A Caveat for A Devil

July 22, 2015:

Ozymandias delivers a message to Daredevil.

Hell's Kitchen

An alley in Hell's Kitchen.


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There is legend that people of the streets speak of that haunts, maybe better word is rules Hell's Kitchen. Every criminal that tries to challenge his domain by committing crimes against the innocent end up paying this devil with their blood and broken bones. On this night, Ozymandias is seeking if there really is a Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

A dark blue SUV pulls inside halfway into an alleyway, while an ebony Mercedes Coupe remains on the street. Six men get out of the Suv, and another three get out of the Mercedes Coupe. Slick Mickey gazes around the alleyway a few times, "What time you got, Scoops? Rock is normally the first one here, and why are we not meeting in Hell's Kitchen. I don't like pissing where I sleep.

Ozymandias calls from the rooftop, "My apologizes, but Rock is in police custody, but before being arrested he decided to set up this meeting. I needed to show their face in Hell's Kitchen, and I picked you. Consider you bait for.

Slick Mickey pulls out his glock, "Consider you f*cked! The rest of the men pull out their guns and begin to fire too.
Even with the Rock in Police Custody, Daredevil knew better than to ease up on that particular gang. He knew that eventually, they'd gather again…although he wasn't expecting it to be quite so soon. He'd been trailing the cars for a bit as they entered Hell's Kitchen and managed to slip into the evening's shadows to overhear the short conversation with the man on the roof. Great. Another one.

As soon as the guns start going off, he's charging in and moving to take the guns…and the men using them…out with no firearms of his own.
Three men by the SUV don't have time to react to Daredevil before they see him, and they fall to his attack quickly. Slick yells, "Everyone back to the vehicles. I am not goin to Rykers. Kill the freaks.

Ozymandias has disappeared from view of the roof tops as the rest of the men begin to fire on Daredevil as tthey try to escape.
While he notes the man on the rooftop disappearing, Daredevil is kept rather busy trying not to get shot. Some bullets manage to graze him, but he's used to fighting through the pain.

The odds seem about right…eight to one, or rather now it's less than that since three went down fairly easily. It's reall his goal to make sure that as few escape if possible…and ideally, none will manage to run off, including Slick.
Ozymandias pulls out his collapsible bow and uses his superspeed to quickly fire one arrow into the sedan. He throws a smoke bomb in front of the alleyway to slow down the escape of Slick from escaping for the alleyway. He does offer any other assistance for now.

The smoke causes Slick to retreat back into the alley unaware that the sedan has a flat tire. The alley's space doesn't allow for everyone to fire their guns at the same time, so a couple take cover behind the sedan. Slick Rick starts trying to break opened one of the side doors that are in the alley.
A smoke bomb isn't terribly helpful for one with Daredevil's sensitivities. He's trying not to cough and hack as the smoke attacks him as well and does his best to focus on the ones trying to get away. Cover doesn't really mean much to him as he can hear their breathing, the reloading of their guns, or their whispers to each other even as they take turns hiding and shooting.
He takes only a brief moment to leap over at Slick, figuring that if he can take their 'leader' out, then maybe the rest will be less gun-happy.

Slick Rick is kicking at the door and is nearly broke the door open, when he feels the foot of Daredevil on the back of his skull. He crashes face first into the door, breaking the door in half.

Ozymandias calls out to Daredevil and says, "Two rooftops to the west. I need to talk to you. Don't worry about the rest of the gang. The police should be here in twenty minutes. Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "I am about to put them to sleep until the police arrive. I will meet you on the rooftop. He throws a knockout gas bomb into the alley near the remaining gang members.
Daredevil's head tilts up at the voice from above and he is about to answer when the unmistakable scent of the knockout bomb touches his senses. Right. Time to get out of here.
Two rooftops to the West. Right. It's a good thing he's able to track by other means as cardinal directions really aren't of much use to him…not that most know that. He's able to find the correct rooftop, however, and stands prepared to fight…or jump, depending on the actions of this new stranger.

"That was a hell of a way to get my attention, although I've been wanting to get those guys into custody for a while now. So thank you…I think…but I won't hesitate to do the same to you if you try any more funny stuff."

"You should never threaten the unknown. It is not wise." Ozymandias crosses his arms in front of his chest. "Especially since I have come to tell you of an unknown threat that seeks you out. I thought that I was their prize, but alas they are seeking you." Ozymandias looks the man up and down. "It took a lot of my resources to get this information. My apologizes, I am Ozymandias of the Justice League: Adventures, and I have come to warn you about The Hand. They want you. I don't know why yet, but they are coming for you. I would prepare myself.

"If I never threatened the unknown, I wouldn't be threatening anyone, now, would I?" There's even a grin from beneath the horned mask. Daredevil's grin fades, however, when the introduction is given as well as the warning, "What's 'The Hand'? And I have to say that I'm surprised that a member of the Justice League has offered this warning. I thought you all just…did the big, international stuff."

"I am Ozymandias, and I do everything. They have made an enemy of me, and I always outlast my enemies." Ozymandias say, "When I learned so more information, I will pass it on to you. Is there a better way to get in touch with you? I am afraid doing everything does spread me thin at times, and I would hate for something to befall you, because I was not able to reach you in time. Ozymandias says. "The Hand is ancient order of ninjas. They are very deadly and widespread in various criminal enterprises. They have mystical powers. The worse is that when they kill you, they can resurrect you and become a member of The Hand.
Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "Welcome to Wonderland."

"Everything…" Daredevil repeats before he shakes his head. Where do these people come from? "I'm sorry, but I don't have an email address where I can be reached…" as that seems to defeat the purpose, "Nor do I have a symbol that can be flashed into the night sky." There's a pause, "You can leave something on the top of this building…I'll check it when I can."
As he hears the police sirens in the distance, he turns slightly as if to leave, "Don't worry. I have no intention of being killed by anyone. I appreciate the warning, though." He then leaps off, catching the fire escape on the way down and using it to propel him towards another building and away from the fight.

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