Apologies and Company

March 02, 2014:

Thor and Amora talk after their ruined evening in Midgard.

Amora's Chambers - Asgard

An elegant, Asgardian Lady's chamber.


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Fade In…

Asgard. Such a place of beauty with the golden spires and the stunning architecture. It is enough to inspire awe in even the most jaded of person and perhaps even move one to write a poem, compose a song or paint a great masterpiece. Such, however, is lost on Amora who is still upset by what happened earlier this evening. She teleported home before Thor or Sif could even blink twice and hurried to hide in her chambers where she can be found now.

If anyone were to look for the woman and thought to seek her out in her suite of rooms they'll find her upon the balcony, looking out at the scenery beyond the city itself without seeing it.

"M'lady Amora?" Thor arrives with the slow whirring of his hammer, levitating on a tight current of wind a few feet away from the balcony. "I… wished to render some apology to you for the events tonight," he offers, sounding genuinely remorseful. "'twas ill mannered of my brother and I, and my temper gained the better of me." He somehow bows while hovering. "Wilst thou forgive my pert manner?"

Amora is used to sudden appearances from Thor so the way he makes his presence known to her tonight doesn't so much as get her to startle but she does blink, the apology being what is not expected. "I will forgive you," she starts to say while leaning a little more over the edge of the balcony's railing, trying to put herself in a closer proximity to him, "if you will forgive me for having lost my temper as well." Her eyes have been held to Thor's chest level as she speaks, her chin lowered as well, but then the woman looks up, looking at him through her lashes. "I do hope how I behaved will not make you desire to not be seen with me."

With Amora's permission, Thor lands light on the balcony, then hops down to the floor. "No force could impel me thus," he assures Amora, resting a hand on her shoulder, then her cheek. He gives her a crooked, warm smile, and then finds a chair and drops heavily into it. Mjolnir falls to the ground with a dull thump. "Sooth, I am exhausted," he adds. "Loki's mischief seems to know no bounds and Sif was not pleased with his words. I myself took issue with how he spoke of you. It pangs me that my brother should speak ill of my boon companions thus," Thor admits, rocking forward and resting his elbows on his knees.

"Might I bother you for some mead, my friend? I find myself parched," he asks of Amora.

At this moment Amora forgets everything. The ruined night out with Thor, the hurtful words from Loki. Her own impulsive, dangerous actions. All of it leaves her mind when he joins her and then touches her cheek before taking a seat on one of the plush chairs she has chosen for furnishing here. "I thank you for defending my honor, Thor. You are a good friend." Sif is considered before she adds softly, "She did seem angered. I am glad I have not found myself upon the Shieldmaiden's bad side."

At his request she goes to where drink is kept and a flagon of the desired mead is poured for him and then she pours herself a glass of Asgardian wine, both glasses then brought with her. "Your mead, m'lord." It is offered to him.

"I fancy she is impressed with you. Sif's respect is hard won, but you have proven yourself a friend," Thor assures Amora, taking the flagon with both hands and drinking heavily from it. "I should hope you two find common ground and maintain that companionship. The Warriors Three are a merry band, but oft I have considered the value of an enchantress 'pon the field. You could be a potent ally in battle, m'Lady, if you turned your mind to that art," he compliments her.

The idea of her having impressed the warrioress amuses Amora but whatever smile that might manifest because of it is hidden cleverly by the glass as she drinks her wine. "I am sure we'll be friends until the end of time itself," she murmurs once the sweet drink is licked from her lips. When Thor makes his suggestion she pauses, her brow raised in the surprise seldom drawn from her. "I am honored by your faith in me, m'lord. I do not know if I'd be an asset or a liability, however." Still, it is worth looking into.

"You are strong and confident, traits Sif respects. You are agile, clever, and you are a canny warrior, in your own way. I respect that." Thor smiles reassuringly at Amora, dropping the more formal, stilted speech he bears among humans for the natural tongue of Asgard. "And you have proven to be a friend in years past. I should hope nothing comes become us to change that," he says, smiling earnestly at the woman.

Ah. He speaks of her as if she fights along side of him, one of the many who seek to take up arms with Thor and fight under the banner of Asgard and Odin. Amora really does not know how to take that although she is able to accept it for the compliment it is meant as instead of allowing Thor's seeming failure to see her as a woman to bear offense. "Thank you, Thor. It is my pleasure to be able to help defend our home and right the wrongs…" Like Thor, she too has slipped into the language of their home, vastly preferring that over speaking that which the Midgardians prefer to speak.

"I speak only the truth, my friend," Thor assures Amora. "I bear respect for you. I would not use those words lightly, or if I did not intend them." He smiles earnestly and takes another long draught of his wine. "If it is a vocation you truly find yourself drawn to, I can certainly speak to the All-Father about my decision. He trusts my judgment, but his eye sees all, and I consult him as readily as I do my own conscience. But I think you will fare well under his auspices," Thor assures Amora.

There's a part of her that seeks to try and steer the conversation towards whether or not that's all Thor sees her as but no. Amora doesn't want to go there. Not yet. There will come a time for such questions to be asked. What she does allow herself to do is bow her head, smiling brilliantly. "My thanks, m'lord. As for the other… allow me some time to consider that before you speak to your father. I am sure he would agree with me when I say that this is something best not rushed into."

"Wise /and/ lovely," Thor chuckles, draining off his glass. "You are formidable on many levels. I am encouraged to have you alongside me- but only if you wish to be there," Thor assures the woman. He rises, setting his glass aside, and offers her a friendly bearhug, companionable and warm. "I shall see thee on the morrow, then? We can speak on tactics and where you might fit- again, if you so wish it."

The hug from Thor is swiftly accepted from Amora despite how she knows it'll cause her ribs to creak even with her bones being as strong as they are. It is returned although she holds back herself, her own strength held carefully in check. "Rest well, Thor Odinson. We will speak of this soon. Perhaps over the morning meal." Thor's cheek is given a peck before he can get too far and then he is allowed to go on his way.

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