To The Infirmary

July 24, 2015:

Returning to the Institute, Rose and Lunair, along with Brin meet up with Nate

Xavier Institute


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Nate would have felt it just 4 hours ago. No metal bead for seven days, and then last night the resonance returned. A suddenness to it like a *pop* and whatever was holding it back was gone. With her is several others and they are fast approaching Xavier's in a car driven by Bobby. Late night and it pulls around to a more discreet entrance to let the crew out and into the X-Men Headquarters closest to the medical facility.

Once they are all out Bobby takes off to handle a few things, but the way he looked at them said he was likely going to grill them for this.


After several rapid head shakes and a bit of a slap fight at least Rose allowed Brinley to field dress her thigh in the car with face plastered against the back window with limited space. They were on their way to get Lunair ot better suite health facilities, Rose had no more reasons to fish out.

"You got so close to my ass… I should take this moment to tell you Brin…You sure got a 'purdy mouth." A brow waggle and Rose is letting Luna and Brin go first.

Pause. «Nate?»

Lunair is feverish. Poking into her brain might be like looking into a slow motion video. For now, she is content to ook in awe and gratitude at Rose. She is worried. "I'll have to make this all up to you. I'm sorry." She does feel slightly bad about her failed attempt at stealth. Nevertheless, her eyes widen at Rose's comment. Does she hear banjos? Nevertheless, she stifles a smile and manages to stay steady, nearby.

The slap fight hadn't been fun… but Brin had got that dressing on and now looks to both women as they enter the mansion "Medical suite, now." Yes, she's bossy… but she's concerned for Lunair and the field dressing for Rose… is just that.

Rose's comment brings anothe blush, full bodied, right down to the waist of the jeans… She's still dressed as Illyana dressed her - short, tight crop top and tight hipster jeans. So far from her normal attire.

Nate is used to Rose vanishing for a few days due to business. But after those couple days, he likes to reach her to make sure she is okay. And this time it wasn't possible. So he has been pretty nervous. Last time Rose vanished, he lost her for months, and found her in a different dimension by sheer luck. He has been looking for her pretty intensely the last 24 hours. He was about to bring it to the X-men attention.

But she got back. And Nate got back to the mansion not even five minutes ago. « Yes. I am here » he projects to her just before intercepting the women in the way to the medlab. "Ladies, what are you up to… Luna seems sick?"

Rose is not concerned about herself. She will heal. Overnight. It is the deep wounds that struck too close that took more time, like the talking wound upon thigh. Contusions, bruises from head to toe, but ones that were once black are now a sickly yellow/green and smaller wounds gone. Even the scrapes that went to bone on knuckles have managed to refit tendons, cartilage and stringy muscle is showing where skin still splits around.

Attire? Rose calls it Harold With Tits. She jacked a man for his Megadeth shirt and jeans, as well as 40 bucks and left him in her 'Lady Vic' attire unconcious… Until they left the bar fast upon his rousal. She had ripped the shirt to hang like many of her others, off one shoulder and midriff, the jeans, there was no help in fitting the lean woman into a grown mans tattered denim, even his belt hangs off a hip. She's rocking it… Kinda!

When Nate finally intercepts them and joins them she casts him a glance and looks down a bit, though her chin still tilts upward in that body language of peide despite unspoken apology.

"Too much. Fatigue, virus. Shaken not stirred." No banjo's here, unless they play the 007 theme. "She needs to be unwrapped and pampered with fluids and care in food intake." One thing you cannot take away is the haggard look upon both of them. Weight lost due to starvation and exhaustion, though Luna may have a dub-gun she does not have the enhanced rebound factor.

It's true. Lunair is a bit frumpy she missed out on the awesome super soldier body enhancements. She is as resilient as your average teenage girl, which isn't a whole lot in the fighting business. But Lunair does worry about Rose. Even if she has a hard time howing it. Lunair tries not to giggle at what happened to poor 'Harold'. "I'll have to take you shopping sometime," It'd be fun and she wouldn't be full of cooties trying to nibble away at her.

She looks to Nate, waving. "I overdid it a bit and caught a bug, sorry." She looks sheepish. And she's burned away a lot of tissue and serum. Matter does not come from nothing, even if she otherwise does unspeakable things to the laws of physics.

"She is" Brin responds to Nate "Not sure … on any details" The brunette is directing them all to the medsuite "Been trying Lunairs phone for the week, and found her as soon as it came live. This is how I found them."

Lunairs sheepish look gets a small smile "It's not the bug I'm concerned about, it's the broken ribs." They'd been enough to send Bobby running for the car. "Keep moving, we're nearly there."

Rose shoots a look to Luna, and though she is acting a bit more perkier now that they are on home grounds and comforting surroundings it means little. Looking from Brinley then, to Luna a half-cocked grin appears. Rose does not know what keeps Lunair going, nor how she does what she does. Trying to even dissect it would likely have her brain leak out of her ear and run screaming. Some sciences and mutation she gathered and grasped, she had to for CADMUS and her purpose, but she had never asked Lunair so the direness of the stability of her well being is also… On the level of flatlining.

"Brin?" Now though, she is asking a medical professional and perhaps one that knows more the truth, or at least what she sees even though part is revealed and known already. But that's just scratching the surface.

"I'll fold to a girls day as long as I get to choose what we do at night." There is a keen glint to the corner of blue eye and then she glances back to Nate upon reaching the med lab and stepping within with them. "Lunair found what I was going to do and followed me. It was a challenge for street cred." Nate knows what Rose does, they all do, she has kept none of it a secret and used it to help them even at times. "I didn't know the severity of it until..well.. The doors closed, so to speak."

Lunair is an enigma wrapped inside of a burrito. At least she's not the ruffle-lace monster she usually is. She doesn't claim to understand Rose, though she tries. She's been around other folks like them long enough to know that prying rarely ends well. If nothing else, it may come down to an issue of respect and space. Alienating a pal isn't worth that.

"Oh. Yeah, those." Broken ribs, reminding her now that she thinks about them. There's an almost comical sort of wince. Right. Ribs. Ow.

She's trying not to breathe too deeply. "Okay," Lunair finds that fair enough. Though, she frowns at Rose's explanation, looking concerned. "Also I like challenges. I even do the puzzles in the papers." Sometimes, 'for the lols' or 'because I can/am curious' are valid motivators for Lunair. She explores the world, railgun first.

Brins done basic EMT training, she's not a professional in the sense of the word… that's Nick, but still she's concerned about Lunair. As they reach the med suite, she speaks to who's there… outlining the issues and gesturing to Lunair. Within moments, Lunair is being cared for, ribs strapped as best possible, hooked up to fluids, delivered by IV and ushered into a bed, to rest.

"Street Cred…" Rose had mentioned that before and Brin wouldn't expect different. Lunair following - not so unexpected either. "Sure, girls day." Brin doesn't know what she just agreed to.

Patching up Rose after one of her mercenary misadventures is getting a routine for Nate. That is not particularly worrisome. Her going out of telepathic radar, though, was new and alarming.

He has a lot of questions, but right now it seems more important to get both young women to the medlab, so Nate comes to help Lunair standing, she seems the worst off, and guiding them to the beds.


The threshold of the medlab is stopped at by heavy laden soles of boots and her arms fold over her chest. A sign of indignance and refusal. One hair shy of having to be pried from the door jam like a cat trying to be ejected from its cozy comfots of a carpeted hut. She'll bite!

She'll bite if th doctors make one wrong move on Lunair as well, her eyes are heavily scrutinizing every move and word they say, a worried glance cast to Brin and Nate. But Brin's way she says Street Cred makes a brow perk, perhaps she did not know. "It went out several days ago to come to an event to show the best of the best for those who remain standing." So Rose, Lunairs, and a few others' street value went up when looking for potential…

"It's networking for hired guns." To make the long end short.

"Little did I know it was somewhere… Different. I did not run into Lunair until day 4 in the maze." Details? No. Day 4 was where it started getting really hairy as well. "She followed me but got splot off when the game began." Arms cross now and fingers curl into her bicep.

The story is told for them all, but Brin's agreement gets a small sly smirk from Rose. If that attire makes her uncomfortable… Brin is doomed.

Lunair is uneasy, as they enter the medlab. Phobias are hard to surpress. There's a tangible aura of fear, unease. But she's trying to tamp it down. "It was a very serious maze. I could not explode the walls." Lunair's approach to some of her problems is a little alarming. But leveling the maze should have been a valid solution! But she smiles quietly, watching Rose. "I was curious," She admits, too. "I can't put it on my resume." Alas. "But Miss Rose was really brave and worked hard. I hope you aren't mad at her. I got injured on my own."

However, Lunair is quiet on that subject. It must be at least fairly embarrassing. At minimum.

IV administered and ribs taped up, the Doctors glance to Rose and hesitate. Perhaps the womans reputation precedes her. It probably does.

Rose pausing by the door gets a quick look from Brin. The woman is scary… Nate… can see to her, right now, the brunette is sitting with Lunair. "Networking for hired guns in a maze? That's different." And sounds like it was big.

Brin is doomed, she just doesn't know it yet. Maybe she'll sneak past Rose's attentions when they go out and just wear what she's comfortable in… maybe.

"Someone took very seriously to insulate you completely," comments Nate bleakly. Oh, he will take care of Rose. It is less likely she will stab him if he tries to apply analgesics or suture. "Next time…" bah, this is a fight he can't win. "I'm glad you are back, if somewhat worse for the wear," he grumbles.

When the doctors back off Lunair and Rose is in acceptance of what all is connected to Lunair she finally peels her gaze away to find the looks upon her. At least they thought twice. Better for all of them.

"This opens up opportunities." And not just for Rose, for intel. No explaiing further when even the atrocities of Mr. Clean still weigh on her mind. But let's not mention the anger on Deathstroke's face in seeing her there at the end. A trite fuck you to him, now he knows she exists. The asshole.

Glancing to Nate her head lowers, his tone, the look on his face, her eyes watch him from periphery and the slow fall of golden blonde hair riddled with dirt clinging to the temporary coating to make her 'blonde' and not platinum, though those strands were poking back through. A good shower and it'd be gone. "We made it out alive, and I think for the better, despite appearances. This may have helped me, but in turn… It helps -us-." She says then as she looks between Brin and Nate, then to Lunair. "Purifiers are hiring people, they're hiding well, but there is always word in the undeerground where we find silence."

So no, it was not all for her self gratification of trying to piss her father off.

"They were serious about mazes," Yes indeedy. Lunair is glad enough for the attention, even if the sight of doctors is setting her phobia on edge. She's cooperating now, looking to Rose. "It was interesting practice," She admits. "I guess I'll get fat and lazy if I only ever do easy stuff," She muses. Though there's the odd wince. She doesn't want to remember Mr. Clean and his flamethrower, which she met personally.

She looks to Nate. "I'm glad she's okay," She remarks. "And yeah… it's good to keep your ear to the ground. I'm sorry we made you worry," She remarks.

Brins heard people muse about putting trackers on Lunair, in jest she thought, but after this week? Perhaps not…

"You're back now, that's all that matters." Brin simply wants Lunair to heal, disappearances will be addressed later.

Nates frustration gets a very wan smile, Brins felt that loss many years ago… it's not a feeling she'd wish on anyone. Roses words though, get a considering look "You're right, it benefits us. I take it you made the grade, so to speak." Intel is something they lack in the fight against the Purifiers.

Nate has to admit he had not really realized Lunair has vanished too. Probably Luna's own boyfriend is quite worried himself. Or maybe he is used to her getting kidnapped, Luna getting kidnapped often is probably becoming a running joke in some circles. It is not very funny. Still he spares a lopsided smile to the dark-haired girl, "its okay, good to have you back in one piece, more or less."

Rose is not in as bad shape as other times, the wound on her tight the only one that might leave a scar, though Nate applies antiseptics and suture the best he can. The bruises will probably heal pretty quickly, as usual in Rose. "Well, I am pretty sure most Purifiers aren't mercenaries, but we gotta take a deep look at it. Someone is training suicide zealots in America, that is unusual even for anti-mutant fanatics."

"-We- made it. We lived." The tone in Rose's words to Brin fell flat, the emotion reigned in now. Though somewhere in that single frigid occular there's a wavering of apology when she finally sees Lunair settle down and relax into the necessary.

Finally a direct look is passed to Nate, one she had been avoiding making due to knowing his frustrations with her. "Would you throw me into the fray with your past? No. Would I go anyway? Yes. I'd do it when you were not looking, when you didn't expect and under your strict protests likely. It's the same for me. It's not that i do not want you there, it's that.. If I can keep from putting everyone at risk around me, I'll do my best." Though that has not gotten her very far. She's a white haired black cat sometimes. Hopefully though, the point was made upon lowered vocals meant for only their group… And him.

His insitance on suturing her up though meets a protest of opening her mouth, seeing the look on his face and tritely closing it. It should have come with a arm flail of exhasperation.

"When we are done here and after I speak with Nate, Brin, I would like to a least like to speak to you and Bobby about Berto… and your team." Rose has been damn busy!

Looking back at Nate she finally turns when he is done. "Now you can kinda say you stitched your woman's ass back together. See, win." A hand rises with a brow and it waffles back and forth in a so-so gesture.

"But, first… I need to clean up and get Luna better dinner then med food and an IV." Passing Brin Rose fist bumps her shoulder in comraderie. "Thank you." Murmured before she headed out the door,

Lunair is quiet, nodding. "Okay. And thanks." She nods back to Nate. "I'm glad, too. But -" Wlel, she really does care about Rose. She watches quietly. "Suicide zealots? Geez." That's worrying. Most of the earlier sorts just gave up after you thumped them good enough.

She looks to Rose, looking concerned and grateful. "Yeah, well. I owe you one." She's tryin not to think about the doctors and such around here. "I hope they are okay," As far as Berto and the team go. There's a wide-eyeing. "Now I double owe here," A wry smile. But since she's probably more worn out than she thought, she'll doze soon enough. Fevers and exhaustion do that.

"The Purifiers are getting worse, that's for sure." Brin murmurs to Lunair as she stands. The fist bump from Rose, gets a startled look… "Anytime and of course…" She could hardly do otherwise - they're a team and it's what you do for teammates and… friends.

"Go, clean up, Rose. I'll raid the kitchen and bring back some food." Nate gets a grateful look for caring for Rose. "And sure, we can discuss the team." Bobby should be back to pick her up… soon.

With that, Brin disappears out the door and up to the kitchen, it won't take long and she'll be back.

Nate doesn't bother responding to Rose right now. He just hasn't any good response. Being a X-Man or just superhuman vigilante is dangerous and not conductive to a long life. Being there to take care of each other's injuries is often all they can do, right? "I'll bring Luna some decent food," he offers. "You two look like would do best sleeping for a couple days, though. Get a guest room at the mansion, alright? I'll be with you in an hour."

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