Meeting Green Arrow

July 19, 2015:

Kara invites Green Arrow to meet Primal Force members

Central Park - New York


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Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) receives a text message, «Come to New York Central Park with One Million Dollars in Monopoly Money if you ever want to see your son again. We're watching, don't talk to anyone else.»

If Oliver bothered to investigate at all, he would find out that the number was from a burner phone. Still, it was clearly a prank right? It might also be convenient that Connor couldn't be reached due to not being online!

Kara was sitting in Central Park on a tree before sending a message to the other members of Primal Force, ~I'm in Central Park, New York. Green Arrow will be here soon. We should play a prank on him. I told him I kidnapped his son and he needs to bring one million dollars in monopoly money. Think we can summon an illusion of the guy from Monopoly? The banker with the moustache? PLEASE ZEE? PLEASE?~

«On my way, Kara. And uh… no…. I'm not ….» Zee sends the partial message through the Leylines to Kara… she really hopes her friend is joking. Maybe Zee needs to learn to joke a little more, she's better pretty serious of late.

Putting the book she's been reading to the side - a look at the cover will show it's a treatise on the underworlds - Zee stands and murmurs the words of her teleport spell…..

Jesana had gone home for a bit and was napping when she heard Kara in her head suddenly and woke instantly. "What the.." Her eyes narrow. "She did WHAT?! I'm going to fucking kill her I s-" Jes stops just short of swearing. She's learned that lesson rather well by now. Rubbing the bridge of her nose Jes concentrates and a moment later is there. A startled gasp alerts her to the fact she's forgotten to dress. The stream of words that come out of her mouth before she disappears is in her native tongue but by the tone.. its probably best no one else is likely to understand it. Two minutes later she's back, a flannel shirt unbuttoned and tied around her midriff and faded pair of jeans hanging from her hips. Still no shoes but shoes are the last thing on her mind. -KARA- Her mental voice roars through the pendulums. -YOU DO NOT JOKE WITH PEOPLES CHILDREN- "What is wrong with her?!" "Seriously." People are getting the hell out of Jes's rage, the animal aura of anger coming of her marking her as someone to get away from. Now.

Oliver is officially Not Amused. When he gave Kara the number to his work phone, he expected her to only use it in case of emergency. He's not exactly sure what the girl's angling at with her text, but it doesn't sound dangerous. Still, he's here, and in good time for a guy who can't fly, teleport, or otherwise travel outside of mundane methods. He does own helicopters, though. Fast ones.

So he landed a bit more than a mile away, dropped down to street level, and went looking for Little Miss Funny. Now he's found her. He steps out from behind a small grove of trees with his arms crossed over his chest. He's arrived in full combat dress. Just in case.

"You." Somehow, he turns one word into an accusation. The digitally scrambled voice helps. Then he sighs out a breath and deflates like a balloon with half the air let out. "Kara, I like you. Times like these I wonder why, but I like you. Oh, and you brought friends. What's up?"

Standing a short ways from where Kara is seated, she can only roll her eyes. But then Jesana is ROARING through the link and she actually visibly winces before turning to locate the woman and walk over toward her. She won't put a hand on the young woman unless she has to to get her to stop yelling. "Stop. Now. You do NOT want to deal with me when I have a migraine." The last that happened…no. She does not joke about Bahrain.

Kara sighs a little as nobody wants to go along with her prank and explains to Ollie, "Well, what's up is you got here too soon and I was going to quickly go and make a costume of the monopoly man, and then, well it doesn't matter. You ruined everything Green Arrow."

She shakes her fist jokingly at the others, "Curse you meddling kids!" Had she been watching Scooby Doo? Totally.

"Oh, anyways, sorry about that. Do you have my million dollars in monopoly money?" She rested her hands on her lips looking completely serious. Hopefully Jesana didn't kill her.

With a soft 'pop' sound, Zee appears right next to Oliver, just in time to hear Kara ask for the money. Shaking her head to deal with Jes' shout, Zee blinks a little before sighing "Kara." Then looking around "Agent May, Jes…" Looking up at Oliver "You must be Green Arrow. I'm Zee."

Jes had been walking right towards, what she was going to do remains unknown when Agent May steps in front of her. Oh shit. She'd forgotten the others could hear her. Jesana is not easily cowed. May has a way about her though. Despite her looks Jes is certain she's an elder and heeding the words of an Elder had been driven into her brain so deeply itll always be there. She stops short and ducks her head. "Sorry." Her eyes are filled with anger when she looks up at Kara. Then she notices the Green Arrow. This is the guy they'd been discussing? Gods and what a freaking impression Kara has made. Jes growls but the winds shift and she catches his scent and blinks. What. But.. Her eyes narrow at Kara again. The one challenge she'd had that wasn't going to be dangerous and before she could even look.. "…." There aren't any words that come to mind to express this level of emotion. Jes calmly steps around May and throws a punch at a street sign. She seems somewhat surprized by the first shaped dent in the metal and the blood now on her knuckles.

"Was it the outfit that gave me away?" In uniform, the Arrow is almost eye-wrenchingly green. Everything. The outfit. The boots. The bow. It's not unlike giving the finger to every criminal who wears black to try and avoid being seen at night. Many square inches of leather creak as he drops his arms to his sides. Though it's not easy to see, he's tense. There are more faces here than he expected to see, both familiar and unfamiliar. Speaking of, someone's angry. It gets a raised eyebrow out of Ollie, but he doesn't comment.

Instead, he narrows his eyes and glares at Kara for a few more seconds. And then POOF. His exaggerated anger is gone. "Being a teenage girl's friend is a sophisticated form of torture," he rasps dryly. "You're lucky I've got bigger fish, kiddo."

Melinda May stays over by Jesana, letting her punch that sign because it's better than starting a fight in front of someone who is essentially a stranger. "Thank you, Jesana. Come join us when you feel ready." She figures the young woman has backed down enough now that she won't be a potential danger to anyone else around, so leaves her to smooth her hackles on her own and approaches the others. "Next time, Kara, a simple request to meet would be greatly preferred." Yeah, she's getting the same level of dressing down that Jesana just did, though with a far more neutral expression. Positively Vulcan, in fact.

Then, and only then, do her eyes focus on the green-clad man. And her gaze is instantly one clearly taking a measure of the man. She's worked with archers before, after all.

Kara looks very very very embarassed when Melinda May dressed her down, "I'm sorry Agent May." She looks like a child who just got in trouble with one of the parents, "I'll um go get everyone some coffee and stuff." Stuff in Jesana's case probably meant steak.

Jes keeps back for several moments, her back towards the others. He's friends with Kara? That's.. Jes hears the sound of laughter in her ears. Her Father. Amused. She's going to have words next the meet. That's for another time though. Jes had promised she wouldn't give Oliver away and meant it. When needed Jes can enter a frame of mind thats very similar to her step father's. She isn't a psychopath but she was trained by one. When she turns back and joins them a few minutes later there's nothing in her body language or expression to give away that she knows who the Green Arrow is and there won't be unless he chooses for it to be so. Her expression is neutral even as she studies the mess she just made of her hand. Two of those knuckles look a bit broken. Likely very painful but that is another thing she was taught to master. Mind over matter. "Hi Zee." Jes greets. Her voice calm, betraying no emotion. She doesn't even react to Kara going to get food. This state of mind is all or nothing.

Behind his hood, Oliver's eyes are the most visible part of him. He meets Melinda's squarely and studies her in much the same way she looked him over. Like a hunter deciding if he's looking at prey, or another predator. Several seconds pass before he blinks. When he does, the intensity fades. He nods cordially to the group and spares a small smile for Zee. "Pleased to meet you all."

The ol' instincts kick in at the sight of Jesana's bloody hand. He reaches to the back of his belt, unsnaps a small pouch, and pulls out something that looks an awful lot like a travel-size can of shaving cream. "Artificial skin," he explains. When he meets her eyes, all he does is give his head a minute shake. Then he reaches for her fingers and makes a gesture with the small dispenser, pantomiming a spray. "Shall I?"

Zee smile reassuringly at Kara, she's never really been on the end of a May lecture (thankfully). Nodding to Jes and frowning at the knuckles, the teen mage goes to stand beside May and looks to Oliver. "A pleasures to meet you as well."

A short time later Kara returned with a variety of hot and cold beverages, some sandwiches and also raw and cooked meat. She may have seared the meat herself with heat-vision, instant bbq mode!

She offers the meat towards Jesana first and says, "I didn't know what everyone liked."

She gestures to the others, "Green Arrow. This is Zatanna, the best wizard ever. Je-Coyote, a very powerful person. Agent May, the most dangerous person on the planet and um we're missing Fenris, the Wolf God. We're all part of Primal Force."

Jes gives the can of artifical skin a look. She isn't really sure about it but holds her hand out for him anyway. It's not likely to make it hurt more than it does. Kara approaching is ignored until she speaks. Without betraying her emotions any further, or revealing her thoughts. If Kara is friends with this man and he's willing to let her insanely messed up "prank" go. Then Jes will do the same. "I ate. But thank you."

GA eyes the flesh wound, makes an adjustment on tiny dial set into the side of the dispenser, and presses a button. A pre-measured dose of a viscous, flesh-toned substance sprays out to cover the injury with a PHSSSST. When he's finished, he tucks the device away and inspects the wound. He must like what he sees, because he bobs a nod and releases Jesana's hand.

Now he declines a snack, but he gratefully accepts a bottle of water. "Don't think this gets you off the hook," he says, waggling the bottle reproachfully at Kara. Where it's likely only the two of then can see, he gives her another older brother-esque glare and draws a subtle like across his throat with one finger. Then he turns enough so everyone can see him clearly and continues. "I think it's time you tell us why we're really here, squirt."

Zee will take a coffee, not a tea… and something to eat because Kara had gone to the effort of getting them. "Thank you, Kara." Zee watches as he applies the artificial skin and smiles to herself.

"I think Kara can explain that best of all" Zee murmurs in answer to Olivers request.

Melinda May accepts a cup of hot tea for very much the same reason that Zee did: Kara took the time and effort to acquire the items, she's not going to refuse something. She looks at the small group and nods toward a nearby vacant picnic table. "Maybe we should all sit to have this conversation." Unlike the usual, she's made a point of wearing her Leyline Pendulum on top of the neckline of her shirt, instead of concealing it underneath. Hopefully, if this man's observant enough, he'll see that each of them has a similar pendulum.

"I'm not a squirt." Kara replies with a slight pout towards Ollie.

She takes a seat as Agent May directs and tries to get herself serious now as she takes a sip of her smoothie before setting it down on the table in front of her.

"Well, the world has a lot of dangers and problems as you know but one of the worst is magic problems. Like, not just wizards but gods and actual dragons and zombies and necromancers and basically it's really crazy." Kara sips her smoothie again.

"So there is leylines, maybe you've heard of them? They're really powerful magical parts of the Earth itself and they can give power for good or bad and some people like to use it for bad. Primal Force protects it from bad people and also helps deal with magical problems."

She removes her Ley Pendulum, a sapphire crystal on a silver necklace and waves it around at Ollie and it glows a little, "See, the Ley pendulums like you I think. You could be a good help even though you don't know magic, I don't know magic either BUT people who do great magic don't always fight best so we need people who can help fight the evil stuff to. Also, I should warn, sometimes you need to do like, a final finisher on the enemies." She means, kill them.

Jes isn't showing any emotions, or at least not much. She smiles and nods her thanks after flexing her fingers and discovering they feel better. She sits in a relaxed sprawl at one end of the table. Her pendulum is showing in part because she just tied her shirt shut around the middle and didn't bother to button it. She does blink twice at Kara's sudden serious turn. "We need more help. I'm sort of off active duty for awhile. You don't need to be magically enclined or otherwise enhanced. Just a skilled fighter. The pendulum will allow you to travel the ley lines and to speak with other team members. Like a cell phone, only its never out of service. A lot of the threats we deal with are the extremely serious, law enforcement would die in the attempt kind. A great deal of these encounters end with the enemy dead. Occasionally the less dangerous people are locked up somewhere they can't get into further trouble, by people who have more a clue how to handle them." Jes doesn't know if she should mention SHIELD. That's May's thing. She considers another moment but can't think of anything else to add. Not without giving anything away. The others aren't likely used to seeing this side of her. She hadn't had much need of it until recently. She shrugs and glances at the others.

Not only has Arrow noticed the pendants, it's not the first time he's seen one. He glances briefly over at Jes, then to Kara while she explains, then back to Jes again. "Death is a very permanent solution," he says, almost making it sound like he's agreeing. "Some problems need a permanent solution."

It's clear that the invitation is as much of a surprise as the explanation itself. "Oddly, I'm willing to take most of this at face value. It's been an interesting week." He pauses to take a sip of water. "And I'm honored. All of you wouldn't be here if this weren't important. But Kara, have you met me? The only times I've been part of a team is when I've been leading it. It shows."

Now it's Zee's turn. "Fenris didn't set this team up with a leadership structure. We all take a role as the situation presents." She smiles slightly "When we're in the field, I prefer to follow someone with more tactical and strategic sense… but when it comes to what needs to be done in a mystical sense, I would expect to take the lead… or one of our other magically inclined folk."

Glancing to Agent May, Zee smiles widen "Agent May, Kara, Jesana, Fenris and others have saved me, more times then I care to think. I'm the squishy one in the group." Zee doesn't mind tht she's not a fighter, not at all.

Melinda May pulls a generic looking cell phone out of her jacket — yeah, she's wearing a jacket in the middle of July, what of it? — then after a moment set it on the table for the man to look at. "I take it you've heard about the quarantined area outside of Metropolis? It's not a chemical spill or an environmental disaster the way the media is saying. It's a magically created region that has merged with a realm of undead. The necromancer responsible would spread it to the entire planet if he had his way. We're trying to stop him and put that area back the way it belongs. And that's why we're hoping to recruit more help."

She glances at Kara when she holds out her pendulum and it glows, then does the same with her own. The carnelian stone that is the point of her pendulum starts to glow as if it were metal being heated from the inside out, and the small gold asian dragon charm on the other end of the chain glints in the various light sources around them.

Kara smiled faintly as the Ley Pendulum of May began to glow as well, nodding in agreement with the sentiments of the others, "Of course I've met you, that's why you're here, duh." Either she didn't get the expression or she wasn't playing along!

Jes had given the Green Arrow a nod of approval at his sentiments. Though she doesn't show it, it gives her hope. It's one thing to see and accept a giant coyote replace a woman and look all unthreatening and cuddly. Its something else entirely to watch one tear out a man's throat without a second's thought and then stand naked and blood soaked on the field of battle. Most people can't handle that including her foes. It gives her an advantage but it comes at a cost. Her pendulum isn't glowing. It sparkles a bit for a moment. Which really makes sense. She's Coyote. The wild card. She does as she will and things around her aren't always predictable either.

"Well. We certainly can't have a necromancer doing… that." These are new concepts for the masked vigilante, but he's doing his best to keep up and treat each topic with the seriousness it deserves. He pauses for a few seconds of quick contemplation. When he speaks again, he meets each of the team members' eyes in turn. "You trust Kara. I trust her, too. If she thinks I'm the right person to help you, I will. I might need a coach to help get me up to speed, though."

Zee smiles broadly "Coaching's included. Any of us here can help you with that. But…" The teen mage looks around the group "Fenris will want to meet you first." Canting her head slightly, Zee offers an impish grin "But if you're keen to get started, I could always use support when I'm checking the wards on the Deadzone, sometimes they fail and things… try to come through."

Looking over to Kara, Zee gives her a quick nod "Are you able to arrange that meeting?"

Melinda May doesn't seem the sort to waste a lot of breath on words. And here, she proves it. Keeping her pendulum in hand, she sends out a message along the ley lines. ~Fenris, could you join us, please? The green-suited archer seems willing to assist.~

Jes meets the Green Arrow's eyes again for a moment. Her expression just looks as if she's studying him but he'll know she'll answer any questions he has. She's already offered and that still stands and now includes this. She knows its a lot to take in at once. Her gaze moves out into the darkness, she's still masking her emotions. Brown eyes move back to May as she hears the call go out. There's a subtle shifting of position, made to look as if she's stretching when really she's making sure she can put herself between the Green Arrow and the God-Wolf. Fenris is reasonable and smart but he's stil, Fenris. Jes is pretty sure it will be fine but with her bonds gone, she's still starting over. Her mind and her heart are telling her two different things. So just in case, she's ready.

Kara is reasonably quiet at this point, munching out on snacks and drinks. She's probably drank at least three different drinks and several sandwiches and maybe a steak; Kryptonians had a crazy physiology.

"She has my number," The Arrow nods in Kara's direction. "But I guess you won't need that to get in touch if this all works itself out."

Rarely (if ever) a joiner, this is a strange-feeling situation for him. It's like wearing someone else's clothes. You get used to the idea. "I don't sleep much and my day job is laughable," he elaborates. "Call me when you need me. If I can, I'll be there."

Zee hears Mays call go out over the Leylines and when the Wolf-God doesn't respond nods slowly "We're spread thin, it doesn't surprise me, Agent May." Zee may be about to go find Fenris anyway. "You're on." Zee will totally take Green Arrow into the Deadzone and let him experience first hand what they're facing…

It's a mark of just how ingrained Jes's training is that she doesn't show any reaction to this. She'd rather stab herself with a rusty fork than stay behind. "I'm not used to working with a team either. It's not how I was trained." Or what she'd she'd been trained for either. "It's not so bad though. And it keeps you alive. With the threats we face working together isn't just important. It's necesarry. My skills are best when paired with a partner. At least for outright combat. We have each other's backs." That's truth too. She might want to kill Kara but thats her own problem. In the middle of a fight she'd have Kara's back without a seconds hesitation.

Melinda May waits for a response from Fenris, and really isn't all that surprised to not get one. She puts her pendulum back around her neck and moves to stand while reaching for her phone. "I can also be reached easily enough." She pulls a card from a pocket inside her jacket and offers it to the man. It has only a phone number printed on it. Nothing else. She then nods to the other three women and appears to be ready to leave.

"Sure thing Arrow. I'll give everyone your number to. Sorry about the prank, I'll be more mature, I promise." Kara looked over towards the also departing May and said, "I guess fun and games is over, time to kill zombies in the deadzone."

Melinda's card is accepted gravely. GA bobs a quick nod and tucks it away in his jacket. Then he shakes his head ruefully and sighs out a laugh in Kara's direction. "Forgiven. You're brave, Tiny. I'll give you that. If any of you are thinking about go hunting, I can join you if you give me an hour."

Jes gets an inquisitive glance and a beckoning tilt of the head. "Walk with me?" he offers as he turns to leave. "I want to take another look at that hand."

Jes nods, her face still showing nothing. She does wave to Zee and at May's departing back before eyeing Kara. She'll believe that when she sees it. Probably some time after never. "Sure." She rises and follows Green Arrow as he walks.

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