A Good Impressionist

July 23, 2015:

Morien Washington and Hisako meet for the first time, and talk about art.

Museum of Modern

Located on the east side of Central Park, it is the destination of many when visiting the city. An ediface of granite and glass, it is home to such works of art as 'Starry Night' and boasts a place in the forefront of Modern and Contemporary art.


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There has been very few opportunities for Morien in the past month to relax, so he is glad that he is taking the time to relax at the museum. He is still being accompanied by a small group of his security detail. His security detail is roaming the various surrounding areas, but still keeping in eye contact with Morien.
Morien sits on a bench in the middle of the Impressionist section of the museum. His left hand light tapping out the song, "Starry Starry Night" as he peers at the different works of Van Gogh.

Usually a diligent student Hisako has decided to finally take the time to visit the Museum of Modern Art. Science and history museums are her prefered haunts but with all the violence and chaos in the news she needs a little beauty in her life. She drifts from one exhibit to another spending a few moments of intense study and then moving on. As she moves into the impressionist section she seems to spend less time looking at each piece of art, a faint expression of distaste on her face.

One of Morien's younger security detail members takes notice of Hisako after she passes his section. He is about to walk over to her location to strike up a conversation, when he feels the heated eyes of his superior glaring at him. His superior points vehemently at him to get back to his post. The security member furrows his brow as he sulks his way back to his location of the musem.
Morien watches the whole interaction and just shakes his head, before turning his attention to Hisako. "You do not appreciate the Impressionists?"

"You don't?" Hisako responds with dry amusement. "I find it too much about the artist and not enough about the art. Some of them might have great technical skills, but they are too distant from reality to really be beautiful." She shrugs. "And isn't that supposed to be the point of art?"

"Well, you seem intelligent to enough to know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I believe impressionist are successful there because some people enjoy their work." Morien eyes shift from Monet's Water Lilies and then towards the post impressionist works of Van Gogh. "I found impressionist works to be a natural evolution from the past artists who could only reflect the world that everyone saw. I think there is a greater skill to bring your vision of the world, so someone might see the world through your eyes. I have always believe that the world changes by such visionaries."

"You say the world that everyone saw, but does anyone truely see the same world as another person?" Hisako counters, then with a laugh she adds "Everyone has an impression of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if the first impressionists were trying to seem 'tortured' or 'deep' to impress women."

"I doubt it. The deep and tortured artist myth that is able to capture the attention of women is pretty new if you look back at history." Morien chuckles softly, "Honestly, how many artists do you think were successful during their lifetime." Morien turns his eyes back to Hisako as he rises from his seat which does draw some attention from his security guards. Morien extends his hand to Hisako, "My name is Morien Washington. I was stating that before the impressionist, people replicated what they saw. If a person painted a bowl of oranges, you realize immediately it was a bowl of oranges. Impressionist made you think about how another person saw a bowl of oranges."

Armor winks. "Or maybe they were just really bad at painting bowls of oranges," she suggests, shaking the offered hand. "I'm Hisako Ichiki, it's a pleasure to meet you Mister Washington. I wouldn't be shocked if the tortured artist concept has existed as long as art itself. There is after all evidence that the sort of people drawn to creating works of art are also more prone to mental health troubles."

A soft laugh escapes his lip at her comments about the oranges, "Perhaps, I see that I am not to change your mind about the impressionists. Morien takes a step back from Hisako, "Mr. Washington? I did not realize I had reach the age, when people called me, Mister." Morien lets another laugh escape his lips. "So if you are not a fan of the impressionist, what sort of art do you like?

"In many cultures it's considered a sign of respect to use a family name," Hisako points out. Indeed there is a faint trace of a Japanese accent there in her voice. "To be honest I much prefer science to art. If I had to pick an art style I'd say the Renaissance is my favorite though. Lots of very detailed sculpture work with relatively primitive tools. And many of the greats of the time were also inventors and scientists."
Morien does his best to try to act surprise by her statement about using a person's family name as a sign of respect. "Really, I did not know that the case. I was thinking perhaps I was really becoming that old guy who still thinks he is young. Morien pretends to wipe some sweat from his brow, "Whoo, that is a relief. I have always found that period to be a bit overrated. Even the name Renaissance has never really done justice to the entire history of the world.

Morien lets out a soft sigh, "I digress. I do admire a couple of the inventors and scientists. A couple."

Armor nods. "I think that's why I admire them, because they combined both science and art in a way that you rarely find in the modern world. Most things people make these days are designed by a committee. For market appeal or to have the minimum possible cost." She moves to inspect another work of art. "I couldn't possibly comment on how old you think you are. Although if it makes you feel any better you do not seem especially old to me."

"I am not even thirty yet." Morien tilts his head as he looks her over again. "And it does make me feel better. I can see your point of view. They are very few people that truly can be considered true artists, and fewer that dare to combine science with art." Morien says, "Musicians are more likely to combine science with their art, and I guess you could count video game makers. Morien shakes his head and sighs, "I am sorry, but I am ramble sometime." Morien taps his left foot on the ground. "I am guessing you are not an artist, so what do you do?

"Well, I'm still in college but I'm studying aerospace engineering. So hopefully once I've finished with school I'll be able to find a job related to that. Or if I can find the time and money I might study for a pilots license," Hisako explains cheerfully. "From the look of your 'associates' I would imagine that whatever you do is well rewarded. Probably business, politics would be my second guess but that would be rather unusual for someone under thirty."

Eyes widen slightly in surprise as she mentions his associates, but he doesn't take his eyes off of Hisako. "Aerospace engineering, I must confess there are very few times that people's area of study impress me, but you just did. You are also very perceptive. I am sure will accomplish your goal of getting a job and a pilot's license."

Morien says, "I am a CEO of my own my multinational corporation, so I guess I am doing well. I also do my best to stay out of politics; eventhough, we recently have made become more known because of other business delving into politics.

Armor chuckles. "My father is an important businessman, I've seen private security before now. And there is only so long a group of people can remain in a room covering every way in and out before it starts to become obvious." She gestures around the room. "I imagine with all the trouble in New York recently it makes a lot of sense for anyone that can afford bodyguards to bring them along."

"Yes, I also do business meetings in some unsavory places like Gotham too, and not all us rich people have fancy armor or wings." Morien raises his arms in a shrug. "My company also have its own private security branch, so it is also serves good advertisement too. Morien reaches into jacket and pulls out a business card. "Look me up, when you get out of school. We are always expanding into new markets.

Morien signals for his security detail that he is about to leave. He heads to the door, but pivots to face her. "And if you wish to talk to some leading people that are in your field give me a call too. I can make some phone calls for you. You just have to promise me that you will debate with them too about engineering like you did with me with art."

Morien dips his head to her, "A pleasure meeting you, Ms. Ichiki."

Armor tucks the business card into her pocket. "I've already got a friend from school getting me some relevant work experience," she admits. "But I shall keep your offer in mind. I wish you good luck with your business ventures Mister Washington and a good day." She makes a slight bow, then returns to inspecting the art exhibits. Perhaps eventually she'll find an impressionist she likes!

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