Finding Employment

July 23, 2015:

Brin reaches out to find employment…

Stark Tower - New York


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Taking Nick up on his offer, Brin had asked him to arrange a meeting for her with Pepper. She fully intended to ask the redheaded CEO about potential job openings at Stark Industries. That had been a couple of days ago…

Now, Brin's standing in the Foyer of Stark Tower, dressed smartly in one of her navy blue suits, with a light silk camisole top under the jacket, having just announced herself to the receptionist.

Nick is there in not a flight suit for once. Much more normal clothing, albiet still something he has to match with boots. Normal shoes don't work well for him. Claws tend to rip them up so he needs a reinforced toe. He's rather at ease as he waits for them to be cleared up to Pepper's office. He's been here before after all.

The receptionist directs them to Pepper's office after a few moments, and when they reach the door that's as per usual left open, Pepper is there just sitting back from having hung up her phone. They're announced by the executive assistant whose desk sits just outside, and Pepper stands to walk over and greet them both properly. "Ms. Myers. Mr. Gleason. Wonderful to see you both." She gestures to the small conference table, where a pot of tea and three cups already waits. "What can I help you both with today?" she asks as she moves to claim one of the chairs at the table.

"It's nice to see again too, Miss Potts" Brin casts a glance towards Nick before sliding into one of the chairs. Taking a deep breath, the young brunette raises her chin not quite sure if the Corporate rumour mill had started churning yet "I resigned from D.C.I a few days ago and I find myself in need of employment, perhaps temporarily given some developments in the last 24 hours." Brins told Nick some of that already "When I considered who I knew to reach out to, your name was one that came easily to mind."

"I suggested you first off. I know Stark has employed some fairly unique individuals in the past. So you know, equal opportunity." Nick flashes a fangy grin. Unique is an understatement. "Also I figured you might like a really good accounts manager."

Pepper Potts smiles to Brin reassuringly. She had heard about the goings on over DaCosta-ward, but is good enough to not start with that. "I'm sorry that you felt the need to seek employment elsewhere, I'd always thought D.C.I. would be a good company to work for. But," she uses the chance to insert a significant pause to offer a cup of tea to each of them and will pour for whomever accepts. "I get the feeling that Mr. DaCosta's loss is going to be my significant gain. What sorts of account management have you handled in the past?"

Brin flashes a grateful smile to Nick for his comment and accepts the cup of tea from Pepper, wrapping her hands around the cup - as much to steady herself as for the warmth. The comment about working for D.C.I is acknowledged with a murmured "Sometimes we outgrow a job and company. It was my time to move on."

It's on Brins public X-Red profile that she's a low level empath "I tend to handle the more difficult clients, the ones that need a little more attention. I'm a low level empath." As if that explains everything.

"I'd think of hiring her myself but honestly I'm not at the point where I have 'accounts'." And the EMS business is different anyway. Nick relaxes a bit. He won't mind a cup of tea either and accepts it when offered.

Pepper Potts pours a cup for herself last, and holds it in her hands very much like Brin does. "Well, I can think of one posting right now that you might fit into well, Ms. Myers. One of MSF's lead account managers is going on maternity leave soon, and I've gotten the impression that she might end up going from that to stay at home mom. I'm not begrudging her by any means, but if we don't find someone who can step into her job without missing a beat I think it'll be very difficult to get caught back up." She looks at Brinley squarely. "Do you want to give it a try?"

Reaching a hand out to touch the back of Nicks, Brin smiles softly and shakes her head "You've done more than enough, giving me somewhere to live for the time being." gently chiding.

Listening with interest as Pepper outlines her thoughts, Brins eyes widen and she looks surprised "The Maria Stark Foundation?" Of course she's heard of it, who hasn't? "I very much would, Miss Potts." She pauses a moment "As I said when I started, there have been some developments in the last 24 hours, things that I can't yet speak about … which may affect my long term availability. But I undertake to you, that I will speak to you as soon as things firm up and we can put together a plan so that MSF doesn't suffer as a result."

Nick smiles. So nice when a plan goes to plan. Rarity for things in the EMS world too. And the business world. And well, he's kind of starting to suspect that's life. Anyway, things are going according to the best possible scenario here. "Wonderful. And Miss Potts I wanted to think you for the last round of ambulances. We're growing a lot faster than even I thought we would."

Pepper returns Nick's smile. "That's what I love to hear, Mr. Gleason. And I know those ambulances are helping save lives, and that makes them more than worth it." She then nods to Brin. "The really nice thing about this position within the MSF is that Beverly will still be there for at least a couple more months, so you have time to see if your other arrangements pan out and the position in the MSF will still be there. Now, I do know that several junior account managers are also going to be training for the same position, so you wouldn't be guaranteed to step right regardless. Basically, all of the potentials are going to train and work with Beverly, and she's going to get to pick who takes over her accounts." She takes a sip of her tea. "If you're not picked to replace Beverly directly, the junior manager who is promoted will be leaving their position open, and you'd already have the skill base to fill that opening without any transition."

"That's wonderful Miss Potts." Brin relaxes slightly and sips at the tea, which is just warm enough to drink comfortably. "Sounds like an ideal arrangment." As to the ambulances "What Nicks doing, is amazing. He's helped so many times with the troubles in M-Town." and if the intel Brin and Pepper discussed recently is any indication, his services are likely to be needed more.

"Beverly?" Nick grins. "She's a sweetheart, Brin, you'll like her. She manages Rescue's interaction with Stark. Speaking of, Miss Potts…" Nick looks very seriously at Pepper. "I'm finding that my medics are getting hurt. I mean makes sense, dangerous business, but body armor is hard to come by, and nonltheal weapons too. If Stark has anything regarding those. I dunno, repulsor pistols or some kind of medical or rescue kind of armor…" He shrugs. Stark is doing so much for Rescue. Not for free mind you. There is a definite business arrangement and money changing hands, also an opportunity for Stark's tech to get on the evening news saving lives, which it regularly does. But if they're inclined to sink more resources into the market… well he might as well bring it up.

Pepper Potts nods to Brin, then looks at Nick again. "That reminds me. Do you mind if I..?" She sets her tea down and goes to get her cell phone from her desk. "I have another account that recently inquired about body armor. This is sounding like something we need to make top priority." She taps at her phone quickly, clearly sending a message.

"It is, Miss Potts" Brin agrees "I've seen Nicks medics out there… it was brutal to start with and it's getting worse." Pepper need only remember the riot at the rally and then magnify that … a lot. Leaving the two to discuss the requirements, Brin sips at her tea for a moment.

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