Realizations at a Rescue

June 28, 2015:

Shocked by a certain revelation Nighteyes loses control and Wanda and Nick come to stop or save her.


Streets near a University.


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Fade In…

Nighteyes had suddenly and inexplicably fled in the middle of the rescue job with Nick the other night. She hasn't returned home to the Nest she's been sharing with Wanda either. Her cellphone and the communicator the Oracle gave her have both gone dead and today's papers had been full of stories about a number of violent and criminals and known gang members being found in pieces littering the alley ways and streets they usually wander. No one has seen a thing and surveilince cameras have only caught the disturbing acts and not the perpetrator behind them. Very creepy footage and really there isn't any explanation other than it being fake or a vampire being the culprit. Nighteyes is missing and silent and so far none of the people maimed and killed have been innocents.

Wanda doesn't really watch the news, surf the net or read the papers…but she does have her voices. And when Nighteyes does not come home to sleep during the day, then those voices make sure she knows something is wrong. There is no point going out in the day - Nighteyes would be asleep and it would be dangerous to find her with sunlight about. So Wanda sets out about an hour after the sun went down. She wanders…as she always does…just hoping that fate, and chaos, would bring her to the right place. Her fingers in her pocket realise there is a phone in there…not something she usually uses either. Doesn't Nighteyes work for that werewolf now? What was his number… Wanda stares at the phone, almost willing it to call him.

Nighteyes had purchased several spare cellphones and filled them with important numbers before tucking them into the various pockets on Wanda's clothes. Unsure if she'd remember names, the vampire had snapped pictures when she could. Nick she sees often and it had been easy to grab a picture of the werewolf to put beside the name and number. He might not have hers, but there he is for her to call and he's likely wondering just what the hell had happened. The rescue had been going well, or at least as well as that situation could. Nighteyes had stopped the posion gas from spreading, disabled the explosive trap and only killed one attacker, stopping when she recalled her lover's desire for her to refrain from killing when possible. And those clowns had deserved killing, really. The last anyone had seen the vampire she'd been dropping off an injured survivor, bent to check out his wound and then suddenly recoiled in horror and fled screaming into the darkness.

Wanda giggles at the pictures of the people that appear on the phone. No one takes a good photo it seems. Oh…there's the werewolf. She presses his image…or a button…whatever it was that Nighteyes taught her to do. And the vampire isn't the only one who has been trying to teach Wanda how to use a phone. It seems to be ringing and she waits to hear the voice of the werewolf.

Nick picks up. "Hello?" He's not sure who this is from but this is not a number that he gives out to just anyone so odds are good its at least not someone he's going to immediately hang up on.

"Hello? Is that the werewolf?" Wanda asks the voice on the phone. "This is Wanda. You helped me a couple of times. I'm Brinley's friend. Oh…and I am Nighteye's friend and I am trying to find her?" Her eastern accented voice a little louder than usual since Nick is so far away. "I am worried about her. She should not be out during the day. Is she with you?"

Nighteyes is only a few blocks from where Wanda's wandering has brought her. Her knack for being in the right place at the right, or wrong, time is still working just fine. Strangely or perhaps not, this also happens to be near Rescue Inc. Good because Nick is nearby as well but bad becaus there aren't nearly so many criminals on these streets and Nighteyes is rapidly losing the little control she'd had left. It's not going to be long before the screams ringing out in the darkness are those of innocent passersby. Whatever happened has drastically altered the iron control the vampire usually has over her the dark impulses that drive her kind. Darkness has just begun to fall and its early, too early nearly, but just as she asks the question there's a violent crashing and screeching sound nearby as something causes a car to veer off course and into a bus stop along the side of the street. There's a lot of screaming and people running away from the area, clearly terrified by whatever they saw.

"How coincidental. I'm sitll looking for her." Nick half growls. "She bolted from the scene of a bad accident. Not sure what happened to her. Where are you? I'm not far from Columbia University and…" There's pause. "Damn it. Screaming. Maybe that's her." There's the sound of running nearby.

"I can hear the screaming too" Wanda nods to Nick…and then she realises she isn't hearing it through the phone. "I am close. You think that is her? Why would people scream? Oh…the vampire thing. Meet me there." Fingers and thumbs attempt to hang up the phone even as she is running for the noise. Her boots thud on the pavement as she wends and weaves her way through the screaming mob…this will bring police. "Angel!" she screams out, wincing at the sight of the car. Are there people under that car? Scarlet energy starts to form around Wanda's twitching fingers.

There isn't anyone under it, the people at the stop fortunate enough to dodge before the car hit but she can see a man inside frantically trying to get free of his stuck seat belt and as far away from the crazy, demonic looking woman in the middle of the street as possible. Nighteyes doesn't appear to have heard Wanda, and there's no awareness of the Witch's presense in those glowing red eyes. They're focused on the woman struggling weakly in her grasp. She's older and dressed in the manner of a businesswoman or someone from the university, the perfect picture of one of the innocents Nighteyes works so hard to save and protect. As Wanda watches the vampire rips the woman's suited jacket off and exposes the side of her neck. Red eyes flash and the raw hunger on Nighteyes face is something the Witch has never seen before. This isn't anything like the vampire Wanda knows. Nighteyes never feeds on people. Has never shown the slightest desire to do so even in the midst of battle or rescue as people bleed and die all around her.

Nick at the edge of the street and stares. Alright… well this could get bad. The werewolf starts to move toward his errant employee. Vampires. Oy. He needs a spray bottle full of holy water or something.

"Angel!!!" Wanda screams at Nighteyes, and to be heard a little better her words are accompanied by the slam of chaos energy. Just enough to push the vampire back and hopefully release the woman. She strides towards Nighteyes, energy forming around her hands again. "I don't want to hurt you" she states calmly, "And we both know this isn't you. If you need to feed…" Wanda takes a deep breath, "…then feed on me."

Nighteyes head snaps up at Wanda's scream this time and the shove of red enegery startles her enough that she does drop the woman who quickly stumbles to her feet and runs. Nick's holy water idea would normally be a good one but the root of the vampire's sudden lapse of control is the realization that it wouldn't hurt her. She'd carried a priest to safety and then inadverdantly grabbed his crucifix and stood in front of the man in shock while he uttered a prayer at her with no more ill effect than being incredibly uncomfortable. "Wanda?" For a moment Nighteyes seems to calm but then its gone and rage fills her eyes again. It's easier to be angry, to give in the natural instincts of what she is than to face the pain and despair of this new knowledge. "But it is me. I was only fooling myself. Pretending. I can never make up for the lives I've taken…thousands of years worth..hunting and killing and feeding and not caring at all. All this time I thought I was different. Like my Master." But she isn't, it had only been the loss of memory that enabled her to act as he did, hadn't it? The belief that she wasn't much more than a newborn when he found her and so hadn't killed too many. She could make up for it, not feed on people ever again. There's no way she can do that now.

She can't return all those lives, all that blood. Saving the entire tri cities wouldn't be enough to redeem herself. "It is me." She repeats, her voice broken and bleak as she stalks towards Wanda. Her eyes meet the Witch's and the rage is gone again just as fast, it's desire and hunger facing Wanda now. She wants her, she has since the first time they met and not just as a lover. She's never let this part of her power show before but now, Wanda can feel the vampire's mind reaching towards her, a seductive whisper filling the witch's ears, compelling her to be still as the vampire approaches, dulling any fear or confusion or the desire to do anything really but bare her neck as Nighteyes draws close.

There's a dull gray flash and a resounding clang as Nick arrives and swings his riot shield in both hands like a door, connecting with the back of Nighteyes head. The werewolf is actually quite strong or that might not have done anything but made her flinch a little. As it stands… it might hurt a bit. "No blood for you. The Red Cross has that racket on lockdown in this city." He puffs.

Wanda is right up their with the guilt trips herself; she blew up an oil tanker in the East River. And what she did in Transia…she doesn't even talk with her brother about that. "You are not a monster" she tries to assure the stalking vampire. She hears the words in her head…the voice of Nighteyes. But Wanda is always hearing voices. They are always trying to convince her of one thing or another. Nighteyes may have some fancy vampire tricks but a witch can resist…if she wanted to. Wanda doesn't even try…letting the vampire have her way if that is what it will take to calm her. She tilts her neck to one side…and then a werewolf is smacking Nighteyes over the head and making terrible jokes. New York is one strange place. Wanda glares at the wolfman for a moment…a glare of red eyes and obvious anger…but it is Nighteyes she tries to restrain with her magics. "Calm, Angel" she pleads softly.

Nick's blow to the head startles the vampire. It also hurts. A lot. He's really strong and that shield is damn heavy. It's enough for the hesitation to turn into fullblown realization of what she'd been about to do. She wouldn't have killed Wanda, wouldn't have even hurt her but she would have fed on her Witch and bound and claimed her for herself, clear for any other vampire to see. Nighteyes looks truly horrified and can't meet Wanda's eyes as she falls to her knees shaking. "Oh no. No no no.." "I almost..oh Wanda I am *sorry*.." She doesn't even turn to look at Nick. Or try to defend herself from any further blows. If either of them pulled out stake right now, she'd offer her chest to them without hesitation. Wanda is right, whatever she'd once been, it's not what Nighteyes is now, even if she can't see it herself in the moment.

Nick is tempted to hit her again, if only to see if he can get her unconscious and into the back of one of his rigs. He's more than a little put out with her for having left the scene of an active rescue operation. But he doesn't. Instead he just stands there and watches the two women. "Well?"

Wanda holds up a halting hand towards Nick before crouching down next to the vampire. "Shhh…why don't we get you home and we can talk about what happened" she offers in a soothing voice as she carefully wraps her arms around Nighteyes. "We can get through this. We can figure it out." Wanda looks apologetically up at Nick. "Do you have a car?" she asks him, even though he probably has no desire to help out Nighteyes. A quick glance around at the mayhem. "Police will be here soon, we have to go, Angel." SHe kisses her softly on the crown of her head. "Come on."

Nighteyes finally looks up, a vulnerable and surprised expression on her face. "You..still want to go home with me? After..this? After knowing?" She can't stop herself from wrapping her arms back around Wanda and doesn't even try though she does move very slowly and carefully. She isn't angry now, just tired and hurting and hating herself pretty badly but Wanda's still here and doesn't seem angry at her, or horrified and just maybe there's some hope for the vampire after all.

"Yeah. It's a few blocks up." Nick nods in the direction it is. He's still not saying much. And he'll want some explanations but they can probably wait. For the moment.

"Could you give us a lift, Nick? Please?" His appearance won't do a lot for the calm of the crowd either. "I wish I could teleport" she sighs, "Maybe one day. I am not part of that group." She gives Nighteyes a comforting squeeze. "We have to move quickly, okay?" Scarlet energy forms around her fingers, warping the reality around them that no witness will be sure /exactly/ where the trio went.

Nighteyes nods and gets to her feet, albeit shakily. She keeps one arm around Wanda but starts walking after glancing aside at Nick and murmuring softly, "Thank you." She'd needed some sense knocked into her obviously. They do need to get out of here though. At least no cameras will have caught her actions and they stopped her before she killed anyone she would have regretted. Or fed on that poor woman. Nighteyes shudders. She really doesn't know how to handle this new knowledge about herself. She'd had absolutely no idea of her real age. She can do what Wanda is telling her though and now that she's back with the initial awful shock over doesn't seem so inclined to lose it again. She can do this, if not for herself than for her Witch.

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