Let's Take The Fight To Them

July 26, 2015:

Fenris, Misfit and Zee catchup to discuss how to deal with Darque…

Fenris' House - New York


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It's been some weeks since the Faerie adventure involving Misfit, Zee and a girl named Amy. That advanture had rather raised more questions than it had answered but since then the realms of the dead had risen up and swollowed a small portion of Delaware, Fenris had gotten his divinity back and the search had progressed for a new Sorcerer Supreme. In short, no one's had time to think about Faerie. It's been rather busy.

At present Fenris is in the living room, pouring some books in ancient Latin and Etruscan, looking for some clues that might be buried in the lore of the underworlds Master Darque has apparently stolen.

Charlie had a rather growling adventure in Gotham in recent nights. The .. feral side of the girl has been… pronounced since Fenris got his divinity back. At the moment she teleports into existance bouncing from thin air behind him and then launching herself at him with "Rawr" though it is quite playful.

Sitting in one of the chairs in Fenris living room, reading one of those books - some of them have come from the Shadowcrest library - is Zee. When Misfit bounces in with a 'Rawr', Zee looks up barely arresting a squeak of surprise… and then smiles … at least she didn't reach for her power!

Fenris jolts forward from the impact and grins, glancing back to return a playful growl that is quite human sounding. He doesn't have the throat for anything else right now. "Nice to see you too." He'd noticed that Misfit's walking a bit on the wild side. Even has an inkling as to why… but only an inkling. Without the full story his efforts to disconnect Charlie have been fruitless and seeing as how it doesn't appear to be hurting anything at the moment he hasn't tried recently. Though… since he got his mantle back she's been a lot… wilder. Zee gets an indulgent smile. Thanks for not blasting Charlie.

Charlie laughs and scrambles up his back and well shoulder ride time it seems, thankfully the house has a good high ceiling. "Hi.." she grins over to Zee "hey Zee….. so what are we up to this eve?"

Zee's eyebrows rise as Misfit scrambles up Fenris' back. What with Batgirl 'dropping' and hanging off Kane and now this… she wonders sometimes… "Hey Charlie!" Zee taps a finger on the book she was reading and the others scattered around them "Research. Want to help?" She's totally teasing - not many of her contemporaries enjoy research like she does.

And now Charlie is up and parading around the living room. On Fenris shoulders, no less. Fenris isn't short so… yeah that's a good thing about that high ceiling. "We're looking into some of this Darque mess." He says as Zee clarifies. "What have you been up to, mmmm?" He makes a show of sniffing the air to see where she's been.

Charlie grips with her legs and laughs as she is pranced about… well not that Fenris prances. She has been all damn over. Gotham. New York. Metropolis. Paris. San Francisco. Muir Woods. Neverwhere. Faerie. Okay she may be a bit amp'd up. "Nooothing…. I've just been out fighting crime… so what can I do to help.. besides reading books…"

Zee's noticed Charlies hyped… and she cants her head and peeeeers at the slightly younger woman and then gives Fenris a bemused look.

"I'm not sure, really. Without knowing more than we do, I feel we're kind of stuck. I mean, we could /do/ something but it's likely that it will make things worse, one way or the other." Of course, there's a time thing too… delay too long and things could get worse. "Have you heard the latest that we've found? The Undead lands are a melding of at least four undead realms, held together by power from the Darkforce Dimension."

"Well now that you're back we might have something for you in particular." Fenris puts Charlie down on the couch next to Zee and sits down next to her. "We've been warding off the Deadzone but that makes it as hard for us to get in as it does for them to get out. We're going to need someone able to figure out where they're gathering and when." He looks over to Zee now. "In six days I want to launch a sweep of the area. Everyone we can get. Put as many of the dead down as we can and gather infromation. Make Darque go on the defensive. We'll need intel to do that. Recon."

Charlie ohs "That probably really makes Hel mad…" she trails off and then blinks. "Well the wards can probably not keep me out… so yeah I could go on some intel gathering sprints…. is that what you think I can be doing?" she cocks her head lookinbg between you both.

"Yes." Zee blinks in surprise. Why hadn't she thought of that! Oh… because she hasn't years and years and years of experience behind her. "It wasn't Hel's domain that was melded." a quick clarification "Everytime I go in there, we're attacked." It's possible that Darques people have worked out what her magic and the energy of those she works with /feels/ like "Makes it hard to do anything other than fight."

"Six days, Fenris? We need to get the word out then."

Fenris nods. "We do, and yes Charlie, recon sprints. I'd like you there for the actual fighting if you can but Zee has the right of it. They can track her, or at least sense her when she comes into the Deadzone. I plan to make use of that too…" Enter with Zee in force. And draw Darque right to them. It's worked before so this should be the easy part. The hard part? When he realizes what they're doing.

Charlie considers and then rolls onto her side and uses the arm of the couch as a pillow. Not in her armor really right now nope, just jeans and a babydoll. "Well I think that can be managed. I'm pretty fast and hard to predict… especially if I have a target I would think if we have a list of the people we would like to spy upon I can bounce about and gain what we need?"

Zee actually pales as Fenris explains, swallows and raises her head. "I'd say Dr Eclipse…" Zee murmurs "but that's like asking for trouble. Fenris?" Zee has been busy fending off undead creatures.

"I can give you a list, but there's no guarentee they'll be in the deadzone. We need to know who appears to be in charge in the Deadzone and where they gather. When we strike we won't have time to figure out what they're doing. We have to know. Put them on their back foot and keep them there. We want them to be the ones guessing, not us." If they do that, Fenris knows, they have a decent chance of at least delaying whatever is coming next. Above all they should absolutely not wait for it.

Charlie mutters "oooo I want to punch Eclipse in the face…" she has had a lot of encounters with him really, maybe not as much as Zee, there is a cute little growl from the redhead. "But knowing who is and isn't in the deadzone is good… I could probably bounce … just like near whoever is leading the forces in the deadzone…" her ..bouncing is vague like well chaos magic.

"Don't we all?" Zee is sure May wants to do more than just punch him. The growl from Charlie has the teen mage blinking… another look to Fenris for that. "I think you could, but … be careful. They're all likely to be very dangerous, and very skilled." At least that's what Zee's been finding.

"Darque has expendable minions and less expendable ones." Fenris agrees. "The less expendable ones are not to be trifiled with. He doesn't put the effort into training them up otherwise. And they are all as ruthless as he." The growl has the wolf chuckling and shrugging one shoulder to Zee. "Still if you get to punch him in the face, go for it. Give him one for me. And one for Zee."

Charlie sighs "I've .. like beat him a few times but he always flees and .. yeah really annoying. I'm pretty sure he like totes hates me at this point.. but it is pretty mutual…"

"Mmmmhmmm" Zee smirks a little at Charlie's sigh "That's what makes him smart, he runs to fight another day." Something the teen mage might need to be learning to do. As much as the discussion is enthralling, so's the book in front of her and her eyes drop as her attention returns to it.

"I get the feeling that in the Deadzone he'll be a different animal. It'd be like if Charlie were standing on top of a font of chaos magic, or if you, Zee were atop a ley line nexus." There's a pause. "Oh one other thing. I've noticed the lines in the area starting to decay. We need to cleanse them or dam them up until we can restore the area. If they're allowed to fester Darque will have that much easier a time converting more land to Deadzone."

Charlie blinks "Wait… when you say… converting land to deadzone what do you even mean… if it like deadzone on earth instead of another realm?"

That gets Zee's attention and her blue eyes fall on Charlie in confusion. "Where… have you been, Charlie?" Didn't everyone within their circle know what happened? A confused look to Fenris and then back to Charlie as she blows out a long, slow breath "Darque launched an attack using Fenris' and Artemis' stolen power to create Avatars that attacked the land. We repelled them, got Fenris' power back… but about 100 sq miles of land just outside of Metropolis were melded with our world. We've been warding it and checking it regularly."

Fenris' news… triggers a thought, obviously "Which reminds Fenris. With John Constantine lost in hell, I've offered to continue Kitty Prydes training." she actually blushes… the teen mage training someone in the ways of magic! Who would have thought "I ummm could use some advice and help there."

"I'll help, of course. I'm not sure I've met this 'Kitty'." The wolf pointedly eyes the diamond encrusted collar that's always present on Zee's neck. "My first bit of advice is start with something she's unlikely to blow herself up with." Wards are always safe. Assuming she has any talent. If not, well normal instruction always works too. Having knowledge of this kind of thing is often valuable even if you can't use it.

"As Zee says, Charlie. The deadzone is a merger of realms. To expend it Darque needs to affect change in the lands around it,."

Charlie blinks as well and looks up and around then over and down to Zee "Was I invited to that fight… " she frowns "I mean I felt Fenris get his power back sure but I … hm" she furrows her brow "I'm not sure… I mean I figure I would have been there right?" she frowns "Well tell me where to be and I will try to help.. I want to help."

Yeah, Fenris might have to speak to Zee. She'd sent out calls via the Titans channel and the Leylines, that day. Not that Zee mentions that to Misfit "Of course. Keep your teamspeak app on and listen to the Leylines."

Seeing the Wolf-God eye the collar, the teen mage colours again "She calls me Kitten, and I suspect you already know this." but the advice gets a nod of agreement "Johns not a bad teacher, and she's been studying with him. I'm thinking the wards on the Deadzone and maybe… clearing that Leyline." apart from that… she'll cross those bridges when comes to them.

"You'll have to figure out if she has any talent first, though if Constantine was teaching her then she probably does indeed have some." Well, Zee'll work it out Fenris is sure.

"As for the rest, Misfit, you will be helping. Have a look whenever you're free and if you need help let one of us know." The God-WOlf knows Charlie has a lot of responsibilities. And… distractions. But he's also quite confident in her.

Charlie nods looking a little unsure still. "Okay.. I will poke into it.. the deadzone." she seems confident the wards won't trip her up. "Also if you get me the list of people to triangulate I should be able to lock them down a bit…." she perks and smiles to Fenris.

"If you like…" Zee notes Charlie's hesitation "We can go together for the first time. I'll go in, with a small group… setup a distraction. You can bounce in separately and have a look." Zee remembers the first time she'd gone in there… and how off putting (understatement) it had been. "Kitty has talent, Fenris, I've seen it. I'll talk to you soon, about it."

Fenris reaches over to scratch Charlie under the chin, rather affectionately when she perks up. "We'll get you one. Now… mages don't live on books alone, Zee. Come on. We should get lunch. The problem will still be there when we get back. Promise."

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