Stealth And Distraction

July 28, 2015:

Misfit goes to scout in the Deadzone, friends provide a distraction… (emits by Zatanna and Fenris)



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Fenris has given Misfit a special project to help in the war against Darque - she's to spy on the leaders and find out what she can … where they're gathering, when, numbers … anything that will help against him.

Anytime Zee heads into the Deadzone, she's attacked - whether that's because Darque and his people can detect her magic or the signatures of those around, who knows? However, Zee plans to use this to their advantage and give Misfit a distraction to work with.

But she's not going to go in alone - she's asked some friends to come with her. The dark haired magician is at the perimeter of the Deadzone, waiting for Misfit and her friends to arrive. She's wearing SHIELD body armour and combat boots, soaked in holy oil. Around her neck is the diamond encrusted collar, that was a gift from Illyana, the Queen of Limbo.

Charlie gets the signal from Zee over her Titan Comm and pops her goggles down and secures all of her gear, checking her utility belt over. Then she steps bouncing from Gotham in a cloud of smoke >pinkurple> and appearing right by Zee with a smaller slash of pink and purple smoke >pinkurple>. "Woot." yup that was her battle cry.

Ryden arrives in what for him is a rather normal manner. He rides up on a bicycle. It's been spraypainted with bright green and pink glow in the dark paint and there are rainbow ribbons dangling from the handlebars and a hello kitty bell and basket, but its a bicycle and not magical at all. His travel pack is slung over his shoulders and he's wearing a black leather vest and cheetah print jeans. Sky blue eyes squint and then find Zee and hops the off bike and trips over an one of his untied bootlaces, landing in an undignified sprawl in front of her. "Siiiiiiiggghhhh. Hey Zee. How's it going?" He comments from her feet.

Melinda May arrives a few moments later, Coulson in tow. And yes, they arrived via leyline. She's also equipped the other agent similarly to her own usual accoutrement — standard SHIELD issue body armor (and no arguments), a hip flask of holy water, another container of incense-smelling consecrated oil, and at least one of her own metal weapons that's been coated with the same oil.

May leads the way to where Zatanna waits, and if Coulson was given a less than thorough explanation of what's about to happen here, it's because they had a bit of a strict time constraint between when the Agent returned from a mission elsewhere and when May snagged him by his suit collar and dragged him along.

Coulson isn't the most well versed in magic and mysticism, but his weird shit-o-meter is well calibrated, so the only lag he seems to be experiencing is the fact that in the span of sixteen hours he's been conducting black bag wetwork for SHIELD, travelling, and then gearing up and heading out again. There will be a day where he will sleep in his own bed and maybe even take Lola out for a spin. Find a spot that has decent coffee, and a passable donut selection that is more than chocolate or powdered. That day is not today. Tomorrow isn't looking good either. Shades firmly in place, he gives the black-clad magic woman a nod, "Miss Zatara," he says matter of factly, but cordially enough as he goes about double checking his weapons both arcane and hardware-based.

Fenris emerges from a tear in time in space that appears near Misfit. He glances around and nods once. "Agents. Ryden. Zee. Misfit. Looks like we have a fairly full house tonight. Just as well… powers running fairly rotten here…" He glances down. "Zatanna this Ley line needs to be dammed up or cleansed. Otherwise we'll lose the next mile and a half beyond it. You might want to get May to help you while Misfit takes a look around." Everyone else… well, he won't order them around of course. But… they're probably going to have trouble incoming very shortly.

As the group arrives, Zee offers various introductions and holds a hand out to help Ryden stand. She's getting used to the older mages entrances.

"So, Misfit here is going to go and do some recon work for us… Fenris thinks she can get close enough without being detected, which is more than I can do." Glancing around the group "We're going to make some noise… " Fenris suggestion about the Leyline gets a short nod "May and I can do that… but that's going to leave us open." Meaning the others have to have their back. "Ready?"

Undoing the ward that stops things entering and exiting the Deadzone, Zee stands back and lets the group through "Misfit, when we're through, you bounce, ok?"

Ryden gratefully accepts Zee's hand up and nods. He unslings his pack and flips the top back to reveal the black pit within. "I'm ready." A untitled book is pulled from the bag and held ready. "It's nice to meet you all. Despite, ya know, Darque the dick and his land of nasty here." Ryden gives the dead zone a look and sighs. So much destruction and death and all for.. for nothing. The lorekeeper seems remarkabley clear-headed for once.

The sort of Bat Costumed .. sort of.. off kilter… Well anyhow. "Will do Zee." says Misfit and smiles brightly to Melinda "Hey Agent May…." and then looks curious at Coulsen before waiting for the whole group to head in so she can bounce and start doing some recon.

Melinda May nods her acknowledgement to Fenris and Zee and then gives Coulson a similar yet still completely different nod as they prepare to step through and start drawing attention by repairing a ley line. It's going to be kind of like repairing a telephone pole in the middle of a lightning storm. Woofun. But, with Coulson here and ready to help protect Zee and her from whatever shows up, she's not in the least bit worried. Honestly, it'll be a nice change of pace from being the one doing the defending.

Coulson, being Coulson, looks as unruffled as always despite the increasingly weird surroundings.

While they're stepping through, May gives Ryden a LOOK, but seems satisfied that he seems to be ready to actually be serious here. Misfit doesn't get that same look, she gets a nod similar to what Zee and Fenris did. Be careful, kid. If May has to go after you to rescue your little derierre, you'll never hear the end of it.

Fenris yanks a necklace off his neck. The metal shard on it swiftly transforms into a very large sword. In his other hand he draws an oversized revolver. Seriously. It's a fairly large bore weapon. Definitely not off the rack.

"Whenever you're ready."

When Misfit bounces off she shouldn't have too far to look. The concentrations of necromantic energy in the area certainly suggest that someone powerful is nearby. Unfortunately Fenris doens't know quite what Charlie'll find.

Sealing the ward behind them, Zee walks with May to the Leyline "When we start doing this" she explains to Coulson, and Ryden (although he should know this already) "We're likely to draw some unwanted attention."

Nodding to May "We can link and sink my power into the Leyline, use it to clear it. Fenris, if we need, may we…" tap his power?

When Misfit bounces she'll see a man, made purely of water surrounded by three men with tattoo's on their necks… they seem to be conducting a ritual.

Well Misfit will reach up tap her goggles and start to transmit the scene to Zee's titan's phone through the Titan's app. Nice goggles. She hunkers down a little further there so she isn't in sight. Her mission isn't to mess them up. It is to spy and scout. Also she isn't sure how to fight the water guy to be honest.

Ryden steps through with the others and stands a bit ahead of Zee and May after glancing at the phone. He isn't going to be any help with cleansing the ley line but he can work to defend them. "Take power from me too, if you need Zee." He blinks a little at Fenris's gun. That's…new. He thinks. Maybe he had it last time they fought together? No, he'd been a wolf then. The lorekeeper shakes his head. Time to focus. A water dude? Hm.. Ryden grins. He's ready.

Ryden steps through with the others and stands a bit ahead of Zee and May. He isn't going to be any help with cleansing the ley line but he can work to defend them. "Take power from me too, if you need Zee." He blinks a little at Fenris's gun. That's…new. He thinks. Maybe he had it last time they fought together? No, he'd been a wolf then. The lorekeeper shakes his head. Time to focus. He doesn't know what's going to be coming for them but he's ready.

Melinda May nods to Zee again and moves to stand next to her, pulling her butterfly swords — her pendulum is already visible at the neckline of her shirt — and settling into a combat ready stance before closing her eyes and settling into that zen place in her mind where she can link to Zee and lend her support as need be.

Coulson nods to Zatanna's instructions and also prepares to defend them, though his way of doing so is by far more mundane than Ryden or Fenris. Doesn't mean he's going to be any less effective against whatever comes at them.

Fenris is already kneeling and tracing lines in the dirt with the tip of his sword. They seem to be nordic. Zee may recognize tham as runic in nature. Words of power, he's spelling. Hax would be proud. What Coulson and May can see are glowing sigils starting to burn green on the ground.

The moment the Ley Cleansing begins it's felt. All across the Deadzone. Misfit will definitely notice a change in the way the group she can see is behaving. And all around Zee and the group with her, little whispy motes of dark begin to rise from the ground. At first its just in ones and twos but it begins to flow more and more until several guysers of them are errupting. They seem to be forming… shapes?

Zee's phone dings with the photo that Misfit has sent, but for now the teen mage is otherwise focussed. Channeling her power through her pendulum and Mays, Zee trusts in those around her to keep safe… even with those motes of dark energy rising around her.

Combined with Fenris sigils and the power they emit… Zee sends the healing energy down the Leyline - it's sluggish, as if the miasma that feels the Deadzone has sunk into the line itself… this is going to take a while.

The ritual that Misfit is observing seems to be creating an image in the circle the four men create… a relief map of the Deadzone perhaps? It certainly looks like it… She might need to get a little closer to observe more detail.

Thoughtful pause from the chaosmuppet. Then she fishes out one of her unluck stone and gives it a deeeeep charge before bouncing. She peeks over Mr. Water's Shoulder so she can get a view of the Map as she attempts to fling the chaos stone into the 'water' "Boo" then she attempts to bounce away lickity split. She has a target in mind as well for this bounce.

Ryden eyes the darkmotes taking shape. Hoping that light will help he pulls a book from his bag and it opens to a page with a picture of several balls of magelight. He summons them forth, a dozen in all, about the size of car tire. The magelights glow with a solid white light and begin flying towards the dark energy growing into form. He replaces that book and withdraws another, a look of intense concentration on his face.

May clearly sinks into this meditative trance or whatever more than deeply enough to stop registering the goings on around her. Similar to the last time she helped Zee with something like this, really all she can offer besides her pendulum's presence is her own calm and focus. She's not sure it actually helps, but it's worth a try.

Coulson, having not been given the intel from May about those dark energy things being containable, can only bodily place himself between those things and the two women until he figures out some way to fend them off.

The figures that emerge from them, near Coulson and Fenris are, thankfully, solid. They can be shot, punched, kicked and sundry. They are also made of pure darkness and have slavering maws where their stomaches should be. So you know, so much for normality. Fenris slices two in half rather easily, but two more emerge near Phil. One makes a grab for him, the other for May. Funny thing about creatures like this though… they rarely know how to fight.

The ones near Ryden… never emerge at all. The light sears them away.

This makes them mad. As evidenced when skeletons begin clawing from the ground near him.

Water looks up as Misfit says 'boo' and tries to drain the water from her… thankfully she bounced and the unluck charm does it's work.

Misfits bounce takes her to a small town, very small… it might have housed up 300 people before the Deadzone was created - now it's a ghost town. Although those with the ability can likely see the shades of the departed. She'll have to look around to work out where she is.

Zee draws on the deep calm that May offers, the feeling transmitted through their pendulums…. Eyes glowing more brightly she pushes the energy down the Leyline, inexorably pushing back the taint.

So keen is her focus on her task at hand that she doesn't see the dark motes gathering around her knees….

In the deadzone small town Misfit looks around still recording and transmitting. She taps her goggles and activates mage sight. She starts to wander around scouting quietly now.

Ryden is glad to see that the magelights are helping but he doesn't notice the emerging skeletons until the hand of one grabs his foot. The lorekeeper looks down and then screams like a little girl and kicks violently. It tears the hand and part of them arm free but it's still clutching his boot. He doesn't completely lose it because the lights don't flicker out but he's hopping around in a panic now. "Ohgodsgetitoffgetitoffgetitoff!sogrosssogross!!!!gahhhh!"

Melinda May doesn't open her eyes, the meditative calm that Zee is drawing on doesn't waver, but her hand closer to the dark-haired mage moves almost serenely to rest the flat of the butterfly sword held in her hand against Zee's knee.

Coulson sees Fenris pretty handily mowing through the things coalescing to attack them and starts to do likewise, but when May's hand moves, he uses whatever weapon May foisted off on him to swat the whatever they are things away from her knees.

"It's time to go. Misfit's well away." Fenris calls out. Coulson's doing admirably. One of the gut mawed things gets bisected right at the 'jaw'. The other sliced up into a couple of different pieces. They're not very sturdy. Just don't let them touch you.

"Ryden, we're leaving! Zee, get us out." They're not staying to fight the hordes of the deadzone with just the five of them. That'll be a job for another day.

One final push of her power down the Leyline and Zee feels it clear… it will need to be checked but it certainly feels better, much better than it did before.

"The perimeter…" Zee's already moving towards it, reaching out with her power to start dismantling the ward to let the group through… as they all barrel though, Zee steps through behind and seals it again.

They'll regroup again soon, when Misfit reports on what she's found.

Ryden doesn't need to be told twice. The lights die out and he finally gets the skeletal hand free of his boot. He's dancing a freaked out jig as he squeezes through the opening and out the other side. "Oh I hate this guy! Freaking Darque and his freaking dark! Ahhhhh! I need like a hundred showers now. And booze. Lots of it." He looks at the others. "You guys all good?"

Melinda May's eyes snap open when Fenris says it's time to go, and she takes a few decisive swipes with her blades at anything still too close for comfort. She might even be nice enough to knock that skeletal hand off of Ryden's boot. Then she's out of the deadzone in a few quick steps and she's turning to make sure Coulson's right with her.

Phil gives those unfamiliar with his pedigree a brief glimpse of how he's come to the reputation and respect he's earned: He moves, complimenting both Fenris' and May's actions - almost as if anticipating both, even though one for sure through sheer years of knowledge. Moving in a fluid manner that comes with being adept to his work an years of experience he brandishes mystic and mundane arms with equal grace. If one had to put a name to it, it might be Gun Fu. Whatever it is, Coulson isn't even breaking a sweat, and is dropping those who assail them with equal measure of those who are working alongside him.

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