July 23, 2015:

Agent Romanoff and Agent Johnson have a brief discussion.

New York



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Fade In…

It was a typical day at the Triskelion, world-class threats to deal with both domestic and international.

Natasha has been busy with prisoner interrogations and dealing with the fallout from riots at Blackgate; leaving her little time to deal with some lesser issues.

That's why she was currently hunting down Skye.

Skye was usually not difficult to find; well sionce her return from an assignemnt that kept her away for a while. It had sent her over the border into Canada to assist them with some intel gathering; but she has since returned and has been trying to settle back in. She is actually at her desk, her computer in front of her, but for once she is not engaged with punching the keys or delving deep into the world of the net. No; she is leaning back in her chair with a small container of chinese food in her hand and is currently scooping another bite of rice into her mouth. However, when she sees Natasha coming her way she takes one more quick bite, chews quickly, tries to swallow and sets it down on her desk; once again trying to look busy.

"Agent Johnson. Heard you did some good work in Canada, so good Alpha Flight was requesting that you be their new full time SHIELD Liaison." Natasha's words were complimentary, of course she knew the full details of the mission and more; it was just her thing.

Leaning down on the edge of Skye's desk, she doesn't even peek over to see what the other woman was pretending to work on. She couldn't care less if Skye slacked, so long as the other woman got her work done.

A USB Drive is fished out of her jacket and she twirls it around her fingers while watching the other woman.

If Natasha did look closer at the screen there was an internet window open with something flashing on the screen ACCESS GRANTED. Skye smiles over to the legendary special officer of SHIELD and softly states, "Thank you. It was not as difficult as they made it out to be. They were just not able to simultaneously encrypt and decode the router signal without bouncing it off their…" She pauses and eyes the flashdrive in the Agent's hand, an eyebrow raised, "Something tells me that is not the latest version of Candy Crush is it?"

Natasha hands the flashdrive over to Skye and smirks just a little bit, "It's something I've been meaning to decrypt but haven't had the time. Word is you're pretty good with that sort of thing, now it's your job. When you're finished, let me know." It would probably take Skye a day or two, even at her skill level.

Skye Johnson takes the flash drive in her fingers, eyeing it a momenbt before flashing her eyes up to the woman. She nods once and narrows her eyes in thought before she speaks, "I like a challenge. I'll have it done as soon as I can. " She sets it down on her desk beside her laptop and hits a button on her keyboard, entering the next page of what she was doing, "And you're all done. System shutdown." She looks over to Natasha and smiles once more, "Sorry, I only had a 30 second window..on the…I'll have it done right away."

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