everywhere.

The two reptilians, on the other hand…? Well, they -did- say reptiles turned sluggish when it was cold, so putting the trio together would save himself a lot of trouble. How far apart they were, hm…

And dammit, he really didn't want to know what the reptilians were 'having their ways' with, so the quicker he could redirect them, the better.

Twang! goes the ultra-taut string, and down Roy goes on a zipline, taking aim at Killer Croc.


"So, Unice, are we going to actually do it or what?" The convenience store clerk lies prone upon a hotel bed; hands affixed to either bed post by large straps of cloth. Unice Hamilton paces back and forth in her underwear in front of the bed, and from her figure it really does appear that she should be in movies and in fact she has—her body at least.

"No," she says simply. "You would love to have me, I know this." She reaches for a cigarette, sparks her lighter and leans back upon the dresser as she pulls the smoke in.

"Sex is like everything else, Eric. It's about power. Politicians, businessmen, terrorists, murderers. We're all in unison on the wheel of power and around it goes, and around it goes." She holds the cigarette between her lips, looking far more like an automotive dealership owner than the runner up to an Oscar a few years ago. "There are two types of people in the world, my dear Eric," she says as she pulls out a long knife. "There are earthworms and ants and other creatures who burrow and feed off of the waste that dribbles down to them by the grace of god or whomever you would love to thank and pray to. And then there are us. Those who dictate. And drop what we wish."

She moves towards him with the knife and Eric begins to struggle hard against the bonds.

"I will not have you, Eric. Your sexual desires are so fleeting." She mocks authentic feeling with the way she delivers the line, and taps the blade of the knife upon his nose. "I'm looking for a something a little more permanent, if you get my meaning."

From outside we can see that the hotel is in a remote part of forest and a bungalow style setting. Far away from the others and far enough where hearing Eric's screams will be quite difficult.



Cyclops is going to need some more juice than that. Rumor about Juggernaut is that once he gets going, he's a mighty hard thing to keep down. The blast does knock him a little off his path, but the truck he smashes through still goes flying as he continues his rampage. But what it does do is get his attention. Juggy stops, turns around, and peers at Cyclops. "Who the fuck are you?!" he exclaims. And then he begins to charge.

Just then, however, he's smashed into by Supergirl. The force of the Kryptonian and the force of the mutant are reflexive and both fly in opposite directions from the wallop!

Zee's ran begins to dampen the fires, but the move irritates Joey Monteleone, otherwise known as Tar Pit. "Hey bitch! I need this!" He doesn't seem to realize that this coordinated attack is similar to those throughout the city. That this is a thing much bigger than the promise his benefactor made him. Regardless, hot balls of tar come towards Zee's face!

Not realizing that Power Girl is immune to such things, the Amish looking dudes start firing upon her. In all, six men with assault rifles begin unloading on Karen!

Jean is able to reach out with her mind. She can feel them—the shock and the terror. She can soothe them, it seems, but it will take time, patience, and cover. Which she doesn't have. Because two of the goons begin firing upon her.

Because of Storm the green mist begins to dissipate, mixed with air and taken away into the sky. From one of the apartment buildings a man in a large hat and a burlap sack for a mask snaps his fingers. He gets on the radio, "Fire on the wench in the white, boys!" Storm, too, will begin receiving enemy fire.


Green Goblin sees Rocket coming and howls with joy as the elderly Soviet hero gets knocked around. The glider he flies takes chase and begins to bring itself closer to Rocket Red, all the while, Gobby is chucking pumpkins in his general direction!!!

Spider-Man does a nice job of preventing even more of the pumpkin bombs, but Gobby is already on his way out towards Rocket. He does pause long enough to give Spider-Man a wave, "I'll be back for you, Webhead!"

Solomon Grundy catches the volley from Wonder Woman, "GRUNDY LIKE CATCH!" He then throws it just as hard back at Diana before he begins to stomp his way towards the Amazon. Before he can finish his stride, however he's knocked off kilter by a flash of red, white, and blue. "He won't be down for long," Cap says towards Wonder Woman.

Grundy gets up and looks as if he's about to come at Diana and Captain America when Kate's attack literally smokes him out. "Nice," Steve says to his ally, but the moment is ruined when he sees a man tear the clothes off his body. From the inside there's a bright green that expands and suddenly explodes outward. Kate will feel herself jarred like she received a hit from a linebacker, but Cap was just getting her out of the way and trusting that Diana, too, is fast enough to avoid METALLO.


J'onn has Mr. Freeze's full attention up until he's hit on the side by a previously unseen swipe via the LIZARD. It doesn't hurt, per se, but it does knock the green hero off balance. Freeze, knowing how his bread is buttered, and having seen J'onn move out of the ice, begins to make a run for it. Lizard, meanwhile, is admiring his work on Manhunter when he's kicked off his feet and into a car, compliments of Iron Fist!!!

Lunair can see Killer Croc doing some nasty things to one family in particular. Hopefully the man that got thrown, presumably the father will be okay. Now he looks like he's going to eat that child's head! The horror! But Croc drops the kid as Roy flies in via skyline.

The Martian takes the hit, and indeed, it only registers as a distraction. "I trust you will call out, if you need assistance." J'onn offers Iron Fist as the man then strikes the Lizard who towers over him. J'onn's form shifts, his body flowing like water, to become some sort of truly Alien predator. He towers, twelve feet tall, his body is long and thin. His jaws wide, and multiple eyes appear on each side of his head. His limbs are each multi-jointed horror that end in clawed feet and allow him to suddenly drive forward along the ground at incredible speed. *SKRRRREEEEE* J'onn shrieks, the sound painful to the ears- but not debilitating in any way. This four-legged horror beast chases after Mister Freeze- trusting the other heroes to take their chosen opponents on. Most have not seen the full abilities of J'onn's shapeshifting- who knows what his native and natural form must be.

Oh no! Kid's about to get eaten! That's not good. But then, Roy is flying in and he's kinda squishy and made of meat. Why must so many of her friends be squishy and made of meat? Oh well. Lunair's gotta help. She'll keep an eye out for Iron, turning with her dubstep gun towards the Lizard. Time to bring the wubs! … okay, so maybe it'll be funny to zap Killer Croc, too. It's a reptile party!

Hey awesome that kick to the face worked, a good way to start the fight, go fist guy! "Okay if you stay down this will go a lot easier on you." He has to offer that to the Lizard, he knows he won't stay down though, they never stay down after the first move. Getting ready for the guy to attack him, Danny just stands and gets ready. At least he managed to buy the other families some time to get away from the creature.

Dropping to a knee as he lands, Roy glances oh so briefly at Mr. Freeze. Oh great. Already taken care of… well at least. That leaves Killer Croc and the Lizard, and as previously observed, the best way to deal with them was to take advantage of their cold bloodness…

Ice arrow cocked, Roy aims and fires, aiming for the "I'M GONNA EAT YA!" gaping maw.


Eric's bloody body still pulses with life, but he looks carved like an avian dinner and fades in and out of consciousness.

"You're not human," he whispers to her, one of his final acts of defiance.

"Oh, Eric," Unice says with a smile. "I am very much human. In fact, you could call me the greatest human. Evolved even more than the mutants on the news, I'm something better because I have no compunction. I crave power. Over you. Over the nation. Over the world. I'm plenty human, sweety," she says sitting alongside him upon the bed. But then her face grows dark and her eyes crazed, "I'm the Ultra Human."



Pew pew pew! Cyclop's expertly timed shots begin knocking the tar away from their intended target (Zee), and eventually Monteleone gets pissed enough where he stops focusing on the young magician and instead focuses on the leader of the X-man. "Stop cramping my style, laser face!" Tar Pit exclaims as a massive ball of hot steamy action comes straight for Cyclops. There's a moment when he is bound by some magical binding that goes right through him. Dude seems to be semi solid. Weird. It was a good attempt by Zee, for sure, but Tar Pit keeps coming.

"Damn right, bitch," Juggernaut says to her as he pulls himself up to his feet. He knows, now, that Kara is a heavy hitter and the S on her chest ain't no joke. This time he plans on making it so the little blonde can't be a thorn in anyone's side again. But then, all of the sudden, he's been phased by one Kitty Pryde. What the hell?! He looks to Supergirl with some pain in his eyes and heart. He really wanted to crush her!

"Uhh," says one of the Amish looking dudes. "Who is that chick?" Three of them unload their rifles on Power Girl. Others make a run for it.

Jean wipes away her enemies as if they are simply specks of dirt on her reading glasses. As she looks out towards the rest of Times Square, there is still a lot for her to choose from.

The man looks up at Storm, terrified of the goddess in front of him. "Scarecrow! It was Scarecrow! Oh god don't kill me!"


As Rocket goes crashing down, Gobby descends, looking ghoulish in his evil mask. The yellow eyes get larger, as he can feel himself about to extinguish the life of a hero—the ultimate goal of these psycho villains, of course. He looks down at rocket and pulls out a whammy of a pumpkin bomb. Where the eyes would be, there are big black x's that cross them out and it is about four times the size of the normal ones. He reaches back over his head, ready to slam down the monstrosity and kill poor Rocket!

Luckily for the old timer, and for the great nation of Russia, Goblin is pulled hard backwards by Spider-Man's webs. That's the good news. The bad news is the giganto bomb lands upon the sidewalk. Blink. Blink. Blinkblinkblinkblink. She's gonna blow!!!


Metallo goes flying and the energy blast winks out as he's hit by the car that is thrown by Diana. He's momentarily out of commission, but he'll be alright given that he's mostly metal anyhow. But, as Diana comes to a rest, Solomon Grundy is coming straight for her!

SMASH!He runs headlong into a big vibranium shield with a big star on it. "Wonder how things are going elsewhere," Cap murmurs to his ally.

Meanwhile, scores of people are led to safety by Kate. The young hero doing the dirty work while the big bads are being taken care of.


J'onn is able to catch up to Mr. Freeze so quickly it's almost like cheating. His alien form combined with Mr. Freeze's plodding, clunky suit, allows him to catch up nearly right away. But don't worry, lovers of evil, Freeze is quick enough to pull the trigger on his ice gun towards the creature that torments him.

Bow chickabowow! The LIZARD, inexplicably, begins to dance a sweet boogie, really getting his lizard ass and lizard tail into the mix. Hand on knees he's really shakin his thing at the beckoning of Lunair's weaponry. The beast looks to Iron Fist worriedly. "I can't stop!" He makes no move to hit Danny, of course. He's too busy getting his groove on.

Sadly, Lizard's sweet jive begins to slow as he's hit with an ice arrow by Roy. Dr. Connor's worse half is a study in inner battles. Mostly between man and beast but now, like a raver at the end of the night, between fatigue and the need to dance.

The arrow is blocked by Croc and hey that rhymes. Killer Croc begins heading right towards Roy, eager to rip him groin to sternum and eat his insides.

J'onn leaps as Mr. Freeze's ice weapon seems to pass right through the alien beast, J'onn dropping his density at the right moment. It was important that those who faced the Manhunter from Mars had a healthy fear of Justice, purely as a deterrent to future crimes, of course. The alien demon-beast J'onn's clawed paws pierce into Freeze's suit ruining containment in the process, and putting Freeze down on his chest. He leans down to look into Freeze's eyes. "You will stay here until the police arrive." To further ensure Freeze's compliance he implants that tiny suggestion- it be a good idea to just sit here and wait for the cops. J'onn's form then changes from that of the demon beast to that of the Martian Manhunter.

Can't stop, can't stop the rock. Can't stop, won't stop! Lunair tries not to giggle impishly in her armor as the Lizard's jive is totally sweet. Well, Lizard is already suffering and well within kick punch kick kick punch range. So now it's time to show Killer Croc what a crocodile hunter is. While Lunair is no Australian, she definitely knows that Roy is not crocodile proof. Actually, he's not arrow or Taskmasterproof so she's 100 sympathetic.

Gotta think. Gotta thiiiiink really hard. It's a wonder smoke isn't pouring out of her ears. And then it hits her. The Priness Ray. Deep down inside, Killer croc really just MUST want to be a pretty, pretty princess. And with this ray, he's going to be the pranciest, prettiest princess in a cute pink dress. It's another sonic weapon, but this one has rainbows, music notes and unicorn farts- err, sparkles.

Okay there is now a dancing lizard guy in front of Danny, and he can't help but to laugh at the image before him. Okay that mental image is just priceless, it really is. Of course since it seems that the Lizard is out of the fight for now, Danny does have to do something else. He nods to Lunair as he goes after the bigger Lizard guy, "Thanks." He tells her with a smile, as he leaps over a few cars, and starts charging his namesake, the Iron Fist! As he starts doing the nifty agility stuff that his training has allowed, he gets close enough to the Croc. Once within range, he aims a kick at the back of the guys knees, and if it goes well, follows through with a charged punch, to the guys face. "Let me tell you guys something, STAY OUT OF HARLEM." Hey his kids could have been hurt during this attack you know.

Dammit, the ice arrow swatted out by Killer Croc. Roy wasn't about to get out of the way, though, as he draws quickly, living up to his former nickname of 'Speedy' on the draw. Explosive arrow, and at the range he was going, it was definitely going to cause trouble, but he wouldn't at least swat it aside. But then…

What the hell…! At this range, Lunair's beam is hitting the explosive arrow, and…


Dolores Winters or Unice Hamilton or Ulysses Hayes watches the operation at the nuclear weapons facility from afar, standing atop one of North Dakota's lone hills and watching the invasion from below. With the military's focus on the attacks on Time Square, Wall Street, and Harlem, it has made the infiltration of this facility and ones in Missouri, New Mexico, and Wyoming that much easier. But North Dakota is the key because it has the largest stockpile.

"I think we're ready s…I mean ma'am," says a confused underling wearing a peacoat and pair of sunglasses. His mistake of the gender issue is common among the camp and ignored by his superior who looks 20 years his younger.

"Excellent. I can't wait to get out of this harlot body quick enough." She looks over her shoulder at the others. "What of the news of the other attacks?"

"New York, as you surmised is a total wash. The other three nuclear weapons facilities are in the bag. We'll be ready for your taped message to go out on the internet whenever you wish."

She nods and makes her way back to the black SUV, eager to get her transformation process under way.



At Cyclops' attack, Tar Pit begins to split. Since he is not physically in the being he cannot die or cannot be apprehended in that state, but Cyclops begins the process of dissipating him. It won't stop him, but it'll take a hell of a long time for humpty to put dumpty back together again. Speaking of, after Kara saves the kitty, she's hitting Tar Pit from the other side. Zee's spell is the coup de grace. All the little pieces of Tar Pit that were blowing out everywhere now freeze in place. Where's Tar Pit? Well, he's pretty much everywhere at this point, frozen solid and out of the game.

The Amish dude's heads conk together something fierce and it's not clear how long it'll take those dudes to come to. It might be brash, but Karen's move is certainly effective.

Jean's impressive display finishes off the Amish men in one fell swoop while simultaneously soothing the minds of those affected by Scarecrow's fear toxin.

Speaking of Scarecrow, he curses. He should have been smart enough to not be here, but to direct from afar. He just had to be here, though. Just had to see it. Just had to see his creation at work. He sighs and looks to Storm, one eye visible under that sack of his he wears on his face. He raises his hand in surrender.

"The truth hurts," Juggernaut says as he flails, desperately trying to get away. Finally, he relents, looking back towards Kitty. "If you aint a bitch, then who are you?" he asks.

High above the city streets the setting sun is blacked out by something ominous. Is it another attack? Not likely. The SHIELD helicarrier arrives high above with attack vehicles heading downward for cleanup.

With an exhale, Nick Fury reads his monitors with a hint of frustration. "It all looked a lot more intense than this when it first cropped up." He grimaces. "This feels like a trick."


Off in the distance, the massive pumpkin bomb explodes. Luckily it was far away from Wall Street. The damn thing would have taken out the entire block! Thanks for the assist, Mother Russia, and thank you for Rocket Red IV

Grundy wails as he's webbed all about the face by Spider-Man. It doesn't stop him, but the beast just can't seem to get the webbing off, making him prone to attack. From there, Captain America is on him, slamming him in the face over and over and speeds uncanny for a normal human. With each mass slam, Grundy's head lolls more and more until the tank finally falls to the Earth.

Diana takes Metallo up into the air with her and at first it is tough for Corben to get his bearings. Somewhere high above the buildings, however, he thinks he can take a shot at her. "I'll make you a deal," he says. "You let me go, and I won't shoot you."

Gobby's eyes go wide as he realizes what's about to happen just before it happens. There's a cartoonish split second before all the metal collapses around him, encasing him and his pumpkins for the SRD to come clean up.

Speaking of the SRD, their SWAT vans and troops have arrived on the scene, and begin to work at the cleanup. It shouldn't take long before the villains are apprehended. Well, we'll see about Metallo.


Up in Harlem, Mr. Freeze is getting the point. And now that his suit has been ruptured it is only a matter of time until he heat's up and cools out. And dies. He doesn't need much enticement on the part of the Manhunter, but he is certainly obedient.

Things seem to happen so fast. First the beam hits Killer Croc and immediately his green goes to pink and he's about to tell a story about going to the mall when he is knocked the hell out by Iron Fist. But the ray that Lunair was shooting at Croc, continues on after the kick, colliding with the arrow and 'splitting' the beam into a thousand different points of light. Martian Manhunter, Lunair, Iron Fist, and Roy all have this strange and utter desire to become princesses. And eat cupcakes. And ride ponies.

By now, things are starting to clear up, but as the military arrives with their tanks and their troops, they cannot believe the sight in front of them.

General Thunderbolt Ross opens up the canopy to his tank and peers. "What in Sam Hell?" Four heroes are having a tea party as the villains they were called here to take care of are all knocked out. WTF.

EPILOGUE: (ooc: themesong

Going viral on social media and being replayed over and over by news sources, an odd video has put the nation in panic:

"Good evening," The actress Dolores Winter is staring into the camera, looking all the world like she is about to go out on the red carpet in a stunning, sheer blue dress. Interestingly, for those who keep up with such news, she disappeared a few months ago and had not been heard of since. Her dark eyes stare into the camera with a steely conviction that even her characters from the silver screen could not show.

"You do not know my name, but you know my deeds. A few months ago our great land was rocked by terrorist attacks on three great cities: New York, Metropolis, and Gotham City. At first the response was vast and the people vigilant and little by little you put those pieces that I smashed and scattered back together again.

"But as time past, like you always will, you got lazy. Your "superheroes" arrested a man by the name of Ulysses Hayes who was nothing more than a patsy. He was me, just a bit sooner. You allowed me time, which was all I needed, and now I've struck again.

"Perhaps you believe I refer to the new attacks on New York. No, while your heroes and military were rushing towards the scene, my men were conducting a bit of a slight of hand. Missile silos in North Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri, and New Mexico are now under my control. The key codes to the missiles were easy with someone of my intelligence, and the treasures were not as well protected as you would have liked to believe.

"I will be called many things. Terrorist. Revolutionary. Murderer. Master. The problem with modern day zealots is there's never a plan after the initial shock or awe. You now have a better brand of leash. My demands are simple. The United States Government will cede all political and military power to me. Or there will be no more United States. In the end, it doesn't matter which names you call me. You will know me by my true name: The Ultra Humanite."


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