Big Trouble In Little Chinatown

July 20, 2015:

What should have been a nice evening at Gotham's Chinatown turns into something decidedly not fun.

Chinatown - Gotham

Accessed through Gate Street by an aptly named giant ornate golden gateway
China Basin is a progressive location in Gotham that stylizes itself as
self-contained and independant from the rest of the city. Like anywhere in
Gotham it hosts it's own network of crime that is predominated by Asian
gangs large and small.

All along Gate Street are low situated buildings that are tightly packed
together with the occassional break in space for markets, restraurants, gift
shops, dojos and import businesses sprawl all throughout the district
flanked by tall buildings to skyskrapers that act as corporate and
residential housing.

China Basin transforms from day to night, during it's daylit hours the
traditional architecture of the Orient, the colors, theme and style can be
witnessed in full detail and at night neon lights turn on, beacons fire up,
glowing dragons, arcades, clubs and China Basin's high-tech neo-Tokyo
fashion bursts in to existence. Almost like Hong Kong's night and day
culture, China Basin Gotham hosts a similar way of existance. Much akin to
the new taking over the old from light to dark.


NPCs: Gang members



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

It has been a while since Cassie's been in Gotham. Not that she lives too far away, the trip between Gotham and NYC made all the shorter since she can fly, but she has been busy. Getting set up for college and all that entails and helping her mom with work has been pretty time-consuming but she has finally been able to get away and make some time for some fun.

After a quick trip over the river Cassie has been playing 'tourist' here, Gotham still fairly new to her, enough so to allow for much of the city to be exciting and totally worthy of exploring. Unfortunately it also pegs her as not being a Gothamite as she's looking around, mouth open and eyes wide. It's pressing close to dinner time, a fact she's made aware of due to the growling of her stomach, it loud enough to embarrass her. "Okay… I guess food is the logical next step now that I'm done shopping." Question: where should a girl visiting Gotham on her on eat…?

Gotham is really a beautiful city by day. Soaring skyscrapers of ashey white stone. Art Deco meets Baroque stylings in a modern style that's not found anywhere else on earth. Gotham is a city where the past collides against the present and is dabbled with a generous sprinkling of the future. Nowhere in Gotham is that more evident than in it's Chinatown area.

In Chinatown, one can experience everything one might expect from the cities of eastern Asia. Crowded streets, unable to be driven upon, due to the sheer number of pedestrians and street vendors, all lined with strings of paper lanterns and banners written in varying logograms such as the Chinese hanzi, the Japanese Kanji, and the Korean hanji. A few of the shops bear the sweeping and circle-accented markings of the Thai alphabet. Here, one will find high rise apartments, overcrowded and practically built into each other, with lines of laundry weaving back and forth between open windows. You'll see traditional Asian architecture, homes built in traditional chinese style, or restaurants made to appear in the Japanese pagoda style. Neon lights cast everything in a multi-colored hue, even during the day, and the music from shops, bars, and even street performers is almost deafening, all trying to outdo the others to be the one that draws the ears of the passerbys.

But Chinatown is also home to some of the most violent gang strife. Here, Korean Kkangpae clash against the Chinese Triads and Tongs, who in turn are locked in a battle against the organized efforts of the Japanese Yakuza. At night, these neon lit streets become dark and all too often stained with blood.

Cassie's wandered into this place, at the witching hour. The sun is starting to set, making the shadows of the crowded and claustrophic buildings seem darker and more all-encompassing. The neon has started to bathe everything in it's hazy nimbus of electric light. The street vendors are making their final push to sell visitors their junky little trinkets, or their steaming, delicious pork buns.

But also, the criminal element is starting to loiter about on the streets, looking for easy marks. Marks like a pretty blonde girl walking down the way, gawking at everything in slack-jawed wonder. She might not even notice the way the trio of young men, clad in track suits sporting the colors of the Golden Dragons, begin to follow her with hungry eyes and careful movements. She might not notice how that ramen-cart vendor starts to call out to her to offer her a bowl of overdone noodles, but then sees her stalkers and goes about closing his cart up for the evening with a look of abject terror.

But Red Robin does.

Overhead, on a rooftop covered in red ceramic tiles, he watches with glowing white eyes, the only thing that breaks up the shadowy darkness of his silhouette against the backdrop of the orange sherbet skies that the sunset has provided. He's been cracking down on the local gangs here. He's been focusing his efforts, particularly on the Golden Dragons. They're a gang mostly made of Chinese American youths and emigrants that are beholden to the Triads back in Hong Kong. They've been pulling ahead on the local street wars under the leadership of a mysterious figure known as Lynx. Red Robin is trying to find this Lynx and put an end to all of this, so he's been shaking down their members, attacking their operations and generally proving to be a thorn in their sides with every opportunity he has.

Yeah, Cassandra might not be looking around and being situationally aware like she should be. That is, she isn't being such at first. But she happens to glance at a large window of a shop just at the right time, allowing for her to catch sight of the three men who are following her. Nifty thing about being a girl with the kind of friends she grew up with is the fact that she has seen quite a few martial arts movies, more than enough to know what those matching track suits means. Heaving a sigh of amusement, Cassie decides to have some fun with them.

Returning to obliviousness, this time doing so as an act, the girl turns down an alleyway, expecting those mooks to follow her, the intention being to try and make it seem like she has taken a wrong turn. Thankfully her hands are mostly free, what bags she does have being those that can be set down easily if… when it comes time for a fight, something she is looking forward to with a small amount of eagerness. The other hero who is watching from his vantage point is not yet noticed.

As Cassie turns down the alleyway, the three men approach the entrance to it. They stop, look around to see if anyone is watching, and talk in hushed voices amongst themselves. Finally, with a shared chuckle, they turn, and begin walking down behind her.

"Hey, girl," One of the men says, his voice so heavily accented that his English sounds clipped and unnatural. He obviously has problems with the L sound. "You look like you want to have some fun. My friends and I were just thinking that we could show you a good time. Welcome you to Chinatown."

All three of them get grins on their faces. The kinds of grins that say that they're not really looking to treat her like a lady.

Meanwhile, overhead…

Red Robin darts across the rooftops, his heavy boots making the tiles underfoot clink and crack. He leaps, easily clearing a twenty foot chasm down into the street below, to land on the balcony of a high-rise apartment building that overlooks the alleyway. A small boy peeks his head out the window, and looks at Red Robin as he claims a perch on the railing. Red Robin looks back to the boy and offers a bright smile, before putting a finger to his lips to signal him to stay quiet. Then, he points down to the quartet in the alleyway.

Down below…

The Golden Dragons progress slow, but steadily, towards Cassie, and the "big brother" of the group is talking again. "You see, girl… It's real dangerous down here if you don't know where you're going. There are all kinds of bad seeds. You're very lucky that we came across you first. The Golden Dragons are the strongest in Chinatown. We'll take real good care of you. But we need to eat, too, yeah? So we'll need to take a fee."

They're almost up on her now. The other two circle out to either side, flanking Cassie, while the third, the leader, remains in front of her. He reaches out his hand, palm up, and lifts his brows, waiting expectantly.

"Only three of you guys? I am disappointed. I am not happy if there isn't at least five."

The joke, semi-suggestive as it is, is spoken without a hint of amusement, this being Cassie in one of her more serious moods. The seriousness is added to by the frown and the tension that now tightens her muscles along her shoulders and down her arms, the Amazon-inspired heroine preparing for a fight. "You obviously don't know how to talk to a lady so I think it's time I teach you how to be polite."

The leader is grabbed by the hand and then hefted up over Cassie's head, his weight nothing that causes her a struggle. "Now see? You have gone and made me angry, boys. Perhaps this will teach you a lesson." Turning quickly, the guy gets literally thrown at his friends. He better hope like mad that the other guys are good at playing catch, otherwise he just might wind up with broken bones. Same with Thing 1 and Thing 2, if they're not paying attention.


Red Robin mutters to the kid, "Now, they're in for it."

The kid watches, his eyes wide, as Cassie just lifts the tall man up overhead like he weighs nothing. "Whoah…"

Down below…

The lead thug is taken aback when Cassie makes her move for his hand. He starts to swing with an open palm slap to her face, but he's already being drawn in and lifted up. Suspended and relatively helpless, he's a mess of frantically flailing limbs, and a wellspring of inovative curse words spoken in Cantonese. When he's thrown, he goes soaring right into his compatriots, who manage to absorb most of the impact with their clumsy attempt to catch him, but they wind up flat on their bums on the ground, with their leader sprawled out across their laps.

"Well?" He asks the other two, before shouting, in Cantonese, "«Get the blonde headed hooker, already!»"

He rolls off their laps, and the other two scramble to their feet. They both come rushing in, in unison. At least they're not trying the typical thug tactic of attacking only one at a time. That's something, right?

The leader stands up, and reaches into the waistband of his track pants, retrieving a long machete he had stashed down the length of his thigh. He lifts it overhead and makes a mad dash…

Only to fall flat on his face. Something he latched onto his foot and snapped tight, sending him sprawling across the ground face first, and sending the machete clacking across the broken pavement of the alley.

"Wha-?" he starts, but the question is cut off by his sharp yelp of terror as he's suddenly drug backwards across the ground, away from the brawl and then lifted up into the air to hand swinging and suspended from a grapple line.
From afar, Clarissa will do!

"Oh come on. I could do this without help!"

That's yelled at by Cassie who is looking up, perhaps anticipating the interference being from Batman or one of his ilk. As she says this she proves her point by taking the machete which she then distroys, all it taking to do that is by bending the metal in against itself, rolling it up like one might a sushi roll. At the end there's no way anyone's going to be able to use it for much of anything.

When she takes a quick head count she can't help but to notice that two of those thugs are still up. Tossing the ruined blade to the side, Cassie glares, looking as intimidating as one who just bent metal with her bare hands can at any rate. "Now, you two have a choice. You can either give up your life of crime and turn yourselves into the police or you can deal with me. I can't promise you'll come out of it unscathed if you try to fight me, though. Been a while since I last fought. I probably forgot how to hold back." Her knuckles are given a crack or two before she moves in, crying out.

The other two seem unswayed by the display of strength from the girl. They already got on board with that idea when she tossed the leading man into them so easily. They're scared, sure, but less scared of her than they are of Lynx. They can't run away. So they go on the attack.

Golden Dragon Member 2 comes rushing at Cassie, making a fierce shout at the top of his lungs as he leaps into the air and comes barreling at her with a flying heel kick. Golden Dragon Member 3 comes in low, diving for the ground behind Cassie's legs to just kneels there on all fours. TEAMWORK! The idea to be to have the kicking guy knock Cassie into the guy behind her and send her toppling.

Meanwhile, Cassie still hasn't seen hide, nor hair, of any Bat-kin running about. Red Robin is neatly tucked away into another pocket of shadow from the rapidly descending sun, watching the rest of the game go on.

Well. That's bullshit. Using dirty tactics along with formal martial arts? The former she could deal with but the latter? She hasn't had any kind of combat training so she's a bit screwed here. Grumbling, the kick makes contact, sending the blonde ass over tea kettle, as her mom would probably put it, the trick doing wonders on getting Cassie on her back on the ground.

Very many would have the wind knocked from them, the air driven from their lungs due to the impact but not her. No, there's barely even a grunt when her back makes contact with the dirty street. The guy she tripped over will probably wish she was stunned, however, as she's quickly kicking him in the ribs, just once and carefully, not wanting to break any which might cause him internal damage. At the worst he'll have some bruising and perhaps soreness when he tries to inhale but he should be alright.

The guy she kicks kind of flops over to his side, but he's scrambling back up to his feet to meet with his buddy to bum rush the fallen girl and just start showering kicks down on her. It's about this time that the entrance to the alleyway starts getting flooded with people, all young men and women, all wearing track suits or modern, leather racing jackets that depict the symbols of the Golden Dragons. Seems that the cavalry has arrived for the gangsters.

Overhead, for the moment, Red Robin lurks, watching…w ondering how Cassie will get herself out of this sizeable pickle.

Right. This is not good. She's invulnerable, not totally invincible, so it is possible to hurt her. Would just take some time. Sigh. "Okay. So there's one of me and… how many of you?" Great. Yeah. She's so. screwed. Looking around, she starts to swing a few punches but it's quite easy to see that she's not going to come out of this without some kind of injury.

Now would be a good time to help her out, whoever is standing around watching her fight. Poorly.


The crack of small explosives sounds almost like firecrackers going off. One is centered in the mass of people cramming themselves into the alley, while the other collides with the ground just next to Cassie herself. Soon, thick, gray smoke begins to issue forth from the broken capsules, thick and pluming, to the point where it's impossible to see through. The narrow dimensions of the alleyway itself only work to contain the smoke between the walls of the buildings, turning the entire pathway into one long column of smoke within a matter of seconds.

"«It's him! The Red Robin!»" someone shouts.

"«There's too many of us! He can't hope to defea-AUGH!»"

Thwack! Tonk! Kaplow! The sounds of the scuffle are fast and intense. It sounds slightly reminescent of a gym, filled with people grunting and huffing and straining. The sound of meat slapping stone, and of celery crunching mingled in, with groans and shocked noncommital sounds of pain.

And then, Cassie is grabbed. She might hear the faint sound of her bags being grabbed, too, as the panicked sounds of Chinese gangbangers from the alley indicates that they've turned on one another. The soft sound of compressed air preceeds the sharp jerk that sends her, laid out over a shoulder, propelling into the air until they clear the smoke and land on a nearby rooftop.

Her rescuer is none other than Red Robin, who sets her back on her feet and drops her bags. His metallic flanged, robotic voice spills from his lips softly. "I have to admit. I thought you had that handled."

Erk! The surprise of the timely rescue causes Cassie to make that comical sound, it paired with a struggle. Thankfully the one saving her is able to get her set down before it came to punches being thrown. Brushing herself off, she looks at Red Robin and smiles, grateful for his saving her bacon even if she doesn't say so right away.

"Hey. Yeah. Well," she says with a causal shrug once the debris from the ground is removed from her clothes and hand, or at least as much as she can. Back still might need to be brushed off. "I did have it up until the point their friends came to crash the party." Blushing, she reaches up and places a hand at the back of her head. "Thanks for the save. I owe you one."

He waves the thanks and owing one statement off with a casual gesture of his hand, stalking back to the edge of the rooftop. Theatrics. He takes a power stance, one boot lifted to the ledge of the building, his cape billowing in the wind. The smoke has started to clear down below, and the Golden Dragons have realized that they're mostly fighting each other by now.

"Go home." He says in a voice that is as authoritive as it is intimidating. "Tell Lynx that I'm coming. You will hurt my city no more!"

With that, he turns around and comes walking back to her, letting the smile start to form at the corners of his lips. "We should get out of here. Meet me up there?"

He points one finger of a black gauntleted hand up towards the spire at the top of one of the Kyoto Towers. "We'll be able to talk more freely. Don't forget your bags."

He's already launching a grapple line to another, taller building, swooping down from this roof and swinging high into the sky before releasing and letting his cape carry him aloft to glide on updrafts.

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