The Law Office of Nelson and Murdock

July 27, 2015:

Dr. Jean Grey meets to talk to Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock.

The Law Office of Nelson and Murdock


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The Law Office of Nelson and Murdock is bustling with activity as they are currently working on one of the largest cases they've ever worked on…if it's not one of the largest in the nation at the moment. While they're waiting to hear back from Kurt regarding citizenship information, they're preparing for every possible defense so that they won't be surprised by the prosecution.

The sparse office in Hell's Kitchen is still fairly sparse, but their assistant, Karen, is busily typing away at her desk and printing out information that she's found through online research and Foggy and Matt are in the 'Conference Room'…basically a card table and some folding chairs…with a volume of law books out. Foggy is flipping through and scanning cases and precedent while Matt's research is a little slower, yet no less thorough thanks to a little machine that scans print and turns it into braille.

At first it was a rapping, a quick knock of her knuckles upon the glass door until the handle was grasped and twisted and opened. Jean Grey steps in, glasses upon the bridge of her nose, hair tied up into a nice teachers bun, the outfit almost the same. She was here on business no less, attempting to be casual while serious, that whole outfit thing was something that Betsy would cook up yet it was easily told that Jean carried a bit of thrift.

"Is it okay if I come in?" Jean asks, peeking her head around the corner as she gives a quick scan of the office. The briefcase that she holds is pressed against her back, as one foot edges in through the crack of the door that she peeks through. A foot that at least had a brace on it. Never fails, with her at least.

Karen looks up at the rapping of the door and calls out, "Sure, come on in! Can we help you?" In the other room, Matt looks up and tilts his head towards the voices which causes Foggy to look up. "What?" He then goes to peek through the door and gives a low whistle, "Wow. Ok, I can handle this…" and he gets up and heads to greet the newcomer with an outstretched hand and a smile. "Hi…Foggy Nelson. How can we be of service?"

Jean smiles as she finally steps into the room, a slight hitch with her leg is given as she swings the briefcase around to set it upon the ground. "Hi. Yes. I'm actually here fo—.." She stops speaking as Foggy approaches, her hand reaching out to grasp his, her touch light and gentle as well as the smile upon her face. "Mr. Nelson.. I was actually dropping papers off to your office in regards to Scott Summers and Rachel Grey." Little did they know, Grey's papers were doctored. Expertly. It was necessary at least.

"I think the requirement was.. citizenship papers? I forget." She laughs rather awkwardly, only now realizing that she still held Foggy's hand, which was soon taken away to wave in the air, quietly apologizing.

Karen steps back to her desk with a roll of her eyes at Foggy's behavior, but she doesn't get back to her typing just yet. Foggy's next words disappear from his mind once Jean offers the reason that she came, "Yes! Citizenship papers! You have them? Excellent! Matt!" he calls but then gestures for Jean to follow them into the conference room.

Of course, Matt heard the whole thing so the table is somewhat cleared to allow Jean a seat and a place for the papers.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name…" Foggy offers as he moves through the door. "Matt! She has the papers!" Then, back to Jean, "My law partner, Matt Murdock."

Matt also holds out a hand towards the voices, "This is fantastic, Miss…"

Wow, these men were eager. And the lady was nice. Jean wouldn't mind pretending for a moment that she was a lawyer, or someone who actually worked there and.. "Huh?" She snaps out of her reverie and follows, offering a slight wave towards Karen as she disappears down the hallway. "I do ha-.." She stops talking, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. Matt would hear the odd way in which she walks, Foggy could see it clearly. But there was a pause in her pace as she reaches the door to lean upon it and nod. "Sorry, gentlemen." She states calmly, taking that one step forward to offer her name up to both of them. "Dr. Jean Grey." She crosses the way to shake Matt's hand, a glance given towards Foggy to include him into the official greeting. "I really do hope that we hadn't gotten this information to you both too late.."

The lawyers are happy to be able to proceed with the case. Matt frowns some upon noticing Jean's limp and he quickly offers, "Won't you take a seat? Are you all right, Dr. Grey?" Foggy makes sure that everyone is settled before he offers, "I hope it's not too late either, but we'll get those to the Department of Justice if we have to hand it over ourselves. Although faxing might be faster."

"Oh.." Jean was half expecting to turn around and leave, but a seat offered is one that she would take. She finally moves towards the table to settle down, keeping her leg outstretched as she lets out a deep, relieved sigh. "I'm alright. I just had a minor accident in the cafeteria." She was lying, of course. Parademons nearly sucked her into another dimension, this was just the blowback. "I think it was a small incident involving mash potatoes.. maybe some corn.." She smiles a little, her cheeks turning a hint of red as she finally takes in a deep breath.

"Yes. Faxing is quicker. But.. with all that is said, have you two been able to see Scott and Rachel? At all?"

Matt Murdock tilts his head at Jean's explanation but he doesn't call her bluff. This is neither the time nor the place. Foggy looks to Matt as the question is asked and the other clears his throat, "No. They won't let us until we can prove that they're citizens and thusly covered by the Sixth Amendment. Frankly, I think that what they're doing now is illegal and we plan to bring that up when this comes to trial. But the sooner we get this proof over to them, then the sooner they have to allow us to see and talk to them."

Karen comes to the doorway, "I can fax those over right now if you'd like."

It was almost as if a light had gone out within her face, her hands soon reaching for the glasses she wore to remove them and set them upon the table. She wasn't going to do anything rash, just rub at the bridge of her nose with both hands, eyes closed.. a means of comfort. "Okay.." She quietly murmurs, her jaw tensing as her lips purse. "Shouldn't they have been granted a lawyer as soon as they were detained? I… I almost want to ask for a suit against them but I am unsure of what it all would entail.."

She finally looks up as Karen pops into the door, drawing her glasses back upon her face as she allows her shoulders that moment to slump, seemingly almost defeated.

"That's a major point we're making, Dr. Grey," Matt offers, his own dark glasses remaining on. For now. "We're afraid that because they're mutants, they may have been denied those rights…which is attempting to make a precedent that mutants aren't Citizens…which is incorrect and against our very Judicial system. They should have been granted counsel and they should have lawyered up…but because they're being detained like foreign military prisoners, they haven't." Foggy looks up and nods to Karen, "Fax them over and make sure they're in someone's hand…not just sitting on a fax machine somewhere." He then looks to Jean, "Can we have the documents? If they grant us visitation tomorrow, we're prepared to get there as quickly as possible."

Jean nods slightly, "Hindsight." She states simply. "At times I wish I knew what went through their minds when they turned themselves in. I hope that they were acting on good faith of our system that they'd automatically receive due council. But it almost sounds as if things did not work out that way." She leans to the side to grasp the briefcase, carefully setting it upon the table to flip the latches. Here's to hoping Doug's work is impeccable. For Rachel, anyways.

The lid was open and the papers were soon produced, handed out to Mr. Nelson so that Karen could do her work. "I hope everything here is satisfactory, and that Mr. DaCosta is providing everything necessary to aid you three in your endeavors. I also would like to put Nelson and Murdock on retainer for future causes, if that is alright?"

Karen takes the papers and heads over to the fax machine to work on that. Foggy clears his throat at Jean's first question, "Well, we've made initial contact and are sort of…running a tab for them." Hopefully they're all right with that. They should really talk to them some more about costs. Matt then offers, "Sadly, when it comes to unknown elements, the government doesn't seem to default to the 'known'. But if we can spin this right, this should also help with the whole Mutant identification business going around. And we would be happy to be on retainer…" even though he didn't discuss it with Foggy. But if DaCosta is fronting this…maybe he'll pay for more if they come up. It could mean a better office!

Jean turns slightly to keep Foggy within her sights. "Well, if need be, I can speak with DaCosta and ask him to come by to speak about it? If he's still willing. If not, I can foot the bill with what I do have and hope that it'll be enough." If not, she can dip into Betsy's pockets. Maybe Charles. His funds were practically unlimited.

Jean nods in understanding, the government was touchy business. Especially when it comes to dealing with suspected terrorists and the like. "Good. I have a feeling that we'll be needing your services in the near future. At least, when it comes to Mr. Summers and his ilk. I suspect that the school is operating in normal perimeters but this retainer would be a bit more personal in nature." With all the crap that was going on, they possibly needed all of the counciling they could get. "Would that be all that is required of us to provide, Sirs?" She looks at both of them now, expectantly.

Matt Murdock leans back in his chair some and tilts his head to the side some, "I'm sorry…what school?" Foggy looks between the two as Matt continues, "I met Scott when he asked me to help represent some Smooth addicts….and then I met Mr. Wagner when he asked that we represent Scott and Ms. Grey. I'm afraid I know very little about either of them beyond my meeting with the former."

Alright! Jean said a little bit too much! "Ooh.. I wasn't aware that you've met Mr. Summers prior!" There was a little hint of a blush that touches her cheeks, but she does manage to pull it together to snap the briefcase shut to close it into finality. "But, I work for Xavier's Insitute of Higher Learning. School counselour. I am authorized to make such decisions for the school and children alike, which is why I asked. But a little legal backing wouldn't hurt.

She reaches into her coat pocket to retrieve a card, handing it towards Foggy, aware of Murdock's disability. "Kurt is a family friend, as well. But.. don't let me keep you. But I would like to know if there is any way to get on a list to see Ms. Grey and Mr. Summers?"

"Wait…Dr. Grey…I think we're going to need some more disclosure here," Foggy offers, taking the card, but moving to stand a little closer to the door. Not that he's trying to be intimidating, but this conversation needs to continue. Matt nods in agreement, "Dr. Grey…if we're to properly defend these two, I think we're going to need more information. What is this school and what is Mr. Summers' association with it? And Ms. Grey's? And is she a relation of your's?"

At her last question he can't help but let out a laugh, "We're trying to get on one of those ourselves! They're not in the county jail, Ms. Grey…they're being detained as Terrorists. I don't think they allow visitors."

Jean slowly lowers herself within her chair as she lets out a soft sigh. She susposes that this information would be needed if they were to properly defend. Full disclosure. The glasses come off again as she lets out a sigh, her hand reaching up to rub along her forehead as her fingers soon thump along the surface. Their laughter? However, gets a cut of the eyes towards Murdock, Foggy as well as he braces himself near the door to possibly block her exit. There was always a window, but she wouldn't go out of it. She wouldn't be so mean to threaten them either. That was just darn rude!

"Full disclosure. Meaning, everything will stay in between us three, yes?" She looks towards them for reassurance. Because this was going to be a whopper. "If that's the case, please.. Mr. Nelson. Have a seat?"

Matt Murdock doesn't see the glare…which is probably for the best. Only when Jean sits back down does Foggy assent to take his seat as well. "Attorney-client privilege, Dr. Grey," Matt points out, "But the more we know, the less we'll be surprised if the prosecution thinks to try and throw us off-center."

Jean sighs just a little, she should have expected this. In fact, it really was silly for her -not- to. "Scott Summers is a mutant, as well as Rachel." She purses her lips, she wasn't ashamed of this fact, no. "Rachel Grey is of relation, yes. However, her actual name is Rachel Summers. And she's our daughter. Though it's laughable in the fact that I'm only four years older than she. But she comes from a time and place where the Sentinels that the government is pushing for? Are a thing of a threat to the mutants that live in this world."

She gauges their reaction before she continues. "Rachel.. actually came to this timeline because her's collapsed, everything she knew was gone and she fought.. no. Fights to keep that from happening here, though I'm afraid that her actions may have actually set us upon the path." She lifts her hand briefly, the papers upon the desk soon begin to lift into the air, almost as if a controlled wind had distrubed it. But those papers were quickly read.. and soon filed in order in neat stacks. Those stacks soon would be labled, for upon that same table, sticky notes were peeled away, and a pencil soon begins to write it's labels. Jean was meticulous like that.

"I do know about the Smooth addicts, and I vaguely remember him speaking to a lawyer. I did not know that was you. But I'm sure you've gathered as to why he held this one close to the vest. He cares about us. As well as she. Albeit both in their own and different ways."

Matt Murdock is blind so he pretends not to 'see' what's going on. Foggy, however, is sort of staring at the papers that are moving on their own. Matt's more focused on the timeline thing, "I'm sorry…she's from…a what? Like…she's from the future?"

"An alternate timeline. Very simliar to ours, but different in so many ways." Once the papers were shuffled and settled into place. Her hand drops towards the table to thump her fingers along the surface. "I'm sure there are official names for it, as our School Scientist would deem it, but the fact is, that world was destroyed at the very arrival and establishment of the Sentinel project. Rachel thought it was necessary to visit the world leaders to attempt to rally them to stop the commission of the project once it was revealed, but that is all I know of their situation thus far." She reaches out with her elbow to lightly nudge Foggy back into existence.

"But I really wouldn't say she's from the future.. Our future, but she's from another future of another world and.. are you familiar with Doctor Who?" She laughs a little. "Think of it as a wibbily wobbily timey wimey thing that I personally can't explain."

"In any case, the reason why Scott is also detained is because he's the one who sanctioned the mission as the leader of X-Men, are you familiar with them?"

Foggy gets up to pace as he tries to work all of this out. He knows of mutants…he knows Matt was representing those who were victims of Smooth, but he's never really seen one in action. This leaves Matt to ask the questions. "I don't really watch television…" he points out, "But I know of the concept…" sort of. He didn't think that sort of stuff happened in real life, but then again…there are people who fly and teleport with stinky clouds…why not this? "I've heard of the X-Men…a vigilante group, yes?"

Jean watches Foggy for a moment, allowing the silence to hang within the air as she slowly nods. "Yes. Of a sort. Though I suppose you can say we take on the ones that are all too powerful and uncontrolled by normal human means." She turns towards Matt now, a slight smile looming. "Our goal is really to protect mutants and humans alike from threats that they do not know about or could even fathom."

"But if you think about the number of vigilantes world wide, we are but a small faction. Even in this city alone there are more vigilantes than we can shake a stick at, each of them special in their own way. Scott Summers leads us. Or did, before he was incarcerated. I've taken up the mantle until his return." And is doing a very, very terrible job of it. "Mr. Nelson, are you alright?"

"Yeah…I'm fine…but…Jesus, Matt…you should have seen the papers flying around! It was awesome!!" Foggy's mind is blown a bit. Matt is, on the other hand, left listening and…sensing what he can. The thing is, she doesn't seem to be making this up from what he can tell. "All right…so Mr. Summers is…was…the leader of a group of mutant vigilantes…and he was in charge of Ms. Grey at the time that she began this? Did he give her those instructions?" Granted, they'll be asking this of the two themselves but it would be nice to be sure that stories are in order.

Jean actually giggles, that hand soon shooting upright to cover her mouth as she takes a breath to still herself. Jean quiets and then nods, soon speaking up after remembering.. "Yes. He was. But no, he did not give her the command to do what she did. However, he did agree to it. Sanction it. And by doing so he felt that if she did not turn herself in to the proper authorities, that he would as well, because he gave her permission."

Jean sighs a little bit, this time slowly standing. "If you would like, I could give you the cliff notes of what I know, the talk that was shared between Scott, Kurt Wagner and I after we've realized what happened, even the talk with myself, Scott and Rachel when she asked if it was a good idea. But I do need to return to the school."

"Understood, Dr. Grey…but whatever you can tell us would only help. As I said, we don't want the Prosecution to think they can throw out surprises. We're very good at what we do, but, especially in cases like this, the more we know, the better." Matt stands then, as if understanding that the meeting needs to end. "I think at this point, we need to talk to the two of them as soon as possible…before they're brought to trial without representation. Of course, we could then appeal, but hopefully we won't get there."

Jean smiles, she was a little bit tired but there were kids to look after, and begrudgingly, Scott's class to teach. "I understand, Mr. Murdock." She nods towards Foggy, reaching out with her hand to shake his if he allows it, then offers the same shake towards Murdock, her hand held out and waiting. If he takes it, and if his mind is open to it, information is passed through that brief connection but shared only -one- way, from her to him. She'd gleam nothing from him at all, but the push of information would be light, nothing that would cause an upset nor a headache, she could control that line of 'speaking' with ease.

"My number is on the card.." Her voice would break through the fog; "Please call me after you've seen them. I want to know how they are. Truly." And with that, she'd leave. Out the front door and not in a cloud of hellfire or brimstone, whatever it is Kurt leaves behind.

Well, Matt can't 'see' the hand, but he'll hold his out in the direction of her voice for her to take. The information pressed into his head causes him to give a start as his head snaps more directly at her. What the Hell? Now he's the one a little stunned as Foggy walks Jean out.

This is definitely going to be the most interesting case they've ever worked on. Most interesting and possibly most challenging.

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