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July 27, 2015:

Brin shows the new proposed facility to Doug and Amara and Doug has a proposal for the future of X-Red

TWA Facility - New York


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It's been a few days since Illyana had snatched Brin from Nicks kitchen to show her and a few other members of X-Red over the TWA facility. Bobby and Brin have since spent a lot of time crunching numbers and discussing it with the owners.

Things… are progressing but before they go too much futher, they've agreed the rest of the team should see it. Which is why, Brins arranged to meet Doug and Amara there. Right now, it's a bit drafty, the sound of airplances can be heard in the not too distant background… and Brins standing in the atrium waiting for her guests to arrive.

Amara has been settling back into things in New York, getting a look at the current situation and trying - and failing - to get a few minutes to figure out what happened with Roberto. But as the team seems to be moving on, she's interested in seeing where things are going, especially with the rest of the old crowd.

"It's quite the large space," she observes as she steps inside, taking a look around. "I assume there are plans to add various…facilities?"

He hadn't expected the location to be a TWA facility, mostly because the difficulties in protecting -such- an area would be problematic. Still, Doug nods in agreement. "It seems a little large. Are we planning to hire a -lot- more people?" he has to ask, scratching his head. "I mean, we're probably a fair distance enough away from the business center that we might have issues with people getting here unless we plan on having Illy port -everyone- here to avoid traffic. It -would- be good for people flying in from other places, though."

Looking around, Doug considers the possibilities. "Although I suppose it would work well for the idea I had…"

The team has to move on because, despite the lack of funding from D.C.I, it still has contracts to fulfill.

"Fit out is still to be decided, Amara, and we're still in negotiation for it's aquisition but we want all the team to see it at least." Brin smiles and then gives Doug a little frown "It's really no different to being in the city. The roads in and out are excellent, it's /right/ next to the airport and there's ample parking." Certainly, Brin had less trouble getting her today than she had to D.C.I at times.

"With the extra space, we're thinking we can extend some of our contracts, like the cargo moving business that Illyana does - when it absolutely has to be there yesterday." It might sound like a joke, but really, Illyana could do just that.

"You had an idea, Doug?" Brin knows he had tried to see her the other day… "I'm all ears."

"It's certainly aesthetically pleasing." Amara steps up the stairs, running her hand along the railing as she circles the space. "This atrium is impressive to walk into. Clean without being sterile, open without being alienating. Though perhaps a bit grand for the current scope of the team's operations." She turns back to Brinley, smile flickering. "Although, if I am fair, I imagine the team has expanded some of that since I've been away."

"Yeah, it's a little… larger than we really need," Doug comments, glancing at it. "If they'd let us rent a section at a time, we'd be good. We might have to share the base with others, at our current size, and it would cost us more to hire employees that DCI was covering for us while we were there."

Shuffling his feet, Doug seems a bit abashed, as he turns back to Brin. "Well, it was a thought, but this place's kind of… it's a lot bigger than I thought it'd be. I just mean, if our issue was that we're contractors, we should just put things together, go incorporated. I mean, our goal was to work -with- humanity in contributing to society, right? Well, today's society seems to be pushed around by corporations, so why not go incorporated?"

"We've added a few new team members in your absence, Amara." Brin smiles back "Three since I've been back - Joshua, Aaron and Tabitha. And Piotr Rasputin, Illyana's brother, spoke to Bobby and I last night. Tabitha and I are looking for contracts to use their specific abilities." And, with the added focus on mutants, Brin expects there will be interest in /joining/ the X-Red team.

"We're negotiating for the whole space. It's been empty for years and the owners are ammenable to some form of deal. I'll raise your concern with the rest of the team - but from their initial responses, they'll want the whole facility, particularly if we can afford." As Doug hasn't been privvy to the financial discussions, Brin holds out her tablet to both Amara and Doug, showing the projections for cashflow and profit based on the teams current contracts. On the next screen, he'll see the work Tabitha has been doing on identifying new opportunities for them, based on the current team.

"It does mean that we will need to be a little more frugal, but we can still have accomodation for transient team members." It also means that Brin is expecting to do a lot more unpaid OT.

"Incorporation, Doug?" Brin smiles just a little more broadly "I believe most of the team are keen to /not/ have ties to any corporate sponsors, Incorporation is just the way to assure that. It will make X-Red a true business in its own right. Amara, how do you feel about that?"

Amara looks over the numbers, features carefully neutral. "Personally?" she finally says. "The business end of all of this was never what I was looking for. It was, as I understood it, a side venture to fund other activities. And a means by which we could show that being a mutant didn't mean we were inherently dangerous, or had no options in life. But I'll be entirely honest, Brinley. The prospect of spending forty hours a week moving earth is not an exciting one for me."

"The whole facility seems a bit much, but if we can work things out where we can sublet or something to, I don't know, a food court or a laundromat, we could probably do well," Doug notes as he pokes through the projections and the tablet.

Glancing up at Amara, Doug flashes a grin. "Well, you don't -have- to. You use your expertise on other things and supervise, join in when there's something significant. I mean, like, you're probably going to be -awesome- at helping identify Roman architecture, or pottery, or something, right?"

He nods at Brinley then. "It'd also put us in a position to hire people to run things. We'd need some secretary, and we could probably save costs by hiring some -young- people out of college, get fresh ideas, and market things that way. We'd have to do really well at identifying those people before other companies do."

Amara's comment gets a wry grin "Neither does pushing paper appeal to me forty hours a week." She pauses as Doug adds his thoughts and nods slowly but also offers an added "And we'll still be doing the /other stuff/, the superheroing. The numbers that you see are based on the fact that not all of us work full time /in/ the money generating activities, and Bobby and I have been careful to make sure that remains the case. I'll do more work in the business, and that's ok, because my skills align to that really well." beat "And all you need to say is what you'd like to be doing… if that's anything like what Doug just suggested, I'm sure we can /find/ work that suits."

Dougs discussion gets a slow nod "Potentially, Doug. We'll need to get agreement from the whole team first, then revise the business and then drill down into what we really need, what can be sourced from within the team and then we look." She pauses then "Have you decided if you're staying with the team, Doug?"

"Not exactly, Doug," Amara sighs with a roll of her eyes for her old friend. "Nova Roma has done an exceptional job of maintaining our culture, but there's still been two thousand years of evolution. Fashions change. The way things are done in Nova Roma now will still bear significant, small differences from true Roman artifacts. Honestly, the way we've been most useful to historians has been in methods, rather than material artifacts." Someone's been spending a lot of time on just that sort of thing lately.

With that out of the way, she looks back to Brinley. "My degree is in political science," she notes, smile faint. "And I've spent the better part of the last year assisting my father and the Senate in establishing Nova Roma as an independent republic. I have many skills. I'm not certain how many of them are profitably marketable."

Returning the eyeroll with a sheepish 'it was worth a try' gaze, Doug turns his attnetion back to Brinley. "I wasn't too sure, but you know, trying to do something -new- like seeing if we could take a company incorporated? I'd love to give that a shot. I mean, I hope 'Berto will understand, but… he's already -had- the company started up, so I'd love to give it a shot at doing it from the ground up."

Tapping the tablet, Doug looks back towards Amara. "Forget about marketing skills, then. Market yourself. With all the people you've had to deal with, you're much more a people person than I am."

Dougs not wrong and Amara gets a really interested look from Brinley. "Lobbying, dealing with different groups, acting as liaison… These are all marketable and useful skills, Amara. If you're interested, I'll have Tabitha sit down with you and you two can brainstorm." For Brin, it's about knowing what she has to work with. "That's if you want to stay with the team, of course. We'd love to have you, but understand if you see your path in a different direction."

"Alright then, Doug. If you're agreed, I believe that makes all of us wanting to be independant. We'll keep moving that way and get things set up." Holding her hand out for her tablet, Brin offers the other two a big smile "Shall we go and grab something to eat?"

"Food is something I think we can all agree on," Amara smiles easily back at Brinley, reaching up to shake a hand through her hair as she takes one last look around. "I will miss the food carts outside the building," she admits as she starts back down the stairs, wistful.

"Unanimous, eh?" Doug quirks an eyebrow. "Well then, let's get started… well, after dinner," he amends quickly.

Tilting his head at Amara, Doug looks back at the terminal, then back at Brinley. "And you can tell us how you found this place. I'm guessing Mike already worked out the details on how to fix up this place without changing the aesthetics?"

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