Nightmare Dice

April 05, 2015:

Tokyo Nightmare takes on the Egg-roll Boyz. Zee, Rain, Spearhead and The Fox happen upon the scene. They may be a newting

Chinatown - Gotham


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Life is cheap in Gotham, hell these days life is cheap in alot've places but especially here. So nobody so much as blinks at the trio of tough looking guys standing on a street corner in Chinatown, well nobody who lives around here anyway. Some folks may know whats what here though, the technical term would be "Seriously criminal shit". These are the Egg-roll boyz(their spelling not mine), a trio of exceptionally violent young triad wanna be punks who -usually- sling meth. Today though, well they're getting ready to sling something way more dangerous than Meth. Dragon Dice is what they're called.

They call them Dragon dice, because they're dice supposedly carved from the teeth of a dragon. Thats probably a stretch, but the dice are infact legit. They allow the owner to gamble with another man's soul, or something it's sort've unclear. They're legit heavy weight magical items however, which is worrisome because the real thing was allegedly stolen three days ago from an eastern medicine shop who was apparently trying to destroy the things. For now though, the Egg-Rolls don't have these nasty dice.

No they're waiting for another hood entirely, one just called "The Bag Man". He was a motorcycle bound courier who was basically UPS to the supervillians of the world, he's the guy you want to transport your goods if you're worried about them getting lifted or yourself getting arrested. A shadowy heavy hitter, and well some might be interested more just to get a shot at the Bag-Man.

Which is why when Sho rolls up on that murdered out GSXR-750, the Egg-rolls just glance around suspiciously before calmly walking his way. Calmly he sits up in the saddle, before producing a ripped half of a dollar bill and holds it up. "Give me your half, if you want what's supposedly yours."yep, that's sho. Albeit in Disguise, but well who the fuck can tell with bikers?

Gotham is so not Rain's favorite place. While it was a damn good source of income when she was homeless, she's never going to be a fan. But her significant other works here, so Rain finds herself here more these days. That, and she did used to look after a lot of magic and such when she was here. While the gap's more than been/being filled, something feels off today. Captain is tagging along, riding on the back of the broomstick. If Spearhead wants, she'll put a cushion on for him so he doesn't end up singing soprano.

But the idea of some track suited or sword waving schmo with soul rending dice is a bit unnerving. "I think it was - They like motorcycles or something…" She's trying to remember, but the rumors should lead them along towards Sho. Rain won't approach juuust yet, though.

Spearhead sneaks into the alleyway from the corner of yet another alleyway, and sneaks so that he can view what's going on, he either came here with Rain and accepts the cushion, he had her drop him off a bit before the scene, and sets up shop. He pulls out three silencers and puts two on his pistols, and one on his AR, then pulls a forth out, and skrews it into place on his marksman rifle as he watches the scene before him, HUD scanning the faces and a program running them through a Facial recognition software database from various agencies in the area, the main one being GCPD, and watching, waiting for a good moment to strike, and good info for a good decision.

Zees no stranger to China Town, especially since moved back into Shadowcrest, so it's no surprise really to find the teen magi haunting the streets and looking out for trouble. Dressed in figure hugging leather trousers, black crop top, short black denim jacket, high heel knee high boots with buckles, her diamond encrusted collar and the emerald pendulum at her left hip is the only colour she sports.

News of the missing dice have reached her through contacts in the magical world, and whilst she's aware of them, she's also not out looking for them just yet.

As she strolls along the street, the big motorcycle rolls past her and stops, the behaviour of the rider and the others causing Zee to stop and watch….

The trio approach and out comes a torn half dollar bill, which the rider casually inspects. That, is when shit goes right off the beaten path. It's like somone flipped a switch, those in tune with magical energy can feel it instantly. It's the sort've raw magical horsepower you don't see everyday, hell most won't feel anything like it in their lives. You can almost taste it, feel it against your skin. This isn't just some skilled wizard or whatever, this is way beyond that. This is downright divine in nature, and then it begins to manifest. Theres a furious gust of wind, which tears that half dollar bill away and throws it down the street. The temperature drops immediately like, fifteen degrees as the manifestation draws raw thermal energy from the surroundings. Street lamps surge, before exploding followed by a sudden burst of light all over the block. Before every single electrical device, or battery powered device just goes dead. Thats when the cherry blossoms begin to fall, brilliant red petals fall like fat red snowflakes.
It's understandable that the Eggroll boyz entirely miss the biker settle his bike, and climb off with a soft sigh. They do however look his way the moment he open's his mouth. "It is a sin to act in opposition to the will of heaven, you have angered the gods with your foolish endeavors and must pay for the insult."
-Fwoof-, an explosion of neon pink -GLOW IN THE DARK- smoke erupts where that biker stood, and well. That armor is caught somewhere between a Samurai and the stereotypical ninja, brilliant red and white in a neat floral cherry blossom motif. It'd be more strange than menacing if it wasn't for that mask, snarling and animalistic in some vaguely feline format. Those in "the know" might recognize that visage, it's the same as the huge stone guardians who stand outside the Shinto wind god's shrine. Anyway, theres a sheathed sword in his off hand, and yes folks. There is a god damned -NINJA- standing in the middle of the street amid a flurry of falling cherry blossom petals. Can you blame the Egg-roll boyz for just, standing there?

Okay, Rain's died and ended up in a wuxia film or something. She's not a film student but…

She doesn't think long, feeling the raw magic, the cold and well, it's hard not to notice everything going full anime. She blinks as the ninja reappears. Interesting. She seems somewhat familiar with it. And Rain is going to blink, watching the exchange. "Holy ninjas. Hey, still not as many as in New York. Really no idea why they all keep trying to kill that lawyer guy." Captain ponders this. The witch chrugs. "Wait, is that Zee?" It is. She's going to bring her broomstick in closer to see what's going on.

Spearheads HUD goes dead, and inside his helmet, he hisses, "Shit!" He gropes for one of his handguns, slinging the AR and Marksman rifle over his shoulder, he aims in the general direction of the scene. The cold hits him and he pauses a moment, adjusting to the change, and then continues to aim, keeping the barrel of his gun at an equal distance to Pull onto any one of the four before him, not sure who to aim at yet…

The feel of the magic in the air has Zee stepping back slightly, nearly dazed. The appearance of the Ninja in the street has her canting her head as she strides forward, ready herself for whatever is to come. Tapping her earpiece, Zee uses the Titans teamspeak app "Titans, we have a magical Ninja and 3 guys about to slug it out down in Gothams Chinatown. I'm not quite sure what's going on, but assistance would be helpful." As she's speaking, Zee also lets her mind connect to the Emerald pendulum on her left hip and thinks a similar message to her Primal Force team mates.

She's not seen Rain yet, but the witch will easily be able to catch the Mistress of Magic.

As she draws nearer, Zee angle herself so she's positioned to the side of the group "Hello there, is something wrong?" she calls out.

The Egg-roll fellows blink back after Zee for a split second, before they finally get rolling. One goes for the revolver in his shorts, as another unzips his jacket to reveal the sawed off SKS stashed there. The third, well he turns to run. The Ninja swings that sword upwards, grasping the hilt finally as gloved fingers touch the release. With an audible -CLACK- the sheathe of that sword is shot foreward curtesy of a 120lb valve spring, and it hits -hard-. Ploughing into the wrist of the punk going for his revolver, and well theres a compound fracture and oh lord no not fatal but theres blood everywhere! The Revolver tumbles away, and Tokyo's already cleared the distance and gotten into the fray. Holy shit he's quick!
The guy with the SKS has just enough time to get a shot off, and immediately theres a sharp metallic -Crack- of the impact as Tokyo swats the bullet away. The damage is done though, he's got the range to finally use that sword at-least and down it comes. Cuffing the guy just above the ear with an audible -whump- that's sufficiently solid enough to shatter the already damaged sword blade. The majority of the blade goes tumbling away, before embedding itself in the side of a nearby mailbox. The blow connected though, thats obviously a sharp impliment but Mr.Sks still has his head attached. Even if he slumps to the floor, he's alive and breathing. However this leaves the third man to sprint away.

"I'm not sure, I was looking after a wayward magical item that might be devouring souls nonconsentually," Rain offers. Captain grunts. "I think we have their attention," He remarks as the two hover in near Zee. The two blink as the ninja does his thing. "We'd say hi but -" Ew. Some dude just totally got owned, and is gonna have to use his other hand for most stuff.She's going to try to turn the guy into a newt, as he sprints away.

At least the ninja seems helpful. Rain's spell might not be fast enough, depending. But then, no one ever said tackling and newtings were exclusionary.

Spearhead Intercepts the Third Egg roll boy as he sprints away from the scene, but towards him, he sprints out of the alleyway from the third man's side, and sprints to intercept him and goes to tackle him, brandishing a telescoping police baton! weather or not he manages this befoe Rain turns him into a newt, or if he gopes flying over the now newt and faceplants it into the asphault, is debatable… And he still keeps an eye out for the sword wielding ninja, not sure if this is good, or if its something similar to criminal and criminal stuff, it happens, and Spearhead isn't going to judge, but he also isn't taking chances, keeping aware for the figure.

"Hey Rain and I think we do Captain." Zee doesn't take her eyes off of the four, now three in front of them. The shot from the sawn off has her flinching and making to move towards cover before seeing what the Ninja does.

Assuming Rain is aiming for the one running away, Zee steps into the way of the Ninja in front of her, waiting for him to make his next move. She's not going to use magic unless she really has to.

There's a clatter of hooves up the street. Well, you know, if something magical is happening in Gotham's Chinatown there's a good chance that The Fox be aware of it. He's a little late to this particular party but he has arrived. And he has his own sawwed off already brandished in his hands. He does pause for a moment to see what in the name of all that is good and green is going on though.

The runner gets tackled to the ground, and yaknow what? It's an entirely legitimate -solid- hit before -poof-. He's newted. Talk about your unexpected ends to a fight, right? Tokyo however, well seems a little more difficult to predict than a sprinter. With a pair of punks laying at his feet, he seems entirely content to just stand there with an earie stillness. Finally tossing the hilt of that sword to the ground, before turning to focus that gaze on Zee. Hard to read because well, theres no real clear eyes filling in the mask's eyeholes and the body language seems rather casual. Then well, oh hey that Fox guy gets a casual little chin lift from behind the mask. "Wanna see a card trick?"Giving his wrist an audible -snap- to produce a neat deck of cards from seemingly thin air, but well theres no pop of magic there. That then, is good and proper sleight of hand!
Theres a neat black parked CBR, there is a city block plunged into darkness. Two men KO'd on the ground at Tokyo's feet, and well Spearhead and Rain just seemingly punked the number three. So yeah, sort've typical night in chinatown really.

… Rain really should warn Spearhead about that sometimes. She winces as he faceplantackles a newt. Well, the newt had it coming. There's an owlish blink. A card trick? Ninjas confuse Rain. "Well, at least he seems to have a cat motif." Captain's down with cat motifs. "Hey, ninjaman, that newt's gonna get better. Might wanna - prepare for that," The cat offers. They always get better…

And then there's the Fox on his Elk (on a planet in a universe). A polite wave. "So um, who are you?" A peer at the ninja. Definitely not one of the usual, dances one at a time ninjas.

And yes, Rain wanders over to help poor Spearhead up.

Awsome, no faceplant while tripping over a newt, that would have been a bit had to swallow telling people at work, 'How'd you get messed up?' 'I tripped on a newt.' Yeah-no…. he watches as the little dazed newt falls, and he catches the newt eggroll. He glances at the Ninja, Sure, seems nice, but so do psychopaths and schizophrenics…. He holds up the newt, though, and regards it, "You know? they're kinda cool looking once you turn them into newts, and if they could stay like this, could be alot better than prisons, a terrarium…."

Reaching out with her senses, Zee lets her magic touch Tokyo… a gentle test, nothing more and she frowns slightly at what she detects. The Ninja's sleight of hand has her raising an eyebrow "Depending on how you answer my friend, maybe we can talk shop sometime." Her head cants in an interested manner. The sound of those familiar hooves, a smile and a wave… "Fancy meeting you here, Fox. Do you know this person?"

Sadly, in The Fox's experience, people who turn into newts tend to get better. It's an energy thing. Expending the kind of energy to keep someone in an unnatural form is taxing. Though he's only schooled in one form of magic, so maybe Rain's is different? The druid rides forward like a fantasy-old-West sheriff, resting the sawwed off on his lap. "I see I wasn't needed this time around. Hello Zee." He glances around nodding to Rain, Spearhead and the Tokyo Nightmare. "So… who the hell are these people?"

"I am a mere servant, I have taken no name as this would be personal vanity. I have been called however, and they call me the Tokyo Nightmare."The Ninja works those cards in a neat shuffle, -very- fast hands on this one. "They are known as the Egg Roll Boyz, Boys spelled with a Z because that apparently makes them cool. They robbed a temple collection box, and attempted to steal a powerful magical artifact. Would you like me to hand over the item they came here to retrieve, the Dragon Dice?"Tokyo works the cards back and fourth, before fanning the deck out for Zee to see. "Take a card."The oldest trick in the book, right here.

Rain tilts her head. "I would imagine she'd want to give it back to the temple, since guarding that sort of thing is a pain but I'm not about to put words in anyone's mouth." She looks between the two. "Mr. Ninja, then." She pauses as Fox asks who Spearhead is, "This is Spearhead. And yeah, but they don't…" Rain shakes her head at Spearhead. "I think it started in Britain, actually." Funny how that all works. She doesn't push much.

Spearhead walks over to Rain and stands by her. He puts out his right hand to shake the hand of 'Fox' and after that, puts his arm around Rain, and watches the Tokyo Nightmare preform his card tricks. He isn't watching for how, but watching for if anything happens unexpectedly with the cards and the ninja, with things that happen, he's wondering if a card will explode or open a portal dimension to hell or something like that…

"Well, yes, Z's making cool, obviously." Zatanna kind of blinks at that and then nods to Rain "They should be returned to the Temple. From what I sense about you, you're probably the right one to do that." Much easier than trying to work out wardings and the like.

Spearheads approach and his arm around Rain, gets a small smile from the teen magi (way to go, Rain!). "How long before the newt get's better, Rain? Once he's transformed again, we can cuff him." A questioning glance at The Fox "Still not keen to send them to Gotham PD?" if not, what are they going to do with him when the newting expires?

As Tokyo fans the deck in front of her, Zee looks at it and then back up at the Ninja. Shrugging a little, she selects a card from somewhere near the middle. She's not detecting any magical power from the deck… the power from the Ninja is something else, entirely.

Tokyo nods softly, turning his head to the side. "Alright, note the card and shuffle the deck if you please?"Offering over the whole deck of cards, talk about ancient magic tricks. "It was stolen from a store, actually. Such things are not kept at a Shinto Shrine, a Buddhist shrine perhaps but this is not my area of expertise. Just the same, you're awfully trusting considering you just bumped into me don't you think?"It's a regular enough deck of cards, thick cardstock and slick as ice. These aren't playing cards, though they look like them. This is an illusionist's deck, this is the sort've thing you can't even find in most magic shops. This is the sort've thing that most magicians make themselves, or have made for them. They usually have their own set of tricks as well, but well thats half the fun. "I would prefer their arrest, I suffer from an ill-deserved reputation already. I do not wish to import such misunderstandings."

The Fox shakes Spearhead's hand with a smile. "Still haven't cracked that one. The Bat is convinced that they're going to illegal SRD detention centers wherein they're being experimented upon." Which leaves vigilantes without very many good options. But the fact is that, yes, vigilante collars aren't going to the PD. PD isn't even taking them. "I'm fine with you returning it, Tokyo, if you've a mind to."

Rain looks quietly amused. Though, she smiles back to Zee (Thanks, Zee). "About an hour or so. Usually. Depends on how resistant he is," Rain considers. Rain watches the card game a moment, before looking to the Fox and Spearhead. She leans a little against the best newt tackler in the land. She ahs, frowning at Fox's words. "That's… not good." She watches the group quietly a moment.

Spearhead Tilts his head for awhile, thinking… after everyone finishes speaking, he pipes up, "I could probbably work something out, I can get him locked up… a bit of paperwork, though…" though the others except Rain, might not know, he is GCPD, and might have a chance of slipping the guy into a cell, and making up som paper work to get him in for a bit, might not be a trial, but it would keep him out of the streets. Right?

"I'll let the Fox explain it, but I don't think it will help, Spearhead." No, she has no idea he's GCPD but even if she did, it probably wouldn't help. "Bumped into you and sensed your magic… I have a reasonably good sense of you already." Memorising the card, Zee takes the deck and shuffles it as expertly as Tokyo. Come on, she's been doing that type of stuff ever since she can remember. Handing the deck back, Zee looks over to Rain and then to The Fox "Could you scare him, like you did those boys the other week?"

"If everyone agrees that's what should be done, sure." Unlike many the Fox won't force his methods on others. "If Spearhead thinks he's got something that'll work, then I'm fine with that." He doesn't want to know the details, though. He really doesn't. Zee's words get a glance over to Toyko. He'd suspected the guy had magic and that confirms it.

Tokyo accepts the card back, and gives them a deft shuffle before with another -SNAP- of the wrist? Well he fans the deck out, and every single card there is the right one. Subtle variation of an old trick, until he rolls those cards back together. Then very neatly he takes the deck of cards in both hands, and -RIPS- it in half before extending half to pour a pair of dice and a little slip of paper out into Zee's hands. "Your forte I suspect, is not so different from mine. Always did love western illusionists, patterned most of my techniques off of things I saw at magic shows."

Rain looks to Spearhead, and hms. "That might be easier said than done. But I'll leave it to you guys. You have about an hour to decide," Rain remarks. At least, that's roughly how long it'll be before the newt denewtifies. Rain tilts her head. She's not a big stage magician. "Yeah, sure. I can always turn into a bear and run him off if I need to," She remarks. "I'm honestly fine with whatever is decided." She's not the newt-judge. Tokyo's magic makes her a little curious in turn. "Neat. And thanks for your help," She offers to the ninja and everyone.

Spearhead has his methods, and this /shouldn't/ be too hard to get him into the system, and a just sentence. He is no judge, but he's also not too terribly cruel. And after pulling together some various resources, manages to get the guy behind barrs, and in the system. Quietly. That is, when he leaves here. For now, he holds the newt and waits for the verdict, holding the inert newt… too bad they didn't stay newts, or Spearhead might have a huge newt tank…

Zee doesn't particularly care either way… if the SRD has their claws in that deep, they'll all see the guy back on the street in time. "Whatever works for all you. The police are the better way to go under normal circumstances. Zee see's The Fox glance at Tokyo and nods slightly as she looks at the deck of cards and then the D20's, Tokyo hands to her.

A small frown furrows her brow and she glances to those in the group "They're fake… no magic, nothing mystical. It was all an illusion." Looking up at Tokyo, the frown deepens "the question is why? From what I understand of your power, you skirted the restrictions very closely, I assume it was worth it." Zee shows the dice to Rain and Kane, if they want to take them, they can.

"Because I could not find the thieves, any other way. They robbed the temple thinking it had some, great and powerful artifacts. Once I understood their goal, I presented them with an alternative to locate them. They sought the dragon dice, so I bought some dragon dice for them. No undue injuries, no collateral damage, the relics stolen will be returned now that I know whom they are. Deception, misdirection and outright distraction are always preferable to simple violence when possible."Tokyo finally takes a step back, lifting a gloved hand to give an audible snap of the fingers. Instantly that power just vanishes, leaving a black leather clad biker with his face shield down. "I suppose I could just start randomly beating and interrogating next time if there is some cultural expection of violence I've left unsatisfied here."

Rain is quiet, listening. And somehow the idea of Spearhead with a huge newt tank kind of makes her laugh on the inside. She looks between them. "Huh. I got a bag of dice at home, I'm good, thank you." She looks to Tokyo. "I see. That's an interesting way of doing it. And hey, you shouldn't let people's cultural expectations dictate your behavior. If that were true, I'd have a lot more warts and try to eat children or whatever," She waves a hand. Though, Rain does fulfill a lot of witchy stereotypes. Just not all of them!

Captain snorts. "It was a bit unorthodox, but be careful with that kind of thing. Even if it's well intentioned, people don't necessarily like feeling duped." Rain pets the orange tabby.

Spearhead chuckles, "Well, Mr. Tokyo, I might be a violent person by nature and default to beating and shooting because I do it well, but it does do me good to see things resolved in the way you described." It seems Spearhead can relate to the way of thought, oddly enough. He also chuckles at Rain listing witch stereotypes.

Zee shrugs slightly "I was more commenting on the restrictions on your use of power." Most restrictions don't stop magic users doing things… they instead, have a big cost for breaking them, it can get messy. "I meant no disrespect, just trying to understand." Zee smiles a little at Rains commentary and a little more at Captains.

The change back to black leather clad biker gets barely a blink of surprise.

The Fox nods slowly. Yep, that's Tokyo. "Well, seems like you have things well in hand, the four of you. Is there any further way I can be of assistance or…?" If not he'll get on with his patrol and be on his way.

"The easy, safe way is not the correct way. The Honorable Lord Fujin desires his Servants undertake the tasks which are most difficult, so they may demonstrate his glory through their victories. There is a heavenly game in play, which is why I do not kill my enemies. Killing is easy, it's trivial in terms of effort required. In antiquity we accounted ourselves well through the use of lethal techniques, but this progressed to a state where it was simply too easy. Taking an opponent alive, is more difficult and thus more glorious."Sho offers a shrug, before moving to climb back onto that GSXR and gives it a crank to fire up the bike. "There are two ways up every mountain, the easy way and the correct way. It is wise to examine your actions to determine which path you have taken."

Rain rubs the back of her head. "Fair enough. Just try not to make too many enemies. Enough wind erodes even a huge mountain, you know?" She offers. "No one is saying run around and beat up or kill people," She points out. "Just be careful with the sleight of hand. You might run into someone who doesn't appreciate it so much. Still, good luck. Nice to meet you," She waves. Rain looks to Spearhead, then Zee and the Elk Ridin' Druid. She smiles faintly. "It was nice to see you."

Spearhead noddsand half bows to Tokyo, showing respect for the morals and values of the guy, and offers a simple, "Good luck." to the man. He looks at Rain, Zee, and Fox silently, then looks at the Newt, "Well, I should get on it…"

Enough investigation into Zee will show she doesn't take lives. Zee nods to Sho and echo's Spearhead sentiments "Good luck, Tokyo." and then offers a smile and wave to Rain and Spearhead. "May I join you on patrol, Fox?" She's going to assume that's ok anyway.

"I'd like that Zee." The Fox offers a hand to the young mage and, once she's up, heads off at a trot which turns into a gallop as the unnaturally agile elk takes to the roofs again and eventually vanishes from sight.

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