Artifacts, Sidhe and Foamorian

July 23, 2015:

A robbery of magical artifacts… and a band of heroes foils it.



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There's been a rash of robberies in Gotham.

Which, yes, is a little like saying it's been raining in Seattle. Gotham is one of those places that can generally be counted upon to have an active criminal element and robbing people is something they just do. What's gotten the Fox's attention are the things being targetted. A very old magatama that somehow wound up in a pawn shop. A sword dating from the crusades from an antiques dealer. The knucklebone of a saint from a local catholic parish. Items of magical significance.

Gotham's druid has passed that information on to a few people. One of them was Zatanna. The other was someone he could count on to spread the word. Tonight he's in Midtown, near the Gotham Cultural Museum, currently hosting a number of old relics from Japan, Africa and Europe, many of them of significant religious significance. A few of them, the Fox knows, are magically active. He's betting if there's going to be another robbery tonight, it'll be here.

At present the druid is perched on a rooftop a couple blocks away, watching and waiting. And brooding just a bit.

Nighteyes makes her towards where Kane is perched. She's mostly recovered from her temporary loss of self control. A werewolf's shieldbash to the back of the head does something wonderful with regards to knocking some sense into one. She's all in black, jeans, halter top, jacket utility belt and boots. Any blades are the same color and hidden about her person. Goliath with his mataching red glowing eyes sits on the vampire's left shoulder. She considers Kane's back with a mischievos grin but no, best not. "We are here." She announces instead followed by a tiny sigh from Goliath.

A soft 'pop' sound is all that announces the Mistress of Magics appearance behind The Fox on that very same roof top. "I've sent out a call, Fox. Agent May and a few others I know who work Gotham… " Crouching beside him, reducing her profile against the skyline, Zee places a hand on his shoulder, and drops a kiss on his cheek… "Anything happening yet?"

Nighteyes appearance draws her attention and she gives the Vampiress a small nod of her head.

This, is a problem. The thieving, well this specific rash of thefts that is. I mean sure shit's getting lifted all the time over here, but tonight this is of particular concern because our favorite Ninja knows exactly the danger here. Not that Tokyo is easy to spot, because well he's a fucking ninja. The fuck did you really expect? No he's chilling on the roof of the museum itself, but well he's concealed. See that sliver of shadow over there, the one no more than maybe two inches across and stretching from the building's corner to the mass of AC units which dot the roof? In that impossibly slender space where no person should ever fit, thats where he stands. As if cast in two dimensions, maybe he was tired and couldn't handle all 3 dimensions tonight?
Theres a funny breeze in the air of course, the clouds overhead seem to be hauling ass whilst a delicate contrary breeze blows across the roof tops. There is magic afoot somewhere, elemental hoodoo with a twang of supreme almighty juju along with it. Kane might recognize it of course, Zee might even recognize it but all things considered it's incredibly diffuse tonight. Dude could be anywhere, if that even -is- The Tokyo Nightmare live and in the flesh.

Agent May doesn't exactly have the express route to Gotham rooftops, so she's currently standing in the dark shadows of a building within eyeshot of the museum. She's already received intel from her best Gotham source and now she's just waiting for the others to either make the call to move in closer or… well, something.

Even hidden as she is, May's probably still very much visible to Nighteyes and Goliath, as she can't exactly go too far into concealment — she needs to be able to see the museum, after all.

Frank is just sitting across the street from the museum in a dark van, going over a map. Was he called in for this op? Perhaps. More likely that he was not, his own personal philosphy meaning that the idea of a team is eventually going to break. It's the Ubermensch of violent criminal vigilante, a driven man who makes for a very dangerous ally when he's in his good mood.

Still, he also has a habit of just being in the right place at the right time. He goes over his map, biting a top off his red marker, spitting it to the floorboard as he makes marks.

As the various people, a rather motley crew really, show up, The Fox continues to peer at the museum. He looks like a walking Ren Faire arsenal but for the single double barreled break action shotgun (sawed off, of course) at his side. The man himself may or may not be aware of how many people have showed up, but he knows the word was put out.

"Hello Nighteyes. Hello Zee. No nothing yet. Just k- wait… hang on…" It's there. By the front entrence and by the blower vents on the side of the building. A brief but unmistakeable flicker of unnatural shadow. Well that's interesting. "Someone just went in there. Maybe several someones. Time to go take a look I think." The lights in the building just go dead. No power. No phones. No alarms. Someone just killed it all. Probably wasn't the Eye in the Sky.

"All listening, we've got movement. Fox moving in now." And then the man is off, moving across the rooftops of Gotham and trusting his allies to keep up.

Those a bit closer, or who can get in quicker, find the building dark, of course. And quiet. Unnaturally so. Like someone muffled everything with a thick blanket. Voices whisper from the edge of awareness, always seeming just around the corner. 'Did you find it? No not yet. What about this one? Take it, looks like it's got power. We'll need it if we want to summon the manifestation of the book. That one too. Looks asian. And devoted to one of the gods. It'll be useful to drain. We're not leaving without that manuscript though.' The voices are a bit… warped. Distorted. As if coming through a wall of jello.

Nighteyes takes Goliath under one arm and mists her way down the side of the building and to where May awaits. It's a good thing that the vampire is the only one able to 'hear' the little dog. The string of curses he's currently slinging at his mistresss for that unexpected little trip in mist form is enough to insult everyone, their family, their friends and their ancestors. As well as several animals and various other things the vampire suspects are physically impossible. "Shush. Learn to do it yourself if you don't like the way I do it." She nods at Agent May and puts the tiny vamp back onto her shoulder. Nighteyes will follow the Agent's lead.

Zee follows The Fox, she knows May is onsite and if they need to communicate, they have their pendulums. She doesn't do Parkour or acrobatics like some, but she can move quickly and surely…

As she moves her eyes start to glow, she'll hold her magic to her but she's not going to let anyone know they're there just yet… there's advantage in surprise.

The Gunbai of Fujin was several hundred years old, and whilst iron war fans were not gilded with jewels and gold this one was important. It had allegedly been carried by Samurai protecting the shrine to Lord Fujin in the village of Koga. It held the snarling visage of the wind god, and whilst it didn't have as much power as many professed? It held the mark of Fujin, it belonged to him. Now the old god is pretty cool with Museums, but not thieves. So of course, his champion is compelled to act here. So from that impossibly narrow shadow, Tokyo steps with a slow sigh. Pausing slither through a gap he'd worked open in the skylight earlier, before dropping into that inky blackness below.
Tokyo however, starts his game early. From the ceiling above these hoods comes a glow, as floating lanterns emblazoned with Fujin's seal begin to drift down from seemingly thin air. That delicate rice paper crinkling as they settle under the dimming light of their tiny candles, illuminating the room with an earie light. Then comes the voice, otherwordly in both tone and pitch. It's impossibly low, so low you feel it rumbling in the pit of your chest as much as hear it.

"You have chosen poorly, you have angered the heavens and they shall judge you harshly. You have tresspassed beyond your place in life, and you shall atone for your transgressions. Bow and pray to your petty gods, beg for mercy for heaven has no mercy for you." Nobody ever accused the Tokyo Nightmare of being too subtle, now have they?

Melinda May tenses slightly when Nighteyes suddenly appears next to her (that's how it looks to her, anyway), but then nods to the vampire, gives the red-eyed shoulder minpin a look, then figures this is the signal to move in. She's already studied the building's layout, so she knows the most efficient points of entrance. Since, you know, the front door would just make too much sense.

Without actually saying anything aloud to the taller woman, she starts toward the museum at a quick for her pace. They should be inside in just a minute or two. Faster, if the vampire and her dog decide the WAND agent is moving too slowly.

Frank senses the disturbance a heartbeat before power is cut to the museum, eyes narrowing as he folds his map, placing it once more into the glove department with a grunt. Everyone has their morals, their reasons for doing what they do. Some are driven by divine will, others for the betterment of society. Some it's just a 9-5 that they just happen to not be able to ever quit. For Frank, there is little idealism. He's no hero. He just happens to be someone that makes sure to give men who misuse their power and live evil lives their poisoned wine.

His metaphorical poison wine of the evening is a modded Bulgarian SLR AK-47 Variant with an adopted muzzle break and micro red-dot aim assistance with night vision capabilities. He slings the tactical strap over his shoulder as he opens the door of his van, stepping out onto the street and going into a jog as he approaches the history museum. Out of the corner of his eyes he catches the motion of the SHIELD agent and her team, ducking behind a parked car.

For those in the museum the special effects are a bit out of a bad sci-fi movie. May, Nighteyes and and the Nightmare are all greeted with a swirl in the air as near a dozen figures simply 'appear'. They're tall, giants nearly. Ten feet about, with well formed, well muscled bodies. Their faces though are mishapen and hideaous and every single one of them has a glowing right eye. "Intruders!" A woman shouts. There's rather abruptly a surge of power in the area and one of them flings a spell at the Tokyo Nightmare, a curse of some kind as all of them draw cudgels and blades near as big as they are. Nighteyes finds herself right next to one as they come in the door and there's a pair still ransacking the displays beyond him that May can see easily.

Outside the story is a little different. As Frank comes out of his van near, several more figures coalesce near the front of the museum. Unlike the giants inside these are tall, fair, white haired and slender but still with normal proportions. Their ears are pointed and their eyes cat slitted. The Fox pulls up short not at all far from the Punshier. "Sidhe!" He hisses mostly to Zee. The interlopers notice them and their hands come up in warding gestures. "Do not interfere, mortal." Says the one who appears to be the leader as the men draw blades and the women (three and three) draw bows.

Nighteyes had kept May's pace. She's been practicing team work with people slower than her but also not likely to die if she has a mistep. It's helped. Super Box is a great place for people like her. The vampire bites down on her lip to keep from laughing at the bits of speech she hears. "Angered the Heavens?" As if. Heaven doesn't care about the eternally damned. She's sure. Nor are any angels going to drop down and offer her mercy. But that's okay, she doesn't need any and has finally made her peace with that.

She'll bow for no one but her lover and she sure as hell isn't going to pray. By the time they get inside, Nighteyes is ready to kick some thieving asses. Goliath catches sight of Frank but keeps quiet. He's still pissed over the misting thing. Unless the dude points something dangerous looking at him. ..or possibly Nighteyes. The tiny vamp will keep his mouth shut. A few moments later two sets of glowing red eyes glance at each and then the speaker and Nighteyes laughs aloud. The dog makes an odd sound that also seems suspiciously like laughter. "We aren't mortals, he and I." And then Nighteyes is charging toward the Sidhe keeping their attention from her teammates who are mortal.

Arresting her movement just as quickly as The Fox, Zee peers at the Sidhe "So they are, Fox" she murmurs "And it doesn't look like they're willing to talk" as the bows are drawn and pointed at them. She's not noticed Frank just yet. "Ready, Fox?" That's all the warning the Mistress of Magic gives him before releasing a spell

~~ panS riehT woB sgnirtS ~~

She's aiming to incapacitate at the moment, distract them… surely The Fox will want to ask some questions.

Theres a surge of power, raw undisguised magical horsepower as that hex is cast. Tokyo steps out of the shadows nearly glow in the dark, as his elaborate inkwork goes to town to dispell the thing. Tall single blade Tengu geta, a mixture of grey and black Samurai gear and a brilliantly detailed hand carved foo-dog sort've mask. That would be Tokyo alright, live and direct. One hand already holding the scabbard of that trademark japanee sword of his, as he surveys those thieves. "You have sinned in the eyes of heaven, You have dishonored yourselves and your family. You have angered his honorable lordship Fujin, and I shall avenge my master's honor. You should atone with a brave and honorable death, here I will assist you in this trial."
Like a shot Tokyo is off, an explosive burst of speed as he swings his right hand over to grasp the hilt of that sword. The moment he nears that first thief, well most folks aren't quite fast enough to ever catch the actual draw stroke but it's fast. Fast enough for that blade to -sing- as it arcs through the air, fast enough to form a delicate ribbon of pillowy white contrail along it's tip as Tokyo works with the speed and precision he's rarely been able to really cut loose with. There is no slowing down to ensure the victim doesn't bleed out, there is no dulling that cutting edge with magical hoodoo to ensure his victim's survive. No it's Tokyo unplugged in a way, as he sweeps that blade up and across in an effort to cleave that first foe completely the fuck in half. The Ninja calls out from behind that mask, crying for one thousand years but well the meaning is likely lost unless you speak japanese. It just comes across as "BONZAI!"

Melinda May sees the creatures appearing in their path, makes a mental note that they're very nearly double her height, and knows that she'll have to be faster than them. There is no way she out-brute-force them, that's for sure. She also has no idea how they'll react to her weaponry, but she's found that very few things respond well to taser levels of electricity.

Without waiting to exchange comments with Nighteyes — she knows the woman is wicked fast and can take care of herself, and she has Goliath to help her besides — May ducks to one side to hopefully present a more difficult to hit target while pulling her taser-ended batons. She can only hope that these giants are as slow as they are tall.

And it's a good thing she has literal decades of training, because hearing someone yelling "BONZAI!" and doing so correctly, well, that's a bit distracting.

Punisher was wise to seek cover, as it happens, the sudden materializing threat of the Sidhe given a flat expression. Elves. He must've walked too close to one of 'those' kind've people. He flips a cog, staring down his scope, a small red dot dancing over one of the Sidhe's breast. One finger slips inside the guard and he wastes no time discussing the matter with the would be thieves. Instead, his dot flickers down, aiming for a knee. An archer without pair of working legs is harmless and he's curious. The only way to resolve that is to ask questions and unlike a select few, even he isn't good enough to rip answers out of a corpse.

There's metaphysical power in wielding thunder, even if only in taser form. It was long considered the spear of the gods for a reason and no, the Fomorians don't react well to it. The one May shocks screaches and actually smokes. "By BALOR! KILL HER!" It's not for lack of trying certainly. Someone swings a sword at May as big as she is.

The Nightmare simply shatters the curse as he charges the witch who is caught flat footed and… well there's no surviving that blade. There are other warriors closing in on him though, blades upraised, from two directions.

Nighteyes finds herself at odds with two, one in her face and the other further back trying to simply exsanguinate her with a spell. It's a good one too.

Outside The Fox is also diving for cover and pulling Zee with him, reaching for his blade. Zee does not have the poer she needs to snap all the bowstrings simultaneously but she can get one of them. The other two begin to flick arrows at Frank, fast and accurate as he returns fire. One of them cries out as a steel jacketed bullet penetrates his defenses - cold iron - and rips his knee open. The wound starts to smoke. And then the swordsmen are lunging forward, one at Frank, and one at Zee and the Fox. There's clang of blade on blade near Zee's head as the druid drops into a mid guard and then swipes the incoming blade away.

Nighteyes isn't worried about losing blood. She's got more at home, at Rescue Inc, Super Box, and the gym facility she meets at with the Birds. Still that spell could hurt someone else so the vampire lifts Goliath from her shoulder, his eyes wide and mouth drops open in horrified surprise and then she simply flings the minpin vamp-dog into the spell caster's face. Goliath, pissed off at being thrown, yes thrown, she just fucking threw him, like he's a rock. Oh they are going to have *WORDS* about this later, digs his claws in and rips, chews, tears, bites and claws apart his foes face. He's much stronger and smarter than your average minpin. And, he's pissed. Nighteyes head butts the one in front of her, a loud crack resounding through the room and the fomorian falls backwards clutching a broken bleeding nose. She follows that up with a rough ribcracking kick to the chest before looking around to check her companions.

That blade is wicked sharp, and it's drawn through flesh and bone with terrifying ease of a practiced swordsman. You can -hear- the thuck-thuck-thuck as it cleaves spine and slices it's way through rib cage and finally shoulder. Throwing a great explosion of blood in every direction as the witch goes flying back, halved. Sho turns, slamming the corner spur of that Geta against the tile floor and doing an abrupt 90 degree pivot without missing a beat. That blade still high, turns before Tokyo brings it roaring down with a leap to drive towards one of his attackers. In perfect time with the other Tokyo nightmare, the illusionary one who turns on the swordsman yet enguaged. They move like a mirror for a second, before that illusion takes on a life of it's own.
It's not a cry of ten thousand years, or anything else specific this time. No it's just a raw gutteral scream of pure animal fury, throwing blood as that sword hurtles downward without missing a beat. This stroke flowing out of the first like the entire thing is a single cohesive cutting stroke, only this one is hurtling in aproximately the opposite direction. Aiming to cut through forearm, through the base of the neck and down to the opposite hip in another purely singular killing blow. His twin, the doppleganger of his is working his own thing by this point, granted has it even been a full heart beat since the first cut? It's hard to tell.
Tokyo-2 sweeps that blade off to the side, folding a knee and twisting to hit the floor for a blink of an eye before coming up with a rush of brilliant neon pink smoke that all but explodes in the museum before resolving into something more solid and distinctive. Flower petals, millions and millions of neon pink flower petals swirling and floating through the air with a mind of their own. That Doppleganger's outfit flashing white and pink in the blink of an eye, taking on effectively a pattern that does wonders to camoflague him.

Zee scowls, just a little, as only one set of bow strings break and then pulls her head down into her shoulders as the swords clang above her head - that was a bit of a shock. The sound momentarily shocking her… before she draws her power again "Fox, sending iron to them…"

~~ norI ylF, tiH dnA ecreiP mehT ~~

Anything that's iron should now fling itself at the Sidhe.

May is actually pleasantly surprised that the taser proves to be so effective against these giants. She was expecting to just end up being a distraction. Now, she can press the attack. One of the Fomorians swings a positively huge blade at her and she goes to dodge it by charging TOWARD the one attacking her. Advanced weapons training plus the tactics of several martial arts designed to give smaller combatants the advantage over larger opponents tells her that getting in closer negates the effectiveness of these giants' larger weapons.

Oh, and while she's here let's see how well a taser to one's gentleman's plums works in conjunction with a decisive swing at that spot on a human's knee that doctors like to hit with a small mallet.

Punisher doesn't get to fire off another round, a pair of arrows driving him back beneath his cover. When he circles to his left, seeking to reposition near the bumper of the car, he flinches back on raw instinct as a sword nearly takes his head off at the neck. Stumbling, his back finds the nearest surface of a nearby street sign. His AK-47 is gripped sideways, deflecting the next blow high, trying to angle it back around only to have the mystical weapon cut through the muzzle of his rifle.

Frank grunts, throwing the useless weapon into the swordsman's face as a distraction. His left foot comes out, a sharp kick to the calf, nearly buckling his opponent's leg. His left straight is ducked, the hilt of the sword driven into Frank's midsection, and only a desperate push saving him from the backstroke of the blade. The Punisher gives grounds, measuring up against his opponent, diving behind a dumpster when the remaining archer takes a potshot at him.

Frank's boot encounters just a bit of resistance and then something ethereal just shatters in front of him as his steel toes pierce the sidhe's wards and break his knee. Only that blade gives the sidhe space as the archer continues to loose arrows on him.

The Fox crushes a charm as he fights and his movements become much quicker and more fluid. The blades clang quicker and quicker and then with a screech he relieves the faerie swordsman of one of his arms moments before every iron thing in the area flings itself on their attackers to a chorus of loud clangs. The one who survives abruptly teleports out.

Inside Tokyo is literally doing the work of two men and the Fomorians simply aren't a match for either him or Nighteyes. One's down. Now a second. Goliath chews into the neck of a third as May sends a forth twitching into spasms as its knee collapses. And then in the back…

CRASH "I'VE GOT IT!" Holding what looks like an old book, one of the remaining still standing ugly giants crashes through the fights, through the front door and tries to bolt clear.

Nighteyes gives the giant's back a *look* as if to ask, Seriously?? Goliath jumps free of his now prone victim and looks at the retreating Giant, at Nighteyes, and then giant again. His expression is clear too. "Oh Hell No." The little dog trots over and curls up against one of the sidhes corpses. He's just gonna play dead. Yep. That's his plan and he's sticking to it.

"What did he have? A book?" The vampire mutters. "Can that hulking idiot even read?" She isn't idle while she talks, unsheathing her boot daggers and then eyeing the giant again. Her arms are a blur of motion too fast for most to see but those daggers are sticking out of the giant. One in the back of his neck and one at the lower half of his left leg.

Blowing out a long, slow breath as iron answers her call, Zee watches The Fox and Frank finish the rest of the Sidhe. The crash and shout from inside has her drawing power once more and just as Nighteyes daggers hit, she releases another spell

~~ riA dniB ehT erutaerC, dnaH dnA tooF ~~

Now, someone can relieve it of its treasure.

That bladework is, well brutal. That blade comes down like a crashing wave, ringing audibly as it swings free. Tokyo2 takes a sword blow through the body, which obviously does little to the illusion beyond reveal it's not real. Then comes a loud clatter, as a hundred some odd pounds of wood goes tumbling down alongside that first swordsman and Tokyo just poofs away seemingly vanishing in thin air. Tokyo-2, steps in all the closer as the swordsman begins to turn away. Only for that sword to flash from the right across to sweep just over the hips, and slicing the poor fuck in half. Tokyo-2, sweeps that blade aside with a snap of the wrist to flick that blood from the blade before turning towards the runner. That flower petal motif of his kimono, yeah those aren't flower pedals. Thats blood. Tokyo poofed into the place of his own illusionary clone. "You have been judged by heaven, and found wanting. You have disgraced your name even in death."
With a flick of the wrist fast enough to make that blade audibly crack like a whip, Tokyo brings that sword around to resheathe it in a single smooth motion that betrays exactly how much practice he's had at this. Floating rice paper lanterns, followed by those flower petals slowly fading away like ghosts to leave Tokyo dressed in white. His armor and Kimono covered with no small amount of blood, and the still writhing victims of his divine swordwork littered about those distinctive Geta. Quietly retrieving that war fan and standing to examine it mutely, mostly to ensure it has not been damaged beyond being showered with the blood of divinely sanctioned combat. Fujin's cool with the blood, but if they chipped that lacquer the god's gonna go nuts. "Baka…"

Melinda May takes down the one giant, then hears the triumphant yell of another and as the Fomorsian races toward the exit, she also throws a weapon after the being. Nighteyes' blades are no doubt going to fly faster and hit harder, but hopefully May's aimed the baton so the taser end hits the giant. "This isn't a lending library," she mutters mostly to herself and then looks toward the white-garbed Tokyo with a mixture of curiosity and wariness before turning to chase after the book-thief.

Frank comes back out of the alleyway, armed with an ancient broken pipe that might have been part of a stove once. Someone tossed it away, sure it would never come in handy. The sharp splintering sound of its collision against the wounded Sidhe's head says that one man's trash is another man's deadly weapon. The Elf is caught again across the jaw as he falls to the ground, the bit-splattered piece of black iron tossed to the ground with a disgusted expression.

The Punisher looks to his useless weapon and then to the unexpected allies in the fight. He doesn't even say hello. Instead, he just eyeballs Zee long and hard. Everytime something magical, she's always there. Life would be simpler if he killed heroes too. Scowling, the Italian-American whose legacy is paved in bloody streets and spent ammunition heads to his van as he digs out keys from the pocket of his vests. The giant? This is their mystical war. He's done his part.

The knives impact on target and make the giant stumble moments before Zee's spell takes effect, leaving the druid to slowly edge away from Frank, grateful that he doesn't open up on them after dealing with the sidhe swordsman he just beat to death. There's a flash of the blade and the fomorian winds up quite unconscious. The Fox will deal with him in a bit. For now he reaches down and retrivies the book. "The hell?" Okay, that's not any language he knows. He holds his communicator up to it so the Eye in the Sky can look later. As the WAND agent runs up he offers it back to her. Better she return it than he. "Well fought."

Inside the building the place is secure. Lord Fujin's treasures are - fortunately - not damaged. Near thing though. Balor's children are not known for being delicate. The affront of the robbery is almost as much as the power they planned to drain from it. Definitely a distrubing sign.

But all's well for now.

Nighteyes looks grateful that Fox and May came to get the book. She wasn't about to touch it herself. These are fae of some kind and that book could be some holy relic that predates Christ, in which case it could cause her great harm. The vampire checks her companions over and then frowns. "Where is Goliath?" Unfortunately for the tiny dog, he choses the moment to raise his head to see if its all clear. Sheepish he crawls out from under the formian's arm and does a totally fake three legged hobbling walk towards his mistress. He's milking that fake injury for all its worth. The vampire just sighs and rolls her eyes. The others might see a slight smirk when she turns her head aside.

Zee keeps her eyes on Frank as The Fox moves off slowly edging her way in the same direction. Glancing at the book as The Fox hands it to May, the teen mage then cants her head at Frank "We meet again, I'm Zee." she's inviting him to talk.

Tokyo stands mute for a moment, glancing towards the bodies littered around him before tucking that fan behind a chest plate and starting towards the small gathering. Off hand coming to rest comfortably on the hilt of his sheathed swords, though for the moment he's silent save for the trademark clatter of those Geta. His getup shifting slowly from pure white and red back to shades of black and grey, though the mask remains white and speckled with blood. A sight made all the more intimidating by the dull pink glow burning inside those holes where eyes are supposed to be, replaced seemingly with a pair of neat little balls of burning foxfire. "It would seem these souls excelled at nothing beyond bleeding and dying, what was the object of their interest?"The voice is small, tinged with a slight japanese accent but the actual pronounciation is clean and perhaps quite formal.

Melinda May turns to look at Tokyo, clearly studying him as one might a fellow swordsman. "They were after this book," she tells the man, but doesn't seem ready to let the volume go. Maybe she'll relinquish it to the proper authorities, but not before insuring that this and the other artifacts in the museum are properly warded against further attempted thefts.

The Fox peers after the book and shakes his head. "Zee I need to investigate something, follow up on…" He gestures at the book. "Catch up with me in the park when you're done, okay?" The Fox nods to May and gives Tokyo a swordsmans salute, then sheathes his weapons and moves out at the quick. Cops'll respond eventually.

"Sure thing Fox" Zee watches as the man heads off… "Agent May, Tokyo Nightmare, is there anything you need from me?" If not, the teen mage is going to follow The Fox footsteps.

Melinda May nods to Fox then shakes her head no to Zee. "I'll wait here for the authorities." She can totally claim it was a WAND action, though that means paperwork. Ugh. She turns back to the unusually-clad man and after another moment of consideration, offers him a proper Japanese bow and a few words (though her Japanese is very slightly Cantonese-accented) before moving back into the building. Unpleasant as it might be, she has to stay and protect the artifacts and displays still inside.

Tokyo offers first Fox, and then Zee, and finally May a crisp formal bow. "No, I thank you for your aid in defense of my lord's relics. I understand this may not have been your purpose, but this was the result all the same. Thank you, if ever you need my help you must merely ask. Any who aid my noble lord, are deserving of my aid. I require nothing from you at this time, however the offer is very kind. Thank you."

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