I Don't Know What Scares Me More

July 27, 2015:

Second part of Heartbreak and Promise

Gotham Dockyard

Jesana's Houseboat


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"I'm afraid to believe that." Jes admits. Her face is pressed into his neck and he might realize she's crying, the tears wetting his skin. She doesn't make any sound though other than the murmured words. She's learned not to. It's not weak if no one hears you doing it. "But I want to. So much. I don't know if I can do this alone. I have to stop him though. No one else can." That at least isn't entirely true. She still sees her stepfather as she did when she was a wild, frightened little girl and he'd started "teaching" her. He's always going to be the big bad monster in the dark to her. It doesn't help that the man actually is a monster, but he isn't unstoppable.

"Remember, it's not just me you have on your side. This sounds like the sort of thing the team was made for." Oliver strokes Jes' hair with long, slow, reassuring motions. When tears make an appearance they aren't unexpected; he just holds her closer. Tears are often the first step in the right direction when it comes to healing. "You might've been alone before, but you aren't anymore. You have friends who can help you. Let us."

She let's Ollie hold and pet her, he's so strong and warm and it's getting harder to think about running. To feel like it's so hopeless. How can it be when he's here with her. Telling her she isn't alone and he means it. She'd be able to scent it if he didn't. "I don't know what scares me more. That he might kill you and the others too or that I..that I'll end up like him. It's what he wants. I was supposed to be his secret weapon. I can still.. it's like I'm little all over again when I think about him. But youre right. I'm not alone anymore. I'm just so used to not being able to count on anyone but myself. It's hard to change. To remember that. Be willing to let other people risk themselves for me, because I'm not important. I'm not anyone." The same line of thinking that had her to follow someone into Hell. It's been drilled into her. She's nothing, she's no one. Just a tool, a weapon, a thing to be used. What ever mind washing technique the man had used, it obviously hasn't fully taken hold because Jes is still fighting. She still has a very strong sense of self, most of the time. It's when she's hurting and vulnerable that it takes over.

Oliver gives his head a little shake. "Let him be foolish enough to get within our reach," he says, almost sounding hopeful. "Because it'll be the last mistake he makes."

As Jesana relaxes, so does Ollie's grip on her. At first it was as if he was trying to keep her from breaking into pieces; now he's gentle and protective. He's remained keenly alert for any returning dangers through all of this. Once a predator, always a predator.

Jesana recognizes that watchfulness after a few moments, noticing the change in his posture. It draws a smile from her, though its small. Finally she lifts her face from the crook of shoulder and neck looks into eyes. "Ollie." Jes ignores the tears marking her cheeks and tilts her head to kiss him. She doesn't know what to say. Words aren't enough to tell him how much it means to her that he's still here. That he still wants her even after seeing how broken she is, how dangerous her life is. He's still here, holding her. So she puts all that emotion into the kiss. Her lips meet his, soft and sweet and so gentle, growing more tender and passionate with each second that passes.

That tiny smile from Jes is enough to produce a much larger one on Oliver's end. He supports her with hands behind her neck and at the small of her back as he returns the kiss. Right now he's a rock. Immovable, dauntless, secure.

There's a little laugh from him as soon as he leans back. "Romance is never simple for people like us. It's a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, things move faster. They get so intense. And on the other hand, things move faster. And they get so intense."

Jes blinks in surprise. That's actually, very accurate and not something that occured to her. She smiles again and some of the heartache in her eyes fades. "Yeah, that's true, isn't it?" She gives Oliver a squeeze. "Thanks for catching me, Ollie." She doesn't mean from falling over the side of the boat but she's sure he knows that. She'll be there to do the same for him, if he ever needs it. That promise is written clearly on her face.

"Let's go inside? I think it's safe enough for now." People are also more likely to notice a naked woman standing outside once daylight hits. Jes frowns slightly. "I don't want anyone else seeing me undressed but you. That's..never happened before." It's a rather abrupt change in subject and emotion but that is also her nature and one of the reasons Jes has been able to hold onto herself. She lives in the moment, and that moment full of fear and sorrow has passed. For now at least.

Ollie nods and takes Jes by the hand. "I'll catch you anytime. Come on, lets get some rest. We can curl up and talk until we fall asleep." There's a little smile on his face as he tugs her toward the door. Though this is her place, he's the one that leads her in and back to bed. He stays wary and tense until he's certain every danger has passed; only then does he relax and plop back down comfortably. "I'll take you by my place tomorrow. That way if anything like this happens again, you'll know where to find me and you'll have a safe place to go for the night."

She let's him lead her in and to bed and curls up against his side. As far as she's concerned this is his place now too. "I'd like that, to see where you live." It occurs to her she should tell him about the closet. "That closet next to the kitchen. It's not a closet anymore. If something happens and you're here, or can get here, go in there and shut the door. Just, don't wander out of the cave. You'll be safe there and if something or someone follows you, they won't be."

This is something that begs for further explanation, but not now. For now, Ollie just nods and wraps himself around Jes. Despite his promise that they'd chat, for the moment he enjoys a very comfortable shared silence that's punctuated by an occasional squeeze. Now that he's relaxed and the adrenaline is starting to fade, his eyelids are already starting to droop. He smiles and leans his cheek against Jesana's. Even though the sun is already peeking over the horizon, there's still a chance for them to share another peaceful hour.

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