Let There Be Darkness: Atlantic Ocean

July 25, 2015:

An attack in New York and the Atlantic Ocean, more obelisks appear

New York


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Fade In…

NEWS AT 9: Massive flooding due to tidal waves have taken over the docks, evacuated hundreds from their homes and caused a mass hysteria across Brooklyn. The boats have been pulled in fro two days as the storm grew to almost tropic and hurricane proportions, high winds rising as the wall cloud is a mystery, unmoving save for the funnel cloud motion that only broadens in circumference but does not yet open up to what has the locals stirring and even the cities strays and scavengers moving and reacting uncannily….

"I, have wondered about you. Where will you be? When this is through?"

Tornado alarms have been blaring their warning incessantly, the city streets vacant save for the rain soaked rustle of litter uplifted by the wind, small rivers travel along the gutters, though where sewers have taken on their max capacity or the ocean's waters have reaches it has all backed up and poured into reverse, creating an extension of the open waters that only seem to wait to unleash yet another massive wave and clear a path of natures destruction.

But nothing about this is natural, is anyone can feel it, the air crackles with energy and a pressure, and those more attuned to natures ebb and flow will know it is a beast out of control.

Standing on the docks are two youths, both staring out vacantly over the tumultuous ocean waters and even as waves crash and spray around them they do not move, Rebecca and Charlie stand there hand in hand waiting - both children long missing from Xavier's and now accounted for, but their heads have been shaved, line-work of markings across their skin like a network upon a motherboard, but the writing on the wall is in a dialect undecipherable. Slowly their gazes rise towards that circulating cloud and when they do the waters coil, a bubbling like a geyser slowly building pressure before a pylon mere yards from the dock rises thrusting from the oceans depths like an insurgent finally revealing itself, though not alone. One hundred yards out another rises from the depths and the waves that push from the disruption roll an ominous thunder followed by the large waves slapping down upon the docks…

The children fell, but slowly they stand back up, and now set gazes upon the obelisks.

In the borough of Brooklyn the same occurs in Prospect Park and and in Eastern Brooklyn to stand sentinel and foreboding over the Public Housing Projects high rises. The thrust of earth as the pillars rises recoils the crash of the final tidal wave, like a metaphysical collision, unseen in forces, but it is enough to make that funneling cloud slow it's pace.

A single entity drops from within the thundering maw, the jet pack rocketing him through the high winds with ease, heading him for the two children that stood upon the dock and stared, stopping to hover over them in his black and white armored uniform, the mask covering his face but upon the brow a single circular disc rests like a third eye. Reaching down, strong hands pick the children up by their collars, taking them out over the ocean and heading for one of the pillars.

In Brooklyn where the pillars rose troops emerge from the projects and shanties, one battalion bearing black and crimson armor encircles a woman, also shaved bald, riddled in tattoos but parts of them appear to be from this world, legible, meshed with that of the markings of deeper meaning. Within the park, beneath a tree, another sits, just like the children having gone unnoticed and unmoved by the storm and when he rises he pulls himself from the waist deep flood he had bidden his time in and heads forward.

"If all goes as planned; will you redeem my life again?"

Rowan flying though he rather wishes he were not. The winds are whipping, there's debris in the air… the only thing that prevents him from swimming is that the tides are as tumultuous as the skies and at least up here he doesn't have to worry about getting smacked by some car that's been washed away by the flood. The thirty foot long winged lizard weaves through buildings, using them as much as possible to shield himself from the howling winds. Oh this is bad. So bad. He can see the obelisks rising up, though he hasn't spotted the man with the jetpack amid all the chaos.

Eventually the dragon blue alights on one of the lower sky scrapers and clings to it like a chamelion to a branch, peering around for the source of the mess. He may have to get closer… yeah, he's going to have to get closer to those obelisks. This doesnt' feel like Atlantean weather manipulation which is at once both a source of relief and a big problem. Queen Mera? Ulani? Are you out there? We have trouble up here.

And then he's in the air again, fighting the wind to get to the nearest obelisk.

From high above, Jean had overseen the evactuation of the denizens with a watchful eye. Police cruises blocking off sections while FEMA attempts to gauge the damage and set up relief tents from afar. The wind licks and pulls at her, her eyes scanning the abandoned houses and buildings, shops covered with tarps for signs of life until two familiar minds ping her senses.

"Rebecca? Charlie?" Her gaze falls into the direction of where the minds were, but they were blank, devoid. Everything set upon automatic as her hand lifts to press to her temple. It was an urgent call, 'come now', to any X-Man available. Even if she just gets one..

She turns slowly within air and rockets out towards the area, stopping where the wind picks up the heaviest, her hair whipping around her and clouding her vision as her green-clad fingers tug her red locks from her gaze. "CHARLIE! REBECCA!" She hollars out, hoping that the children could hear, even as they were snatched up by the scruff and placed near the pillars. But she was unsure, the sound of the wind was deafening, and as fire slowly began to peel upon her arms, encompassing her entire being, she fights and flies against the currents within the air to head to those children, intent on stealing them away first, and dealing with the threat at hand.

And there was a dragon. "What the hell is going on…"

All the way in the depths of the ocean, on the outskirts of the region known as Atlantis, the unnatural weather is only the faintest shiver in the water. Regardless, Queen Mera abruptly looks away from the private audience she's holding with the Blue emissary Ulani, sharing the telepathic message from Rowan with her. "I believe we can resume this discussion another time," the red-haired Atlantean says, though it's more for the others here than for Ulani. The two women have come to a decent understanding after their many interactions, and Mera is very much using this to her advantage now.

After relaying Rowan's call to her husband so he can start scrambling defense forces if it becomes necessary, she nods to the other Blue and Atlanteans around and turns to depart, her eyes settling on Ulani for just a moment longer than the others. ~ Rowan. We will be there as quickly as possible. ~ And, considering the Blue emissary's abilities, it'll be quick all right.

Betsy is on the ground, helping to direct the evacuation. Most of getting away from trouble isn't /running/, but going in the right direction. It's an old tag-team event she and Jean have done many a time, with Jean providing overwatch from above and monitoring the situation, and Betsy casting a web of her thoughts out to keep people relatively becalmed and moving in orderly fashions.

When Jean goes bonfire-mode, though, her head whips up almost before Jean even speaks, sensing the woman's distress. She breaks into a run, a pink and orchid blur of designer clothing. "Get the rest of them to the shelters, quickly!" she snaps at the FEMA rescuers, perhaps a bit un-necessarily, particularly as the earth trembles. She sets her jaw at the sight of Jean rocketing away, then starts taking long, bounding leaps, zig-zagging between two buildings and hitting the rooftops. She pauses on the ground and flings her thoughts as wide as she can, a quickening call for aid. ~Linking in,~ she announces to Jean, tying their thoughts more firmly together.

Too slow on foot to keep up with Jean, she screws her eyes shut, gets a running start, and casts herself off the edge of a building. Purple psionic energy limns her body in the faint outline of a butterfly's wings, and she soars after the redhead as fast as she's able, a look of grim determination on her face.

Mystic alarms flare at the 177 Bleecker Street announcing the opening of a dimensional rift in the immediate area, and Doctor Strange is forced to abandon his research to investigate. Halfway towards the door, he realizes this might be something of interest to his new allies. He needs to learn to work in a team, it has been years…

The emergency frequency of the JL:A communicators sparkles to life. "Doctor Strange speaking. An extra-dimensional rift of… considerable magnitude is opening at the Brooklyn shore. It is assuredly the cause of this unusual weather. I am heading to investigate." He doesn't request for help. Again, the Doctor is not used to request for help. But he figures the rift might be of interest to other heroes.

Ulani may be an Envoy, but she was a soldier first, the shared message from Mera and the look in the Queens eye enough to remind her of that. A message is sent to her own people, with reassurances received that they will send support if required…. they'll wait for her word though.

Glancing back at the six members of The Tide that have been following her and Mera around for weeks now, Ulani nods to them… and they form up around the two women - no harm will befall these two today.

With a little concentration, a Hyrdaport opens and the eight waterpeople step through, right into the tumult … "Where to, Your Majesty" Ulani asks of Mera… she can locate Rowan for them.

Somewhere in a tasteful but compact single family home, a garage door opens into the storm. "Come on, Em. You can do this."

There is a brief smell of petrochemicals.

The figure in that garage is gone.

A voice on the wind near Betsy says, out of nowhere, "Oh my god I saw you on the View."

A human face and a dusty-yellow arm are sliding out of what looks to be a free-floating wisp of violet gas that's staying remarkably coherent in the winds. "Um, hi, though, I just wanted to know, are you HELPING with the evil statue things or…" Element Woman's eyes turn to the side, almost embarrassed.

The Savage Dragon grew used to stares year ago while still running the beat in Chi-Town. It felt more familiar though Loumalnatis Pizza was a mile better than this New Yorker Pie he is now biting in to, the Chicago Bears jersey he wears does nothing to hide the muscular expanse of shoulders, biceps, chest and of course very green skin. Dragon stands out like a sore thumb. They're not looking at him oddly because he is making a face at the rolled up pizza in his hand obviously. Never know though maybe one of them is a very liberal minded connoisseur who takes great pride in their New York palate or maybe he hates the Bears. Any looks given the off duty now NYC police officer are forgotten as the ground trembles, the earth rumbling with an isolated quake and a spire of darkness ascends for the heavens.

"This usual here, right?" The Dragon's odd appearance all but forgotten as those on the street alongside him are all just now gawking. A chirp picks up and he can hear the police band already, "507, 415, 11-29, possible 11-25, 11-81…" Those are not good and they sound just as confused as everyone around him.
"Look over there!"
"Another one!"
"Are we being invaded!?"
"I should call my mom."
The chorus only adds to the element of growing fear but surprisingly not a soul has taken off running yet. They all watch and wait. Prepared.

Kara is doing what she can to help evacuate people in danger, her focus on saving lives more than anything else, "Supergirl to Watchtower. There's something big going on, we need to call anyone and everyone in to help with the evacuations." She wasn't scared on the surface, but deep down she was terrified of what might be causing this.

Within the ocean the sea life has been stirring for days now as this storm only grew. Sharks have been rampaging and the charging of the boats amassed with the waves started the first bit of open waters and fisheries evac. Now… Now they are fleeing completely, the eye of the storm is quiet, but outside of it it will be a feeding frenzy for those within the waters unless you can calm the sea life, likely making it a difficult if Ulani and Mera attempt arrival by waters steaming in turbulence and blood, especially the closer they get to the pylons placed within the depths.

From Rowan's vantage he can see the pointed top of each obelisk, and from the air where Jean and Psylocke now are hovering the resonance seems almost suffocating in omission, the waters suddenly draining back from the shore as if in a playback rewind, but upon land the earth trembled and Brooklyn feels the shake before the silence. The only sound is people either fleeing or turning to watch and that severe weather siren ominously blaring out like an apocalypical warning.

The two Jean Recognizes as missing students that had never been found from months back and held in the grip of a man known as The Unicorn are dropped literally on top of each obelisk. Their minds are blank, and it would seem as if they were dead but if you tried hard enough there was a heartbeat of metal life. They were very alive, but puppeteered expertly.

Their hands rise…

On the ground in the projects the people flee to safety with FEMA's aid along side Psylocke, Jean and Kara, the troops that came out surrounding the tattoo'd and bald woman now spread out around the obelisk as she reaches its base and rises her own hands.

The man in the park looks heavenward at the rains that suddenly stop, the animals from the zoo behind him long gone, the park now bearing an effigy plunged through the center like a spear of laid claim. His hands raise to the skies that have answered his prayers. His life had turned into hiding for fear of hatred. Now… Now he had a purpose for a higher authority to promised better.

The silence was like a deep breath being taken and held at the top of a roller coaster.

All hands fell upon the obelisks.

Then it dropped. Just like in Gotham that pressure takes a breath and the sea begins to be ripped free, rockbeds, plants, life in shatters all shot out even blowing out windows, knocking over poles, lifting loose concrete upon the roads and opening it to sinkholes and then it all was called inward, shrapnel slicing through the air, interrupting Dragon's smorgesboard, gathering every bit loosed to make as reinforcement upon the bodies of the extraterrestrial intrusions.

In Russoa this was stopped, they learned, evolved, and wasted no time where now that funnel cloud opened and the armored parademons flew downward ina spiral, and just like the shock troopers on the ground they fanned out. If any survivors did not evacuate, they are being plucked fromt he streets and carried off, the heroes under immediate attack by the beasts and militaristic platoons.

The call from Kara and Starnge has Wonder Woman already in flight. No time for the jet the Watchtowers dock doors open and she speeds into space well on her own, getting a birds eye view before slamming in through the atmosphere and appearing through the bulking hang of low black clouds. There is no stopping her in her approach that took immense speed to clear her of the immediate travel to answer her teams call for help and in her path her arms span out, a fist impacting into a passing parademon, folding his wings around him and using him as her surfboard before sinking into the ocean with her skyborne roadkill quarry.

There's a cry from the dragon on in the sky. It'd be easy, if you didn't know who and what he was (and few do) to mistake him for yet another monstrosity unleashed upon the city. Dragons in New York? Doesn't happen right? That one out by the docks is just an urban legend.

Rowan's not thinking of that right now. He doesn't know yet who or why, but re recognizes an attack when he sees one. His wings tuck in and he drops like a stone, only to open them at treetop level. The call of elemental fire sings in his blood and moments later the red and black lizard opens its mouth and breathes…

Flames engulf a stip of city street a block and a half long as he zooms overhead. Clinging, white hot, they sear metal and stone and flesh as Rowan pulls up and circles back for another pass. He's noted the presence of others… buuuut he's a bit busy at the moment.

Yeah, there was a dragon. And as soon as he opens his mouth to fire, Jean flies right into his path and around the pillar of flames, encircling it. It was in the path of the children, but once she saw the trajectory and noticed the intent, she realized that it was a friendly. The heat in the air gave way to her rocketing stance as she lands next to Rebecca, her hands immediately darting out towards her cheeks as she connects with the pillars, attempting to manuver in front of her hands that are placed but settling upon her side.

"Rebecca! Beccca!" She's lightly tapping the girls cheeks, patting slightly hard enough to rouse any child to cry. This wasn't child abuse, this was desperate measures. She couldn't hear the girl talk but she could feel the materia beneath her fingers, disect it, taste it upon her tongue. "Rebecca please!"

~~I can't hear her! I can't hear them! ~~ Was sent out towards Betsy, her eyes upon the sky as everything begins to collapse around them. Her hand strikes out to stop a car that flies in the direction of the running few, casting the vehicle aside with a crash, crack and rumble upon a Humvee. Her attentions were turned to Rebecca again as she closes her eyes, her thoughts diving into the void.. sensing a tendril.. a chain that wraps around a door.. a mental manifestation of a block that was held into place. Chains that were too hard to break.. but that chain led to somewhere..

"Pyslocke, ON ME!" And once again, she was off like a rocket, shields slamming up to stop the trajectory of metals that fly in her way, hands drawing out to blast and cast away parademons that seek to block her path.

~On it, don't yell, darling,~ comes the calm reply. It's not serenity tempering Betsy's thoughts- it's fury. Raw rage, modulated only by phenomenal restraint. Forced to be calm, because the world couldn't contain them both if she and Jean both went off the rails at the same time.

She fights the urge to touch the children for reassurance, for hers and theres, dropping all that white-hot anger behind shadows of thought and discipline. There would be a time later for that.

~I sense it too,~ she projects to Jean. She turns in place and when Jean goes high, she goes low, the purple energy limning her vanishing as she becomes something akin to a mirage. An assassin, hunting a shadow.

She sends her thoughts out with a remarkable dissemblance, sniffing, hunting, searching for weaknesses. The human puppets- tabula rasa, overwritten, sketchings of humanity to replace a missing soul. Each shielded beyond any measure she could take.

But the puppetmaster… those were strings she could follow, taking to it like a hound. She soars twenty feet off the ground, letting Jean's blazing fury light the way as the woman blasts a path through parademons and monsters and metal fury.

~Here. Near here. I'm… I can't find him. Keep them busy,~ Betsy projects, fading from sight again between the shadow of two trees.

An angrily prowling pair of guards suddenly collapses on themselves, blood flowing from their eyes and noses and ears. A parademon too far from the group is felled by a slicing arc of amethyst energy and dragged into the low bushes.

~I'm close. Be a lamb and try to make some noise?~ She blows a mental kiss to Jean, her dry tones doing nothing to conceal murderous rage. Betsy's out for blood.

Mera looks at the others as they arrive to be greeted by chaos, and she promptly shields the whole group with a sphere of solidified water. ~ This weather is disrupting the creatures around here. ~ She sends another telepathic message to Arthur, hoping he'll be able to help with that. He usually can.

As their group nears the shore, the solidified water sphere also rises above street level, being held up by a pillar of similar water. ~ Ulani, can you feel that? The disturbance is localized to a small area, and focused by discrete points. We need to disrupt this focusing effect, and quickly. ~ She then directs four of the guards that accompanied them to start helping evacuate any Surfacers unreachable by the local authorities, then carries herself, the Blue, and their remaining two guards closer to the mess. One GOOD thing about all the water in the streets, she has PLENTY to work with.

Strange teleports in just as the funnel opens, and he takes the air quickly, examining the situation with mystical senses. But there is a mixture of strange science here, the nature of the beast is not as evident for the Doctor as if this was a purely mystical problem. Yet the obelisks are clearly important for the integrity of the rift and it might be wise to shatter them before invoking Hoggoth to close the breach.

Parademons stand on the way, but as they close on him, the Doctor gesticulates and a doorway opens, teleporting him directly to the first obelisk. Then the Eye of Agamotto flies from his clasp to his brow, opening like a third eye. "Lets seed some light on this dark device," he mutters.

~ I can Your Highness ~ Ulani replies to Mera as four of The Tide start assisting Surfacers. Remaining beside Mera as the sphere of water carries them forward and the Obelisks become obvious ~ Like those, Queen Mera ~

Activating the pendant around her neck, Ulani is covered by sleek armour, from the neck down.

The four Tide left with the women fan out behind them, scanning for targets to disrupt the energy flow.

Emily Sung looks up from the winds, as they disgorge a great many shadowy figures. Shadows, she thinks. ALoud, she says, "Those aren't shadows."

She realizes after a few moments that the woman she'd spoken to has moved along. Element Woman drifts nearer to the ground, solidifying. The swift and savage action from Psylocke, and the woman beyond her who Emily can't identify, inspires her.

Briefly. Doubt fills her as her form fully solidifies, looking for a moment around in confusion, almost diffidence. A cluster of parademons see a human figure standing out in the open and swoop downwards — but Emily looks in that direction, and a blast aiming at her whips through the right half of her body, which has for a moment turned into inert nitrogen gas. It is blown asunder, quickly reforming as she says aloud, "Hey —"

Her LEFT hand comes upwards, fingers splaying outwards as her hand and forearm engorge, spreading out with a glitter and a stink of chalk and melted metal. Not that the metal is actually molten, in this case, but the high ductility of copper is something of a moot point when she finds herself catching the entire squad, squeezing down with the spasmic reflex of someone who's found a fly in their hand, and then letting go.

As parademons (stunned? dead? an exciting combination of both?) crumple to the ground, Element Woman stares for a moment. Up above her, Wonder Woman bombs in. "Ohmigosh," Emily says, before running along the ground, occasionally sweeping an arm that's turned into a faintly greenish mist of chloroform at the head of a passing parademon. "Wonder Woman!! Be careful!! I'll be right there!!"

She's really here. THIS IS AMAZING, Emily thinks. Then, aloud, "Oh, poop, if SHE'S here — this has to be /tremendously/ bad." The nearest parademon has no reaction or opinion.

Kara calls out to people near her, "Hurry, get to safety now. There's no time!" She shoves a man outside of the blast range of a weapon and takes it for herself before she prepares to attack the parademons and try to make her way through to the leader.

Her blonde hair whips around her as she races in towards them, her eyes glowing red as she fires beams of energy directly into their ranks.

Parademons meant no mercy, time to kick some ass; Kryptonian style.

The massive distortion being caused by the ripped open portal has those outside of it going wild eyed in a frenzy of emotions, the Savage Dragon included. People can say what they will and hatred can fill their hearts and cloud their outlook when things are peaceful, stagnant, day-to-day but when it comes to the wire and the world turns in to chaos and you feel like your sanity is at the very precipice due to the overwhelming sense of WTF that our reality dumps on us that all flips when you stare heavenward and you see a cape, it doesn't matter what color it is but those capes they fly towards the danger, the threat, the thing we all fear. That world breaking enemy. That just… does something to even a person like Dragon. It inspires, it brings hope, it rallies.

"Get to safety all of you!" Kettle the people off. Barricade them behind safety buffers. Priority and then rise up with a fist and say FUCKYOURFACE.

"Move move, people, move!" The large green man is yelling and standing on top of a car waving people away from the direct vicinity. "Goddamn it i said MOVE!" Both of Savage Dragon's hands clap together with enough force to create a mini-shockwave through the air that staggers and knocks the closest people back. He is no Hulk nor a Superman but he still can pull off some lesser tricks.

Before turning around and celebrating himself the Super Cop is slammed in to by a Parademon from above and another and another. Dogpile on the Dragon Man! At least his enemies came to him and he doesn't have to find out a way to fly to the airborn ones. He was going to get bored just pounding on ground troopers.

The flames roar down the city block, shock troopers bearing their armor and flushing any hiding souls into the streets are not much of a match for it if they are not bearing their shields in a prepaired manner. Looking to the sky several release their captive bystanders to pull their large SWAT like shields free, but not in time as they are engulfed by Rowan's flames and their captives safe and forgotten within buildings. Those who did not have their hands full immediately unveil and set back to march, but now… Now they have watching eyes from the hidden shadows filled with awe and apprehension, but a different flame is igniting…

Fire the fields, the weed is sown. Water down your empty soul."

Jean's efforts are unbudging to Rebecca, it would be the same for Charlie, both perched upon each obelisk that rises out of the ocean and the connection one like a strong static electricity in feel every time she touched the child, a charge that would send out vibrations and if she had held she would have felt a harder surge force through her body like lightning, but she got what she wanted and was gone, just in time.

Unicorn has swept back to handle Jean in her proximity to the Subjects, but instead what he got just a yard away was the sudden appearance of Strange that heralds a bellow from the Unicorn and a concussive blast emits from his own third eye placed upon his forehead to knock the man from his placement too close to them, a blast that would send him quite the distance if unprepaired and also knocks the influx of parademons from his path. This was -his- fight.

Ulani and Mera, as well as their Tide members are met with a force of parademons over the waters, like a massive swarm of insects they redirect from one path and head for them. Their armor is thick, an alloy not found yet upon Earth, but their is weak points and their jaws revelead are reptilian and yet canid, bearing fangs when their charge is echoed out in loud screeching roars.

That mental chain, the shackles that harbor the two children and the two others in the Park and the Projects can be followed by those attuned enough and just inside a bakery shuddered and barred against the storm is Mindwolf, his focus is one necessary since the loss of Whisper, upon the roof parademons land and perch like extraterrestrial gargoyles, on the ground are several of those troopers staying out of sirect light, but their minds are their own save to protect, to keep all out while the Mind focuses for the Master.

"Kara, Strange. Status!" From th oceanic waters Wonder Woman bursts free, a large shark at her heels to surface, snap and then fall back within, the kelp even woven into her hair from the melee within the depths. "People, counts! We have faced these before Kara, bring them down. To harm our home will bring no one to their knees but our opposition!"

Another parademon screeches in, grappling with Wonder Woman for a moment, that golden lasso glowing as her hand unleashes it from her belt, her other hand holding the snapping jaw from her face by its armored throat her hand is seeking to crush, the metal hardly moving but slowly buckling beneath the strength. The lasso wraps around its jaws and when she ducks she swings it over her head, slamming it down on another that sweeps in to join the screeching ally.

In one moment Earth Woman is regarded with her proclaimation and her own show, the determination in cerulean gaze.

"If you are friend and seek to help, help us clear a path and send them back wence they came!" Now she glides closer to Earth Woma in saying that, turning gaze to note Strange and his adversary. "Strange! Incoming!"

Dragon's assualt on the streets brings apprehension, people scream and scramble, not knowing at first friend or foe, but when the parademon attacks the large green man of almost-but-not-quite-Hulk-looks two step from the restaurant. One a waiter that had served him and found him pleasant, the other a man just there for his dinner with his family. Onerising a fire extinguisher and unloading it on the beast atop Dragon, the other grabbing a chair in the street from the force and crashing it over its back.

Every one of them are being watched. Brooklyn is a huge sommunity and that awe, that fear… It inspires.

"Wake the sea of silent hope. Water down your empty soul."

Rowan twists midair and comes back for a second pass. Once again, fire lights up the Parademons. He's mid run when he feels the pulse of fear emanate from the portal.

Don't do that to a dragon.

The armored, lizardlike former-Blue hits the ground with talons out stretched and begins lashing out. Fear is a soldier's constant companion. It tells you when you're in danger, lets you know when you have to work harder to stay a live. And the best of them can channel it into action. Into fury.

Fury is what the parademons get. Rowan's lost all sense of the tactical situation which isn't like him. Some sane part of his mind is working to recover and but it's a long moment before he does. When it happens though, something a lot more dangerous transpires…

The dragon gets tricky.

He can see others working here. One of the Shield Bearers (Police? That's the word yes) of New York and the flying Woman he's seen on vid broadcasts before going to work. Another gout of flame incinerates a set of parademons and he takes off skyward again. Two wings become six as he releases fire and calls Air.

Ulani, Mera, I'm going to call the thunder. Have a care.

"Wonder Fe-, er Woman!" That's right, don't get punched. "Wonder Woman, I'll clear the flood zones." With some help. If Ulani and Mera can spread water to their enemies…

The dragon roars and begins to breath lightning. Right into the water.

When Rowan calls out to her again, Mera's eyes snap to the now-feathered-dragon. ~ Understood. ~ She nods to Ulani then telepathically 'shouts' to all of the underseafolk in the area, ~ Eel Strike! Brace! ~

Taking quick inventory of every Surfacer hero or emergency services sort she can see — and there is NO way she can see all of them from where she is — she starts pushing water away from their feet and creating domes of solidified water to shield them from the impending lightning strikes. That's a LOT of multitasking, though, so unless the Blue emissary and her remianing guards break off on their own she is setting herself and her entourage on the suddenly dry rooftop of the closest building that still allows her to see the people she's working to protect.

That flight carries Jean towards the bakery, following the mental chain that keeps the children kept and under rapture, her gaze soon burning a slight red as she glances along the surface to where he was being protected. Mindwolf, was their foe, and yet as soon as she arrives, the Parademons and soldiers upon their side alike begin to mount and fire. Her hand raises up as she controls her TK like a cresendo, blasts bouncing off of the shield she surrounds herself within, just barely cracking the surface as she strains to keep the power right as she catches the mental message from Psylocke.

~ You're going to get more than a noise.. ~

All of the sentient minds within the area funnel into Jean's new power. Just a gentle nudge here, a press there, an incredible tug and pull from the human soldiers upon the building. They collapse one by one, blood dripping from their nose as they collapse into a sleep, a sleep that'll never come. The etheral glow that now coats her body as she's armed with Psi-k soon begins to funnel, the cosmic stars that decorate the pits of fiery eyes narrow as she takes a breath, arms pulling back to unleash a hellish blow of concussive force that knocks the tarp and shatters the glass inward, the loud boom quaking through Brooklyn and upsetting the psychic force in her immediate area.

And it was upset.

HOW DARE YOU! The voice screams out, lashing with enough psychic pain to push Jean physically back but pull her mind IN. The glow of her body immediately fades as she drops to the ground upon her feet, her body crumpling to the ground as her fingers press against her pavement, shaking.. quaking.. her skin slowly aging and quivering..


That wave of energy was sent to one of the Mother Boxes.. in urgency.. and soon.. his sights were set upon the unknown.. the hidden Psylocke..

Strange utters a world and raises a transparent shield of force to block Unicorn's blast, then gestures with his left hand, sending a stream of twisting light beams over the shield, the Bewilderment Bolts, which do no harm to matter but stun the flesh and the mind.

"I stand by the obelisk closest to the shore," he comments for the JLA communicator. "I am about to disrupt its working, as soon as I have dealt with its defender. Now." As Unicorn proves to be too weak willed to resist the bewilderment, Strange casts a more complex spell, one aimed to transmute the matter of the obelisk into mere water. He is ready to pick up the child if/when the obelisk vanishes.

When Jean goes nuclear on the humans, it's a show. A cavalcade of light and fury that wreaks merry havoc with the senses, even those who aren't being dashed to pieces under the impact of her vast mental powers.

Abruptly, one of the Parademons whirls on another and slashes it down. It screeches something unintelligibly panicked at the others, accusating in its voice, the brutal surprise attack taking its ally in the throat and dropping it. The other parademons whirl about, confusion and anger in their faces and then looking away- until the first parademon resolves into the shimmering form of Psylocke, weapon rising in an arc to crash down on the deeply mentally focused Mindwolf. The other parademons howl and screech and bodily tackle into her, taking her to the ground in a ripping fury of tearing flesh. 'Betsy' vanishes, replaced by the limp and beaten body of a parademon, lost to the mindless swirl of its allies.

Subtle are the ways of the ninja.

From shimming nothing, outside the melee, she steps forward two silent paces, sets a hand on Psiwolf's shoulder as he muddles his thoughts towards finding her, and drives a shimmering blade of amethyst into his skull.

For the two of them, time stops. Inside Mindwolf's mind, the landscape resembles a huge Russian military facility- sturdy, stalwart concrete, huge artillery cannons. Razorwire, dogs, guards. It's a terrible and cruel place, nigh impenetrable under normal circumstances. But instead of breaching those walls, Betsy's mind projects itself behind the guarded gates. Right into the heart of Mindwolf's mental fortress, she rides that amethyst totality of her psionic talent.

And she splinters. Her psychic avatar blurs, becoming one, a dozen, a hundred shadowy figures, leaping and bounding with weapons of mental focus in their hands. Betsy doesn't just project herself into Psi-wolf; she brings an /army/ of selves. And they move and fight and flow like water, stoppered up here and there by rigid but inflexible defenses, pouring through the least cracks to find weaknesses, to bring down barriers of focus and emotion that keep psychics from being able to attack one another with brute force. Mindwolf is powerful, his mind a vast keep, but he knows only the path of brute strength, crushing his way through any opposition. Faced with the soft-style of Betsy's utterly martial assault, he starts to crumble.

Real panic sets in. The chains of thought lashing him to the Mother Boxes start to weaken, then crumple as he's forced to divert more and more effort into protecting himself. A heartbeat passes, though for Betsy and Mindwolf, it's an endless hour of warfare. But he's all on the defense, all on his heels, and Betsy's psionic blade pours her will right into the most vulnerable part of his brain, endless and fluid, until there's no stoppering her and she crashes through him completely.

~You're done,~ she tells Mindwolf - his psychic throat on the end of her avatar's ghostly katana, face set grim. ~Surrender, and for now you have a chance at life. Keep fighting, and I'll happily sever your medulla oblongata. A twist of my wrist and you're dead in seconds.~ She eyes him on that hellscape, staring at his snarling, furious features, and waits for his surrender- or the moment to press that blade the last bit home.

The four Tide array infront of Mera and Ulani, placing themselves between the two women and the Parademons. They're not going anywhere, they have their orders from Arthur.

As the Parademons advance on the group, they find themselves under attack by the foremost and frightening warriors that Atlantis produces, chinks in armour found and the creatures rended as they draw near.

As Mera draws the water away from the innocents, Ulani uses that to build a wall of water… it towers up and as Rowans' lightning strikes, she crashes it down on the remaining Parademons attacking their group.

"oh my god she talked to me," Element Woman whispers to herself. This is the greatest day of her life.

Then she is given a problem. Clear a path. "Right!" she says, biting her lip for a moment. She stares ahead at the direction which Wonder Woman seemed to indicate, straightening upright.

There's nobody ahead of her, she thinks, between her and that obelisk thingy and that other guy fighting the yet another thing. Nobody but WEIRD SHADOW CREATURES. Element Woman raises up both her arms and points them at the parademonic clusters, before lunging forwards and turning into - water? - as she ripples forwards.

Nope! As some parademons find out, she is ACTUALLY composed in that moment of warm perchloric acid. As some of them erupt in chemical burns, Emily shouts "SORRY!" Fortunately, the fumes pretty much all follow after her, reconstituting as she comes up near Doctor Strange in a smell of spilled chemicals and ground chalk. "Hi!"

A parademon's lunging forwards, towards the mystical master?! "Whoops—" Emily throws herself forwards, outer form enlarging and turning into dense granite. The parademon takes a fat bump and is swatted away with one rusty-iron hand. "Is that real magic?!"

Fanservice engaged! Clothing Damage trope now applies to the Savage Dragon as his Chicago Bears jersey is shredded; apparently Parademons are not fans of the team either. A massive green fist crashes in to an alien-armor face with a loud KRAK sending one spiraling skyward. It's companions are quickly dealt with in a like fashion as Dragon displays some of his superhuman might and Action Star worthy combat skills.

"Thanks, fellas. I can take it from here. You guys just get back and hide. Let the people built for this do the heavy lifting."

A leap and Dragon is sailing through the air to come crashing down on top of a pair of troopers who were taking aim at Elemental Woman.

"I think I'm going to like it here."

The Savage Dragon plunges back in to the fray below where the more elemental and area effect style metahumans, mystics, aliens and superbeings have a rather flashy style he is all kinds of ground pounding bruiser. Rushing in to piles and just bounding to and fro. In the midst of his actions though he is running a lot of crowd control and scooping up stray bystanders.

"Having a party with parademons, they're uglier than the boars in Themyscira. What's the plan, other than stop them?" Kara replied to Wonder Woman before punching a parademon so hard its body impacted in on itself with a sickening crunch.

The area around her is a flurry of Kryptonian Martial Arts followed by a loud sonic scream that sends parademons flying back into each other; disorienting and stunning them.

Her eyes never stop glowing red the entire time she was fighting.

Kara Zor-El was angrier than she had been in a long time, she had only been this angry two other times; when Metropolis was invaded by Atlantis and at Orleans when Hydra invaded the city with undead and killed the President.

Scores more parademons are dropped as she zaps them with her eyes before she inhales deeply and then exhales a hurricane strength gout of frozen air towards the next group of demons.

They freeze solid and she unleashes another sonic scream shattering them as she cries out, "I've had enough of all of you!"

Humans normally fear dragons, for they are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. Savage and Rowan both. But the display of the large beast was watches by those who did not want to evacuate their homes or were frozen in fear, or simply did not get the memo, too plugged in elsewhere. When Rowan lifts to take flight after clearing the road of the final batch of shock troopers that brazenly tried to down the beast the people left emerge into the streets, staring up at him as they take the weapons of the fallen troopers, and when parademons seek to take him at his flanks they are met with heavy artillery fire of weapons made for their own team now turned against them! A few even do the same for that of Mera and Ulani, adding to their numbers upon ground where might be lacking with the Tides in the water. The rest watching within the barricades formed for them and the streaks of lightning bring down the other airborne assailants.

Psylocke and Jean are met with a dark mind, one that has its own blockade of psi defenses and retorts, ones that blast out and for moments seem like they grip within their very souls, bony fingers of the mind-reaper seeking to rend them free, but the distraction is had and the sheer rage at being pulled so many ways by the two makes him lash out in rage! The man in the Park that is connected to the pillar there suddenly goes into convulsions, his body shrivelling, writhing as life is psionically drained from him, leaving him a husk and when useless and dead is blasted from the pylon, no longer of use to it and shutting it down. One of three. But this struggle is a chain reaction.

The bald woman in the Projects has light and electricity crackling through the motherboard lined tattoo's that have been etched upon her body, the power surge pulsing in time with her heartbeat, but when that mental lash out strikes upon her, for once, she blinks… And then falls only to be gripped into the claws of a parademon that had stood watch, him and two others making a break for the boom tube in their retreat.

Unicorn's mind is suddenly confused, his placement taken a look at in a slow spin in place as if he was an amnesiac and woke up from a nap in the mall with no pants on. His pants are there, but its a wonderment strare that stops his assault of concussive blasts and leaves him hovering with his jetpack midair beneath that opening that is slowly beginning to close.

Earth Woman's appearance close to Strange, even with her exclaimation has Unicorn looking at her. "Oh..huh…S'cuse me…" And he kicks on his jetpack in small bursts to fly away slowly, looking around but taking in nothing.

The pillar though, remains, what Strange manages to pick up is that it is Apokoliptian and the resonance is beyong the current science and magics he can weild. His spell will need to be better…be more…

Wonder Woman's eyes moves past that of Strange as the opening of the funnel within the amassed wall clouds begins to narrow, using her lasso laden with a parademon to swing and toss it back towards the entry where it came from. "I cannot agree more in regards to Erymanthian's offspring and these creatures. Hunt them Kara, herd them towards the closing opening but let none pass you!" Seeing as Earth Woman was ahead and clearing a path as well she gestures to the woman, a swooping in Parademon thown her way as another is grappled and in a spinning grapple she kicks it towards that Boom Tube as well.

"Let none pass further Woman of the Elements! We will send them back!" Another fist lands into a parademon, the crunching of its lower jaw being sent into its upper audible before its unconcious form crumpled into the waters below.

"How is the ground Kara?" But with a glance down the Dragon man is spotted in his own rampage and the rally he has gained as well, people rallying to aid the heroes, and even the hero saying no won't stop them! Though as a hoarde rushed forward bearing crude weaponry and a parademon lands on the lead and roars at them they freeze…and slowly start backing away. One even throws his crowbar and beans it in the eye before he is asshole over elbows and gone!

Rowan would be grateful for the cover to his flanks if he weren't so focused at the moment. This is the problem with fighting solo. Every move you make exposes you to some fairly significant danger. Like having your draconic ass shot from the sky by parademons. Thankfully that doesn't happen. Thank you angry civilians.

It takes more lightning, more thunder before his area is clear, an area that gets greatly expanded thanks to the efforts of Ulani and Mera. When he's finished being a human dynamo the great-now-six-winged-lizard lands not far from the 'Savage Dragon', tossing more Electric Justice toward anything that doesn't look human or friendly. Looks like the hostiles are- gah! Rowan's thought is cut off as he feels that portal. It's impossible not to. In two steps Rowan's over toward the police officer. "Sorry, but you need to be up there now." And with a swipe and a single spin he picks the man up and chucks him skyward toward the vortex and a pack of airborne fleeing Parademons before taking off himself in the same direction. What? He's not going to leave the guy up there.

The whithering of her flesh was a sudden stop as everything returns to normal, Jean slowly rises from her feet with a slight stagger and a hold of her head, noticing that the parademons were all fleeing, well.. the ones that she didn't blow off the topside of the roof that is.

"You redheaded bitch!" One of the soldiers snaps out, large blade risen over head, drawing down only to be met with resistance and a crackling of fingers that were peeled back in a snap. Blade, dropped to the ground.

"That name calling was -highly- inappropriate and I -do- hope in the future you'll refrain from such nonsense!" While the man screams, Jean snaps her fingers and takes off into the air, the flight was slow.. but she was there.

~Get everything you can, Elizabeth, I'm joining the fray.~ Was said to Psylocke, and like a rocket.. a slow moving one, she takes off.

She was not alone however, her hands dropping low to lift again into the air, the parademons that attempt to flee caught within her grasp and risen from perdition, flying in a huge trail that smacks and bunches them together as the fire begins to grow and lick at her arms again.. enguling her hair.. a trailblazer through the gray sky that lights up and circles around the dragon that encompasses the air. One was even dropped to land upon a Parademon that tries to ambush Savage Dragon from behind, smooshing itself against the other and breaking legs in the process.

A nod to NYPD's finest.

That boomtube that remained open was her goal, her flight changing in it's trajectory as she shoots up higher towards the sky, the trailing demons behind her lifted and soon slammed down into the hole.. right for home. One manages to lash out, spear chucked deep within her thigh, prongs catching the meaty parts of her leg to tug her right in… and then she's gone.



Fire explodes from the top of the boomtube, a green figure full of red head sent spiraling from the tops, arms and legs spread as she cartwheels repeatedly into the air, the flips backbreakingly hard enough to throw her boots into the ether. UP.. Up… Up the body of Jean Grey goes flying… and soon down.

Doctor Strange's eyes narrow. Not at Elemental Woman's question, but when the obelisk repels his magic. "Apparently, not real enough," he admits. He doesn't like a bit when science manages to block his magic. But a sufficiently advanced technology is… well, you know how it goes.

"Nevertheless, I believe I can pull this child out of this abomination, if you give me a few seconds," most parademons seem to be retreating, anyway. So Strange touches the child and murmurs an protective spell, then pulls with his right hand, gesticulating with the left, and both vanish in a puff or 'real' magic. Directly to the infirmary of the Hall of Justice.

Half a minute later he teleports back.

Mera waits for the last lightning strike to bleed off then drops all solidified water constructs with a wince. She doesn't get much of a chance to recover, though, as she abruptly notices what looks like a Surfacer woman flung away from where all of the attackers are fleeing. And all she can really do is fling a huge wall of water upwards to try and catch the tumbling red and green form. ~ Ulani! ~

Betsy shifts that psionic blade a fractional centimeter and sends a tickling surge of force into Mindwolf's brain, hitting the sleep centers hard enough to render him comatose. Some psychics have a talent for adjusting their own brain signals; Betsy leaves a fragment of psionic energy in his skull to make sure he /stays/ down.

And then her head whips up at the sight of Jean ragdolled into the air, sensing her ally's pain and reaction to the impact, to the explosion.

Betsy /surges/ into the air with a blast of psionic energy that sends parademon, Mindwolf body, and detritus into the air like a concussion. One might think it bad control- in truth, Betsy could almost kickstart a power generator with the amount of energy she channels through herself. It's enough force that it blows a few seams on her designer apparel, which was not made for the stress of a near supersonic launch into the air. She grimaces and covers her eyes- forgetting for a moment to shield them- and covers her face with a flickering psionic visor. She catches Jean at the apex of her arcing trajectory, swooping in neatly to grab her friend with telekinesis and pull her into her strong arms.

~HEALER!~ comes the psychic bellow, loud enough that they possibly heard her at the hospital a few blocks away. Betsy screeches to the ground with a cratering blast of her boots, and with a reflexive snap of her wrist lashes out with a whip of dazzling psionic energy that crackles around her in long arches and circles, disabling any demon or limb or part therof it passes through. One demon gets too close, and he gets a proper bolt of amethyst-tinted TK through the front of his skull and out the back. Betsy straddles Jean protectively, hands coming back up over her head and clasping a glimmering amethyst blade shaped like a katana in a high, ready guard stance, eyes narrowed and waiting for the first demon foolish enough to test her speed.


Aw the sick wet thumpy sounds of battle.

"Hey what the!?" And now Savage is flying by assisted means as Rowan launches him. To hell with Fastball Special it is time for the… uh… Dragon Ball Special…R
Savage Dragon as surprised as does manage to collect himself in the air and club a Parademon in passing only to land upon another. Gripping the wings of the Apokoliptian spawned monster the Super Cop uses momentum and raw power to violently careen it in to another. Unfortunately, as cool as it looks the midair collision has Dragon rapidly descending with both Parademons plummeting beside him in their dead pigeon impersonations. Wait did a flying redhead give him the look!? Probably, he is a babe magnet and this is NYC the weird capital of the world, wait or is that Portland, Oregon? Maybe Gotham? Oh yeah.

Dragon hates to end up the Dude in Distress but, "Little help!?!" It is during his own deadfall he sees a small child (Charlie) limp and in the same perdicament.
Snared! The kid in his grasp Dragon tucks him in to his chest protectively and closes his eyes to brace for impact.

"Under control Diana" Kara laughs, "I think I just saw a dragon toss another Dragon in a police uniform..it was a Dragonball Special? I think." It seemed Rowan and Dragon had their own version of the fastball special; eat your heart out Wolverine!

Supergirl continued her rampage among the parademons, before grabbing a knocked over telephone pole and a discarded New York Yankees cap.

She puts the hat on her head starts to punt, grab and punch demons forward before batting them into the boomtube with the makeshift bat!

// ~Your Majesty~ // Ulani's a little distracted as the /other/ Dragon snares the falling child from the air and starts plummeting towards the ground. Calling water, the Blue Envoy, sends it upward, to try and grab and cushion the fall…. seems the Water People think alike.

"He has a jetpack, WOW. I guess the evil demon guys are flying, though," Element Woman says, as she relents herself from her abrupt effort at body blocking. Then, Wonder Woman's talking to her.

"Ohhh - how did she know my secret code name? I bet I was being monitored already. That's so exciting! If they're background checking me…" This is mostly to Doctor Strange. When his magiques do not destroy the Obelisk, Element Woman manages an "Oh!" and then looks upwards. Biting her lower lip as she stares at the mysterious portal, she says -


And slings herself around, smashing forwards at the creatures with a forearm of ferrous iron and a backhand of bitumenious… No, that's not quite what it is? Granite? Some kind of heavy rock. Her arms elongate, upper torso stretching as well; it is, essentially, a paddle-based system, but it works well enough that Element Woman is getting visibly enthusiastic.

"Def!" she answers STrange's request, stomping down a similarly stony leg. "Guh!" she then says as a parademon claws at it; this takes a moment to scrape and fling. "Geez - what are these creatures, Wonder Woman!? I'm so lost!"

"And I need you to recover. Because I can't make it on my own.

Though the people trying to aid Rowan try to keep firing the technology in the weaponry reacts like that of those mentally controlled, it shuts down, the power a snap that winds down as if a power plant had suddenly cut off that city block.

Between Rowan's surge and the progress made as well as those protected by Mera's efforts and barriers people are standing and unmoving this time in the presence of Atlantis and all of it's might. Instead their thanks starts as a small ripple fo cheers for the Queen, Ulani and Rowan who…Launched a cop?

The purpose is had when Dragon manages to use the force to handle both fleeing and descending foes, the chaos turned moreso by confusion as that boom tube is shutting down with the fall of their connections, one of which landing in Dragon's arms, and then Dragon in Ulani's. Now the news better get that shot. But that small ripple of a cheer rises from the people slowly coming out onto the streets.

Strange's grab of Rebecca comes with his surge of power making the final snap in time with Psylocke's disabling of Mindwolf, shutting him down and in turn the rest come to their fall…

Jean's gathering and heroic plummet to join the others in their discard of the invaders has her regurgitated, an entity unwelcome beyond and the attention of Mindwold's repeated 'Master' causes one further surge to crash outward before it vaccuums.

The wave Mera sends to cushion Jean's fall is drawn up in the firce, barely licking over flame huen hair before it is pushed back by the force of anger eminating towards the heroes below, a force of gravity to keep them at bay in the swirl of a closing storm.

"What is a Dragonball? That better be a Yankees hat, Kara. I was told anything else does not win." Way to show your 'does-not-watch-sports-' knowledge, Di! Though this remark is only saud after Kara swings, hits and Diana catches, using the grip to fling the demons overhead and through.

Earth Woman garnered her name from Wonder Woman by the obvious show of abilities, but now, those eys fall on the woman as the lasso is rolled around a fisted hand, the vambraces flashing in the arcing lightning reaction to the surges of power. "If there are any left, we seek to find that answer soon. They have played harbingers long enough."

That cyclonic cloud closes, any beasts that sought to face Psylocke for her wounded meal either lay at her feet or are batted 'fore!' (right? Nope) by Kara in assistance and the rest barred by those in the air an upon waves.

Kara at the ground will now turn and see the faces behind her, a waiter with a fire hydrant, a man with all that is left of the chair is a stick, and the flock that fleed when a parademon landed on one of them. At first silence, but the cheers that came from those by Rowan and Dragon begin to spread while cameras flash and cell phones record.

"If all goes as planned. Will you redeem my life again?"

"It's an um, nevermind! Nice Combo though!" Kara removed the Yankee's cap and waved it at Wonder Woman just in time to see the chaos end and the crowd of people cheering. She smiled and swelled with emotion that they were able to save all of these people.

Hopefully this would all do some good in light of the bad over the past few months.

She walked towards the crowd and regarded the man with the chair-stick and the other civilians before placing the Yankees cap on a young girl's head who had been helping the others, "You're all the real heroes."

Kara smiled brightly before flying off into the air.

Rowan winces and puts a hand up as the cameras start to flash. He had been ready to turn back into a Blue but there's no way he's going to do it now. He likes living in his quiet apartment by the harbor.

Oh. Damn. He hopes its still there after all this.

Anyway, he's landed by this point, looking for Mera and Ulani in all the mess. If they got out so much the better, he'll just go find them. "Er, sorry for throwing you. Seemed like a good idea at the time." He says to Herr Greendragon as he watches the sky carefully for the other flying heroes like Wonder Woman. Where was that woman who was lit up like fire? Or the other one who seemed like a… what's the name of the pajama wearing heroes? Ninja! A ninja.

Rolling in the water, snatched by Betsy, Jean barely had time to gather her senses and right herself until she was tossed and guarded upon the ground. There was a slight roll, the demons were felled upon the ground and Jean slowly rises.. staggering a little in her step to turn a gaze towards Savage Dragon to give him a point at her eye and then towards him. As well as a thumbs up.

And then.. there was that first snap of a camera.. a look of alarm draws down upon her face as she gasps.. her hands immediately covering those red cheeks as she vanishes from all sight.

Alright.. those minds that she could control, they couldn't see her. Apparently, she left Betsy out in the cold because it was a cloak only for one.

As much as Betsy likes mugging for the cameras at times, it'd a bit inappropriate for her alter-ego to get spotted in the middle of a swirling battle, let alone with the leggy kunoichi surrounded by parademon bodies. With an automatic reflex she sends her mind darting out, filament sized strands of psionic energy wrecking merry havoc with any camera pointed her way. If she'd stopped to think about it too long, she might have talked herself out of even trying such a delicate and unusual application of her talent. Exhaustion and adrenaline lends her a decisive air.

She moves with Jean, shoulder to shoulder, and when Jean vanishes, Betsy cloaks them in physical shadow, blurring and warping them even in the daylight. Perhaps not enough to be truly invisible, but enough to physically intercede where perhaps psychic talent might fail to discourage an errant eye or camera. Between the two of them, they're as invisible as it's possible to be.

~Lean on me,~ Betsy orders Jean, supporting her weight with one arm fairly easily. ~Let's get you to the hospital. Rubbish sort of hero you are, getting stabbed by a bloody foot soldier,~ she sniffs, maintaining a primly erect posture despite their mutual exhaustion. She starts dragging Jean towards the nearest ambulance, working in tandem with Jean to obfuscate their presence from notice. Just two weary survivors, here, nothing to see…

"Thanks for the save?" Dragon says loud enough his voice will carry to whomever. He isn't honestly sure who made the water pillar cushion but he assumes it was one of the gathered heroes.

With the kid slung over a forearm like a football the green man gives a lopsided grin to Rowan. "Hey, no need to apologize, it was the right call. Plus I woulda lived I just… well, it still would have really hurt and I'd rather not get sued for smashing someones new BMW."

"Can I get some help over here for this kid!? And thanks everyone. Great job but now it is time to scatter and get behind the safety lines. Clear out so the uniforms can get in here and secure the area. C'mon, move it, move it!" NYC is going to have a lot of clean up in this particular area.

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