Recovering from the Carnage...Again

July 28, 2015:

Tigra is tended to at a SHIELD location by Jemma, with Clint briefly present. Information is shared about what sort of danger Carnage presents.

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Clint is no longer an active duty agent. Well… technically. The reality is those orders aren't processed instantly. They've got to make their way through the bureaucracy and so there's still a few hours, maybe a day or so, that his access codes will still work. He's taking advantage of that today to check in on the other person wounded in his last field mission.

Jemma will likely have been alerted. The person that was brought in is a definite and obvious metahuman. Furred. Tail. Claws. Standard procedure is for Metahumans to be treated in isolation just in case. And since Simmons is one of the resident biochemical experts… guess who's drawn doctor duty.

Of course, it may not be necessary to treat her. Many metas exhibit enhanced healing properties. But SHIELD will want to give her a once over anyway, if only for their own records.

A few hours went by with Tigra remaining unconscious, more from what Fitz accidentally shot her with than the other injuries, though there's evidence of a long slash inside one arm that's nearly gone. On someone else, it would probably take stitches and at least a week to fully heal.

For the moment, the tigress is awake and alert, pacing around in the isolation area. Most likely not a cage or too small a space, even if it's a room it still counts to her as a confined space. "I'm ready to come out now!" she calls out to anyone within range of hearing. "All better! See?" There's some irritation there, hard to hide.

Simmons is getting used to irritation being directed at her. That doesn't mean it grates any less, particularly given she's confined herself to the Triskelian (only leaving to attend missions as required). It's been … a trying week or so.

How the tigress came to be shot with Dendrotoxin, Jemma means to ask Fitz but for now, she's going to make sure the woman is mended sufficiently to be allowed on her way. She's not received directives to detain Tigra any longer than that.

"It's nice to see you awake" the brunette biochem offers a small smile as she walks into the suite, divided from Tigra by the glass panelling. "You seem to have recovered from the effects of the Dendrotoxin, hows the head?"

Getting past security was easy. After all, his codes still work. Getting into the medical wing wasn't too bad. But now Clint pulls up short as he notes that the cat like metahuman is presently being tended to by… wait. That's Simmons isn't it? Might as well go in then.

"Doctor Simmons. Miss…" He didn't get Tigra's name. "Just checking in to see how everything's going."

Tigra's got a few inches of height over Jemma, not that she's using it to try to loom over or otherwise intimidate the SHIELD scientist. She just wants out. "Dendro-what's-it?" she asks, and on cue she rubs the side of her head. "Good enough. Anyone get the number of the stuff that fell on me back there when I crashed through the floor? That was no fun."

Her hands extend to press flat against the clear window that separates her from the others, and Jemma is momentarily forgotten about as Clint turns up. "Hey, it's you. From the thing in Mutant Town. You were showing off that car." A beat later she adds, "It's Tigra."

At Jemma's height, you get used to people looming over you - what you don't get used to is Agent Mays /look/. Jemma knows all about being hit with Dendrotoxin, May shot her, only a week or so ago, and it had knocked the biochem out cold. She still remembers the headache afterwards.

"Dendrotoxin. A compound that I created as a non-lethal way to incapacitate… beings." Simmons explains "As you can see it's rather effective." As Clint enters, she looks over and nods "Agent Barton."

Clint doesn't correct the 'Agent' part. Even though it may not be true much longer. As Tigra starts to talk he winces internally and looks to Jemma. Oh no. Someone his LMD had interacted with. That's…. rather classified. He's fairly sure 'no, you met my robot' is not going to be an answer SHIELD will appreciate.

Halp, Jemma…

"Er… Tigra… right." The archer looks dubviously at the catwoman as though trying to remember her (As though cat women are that common). "Yes… that was a busy day… er… sorry. You're feeling better after your… er… being buried in rubble and shot?" He looks to Jemma. Well? Is she? Also, quick ,change the subject.

It'd help Clint that Tigra hardly said any more than a hello to the LMD, for she was busier with munchies courtesy of Kate. Regardless, she flashes him a fangy grin and says in a playful manner, "Good to see I can still leave the boys stammering over me."

Back to pacing she goes, though she stops again as Jemma describes what it was she was hit with. Granted, she was already passing out thanks to the machinery that fell on her, but the dendrotoxin sped that along quite a bit and kept her out longer than she would have been. Much longer, in fact. "Really, I feel good. Can I go now?"

Rolling her eyes at Tigra's playful comment, Jemma's well aware of … at least LMD… Clints reputation, and track record, when it come to women. Office gossip and all - not that she paid a lot of attention, there's usually some enthralling research she's conducting that overrides that.

"Once I give you a physical to ensure there are no lasting effects." Jemma glosses over Clints awkwardness at meeting Tigra previously "If you'll permit me, it will go so much quicker." And given that Clints there - he can play bodyguard.

Yes. Thank you Jemma. Change subject. "Just standard proceedure." He assures Tigra. "What were you doing down there anyway? Down in that building." There'd been a lot of weird things going on there. "Oh, Doctor, make sure to look for any foreign biomatter. There'd been some kind of… monster in the room." Couldn't hurt to make sure she's not 'infected' or some ridiculous thing like that, right?

"I was working on my technique for crashing through the floor in case it ever becomes an Olympic event," Tigra deadpans to Clint, but she waves both of them in after stepping away from the panel, her tail still swishing in a show of agitation. "Check whatever you need," she tells Jemma, asking, "Where are we, anyway?" Seems she's going to make one of them ask again about her business at the tower.

There's a process for entering the room, that ensures no foreign matter can escape. On completing the process, with Clint following behind or ahead, Jemma secures the room before continuing.

"Somewhere safe." She's not got clearance to say anything more "Crashing through floors?" She looks questioningly at the other Agent, she's not seen the field report on that yet. When she does, Fitz might be in for a razzing.

Gesturing to the bed, Simmons indicates for Tigra to take a seat and starts the routine medical checkup that, by now, is rote for her. "Foreign biomatter? You'd better explain."

Tigra begins to roll her eyes but stops about halfway through, plopping herself down on the bed before taking an overexaggeratedly comfortable position with her hands behind her head, a leg bent at the knee pointing upward, and the other leg balanced across it like a T shape. "Place must've had weak floors or something. He's talking about Carnage. I'm sure you've heard the news about him, right?"

She reconsiders this. "Or maybe 'it' is the better word. Sounds like it's some kind of symbiote that can bond itself to anyone it chooses, and it's been going around killing people. I'd been trying to track down someone from the attack in the tunnels that went missing, and I finally found where he lived. Then he showed up, and Carnage was part of him. He attacked, we fought again, one thing led to another, and now I'm here. I'm assuming it snuck off one more time."

The reports haven't made it across Jemma's desk yet. But with everything else she's been working on, that's no surprise really, but she's seen some reports on TV, when she watches it. "Symbiote?" Interesting. She looks to Clint "Do we have any samples? Sounds like something we should be investigating."

Continuing her examination, Simmons falls silent. Nothing unusually seems to be coming up, well beyond the fact that this is Tigra.

"I don't know where it came from, but it looks kind of like a really nasty version of Spider-Man with no hesitation about killing people," Tigra remarks, a frown set in place. "It was going after a couple in their apartment, and when I tried to stop it the guy in there blasted Carnage with a shotgun then tried to shoot me too. Some thanks, right?"

As Clint heads off to double-check on the question of samples, Tigra shakes her head. "I doubt you've got anything like that, but SHIELD should be pouring whatever they can into catching this thing. It's not related to whatever The Joker's doing over here, and I'm certain of that."

Simmons watches Clint leave and then turns her attention back to Tigra "You seem clear. I don't really have a baseline on what's considered normal, but …" she lets the statement trail off.

As to Carnage "I'll let my Senior Agent know about it. I'm sure they already do know and are investigating it." SHIELD is, after all, a need to know agency and if Jemma didn't need to know, she wouldn't be told.

Tigra sits back up, then rises to her feet and makes a slow circuit of the room, her tail curling one way, swaying another. "Now you do have a baseline for what's normal, then," she nearly purrs, and if this is also considered normal for her, then there's something to remember.

"I knew there was something going on at the towers, too. I saw the vehicles. They don't really hide things very well. Hopefully your people did better with what they were there for than I did with mine," the feline woman says. "Someone who seemed to know about Carnage told me to attack him with heat or sound, but the torch I had with me wasn't enough and the guy what drew up a siren - long story - only slowed him down a little bit. Maybe that's something some of your agents can look into further."

The information Tigra provides is noted on Simmons tablet before she lifts her head to watch the feline-esque woman walking, perhaps prowling?, around the room "Heat and sound, got it." She won't ask about the 'drawing up a siren' thing.

"I suppose I do have a baseline but I'd know for certain with several data sets to work from." She considers for a moment "Perhaps you'd consent to returning so I could baseline correctly. Particularly if you're going to be working with our agents - it couldn't hurt." She's assuming of course that SHIELD will see more of Tigra.

"Lots more heat, but that's probably going to be dangerous for whoever it's bonded with," Tigra points out, adding, "So I'd go with some kind of sound first, but your people might have to try different kinds. Maybe it's some kind of frequency thing." She ceases her prowling, for that is what it probably comes off as, and faces the scientist again. "Will I be? I met a couple of them at the BBQ they had in Mutant Town recently, but I didn't see anyone else until yesterday. I don't think I'm really the government type, though."

"BBQ in Mutant Town? That doesn't sound like the sort of thing we'd do…. oh, Agent Barton is also on the JL:A, that's what the BBQ would have been for" Jemma clarifies "And I don't know, but in my experience, if I see someone once, I tend to see them again." A lot of people who turn up to the same location as SHIELD and get hurt often end up in Jemma's infirmary. "Doesn't necessarily mean you work for us, but… we look after those who work /with/ us and help."

Tigra mhhhs, just one of those sounds some make while in thought. "That's what it was, right. JL:A. They've been having some problems lately, from what I've seen and heard. Sounds like a witch hunt to me." Tail swishes, the tip more in motion than not most of the time. She truly does come off as feline beyond just the appearance with the stripes and all. "I'm not going to act like I can do everything on my own. Carnage is Bad News, that's for sure. Sometimes a little backup is needed. Or, to put it another way, a little you scratch my back, I scratch yours?" Grin.

Jemma won't comment on the current JL:A issues, it's way above her pay grade. "Not many can do this type of thing on their own." The waving tail gets a small smile "particularly things like this Carnage and other things that SHIELD gets to deal with."

Packing her equipment away, Simmons looks up again at the back scratching analogy "Unfortunately, that's not for me to say. I generally get to patch people up, or similar but I can introduce you to my senior Agent. At least Agent May won't shoot you if you show up whilst she's there." That's not really a joke.

"Yeah, well, I'm not going to act like I've never made any mistakes. I finally got a lead and here I am," Tigra answers, though she's looking at that clear door again. She must want out. "You might want to follow up on Eric Greene. He was in the tunnels originally. Carnage left him alive to send a message, then he was..possessed yesterday, or whatever it is Carnage does. I don't know if he survived." Based on what happened by the time Tigra passed out, Eric Greene may indeed be dead.

The tail twitches a couple times as she returns a shrug of the shoulders as far as what Jemma may or may not be authorized to do. "That's fine. I'm not a big fan of getting shot anyway."

"I'll speak with Agent Barton about it. If he was there, there should be a report." Jemma smiles slightly again "And if the information's not there, I'll pass it on." She pauses and gestures to the door "You're free to go, I'll escort you out. And if you give me contact details, I'll arrange an introduction with Agents May and Romanoff."

Tigra's demeanor changes when it's confirmed she won't be 'held' any longer. While stopping short of taking on a chipper attitude (or cattitude?), the underlying agitation fades rapidly. "Good, good. And that's fine. I'll save you a little time. Greer Grant Nelson's the name, used to be a little active in Chicago and parts of California. Say, do I get a meal or something before I go? I'm starved."

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