The Actual Thor?

July 22, 2015:

Random encounters are made at a hot dog cart.

Lower Manhattan - New York City

The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and
City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east,
and the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied
neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street. From the
arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich Village, SoHo,
and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled, working class
districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan is
one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything can be found
here, and often is.


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Fade In…

The heat of the day clings to the city and the sky above is slowly turning from a dusky grey to darker shades of charcoal, twilight is fading and night beginning to unfurl its splendor. The air is humid and filled with the scent of human waste and the pollution from the cars. There is abuzz of electrical currents flowing through streetlights which begin to flicker to life. The streetlights halogens sickly luminous glow can hardly be seen yet. Traffic as always is thick as pea soup in the city that never sleeps. Cars honk their horns and drivers irritable from their day of work and the heat that clings to the city add their curses to the symphony that is the traffic. Street lights blink and change directing the flow of vehicle and human traffic in this part of the city.

Walking amongst the crowd is a woman of average height. She is dressed in a summer dress that is the color of turquoise. Her long golden hair has been braided and bound up with gold combs. Around her neck she wears a heavy gold torque that matches the armbands around her biceps. Over her shoulder she carries a brown leather satchel. She has a smile on her face as she weaves her way carefully through the crowds. As she moves a cool breeze heady with the scent of the ocean moves through the streets, offers what little reprieve it can to pedestrians.

Thor is getting a hot dog at his favorite stand, relaing. He is pleased and enjoying himself. A good thing happened to Earth and he is pleased for it. He relaxes and ponders, then spots Lynwen and waves. "Oh hello there!"

Room service would be nice, but let's face it: Rahne Sinclair wasn't spending enough on a room for a night or two to warrant the extra luxury of a place with that as an option. Naturally, now that she's making her way through the rush of people in search of something to whet her appetite, she's second guessing the decision.

The woman is certainly on the short side, red hair tied back in a ponytail. She wears a red t-shirt with "Aberdeen F.C." printed across the front in basic block lettering, tan shorts, and sneakers. Rahne's skin is pale, as well. Doesn't look like she gets much sun compared to others. A frown shows as none of the storefronts look all that appealing, leading her to settle on one of those carts that seem to be on every street corner. "I suppose a hot dog or two would do," she decides. This leads her closer to Lynwen and Thor.

The wave of the hand is seen and Lynwen's smile grows brighter as she moves towards Thor. When she passes Rahne she offers her a bow of her head, "Excuse me." She says softly. When she gets closer to Thor her nose twitches at the smell of the hotdog. Her smile remains bright, "I have not seen you," she pauses for a moment searching for the words. "A while, in awhile." Her accent is thick and it sounds like a strange marriage between Welsh and what could perhaps be Cornish. "How are you?" She pauses again. "I hope you are well." Her tone is polite.

Thor says, "Well, though Earth knows it not there was a major victory to save and help make you all safe here…I am quite well, how art thou and thine friend whom we met the other day?" He smiles at Rahne and orders a hot dog."

People who speak differently might stand out to Rahne, but the two at the cart will soon find they aren't the only ones. "Och, hullo," she begins, and anyone able to recognize her accent will place it as Scottish. "Is th' food from these things any good?" is asked, her voice kept down enough that the guy running it hopefully won't overhear. "I just got in town an' I'm hungry for something decent." There follows a questioning look for Thor, though she doesn't ask anything further just yet.

"Tastes like an alchemical experiment." Lynwen offers. "I tried one once, my tongue was not happy and my stomach was mad." She smiles. "There is an" she looks thoughtful for the moment. "Italian rest er aunt that is not far from here. They have fresh fish. I asked to see the fish when I eat there. It is fresh." She tells the woman. "What threat? The realm of the dead or the birds?" She asks Thor as she turns to her head to look at him.

Thor says, "I wouldn't mind Roman food…Art thou from the highlands? The scottish have some fine warriors…" he nods to Lynwen,"A group of heroes helped protect a mostly unknown artifact that protects the earth."

Rahne's brows scrunch together at the way Lynwen describes the hot dog, leading to her sniffing in the direction of the cart. If they're still both looking at her, they might detect a brief, faint hint of brownish-red fur along her ears and jawline, only there for two or three seconds. "They smell like they'd be good enough. I'll have two." She speaks up to the vendor by the time she's done, going for the usual toppings before facing them again. "I might try it sometime. An'..aye, I'm from Northern Scotland. Ye know th' area?" Thor is viewed with a bit more interest, suddenly.

"That is good that you did that." Lynwen says to him. "You are in the debt of what humanity is here." She offers him a bow of her head. "Thank you, who else was there?" she asks him. "Roman food, do like figs, olives are different. I am simple I like my food not to be alchemical in nature or taste like what I think that bottle over there." She motions towards an empty plastic bottle that is being run over by cars, moving down the street. Night is slowly approaching and standing on a busy street near or around a hotdog cart are two women and man.

Thor says, "I like American near food, food, and Roman food as well. Humanity here is indeed very interesting. Figs, olives and pizza are all excellent. Most chemicals do little to me. And you are welcome. Zatanna, Colossus, The Man Hunter, the Spear Wielder, the Girl of Steel, and Hawk Girl."

Rubbing the back of her neck, Rahne focuses on the interaction between Lynwen and Thor, particularly when the latter begins listing off obvious codenames as if it's the most natural thing to do. "So..have ye been to Scotland, then?" she asks Thor in a different way, adding, "An' muh name's Rahne. What are yuirs?" Meanwhile, the vendor is decorating a couple hot dogs before wrapping them up, and she fishes around in a pocket for the money needed to pay for them. Good thing she already went to a currency exchange place.

"That is wonderful to hear." Lynwen says with a bow of her head. "It is good to know Zee was there. The others I do not think I have met." She nods her head. "Scotland?" She asks Rahne, "Where is it located, how long have you been here?" There is curiosity in her voice and her accent remains the same. "I am Lynwen Cornwall." She offers in return. Her moss green eyes go to Thor. "Tell more about the battle?" She asks him.

Thor says, "Good people…pleased to meet you Rahne I am Thor…I fought with the Scotts three hundred years ago. The Russians sensed an artifact of power and tried to take it butwere stopped with no loss of life…for being mostly strangers we worked together quite well."

Sometimes, Wendell is in civilian clothing. Other times not. Today, he is returning from diverting a comet from striking a planet of sentients at Eon's request. The Quantum Jump brings him back near Earth and he does re-entry the usual way… without drawing a ton of attention. Since.. the heat of the friction is absorbed by the Quantum Bands. But… it's hard to avoid drawing attention when you come down to land on the streets of New York, in a red and blue costume, with shiny golden bracers on your wrists! Oh, and glowing gems on said bracers. Subtle? This guy? Well… sometimes.

Suddenly recognition shows up in Rahne's expression. "The Thor?" She says it with such emphasis that her accent disappears just for that moment, and she glances from side to side quickly, most of the people around them passing by, lost in their own worlds. "I' I've been traveling, on muh way to hopefully see some old friends in Salem Center, but I never expected tae meet Thor." There's a pause, then she gives the other woman an apologetic look. "Sorry, Lynwen. I'm from Ullapool in Northern Scotland, aye. I've been on Muir Island th' last few years, though."

Lynwen looks to Thor and asks him Norse, «Where is Scotland? In terms I understand?» She asks him. She turns her head back to Rahne and nods her head. "I still do not understand but, I will learn." She says warmly. "No need to apologize." She says in that same careful way and that thick accent of hers. She looks to the appearing Wendell and takes a step back. A nod of her head is offered to him.

Thor says, "I am…A Thor..there is also Beta Ray, many children named such, and alternate timelines but I am the originator of the name yes. I have been to Ullapool but not Muir Island…lovely place." He waves to the hot dog man he met here earlier. "«Scotland is across the ocean to the east, 5 hours by human airliner, a few thousand miles as the Crow flies.»""

"Isn't.. Thor a name, not a title?" asks Wendell as he looks towards the group and overhears a portion of the conversation. "I mean.. your Dad -named- you Thor.. I mean Protector of the Universe, that's my title, but… I just go by Quasar."

Just as Rahne's paying for her hot dogs, Quasar makes an appearance. With him dressed as he is, his status as a costumed one is quite obvious. "Ullapool' bad," she adds to Thor, still on the distracted side. Safe to say this wasn't the sort of encounter she was expecting just from venturing out briefly, but maybe it underscores the difference between home and here. She grows quiet for the moment, mostly keeping to herself.

«Crow flies makes more sense to me than an Airliner, what is an Airliner? I really should missive to my Sunstone.» This is said in Norse. As she takes out an iPhone and carefully sends a text. There is a chiming sound as the message is sent. She looks to Ranhn. "Sorry I am still learning English." She tries to explain to her. "From the island of Mann, husband is from Britannia." She says to her. She looks to Wendall. "That is your other name, it is good to know it, I could not recall it. Good to see you again."

Thor says, "«An airliner is a magic metal bird the humans can fly in. They often are overhead. » "I am happy to help. Britannia is a lovely country. And thor is a name but she asked if I was THE thor."

"Ah, The Thor… that's an expression in this country.. inquiring if you are the famous, well known, or otherwise celebrity status Thor… not like, the only person with a name similar to it, or with powers similar." says Wendell. He also adds without skipping a beat, "And.. I'm rambling again."

Rahne may not understand the Norse language, but it's clear to her that Thor and Lynwen are talking about things she isn't privy to. The apology from the other woman draws a short nod. "It's all right. I dinna mind." She partially unwraps one of the hot dogs, checking it before trying a bite. "Tastes good," she remarks, not quite having swallowed all of it yet. "I..should eat these before they cool off. Th' room I'm in has nae microwave." It might be she's feeling overwhelmed by the city, for she does seem fidgety.

There is the sound of a text coming back and she smiles as she reads it and appears to open something up in another app. "You are part of England, now I understand, northern Clans." Lynwen nods her head. Holding out the phone she shows the map she is looking at. "I will let you both go and eat, It is pleasure to meet you and thank you for speaking with me." She says to Rahne as she puts her phone away. She then looks to Thor. "It is a pleasure to see you again." Then to Wendell, "I and Joshua hope to have the pleasure of your company again."

Thor says, "I must depart, but it was good meeting you all….Have a wonderful night!"

"Aye, ye're in th' right place," Rahne answers when the screen is shown to her. She points to a spot without touching it. "Ullapool's there." Then, another further north. "An' there's about where Muir Island's at." She cradles the pair of hot dogs in one hand, following up by making her farewells for the time being. "Nice tae meet ye all, even if we only had a few moments," she finishes by addressing Quasar.

With a nod or bow of her head Lynwen goes to head down the street. "Pleasure," with that said she is heading down the street.

Lifting a hand in farewell to Rahne, Quasar nods to Lynwen. "Oh right. Sorry." he grins and shrugs before looking back to Thor. "Ironically, did you know that modern English only exists… because of a French and Norse blend that mixed with the language of Britain in the 11th century?"

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