An Unwelcome Visitor

July 26, 2015:

Jesana's receives another visitor. This one isn't welcome at all. The cost grows higher as the deadly game of cat and mouse with her Stepfather continues.

Dockyard off of South Hook

Jesana's Houseboat


NPCs: El (Emotional Sucubus in Spiritform)



Mood Music: [*\# Shot in the Dark]

Fade In…

It’s dark out still, very early morning when Jesana suddenly wakes. She lifts her head and listens, after a quick glance to check if whatever it was has woken Ollie as well but no, he’s still asleep beneath her. Jes smiles at the peaceful expression on his face but the smile quickly fades as she catches slight movement in her peripheral vision. Turning her head Jes meets the gaze of the waiting spirit.

“What are you doing here, El? I told you to leave me alone.” Jes asks in a soft voice.Not a whisper because that would be louder and more likely to wake Ollie. One arm tightens around him ever so slightly. Hers, and she’ll protect him. Especially from the threats he can’t see or hear..
“I told you, we’re done. You shouldn’t have lied. It doesn’t matter if it was by omission or not. You knew what I believed and you let me do it. I don’t trust you now and I won’t again. Now get the hell out of my house.”

El gives the impression of sighing. The ghostly girl watches Jes, meeting the angry indian’s eyes calmly. “Come outside with me. Just listen to what I have to say, then I’ll go and I won’t come back.” -I won’t come back here, at least.- The spirit flows ahead and upstairs without waiting for an answer. Despite resembling an older child or young teenager to those that can see her, El knows well the in and outs of getting around promises and vows. She’s been dead longer than most have been alive.

Jes stops a growl just in time and it takes her a few moments to disentangle herself from Ollie’s strong embrace and climb off of him and the sofa without waking him. She waits several more to be sure he still sleeps before heading above deck. Jes doesn’t bother with getting dressed. This is her home dammit and it isn’t like anyone can see her in the dark if they’re actually up. This part of the docks isn’t home to the fishermen. “What. What do you want!?” Jes is louder now, her voice a hiss of anger and frustration as she sprawls out on the deck and glares at El’s ghostly visage.

Usually spirits look just as they did when they were alive. To the point that Jes doesn’t always realize what they are at first. El is different, the girl’s form is insubstantial. The spirit isn't whole she's just a presence. So it’s not really a surprise Jes had mistaken the spirit for something else. That isn’t what has the coyote woman so pissed off. No, its the fact that El had let Jes believe that she was an embodiment of the Library in Shadowcrest. Even after countless chances to tell Jes the truth, El had chosen not to.

“We were friends. You came to me for help, for advice. I miss that, miss our talks. Not very many people can see me you know. So what if I let you think I was something else. It didn’t hurt anything. I was afraid you wouldn’t trust me if you knew, and look, now you know and you don’t want anything to do with me.” El’s voice is sad and pleading and her ghostly expression forlorn but Jes isn’t having it. She suspects it's all an act. El had kept her in the dark because it suited the spirit. Jes doesn’t know how or why but she knows there was something to be gained from it.
“I’m done with it, El. All the secrets, all the lies. All it ever leads to is pain. Pain and despair. I can’t do it anymore. I won’t. If He hadn’t pulled me into Giizhigong for healing and rest after I got out of hell, hadn’t told me that I’m pregnant, I doubt I’d even be here. There’s only so much that I can take before turning into something like my stepfather. Only it’d be worse because he at least cares about himself. I’d kill myself before I let that happen to me and this time, this time it was too damn close. Without Father’s pulling and the tiny part of my soul fragment that still cared, I would have lost myself down there. It wouldn’t have been me that came back. It would have been a monster. I was afraid coyote would kill us both while we were torn from each other, but if I’d come back like that then, what we would have would have been better if she had.”

El studies Jes as she listens to the young woman talk. There’s so much emotion in the young woman. So much hurt and rage and betrayal. A rich buffet of flavors. This is what the young spirit feeds on and Jes is always passionate in whatever she feels. Emotions aren’t something that the spirit has on her own anymore, though she can feign it with the best of them. Feeding is the only time she can feel and also gives the power El needs to remain earthbound instead of passing on.
“Aren’t you glad though?” El asks. “That you survived and you aren’t in Hell anymore? And now at least you know the truth. None of it was real. You know who you are too. Who your true Father is.”

The stare Jes levels at El is flat and cold “I wasn’t. I wasn’t glad at all. I loved them. I really loved them. It was real enough to me then. Only that’s all gone now. So is John, and I loved him too. So what if I knew that was never going to be how I wanted it to. I didn’t think..” She cuts off and glares at El. “It doesn’t matter what I thought. It’s over and done and I’m moving on. I have moved on.”
El raises one eyebrow and glances back at the cabin of the houseboat. There’s more to be plumed here. The spirit isn’t done yet. “With him? The human? What do you think will happen when they come for you? When your stepfather figures out you're pregnant, or worse, doesn’t. He’s got something new searching for you now. Or he will soon.”

El is ready now, time to twist the dagger further. Draw out Jesana’s fear. Delicious and potent. Guilt too, a veritable feast for the spirit and she continues with the barest hint of eagerness. The closest she can come to feeling on her own.

“Something you won’t be able to fight so easily and no human will stand a chance. They won’t even see it. That’s what I came here to tell you, to warn you about. You suspected that your stepfather killed Dirk. Or did something worse to him. You were right. He has him, he’s taken your adoptive father’s soul like he did those of your family and he’s turning Dirk into a spirit-bound slave. Once he sends that after you, you can’t take on a living werewolf, what will you do against one that’s dead. That can tear and rip apart anyone near you and they’ll never even see it coming?”

Jesana’s eyes go wide and she shudders violently. The native american’s breath comes in sudden panting gasps as panic hits. She doesn’t frighten easily thanks to her training, and her nature both but Werewolves and her stepfather happen to be two of the rare things that scare Jes. Terrify into an near paralysis would be more apt. The guilt comes in the next wave, knowing she could have prevented this too if she’d taken a different course of action so long ago. Or even just a few months ago.

El watches Jesana, drinking in all that flood of human feeling with an expression of wanton hunger that’s utterly disturbing on a face so young. Not that Jes is capable of noticing it just now. “Ohh oh gods nooo.” The coyote woman rises to her feet and stumbles towards the wall along the left side of the deck. She clutches the railing and leans over as her stomach violently rebels in reaction to the sudden panic attack.

Gagging and spitting, Jes empties her stomach before falling back onto her rear and clutching her knees to her chest with an expression of shock and horror. She’s still shaking and the desire to get up and run and just keep going is overwhelming but she can’t quite seem to make her body do anything but shiver and curl in on itself. Jes stares with wide unseeing eyes, unaware of her terrified voice mumbling over and over. “I’m sorry, I’m to go,run. run before it’s too late. can’t let him hurt you. i won’t i wont i wont i wont.”

All the while El watches with satisfaction. The spirit doesn’t know and hasn’t realized that as a result of Old man Coyote making an entrance to the spiritual plane of Giizhigong for his daughter inside, here on the boat spirits can be heard and seen by anyone, not just those with the ability…

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