The Columbia Costume

April 05, 2015:

Cameron drops by Van Dyne Industries to get the suit Janet made for her.

Van Dyne Industries, New York City, New York

One of the many Skyscrapers that rise in the Manhattan Skyline. A symbol of wealth and power. In this case much like Stark Industries and the Baxter Building it is wealth and power built on the bedrock of amazing science and technological wonders.


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Janet is chilling in her office, reading industry publications now. They are fashion publications really. The couch she is curled on, in her office, is the one with the balcony and the door open for the spring weather. She turns a page studying the summer fashion guesses.


The breeze from the outside is disrupted briefly as a familiar figure alights upon the balcony and slowly makes her way in. This set-up is exceptionally convenient for Cameron Tenoaks, as it almost completely helps her avoid the paparazzi when she's been dropping by to see Janet. She was actually supposed to drop by over a month ago, but certain things like Atlantean Invasions, membership meetings for a certain high-profile group in Metropolis and a side mission to Africa tended to burn up a lot of time… plus she had to work. And house-sit.

She DID call in advance to set up a meeting time, she's been raised right by her Mom.

Today's fashion disaster wardrobe is a black hoodie sweatshirt, sunglasses, a winter face mask, blue jeans, and weathered tennis shoes.

She's really scraping the bottom of the barrel for new outfits…

"'m here, Miss… Janet."


Janet isn't exactly older than Cameron, younger by a smidgen actually it seems. She does look up from perusing the industry trades and then sets the magazine down and bounces up to her feet "Cameron, hey!" she grins "That… is the worst superhero outfit I think I have seen this month… no offense but.. damn.. also it would blow off you in a stiff breeze let alone a real fight."


Cameron takes the sunglasses off, then pulls down the hood and peels the winter mask off, looking a bit sheepish as she does so. There's a darting of the eyes left and right as she takes a deep breath.

"S… sorry. I…"

Another deep breath as she refocuses. Between Dianna and her Mom, she's been getting the 'have a steel spine' discussion a lot more lately. "I was trying to go for hiding identity and… it's laundry day?" Was that an attempt at humor? With Cameron sometimes, it's hard to tell.


Janet lifts her hands and then shakes her head "It is okay…" she chuckles a bit. "Don't worry Cameron, I am just giving you a hard time… mostly because the outfit is ready… heck it is has been ready for like a month now and I want to see it on you. You never know when it will be fighting time… trust me I know… that is why I keep my costume partially phased out of this world… mad science…" she waves the orange - haired woman to the workshop portion.

Wait. Her Costume?


The much taller woman nods quietly. "Seems to be fighting time a lot lately." It's rather plodding and matter of fact as she says it. "And… remember teams? One… found me." That didn't have a tone of uncertainty to it, but almost… determination.

"Wonder Woman found me and… asked if I wanted to…" She pauses a bit. Last time the two had talked, Cameron was mostly on the bubble about teams and was uncertain about the motivations of the JL:A.

She's almost glad to have the costume as a distraction. "You were able to get it done that fast? Even with all the strange molecules and…?"


Janet wiggles her hands "I have probably the most extensive fabrication technologies outside of Stark's Iron Shop… Iron Foundry… Iron Gizmo-emporium… man that guy likes his suits of power armor.. and ugly as hell I swear…" she walks over to the fabricators and calls out "Showtime guys.. power up…." and all the lightning and machines just power on.

She pauses though and looks to Cameron "Oh hey really… Wonder Woman has a team?" she sounds surprised there and perhaps a smidgen curious about what that must be about. "That sounds interesting." she admits.


"I… almost contacted him before I met you but was afraid that Mom might think that I was interested in him for other reasons? And.." Cameron coughs and looks embarrassed for a moment before clearing her throat. She is impressed at how automated the machinery is, though is that a brief combat appraisal from her as she watches the exits and the machinery warily?

"Yes. She's with the Justice League. She saw something I wrote and came by to have a chat."

It was a bit more than interesting, to be honest, and just the few short weeks since have kind of left the orange - haired woman a bit reeling. Fortunately, the benefit of working with the team? Having plenty of folks that were much better at the PR thing than she was.


Janet considers that for a long moment "Mmm maybe I will have to reach out to talk to her. I wonder what she is doing… I mean… isn't the JL:A associated with the Government .. I'm surprised she would go down that road." she makes a thoughtful noise. "Oh, hey, no hard feelings about the Iron Man stuff. I don't think a suit of power armor is your speed…. you are more Supergirl speed really." she smiles and then heads to a case and taps the glass, it powers on the lighting and reveals the suit that was just a computer prototype. "Tell me about this League?"


"Yes and no. It has ties to S.H.I.E.L.D. and coordinates with it, but overall the League seems to be its own entity?"

Then Janet mentions Supergirl and there's that side - long look in both directions once again. "I… she's much beefier at this than I am. And much, much faster." That's modesty or humility, but the tone doesn't seem to have any envy in it.

"I think armor would fall apart when I was wearing it, even faster than normal clothing. People would take that as a license to really limber up the big guns?"

There's a brief consideration as Jan asks about the League.

"It's a group of folks dedicated to the idea of righting stuff, y'know, kind of like the Knights of the Round Table? Go to trouble spots, solve the solution in a way that everyone can benefit from and try to stop some of the more meaningless wastes of life, people, and resources?"

"Sorry for being a big vague, I'm really new and I only know the rookie orientation packet plus what I grew up on living in Metropolis?"


Janet nods "Well I may reach out to Wonder Woman." she pauses "Could you do me a favor and tell her I'd like to speak to her about the League she is putting together. If it isn't controlled by the government… maybe it can do some good after all." she taps the glass again and it responds to her touch and slowly starts to open up there. "Even if I don't want to fight on a Government team… it doesn't mean that they don't need someone to kit them out and design costumes.." she grins at that.

Again with the fighting on a team business. She really hasn't made much press despite her trying to hero around NYC.


"Judging by my meetings with her… I'd say do more than reach out to her. Show your intentions, and stick to your guns. She appreciates that more than any dancing wordplay. Kind of like Mom in that regard. Cut out the BS, lay it out there."

Cameron's known for being terse and blunt, so perhaps that was in the healing heroine's favor? "I'm reasonably sure that she'd appreciate the assistance in that way, too. It'd mean having another avenue for wardrobes in case the other options dry up or get busy? Say, you mentioned to me about doing the trust and charity and how the good could be done greater over a larger scale the last time… you might just have the logistic sort of mind that the League needs?"

She pauses a moment.

"It can't hurt, and it might help?"


Janet steps aside and gestures for Cameron and the suit hanging up in the case there. "Logistics.. I have one of the biggest international corporations and charity foundations under my majority control. I'm very good at logistics…" she turns and eyes the gear over on one wall then lifts her hand and spins a holographic display into existence. It looks like a SHIELD Quinjet but… different. Fine tuned "I was thinking about making anew quinjet for a superhero team for instance… well having my people.. I don't make quinjets." she grins and shrugs impishly. "But yes Logistics are good.. and fighting bad guys. I mean sure you can get more done in the greater scheme by putting massive enterprises to work for the betterment of humanity… but … "

Janet eyes Cameron then then she suddenly she starts to shrink vanishing from view in a heartbeat leaving a pile of clothes as she shrinks down to less than half an inch tall. Wings buzzing … where the hell did the wings come from… she zips around and moves over to hover at eye height. "I'm good for more than logistics." very snazzy small costume too.


Cameron peers at the Quinjet display for a moment as she taps her lip thoughtfully. If a private citizen… oh, right… Tony Stark can do this kind of thing, so can Lex Luthor if he had an inclination, or Oliver Queen… She almost gets lost in thinking about what kind of resources that could require when Janet's voice trails off.

Of course she glances over and gapes for a second, about to poke at the outfit and then squints at the now far shorter woman.

"That's awesome!"

She resists easily the urge to ask if either of Janet's parents were insects - that'd be horribly inappropriate and none of her business, anyways! "I'm sure it's also handy on the food bills, too?"

A bit of a smirk crosses the paramedic's features.


Janet laughs and shakes her head as she hovers. She reaches out and bops you one… and well you are who you are so it doesn't hurt you.. but damned that was super-strength. "Not so much.. high metabolism… it does help give me a work out though." she flits away very quickly with a buzz and then whistles "Target" she calls out and from one of the workbenches a target pops up. She blasts the metal target with a wasp string. "Science. Lots of science." as if explaining things.

With a twisting spiral Janet lands on the edge of the target table and grows back up to full size. At about the four foot mark the wings just fold out of existence and vanish. She is wearing her costume still though since her normal clothes are on the ground over yonder. "It is pretty awesome though, nothing beats flying."


When Janet bops Cameron in the face she raises both hands up and assumes a defensive stance almost automatically. That would have totally caved in her face a few months ago. So the diminutive woman has been training somewhere to gauge her own strength. That's a promising sign.

"That… is pretty amazing and… I'll be sure to let folks know you're at least interested in the League?" Why did that kind of feel like a 'try-out' just then? It's not like the orange-haired one ever went out for sports in school or anything?

"And you're demonstrating the properties of your outfit material, too. That… makes sense. And you're right about flying… though you have to watch out for traffic copters and flight paths."


Janet nods "Well I own the patents on the materials but like I said about the jet.. I didn't invent it. Dr. Pym did. Unstable molocules are frankly amazing stuff…." she shakes her head. "So yeah I go by the name of Wasp when I am out in costume, which is not as often as I like running everything around here but I do what I can you know." She gives a light-hearted shrug and smile.

Jan indicates the costume case "Pull it out.. it's yours. If you want to try it on you can use the executive washroom through there…"


"So it's more of a de-stressor for you, then?" Cameron offers as she takes the case reverently in both hands, treating it as the significant amount of resources and material that it is worth. Slowly she pops the releases to peer at the contents, holding up the garment with both hands to examine the material while assessing the weight. After a moment or two she folds the garment down perfectly with the skill of, well, a medic packing their kit before taking the outfit to the executive washroom to don the garment. Barring any surprises, she'll be out momentarily in the 'new duds', her travel garb carefully piled on an executive towel rack.


Janet will respond with amusement "Oh no. I do it to help people… I just believe I do a lot of good in both roles so try to balance it out you know…" she kicks her feet as she waits for her guest to get into the new duds. Then she gestures to Cameron and suddenly there are a lot of sensors and cameras checking the taller woman out from every angle and taking measurements that show up on the holographic displays. "Okay…. that looks good if I do say so myself…" she trails off "I've tested the durability.. it should do everything I said it should Cameron."


Cam does fine until the cameras come out and then she gets a bit nervous. She shouldn't. That's an impressive outfit and person there, and definitely not in the condition that cameras normally get her in, which is with shredded garments or under some rescue blanket.

She moves through a few kata, then does a handstand, moving to a finger stand before snapping up and flipping herself over mid-hover to land on her feet. Between super - strength and flight, she's showing off a bit, it is true.

"Do you have something I can punch to test the limits on the hands?" Because that would be the real test. If she can punch a thing and the garment holds up, odds are its going to hold up under any other circumstances barring the most extreme.


Janet pops up to her feet and eyes you "Well I don't know how hard you actually punch but yes… I think we can manage." she pops up a holographic console and from the table she was sitting on slides up a much thicker target. Metal with a bulls-eye on it. "If you're 'Supergirl strong' please pull the punch a smidgen.. I don't want a new wall.. otherwise this should work."


"Well, the specs I had to start with were predicated on increasing durability and longevity, so… I… think I can hit softer than her? Can your target take a shot from someone about half of Kara's strength?"

Cameron winds up a shot and brings the punch in with perfect form, centering the point of impact on the target's bulls-eye. Survey says?


Janet winces when the paramedic takes up the shot and it bends her target table just about in half and skids it a couple of feet. The thing doesn't going flipping through her wall though so that is a win. "Awesome!" She spins around and studies the gloved hands, reaching out to grab them and lifts them to study "Verdict is….." she lifts them to show the taller woman "Good!"


Cameron does have the grace to look a bit embarrassed at the bending of the table. She nods with a bit of a smile to her face as she sees the gloves didn't disintegrate under the shot. She heads over to the bench and slowly bends it back into 'true', though it'll probably need a shop or a fabricator to get the slight warp out of the frame. Still, the taller woman is trying to fix it.

She reaches along the arm and lifts some of the forest green material up, letting it drop back down. "Not too clingy, not too loose, means folks will have a hard time grabbing… good…"

She busts out a couple of two-finger cartwheels without using flight to cheat and comes back to her feet, hair a bit disheveled before it falls back into place. "No strain or stretch that I could feel."

And then… suddenly Janet is getting a hug! No, not a full strength one, thank goodness!

"Thank you!"


Man, a full strength hug would mean she would have to grow. It would be a strain but she could dish out a powerful hug like Cameron could with a lot of effort. Anyhow Janet hugs back with a laugh "You are very welcome… no one needs to have their clothes disintegrate when they are fighting the forces of evil, Cameron."


"It's not just 'evil' I'm out there on the lines against, Jan. It's okay if I call you Jan, right?" She pauses and pulls back from the hug. "It's also ignorance, injustice, and bad things happening to good people. There isn't always a moral value to what happens. In fact, some of the worst stuff I've seen so far is by people who have been TOO moralistic? That's part of why I joined the League. We could have prevented the WHOLE Atlantis situation if we'd actually treated them as people rather than fiction."


She nods "Well I still think the Atlantis thing was a setup.. not by them mind you." she shakes her head "And yeah Jan works for me. My friends call me Jan or Janet never Ms van Dyne…" she mock shudders then smiles. "I tend to find the greater grey areas are what foundations and campaigns of education are for… evil is what super punches are for."


"Folks I know can get away with calling me Cam. You'd fit that category. You're my wardrobe expert, after all." Cameron smirks a bit then shakes her head. "There was some guy up over in Queens that came in and was making a mess of things, Creel I think his name is… Tried taking me out with his ball and chain… Well."

That had actually made it onto the Net, along with images of Cameron winging said ball and chain somewhere uncomfortable.

"Let's just say I prefer education over punishment when possible?"


Janet nods "Well … people can be educated.. super powered criminals probably need to be punished and rehabilitated… but then that is the same for all criminals. Time served and hopefully rehab. The Nordics do their jails much better than we manage, even super jails…"


"My mom was considered a criminal in Metropolis before they worked out misunderstandings. It's amazing what a little bit of information can do to change an equation, even. Which is why what happened up here last night is kind of frightening? Not being pushy or anything, but… you might want to keep an ear over in M - Town."

"Something's smelling fishy over there, and it's not the mutants? I'd jump on it, but… I've got a lot of things I'm doing down in Metropolis right now?"


Janet considers "I generally avoid M-Town. It isn't a thing against mutants but they seem to like to police their own patch of town. Still.. I can look into it if you think there is something bad happening." she smiles. "Also thanks for telling the League about me Cam."


The orange - haired winces a bit then nods. It is true, the mutant community tends to take care of its own. Note… tends. "I think you can do some good over there, even?" There's a bit of a pause as she moves to retrieve her other clothes, starting to pack them in the costume case before reconsidering and pulling them on over the costume. "Think I'm going to save the public reveal on that for an important moment, if you don't mind?"

"Thank me when you get the call, not before. I'm not the one making the recruiting decisions, but I'm hoping putting in a good word for you will help?"


Janet hops back up to sit on the edge of her mangled table and smiles. "Oh no.. reveal away whenever you like. It's yours to save your wardrobe Cam." she shrugs "And I'm not saying I want to join. I want to talk to Wonder Woman or someone. Like I said I have reservations and I'm not afraid of being brutally honest."


"If this works out, I may come back to you for a couple of pairs of plain paramedic coveralls, too." Cameron gives a bit of a grin then nods. "If I've picked up one thing from working with her, it's that she appreciates that?" The paramedic is about to say something else when her phone chimes. It's not a ringtone, but it is a signal of some sort.

"They just recalled everyone to special duty. I… I gotta go."

Her tone carries regret, she'd love to stay and chat all day, but… something big and important must be going down for that sort of call - in. The overtime for the off - duty folks alone…


Janet teasingly salutes "I should probably get back to work myself. Go save the world or something Cam." she seems fine with you jetting, duty calls and all that. She looks to the ceiling "Hal? I need a new target table. Tell the Manufacturing guys it needs to be tougher this time."


"I'll do what I can. It's hard work, and thank you again, Jan."

And much like she arrived, the orange-haired but now bundled-up superhero is out the door and zipping back towards Metropolis at top speed, whipping through the cityscape.

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