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July 22, 2015:

Dr. Doom arrives in the United States of America. Black Widow & SHIELD are there to insure there isn't an international incident. Deadpool parachutes in to assassinate Doom. Colossus is used to distract Deadpool. Everyone wins.

New York City



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The sounds of the tires screeching on the runway were echoing, which was unusual for such a busy airport.
As the lone jet lands, the entire strip it had been cleared for was a ghost town. The reason was more than obvious. It was due to who was contained within. The pitch black jet only had one decal on the side, the seal of Latveria.
From the moment the jet landed and began to taxi in, black vans immediately began to appear from two hangars and speed directly for it. Inside, many different agents from multiple jurisdictions and organizations. All required. All requested to be present to receive this guest of the state.
Such a VIP would not normally require this much attention…the added security measures were needed.

The sounds of the tires screeching on the runway were echoing, which was unusual for such a busy airport.
As the lone jet lands, the entire strip it had been cleared for was a ghost town. The reason was more than obvious. It was due to who was contained within. The pitch black jet only had one decal on the side, the seal of Latveria.
From the moment the jet landed and began to taxi in, black vans immediately began to appear from two hangars and speed directly for it. Inside, many different agents from multiple jurisdictions and organizations. All required. All requested to be present to receive this guest of the state.
Such a VIP would not normally require this much attention…the added security measures were needed.


Colossus's flight was delayed because some foreign jerk decided to show up at exactly the same time he did! The big Russian stares out from the lounge with an intense frown, watching as vans flock toward the landing strip with a flurry of clandestine-themed hurry. "Whose ego is so huge that they get own personal hour for meet and greet on landing strip." Grump, grump, grump.

Sneaking up on an airport is no easy feat, especially when there's a visiting dignitary. But if there's a will, there's a way. First, he had to hire out a jet that was willing to let him leave while it was still in flight. Not easy, but for the amount of money on this job, it was done.

Then he had to prepare himself, getting the right kind of parachute, something that would stop him from, you know, dying, but present a low enough profile that he wouldn't register on the radar or gaydar, whatever they use at airports these days.

And thirdly, he needed the balls to try a stunt like this. Fortunately for our hero, speaking of which, what's up with that? Why is he a hero? But I digree. Fortunately for our temporarily classified as a hero, but really a wannabe villain, he had two very large brass one. He liked to use them for balls. No, nothing dirty. It's just Boules spelt phonetically.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, Deadpool climbed out as the jet opened up its landing gears, and he let go of that giant wheel, falling towards the Earth. He spread out his arms like the body of Christ, and through his mask, he was smiling. He tried to keep his legs perfectly still, but eventually, that got boring, and he re-positing himself so he was falling, feet first, "now kids, try not to do this at home unless accompanied by a badass adult."

Along with all of the other agencies there was a black SHIELD SUV with a handful of agents; dealing with the other agencies. If Doom wanted to come to America and requested to be received, he was going to be.

He would be received and taken to the Latverian embassy before an international incident.

Around the airport, SHIELD Tactical Teams were securing the area discreetly, observing from rooftops and keeping an eye on the preceedings.

Natasha was with the ground team to greet Victor Von Doom and she's at the bottom of the airplane steps/ladder waiting for him the moment he gets off.

When the door opens, it's to no real triumphant realization. There is no trick, no deception. The door simply opens.
When the green hood appears from inside, and lifts after having to bend down to exit the door, that's when the tension truly becomes palpable.
"Proper protection is warrented this much?"
His voice, echoing through the silent airport save the few engines running, is strangely deafening. The metallic tone of it being filtered through his mask's mouthpiece is alone unsettling for any who have met him for the first time. Heavy footfalls, the sound of metal on metal as he descends the steps of the plane. He stops moving at the bottom, facing the assembly of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Doom quietly speaks, "I trust all of this is for my own protection. We do not want this to become a scene, there are too many eyes, am I correct?"
Doom's eyes just shift directly to Natasha, his metal chin slowly raising in pride.

In the movies, when you parachute in, they show people jumping out of the plane. They show them steadying themselves. And they show them landing. But what they don't show is just how long it takes to fall that far, even with gravity doing its best to pull you in.

As Deadpool continues his descent, he reaches into one of his pouches, and pulls out some Beats Pro headsets, which he fits over his helmet, and he plugs it into one of his pockets. Presumably, there's a MP3 player in there. "Take a chance on me, that's all I ask of you honey, take a chance on me!"

When it comes time to pull his chute, he tugs on the cord, and a little black parachute comes out, slowing his descent. If anyone were watching from the sky, they might see two little beady eyes in the parachute, and a red circle with a line down the middle. It's the logo of the Deadpool Corps.

Continuing to sing, " If you need me, let me know, gonna be around. If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down. If you're all alone when the pretty birds have flown. Honey I'm still free. Take a chance on me."

And then, they probably see him. He's hard to miss. What with landing on Doom's jet. Isn't that a violation of sovereign territory or something? Either way, it was really cool to see a guy drop out of the sky and land on one knee, one fist, and not look like it hurt.

"Excuse me," he reaches into his holsters, pulling out a pair of guns, "but could one of you fine agents direct me to the men's room? I have to tinkle."

Editor Wade: Please change the "men's" room to the "little merc's" room.

Colossus is just staring out the window, watching the little plays of drama as they unfold on the pavement. He's just about to turn away when Deadpool lands in a crouching pose, his reveal met with a squint of disbelief. Rasputin recognized Doom's iconic green hood and metal mask, but the bright red danger clown that is the Merc with the Mouth? That one is new to him still. He cups his large hands to block out the sun, peering through for a closer look. "What is going on?"

He looks to the reception desk to watch security's reaction, and judging by their very pensive expression as they duck outside, it's not ANYTHING that was planned.

A SHIELD Agent steps up to Colossus and says to him discreetly, "Don't reply. Don't look. Your talents are known to us and there might be trouble, your assistance would be appreciated if this escalates." The agent continues walking casually away.

"If you watch the news, you know why this level of protection is required. Please Doctor, we can talk formalities on the way to your embassy. Secure transport has been arranged." Natasha gestured towards a SHIELD SUV that was on station.

Even with Deadpool's arrival, she seems to be ushering Doom to get to the SUV. She doesn't draw her weapons yet as she recalls what she knew about the particular figure in front of her.

Around the airport, a half dozen snipers kept their scopes trained on Deadpool while undercover agents like the one who had spoken to Colossus waited in anticipation.

She shields DOOM, the irony of that not lost on her and says calmly to Deadpool, "The men's room is back the way you came." She could pray that Deadpool would leave on his own. She wasn't counting on it though.

There may have also been two cloaked Quinjets in the area, ready to light up Deadpool or aid in extraction if need be. Better to be prepared.

"Is he confirmed?"
"Confirmed. Human. That's Doom himself."
Two SHIELD agents confirm the actual identity of the man nearby, simply for protocol due to his reputation. They are already packing up when Deadpool makes his grand entrance.

"Schedules cannot wait, my business lies elsewhere than the embassy for starters," Doom corrects Natasha Romanoff with a polite nod in greeting.
As he begins to walk towards the SUV, there is absolutely no sign of hositility or hesitation. Doom knows why he is here. It's when the sudden arrival of a distraction occurs that Doom stops dead in his tracks. Deadpool manages to get the honor of receiving a very slow turn, and a glance from the man. Silence for a brief moment, and then simply turning around the moment Romanoff intercedes.
"I trust you can handle this without trouble, Widow."
Dooms words come almost as a rumble, loud enough for Natasha to hear it. He is actually leaving his safety up to her? Why was he posturing this way?

With half a dozen scopes trained on Deadpool, there's a decent chance he'll notice the little red dots. Sure, most of his costume is red, but there is black, and some of those are worth aiming at too.

Looking down at them, Wade counts out loud, "… seven… eight… nine…" then he looks towards what seems to be an invisible patch of sky, then another, "my common sense is tingling," and then he dodges.

He rolls to the left, falling off the roof of the jet. But before he hits ground, he pushes off, kicking against one of the windows, "those things are sturdier than I thought," and he fires his guns at some of the agents.

"Doctor D, I'm a big fan. If you wouldn't mind, it'd be neat to get your autograph before, you know, I have to go and kill you." But then Doom turns his back. "Hey, I was talking to you. Okay Mister Iron Pants, the gloves are off, metaphorically, not physically. These are one of my fifty favour pairs of gloves. But you get where I was going with this."

He runs and slides, going right between the strides of the monarch of the Lateveria, and getting a lovely view of Natasha's figure, "love the tank top and the yoga pants. But isn't that a little cliche these days?" And yep, he fires a bullet aimed right at Doom's head, or more specifically, the gap for the left eye.

Colossus looks as the Agent slides off to rejoin traffic, frowning. SHIELD, right? He looks back just in time to see the players show their hand, gunshoots and agents scrambling to intercept. The big Russian grunts, looking back to the security desk. Suddenly vacant. He takes the unspoken invitation, walking forward quickly and ducking past the curtain.

He drops down from a fall, turning to metal halfway through the drop, asorbing the impact without so much as a grimace. Then he starts running. Ever seen a nine foot tall man made out of metal running at full speed before? It's something of raw momentum and power, leaping over a security cart in one smooth motion.

Well, it wasn't a DoomBot, that was good and bad news Natasha thought to herself. It meant that Deadpool stood a slim chance of actually harming the man she was going to keep safe, at least it made things interesting.

"Then get in the vehicle." Natasha smiles faintly at Doom as Deadpool makes his grand attack.

The Agents still had yet to open fire, scrambling for cover as Deadpool attacks; although she couldn't speak for the other law enforcement. SHIELD wouldn't attack without orders.

She was here for an extraction, not a firefight.

As Deadpool fires on Doom she draws a pistol from her jacket with blinding speed and fires it in a two-handed grip.

What was she firing at?


Natasha's bullet hit Deadpool's bullet in mid-air stopping it just as Colossus was rushing onto the scene. Good, the agent inside had made contact; too bad no other metas were hanging around to provide a nice distraction.

If Doom already isn't in the SUV she's shoving him in, no joke.

Colossus vs Deadpool: Round 1, FIGHT!

If he was impressed, it was lost beneath that mask. What everyone else sees is a cold reality, Doom is not walking towards the SUV anymore. Instead, he is standing with his arms defiantly crossed as he glares down at Deadpool with silence. He isn't saying a word, he seems to be patiently waiting now. Gunfire, fast movement, not a single bit of it phased him. He had things to do after all, and now was waiting for the help to do her job.
Von Doom though is gradually becoming impatient at this whole scene.
The unexpected pressure from behind when Agent Romanoff began to actually touch him, actually shove him, well patience is one thing. Tolerating being manhandled is an entirely different matter.
"Be glad that you are on the side of Doom…"
He actually abides? He actually is getting into the SUV with her added rushing?!
Doom just allowed himself to be rescued.

Watching the bullet get hit by another bullet, Wade can't help but put his guns away, back into their holsters, and he slow claps. Then he looks to the other Agents and wonders why he isn't being shot at. "Do you guys get paid by the bullet these days, or is it just my charming… one sec." He could hear the approach of Colossus, he even saw it reflecting in Doom's armour.

"Crap, what do I do? Oh yeah, forward," he inches forward, "crouch," he crouches down, "inch forward," he moves along the ground, "and punch," which he does, timing it perfectly. He even shouts, "shoryuken!" and leaps up into the air as he tries to uppercut the charging Colossus. Except he isn't Ryu and this isn't Street Fighter.

He winches, "ow!" and shakes his hand as he feels like he broke a few fingers trying that upper cut. He probably even gets trampled by the Russian rushing, or is that rushing Russian? There's at least a thirty percent chance that it was one of those two.

With his one good hand, he tosses a few ninja stars, except these aren't your typical ones. They stick into the front wheel of the black SUV, and explode… it's a minor explosion. But he knows how tough S.H.I.E.L.D. wheels can be. He has had then drive over him a few times. One even backed up a few times.

Getting back to his feet, and still waving that hand around. The bones seem to have set. The skin grown back into place. And the bleeding stop. "See, that's why I wear red. I can't let the bad guys see me bleed, now can I? Wait, am I the bad guy this time, or am I just a misguided misanthropic mathematician who wants more money? That's silly, I'm not a mathematician. I'm Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth. Perhaps you've heard of me?"

Colossus jaw doesn't even tense as a fist collides into it. He's taken more than a handful of punches in his days, but the unexpecged tactic means that Deadpool slips away from a grasping hand. The towering Russian plants a foot, scraping pavement up with the sudden stop of his close to eight hundred pound frame. Boom, boom, boom. Shrapnel, bits of cart, and the first thermal layer of the SUV's reinforced tires peppers off his literally shiny crome dome. His left hand swipes soot off his face as he turns toward the voice, marking first its tone than the Merc's unreadable kinesics, every gesture impulsively brilliant in its expressiveness.

The silvery eyes of the mutant narrows as he stomps toward the generation's greatest crimson philospher, every step like chopping down a tree and watching it fall. There is one bit of information carefully extracted from the siloquy. The name. Colossus's leading hand swoops low to collide into Deadpool's chest, looking to send him flying and to smash against a nearby van. "I know you." He stomps after the fleshy projectile he made of his foe. "You will not enjoy this. It will not be over quickly."

If Doom hated being manhandled, he was going to hate being shoved through the back seat of the SUV after the door was closed by Natasha and back /out/ of the vehicle into a black corvette.

SHIELD had all the best toys.

Parked on the other side of the corvette was another SUV and they both took off as Colossus and Deadpool engage.

One of the SUV's skids as the tires blow out from Deadpool, but Natasha was already shifting the Corvette into third gear and taking of down the runway. Deadpool better hope this wasn't a flying car.

"Sorry. Our asset should be able to handle this." Once you were on SHIELD's radar you were an asset and whether Colossus knew it or not, his right place, wrong time was being used to Natasha's advantage.

The speedometer of the car is already at 140mph and climbing. Thank god for large open spaces.

Suddenly she decelerates and hits the emergency break, drifting the car around a set of hangars and disappearing out of sight, "Engage."

Deadpool finds himself under fire from the snipers and SHIELD Agents on the ground at this point. Thanks to the secrecy of all of this, there would be no news reports.

"And I was getting concerned."
Doom's sarcasm ripples through the air, his voice deafening inside the small car. The man was slightly impressed, the tenacity of one of the few Avengers he saw as a gnat was leaving a mark. He'll send her wine.
His eyes narrow a moment, as mid-drift and with complete calmness he turns his head to look at his personal chauffer. What comes out of that metal mouth next is delivered with the seriousness of an order of a man who should not be ignored.
"The plan is changing. Arrange a public press conference immediately. The location is to be Freedom Tower…"
"It is time Doom spoke to your nation properly."

The words are repeated, except they are said in an over the top thick faux Russian accent. "You will not enjoy this. It will not be over quickly. Wow, somebody's a fan of 300. But while I'm sure that there are plenty of fine upstanding gentleman who would be into the whole chrome plated motif, in fact, the guy in the green hoodie would be a perfect candidate, but you're not my type. But maybe you have a sister, do you? I bet you do. She's not all chromeified like you, is she? She's probably cute. Russian girls are always hot." He looks at Black Widow as she says that.

Moving away from Zangief, Deadpool pulls out his swords… wait, no, those were destroyed. Instead, he pulls out a golf club? "Even I'm wondering where I got this from, but when in Augusta, do as the Augustans." And he yells out, "Peredniy!" which is Russian for 'fore', before he takes a swing, bending his Titleist on the Russian's frame. "Buddy, that's coming out of your cut of the Doom Contract!"

Wait, is this just an act. Is Colossus really a gangster? Or was that just a beautiful dream, and ultimate dream if you will. Colossus was hitting on Wade, so there's at least a blurring of lines. And then he came under attack. Real attack. Not just metal bound mauler, but the kind that comes from sniper rifles. "Did," he begins dodging the fire, weaving this way and that, also trying to avoid being touched by Colossus. He knows that if he gets caught, he's a dead man. Okay, maybe not dead, but he might briefly wish he were.

"You," he continues to speak while evading Colossus and the bullets as best he can. He's quite proud of himself when he manages to position Colossus in such a way that bullet bounces back towards an agent after hitting Piotr's big burly buttocks. "Woohoo, I unlocked a new move!"

But with Doom gone, he's kind of wasting his time. "Well, it was fun kiddies, but Uncle Deadpool was hired to do a job, and since there's nothing good on TV, I'm going to do it." He fires a grappling hook into the air, trying to look like the Dark Knight, except he's at an air port, so… it's quite amazing when it actually hits something. A helicopter? No, not big enough. A drone!

Yep, Deadpool's being lifted up and off the ground by some kind of supped up drone. And that drone is following the flying Corvette.

Flying Corvette? Deadpool soon finds out, Colossus really hit him hard. There was no flying cars. He was way off Natasha's trail.

Colossus is pretty much used to being outsmarted and manipulated by pretty much every woman in his life anyway.

Colossus comes to a stop just a second before he can get his very large hands around Deadpool's very squishy head. As it happens, the man's grappling hook to a passing drone has him soaring off like a graceful ballerina. He works his jaw silently for a moment as he stands there glinting in the sun. He summarizes his day with some harsh syllables.

"The… fuck…."

Natasha had zero intention of carrying out Doom's orders, she didn't work for him. Her job was to get him out of the airport safely, avoid any international incidents and get him to his own embassy.

The Corvette is already out of the airport and moving through the streets through one of four routes that's been cleared by the NYPD.

"Big speech planned? What do you intend to tell the people Doctor?"

She made no mention of whether she was re-routing or intending to do any of this, but she was driving extremely fast.

At the airport, one of the Quinjet's follows Deadpool and his drone and when it's confirmed there are no witnesses in the area a rapid fire burst of machine gun fire takes the drone out.

An Agent shakes Colossus' hand and says, "Thank you for your assistance. You're free to go, the authorities won't be arriving."

"What your people don't want to hear, of course, Agent Romanoff."
The Doctor humors her, and simply settles back now. Luxury always had it's way of taking the metal man in. As he watched the clear streets ahead, he slowly steeples his encased hands in thought of what is to come. His driver has not a clue for his actual plans here in the States. He specifically contacted the U.S. Government for a reason. He's here on business after all. His eyes slowly shut behind his mask, musing over the happenings at the airport.
How amusing that was.

Natasha put on some music as the pair drove through the empty streets (Verve - Bittersweet Symphony) and while it played, a background program began to analyze and intercept Doom's communication frequencies.

Not long after they pulled up at the Latverian Embassy.

"Have fun with your speech Doctor."

When Doom was out of the car Natasha pulled away. Good thing she had so many chances to manhandle the doctor and place a few tiny trackers and bugs on different points on him.

She had no doubt he would find out in time, but hopefully it would be a few days.

The Latverian Embassy…
Doom's eyes narrow in annoyance. He gave a specific order. No matter. A single transmission later solved the problem of an unwilling participant simply wanting to rid herself of him.

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