A Feast!

July 19, 2015:

Fenris arranges a Feast for friends… even though not all can turn up.

New York


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What with all the things that have gone on, Fenris has been a bit remiss in one of his duties. His friends have one not one, but several major victories in the Deadzone and done him a huge personal favor in helping him to get his lost mantle back. At the very least, this requires…

A feast.

Yep, a big dinner where they can talk and drink and have fun. And maybe chat a bit about next moves. Fenris has sent out the call to any who want to show up to his house and is just finishing with the food and guessing about how many plates he'll need. Buffet style might be best here, he's thinking.

Jes is still adjusting to being on her own and all the sudden changes in her life. Being left to her own thoughts and feelings right now, its difficult. While she's still sorting out the difference in her feelings towards Fenris, she still wants to see him. Still feels safe around him. So there is that at least. She isn't really thinking about who else might be there. She's dressed in jean shorts, black and grey flannerl shirt thats hiked up and tied around her middriff and barefeet. Her hair is pulled back in a loose braid. Anyone who hasn't seen her in awhile will notice her eyes are both brown now. She hasn't been any help with the deadzone, or even getting Fen's power back but she's promised to do research or tend the wounded or whatever else it would be safe for her to do right now. Arriving she strolls up and knocks on his door.

Kara had arrived wearing something else other than a superhero costume for once when Fenris said it would be a big dinner and is instead dressed in a pink and purple gown with gold trim that is definitely out of this world; thank god for the Sanctuary of Solitude, she had all the comforts of Kryptonian fashion when she needed it.

Arriving via Ley Pendulum instead of flying, she might have avoided knocking but then she spotted Jesana, "Oh Hey Jes, it's nice to see you."

She opened the door because she sucked at human customs and smiled brightly as she stepped inside, "Oh my Rao, it smells amazing Fenris. Did you make anything Asgardian?" She wouldn't lie, she loved Asgardian food.

Looking back to Jesana again, she bit her lower lip and said, "I'm sorry for dishonouring you before Jes."

Zees been dealing with more magical mischief, well maybe not mischief, she's been recharging and resetting wards on the Deadzone…. something she does everyday. Today… she's running late, which isn't really a surprise, but it does mean she's going straight from the field to Fenris' palce for the Feast. Which means… she might be a little bit grubby.

Arriving with a soft 'pop' sound at Fenris's front door, she enters the house just in time to hear Kara's apology to Jes. Slipping behind the two women, Zee seeks out Fenris… she'll greet the other two in a minute or so.

Melinda May has actually been here for a while, having offered to help Fenris host this feast, or whatever he called it. He influence in the choices of foods is clear, as there are as many vegetable dishes available (though mostly of Asian style) as there are slabs of roasted meat to choose from.

When there's a knock on the door she nods to the god-wolf and goes to answer it, stopping abruptly when Kara just lets herself in alongside Jesana and then Zee appears in almost the same instant. Well, maybe this means there won't be any stragglers.

May's help has been quite invaluable. Also, who knew she could cook? Well it does make sense, May doesn't seem to by the kind to do anything by half measures. Fenris turns and smiles at the three women as they arrive. "Jesana, Kara, Zee. Good to see you all. Zee you look a bit beat. Why don't you take a moment to freshen up." He'd offer to mystically clean her up but he knows quite well she can do that on her own.

Each of the women gets a hug if they allow it. May does not get a hug. May either got hers already or decided she didn't want one.

"Asgardian? Well yes and no. I have some Asgardian ale and some Asgard inspired dishes. Done in the same style. But some of the otherworldly meats are a bit hard to come by."

"So, we've done a lot of fighting and a lot of worrying and a lot of keeping people safe. We may talk about some of that tonight but tonight, you are all my guests and this is my way of saying thank you. Thank you for answering the call to defend this world and it's magic. Thank you for standing by me when I was ripped into pieces and thank you, particularly you Kara, for helping me get it back." The old Wolf grins. "And thank you all for coming. Help yourself to the food and drink when you're ready. There's plenty. Please. My house is your house."

Jes is standing just inside the door. She accepts Fen's hug but stays in place, her hand holding the door frame with a deathgrip and her eyes focused on the floor. She cannot shift. She did so last night. Its far too soon. She also can't attack someone in the God-Wolf's home and definitely not one of his guests. She also didn't miss Fenris thanking Kara and that rankles the coyote even more. She hadn't been able to help and she still wants to kill Kara and she's trying rather desperately to get control of herself when there is a sudden splintering crack from the door frame. Startled out of her anger Jes lets go and stares at the crack in the wood, then at her hand then sheepishly at Fenris. "um."

Kara accepts the hug and lingers near him, was she afraid of Jesana? Maybe, just a little.

"Jes, please. Every time I see you, I tell you how sorry I am. I mean it from my heart, we were friends and I miss it." The Girl of Steel looks very sad and then steps away from Fenris, "If you want to attack me and stuff, I won't stop you. Like, I deserve a slap or a punch or something but pleeeease."

Zee accepts the hug and will hug May too if she lets her - sometimes Zee doesn't have the best judgment. "At least I'm not covered in Holy Oil today, Fenris." she smirks and then heads off to the bathroom to freshen up.

It doesn't take long for the teen mage to emerge, dressed in a black pin up dress with a fruit motif… and stops to watch Jes at the door. She'll wait… just a little longer.

Melinda May actually seems to consider letting Zee give her a hug, but then does accept it. Will wonders never cease. And then, that little voice inside her head that sounds like her mother kicks in and she can't just ignore it. "Would anyone care for a beverage?" This is another part of the meal she helped heavily with. There's at least two kinds of hot tea available as well as most of the standard cold beverage fare. Best thing about hot tea, it can be ever so easily poured over ice.

Fenris gives Jes a slightly admonishing look less for the damage to his doorframe than from the rubbing salt in old wounds. Were he of another pursuasion he might be singing 'let it go' at this point. Everyone can thank their respective non-Norse deities that he's not.

"I'd like some tea, May, thank you." He's standing back to let the others get food. He'll likely switch to something a bit more potent later in the evening but for now… all is well. "Ah welcome back Zee. That looks nice on you. Jes, do come in."

Jes glances down at her hand again and shakes her head. She's got to watch this. If she does it at the wrong moment its going to turn out horrible for someone. Her as well. Nothing kills the mood like a broken.. anything. "I. I.. " Jes clearly struggles. She's stubborn. Very stubborn and quite capable of holding a grudge until the end of all time or she dies. Probably still after that even. There's some muttered cursing in her own language and a word that sounds vvaguely demonic she may or may not have picked up from Knert or Jericho. "I'm sorry. Kara." Then she moves into the kitchen and sits down. "Thank you Fenris." Her eyes widen and Jes stands back up and does a weird little shifty dance, tugging at her shorts. "Damn sand. I wasn't even wearing these!" She makes herself a cup of cold tea, adding quite a bit of sugar to it. "Hello Agent May. Zee." Jes smiles. Looks down, then at Kara and nods. Its a start.

Kara couldn't help but smile a little at Jesana, it was definitely a start; she wouldn't even mention it again. Hopefully in eighty years, Jes wouldn't rip her throat out in her sleep. She looked over to Fenris, happy to see him all restored and not diminished, 'Am I allowed to drink Fenris?" She had tried Asgardian ale before, but Superman had kinda stopped her.

She gives Zee a hug and well Kara is not as savvy as others sometimes, so she steps up to Agent May and asks, "Would I be able to give you a hug Agent May?"

"Tea please, Agent May" Zee returns Kara's hug, she may have something else later but for now, after the work she's just done, tea is best. Taking a plate, she heads to the table and fills it before taking a seat at the table.

At least Jes is trying to get on with Kara.

Melinda May clearly hesitates at that, but then she nods and accepts a hug from the Kryptonian woman. Then she's stepping away again as quickly as won't be considered rude to fix tea for Fenris and for Zee. Both beverages are brought back and offered to their respective recipipents, Fen's having clearly been lightly spiked with something. Apparently May has learned to read the god-wolf's silent reactions.

Fenris smiles at May and goes over to have a seat. He watches his friends interact as he sips that lightly spiked tea. "When you're ready come on over. I'd like to toast you all. And we should also discuss… next steps." It's a good time to do that with Zee and May and Kara here. Jesana will have to learn to come into her power but he thinks that once she does… and has certain complications out of the way, that she'll be a force to be reckoned with.

"So the three of you that have been there, what do you think of the Deadzone and its effects?"

Jes seems to be looking around the house with a slight wariness. After a few moments she relaxes and moves to settle next to Fenris. She's very interested in learning more about the dead zones. Visiting would be a terrible idea right now and while she usually doesn't refrain from possibly terrible ideas, she isn't going to risk it right now. "Yes. I know I'm nt much help right, I can't even go there. but i want to do what I can. Even if its just tending the wounded, or digging graves or something. Things that are neccesary and not a danger to her right now. "As much as I want to help, I can't put my baby at risk." She smiles a little and pats her stomach. Still getting used to the idea but far more happy than she'd been at first.

Kara seems extremely happy that she was able to give May a hug, especially after how stupidly she had acted at times in the past; given the things she had dealt with it had taken her a bit of time and screw ups to work things out.

She sips at the ale since nobody told her no and looks over the food before shaking her head in response to the question "Not a thing, I really need some lessons. I learn fast though, so maybe it's time like I read some books on this stuff so I know a little more."

Melinda May fills a cup with tea for herself, then finally goes to fix a plate and find a place to sit. "It's way more than a standard SHIELD ops team knows how to handle." Her eyes flick over toward Jesana, but she doesn't otherwise comment. "It needs to be cleared, and soon. The US military is already making noises about taking over containment, and don't even have the first clue."

Zee looks up from her food as Fenris speaks and then glances to May. "We did some investigation yesterday, the joining is a three way merging. Energy from the Dark Dimension is melded there too." She goes quiet for a moment "I don't know what the third dimension is, but it's an undead dimension. One way we can find out is to get items the undead are carrying - that will be very enlightening I think."

"An underworld. Not surprising." Fenris murmurs as he reaches over to snag some food. "Long term containment by conventional forces is not going to be viable. Guns will work to a degree but they can't stop any efforts to expand the Deadzone unless they catch the people doing it. And there's a lot of places to hide for that. So it's going to be heroes and mages who have to take the lead on that one." Unfortunately, SHIELD might not be able to stop the military from taking over. They might be able to advise and aid though.

"You'll be able to help Jesana, we simply need a plan of action first. Investigating by figuring out which underworld we're dealing with will be a start. That means sweeping the dead. You'll want several groups to do that. Mmm, we should make an effort to coordinate it." He chintaps. "So, strength and magic. Good thing that seems to be our forte." He grins a bit.

Jes nods and thinks for a few moments. Her expression is hesitant when she does speak. "Maybe, maybe the should. The military. Let them go, and fuck up and take losses and see just what it is they are dealing with and how out of their depth they are. I've been catching up on stuff that happened while I was gone, and I know about other things. People need to know and see that we aren't all bad. There are threats out there that only people like us can deal with. If we aren't able to, or are too busy protecting ourselves from ignorant bastards.. the whole world could end up screwed. Darque isn't going to stop at just this one place. And there other things, many I'm sure." She goes quiet then pretty sure that May at least won't like that idea. Probably not Zee either.

Melinda May turns to look at Jesana with a particularly unimpressed look. "No one deserves to be put in the line of fire just. To prove. A point." She then shakes her head. "Our best option is Zatanna's suggestion. Finding out which underworld we're up against. Then we can determine HOW to undo what's been done."

Kara purses her lips for a moment, considering something before adding, "I know it's nothing to do with this, but something weird happened the other night." Maybe she was going crazy, "When I had finished helping with a magical disturbance, I came across Green Arrow tracking down some murderer. When I picked him up, like, with my hands to fly, cause I thought he was a bad guy, NOT the other kind of picked up.."

She kind of trails off for a minute, "Well my Ley Pendulum was glowing, it was kind of weird. I don't know what it meant."

Zee opens her mouth to respond to Jes but Mays response is much better. "I can contact the mages we know" Zee looks between Fenris and May "If Agent May could assist with the strength component, we can do a sweep. I'm fairly sure we'll a handful of items or more to ensure we have the right underworld. But Fenris…" Zee looks serious "That doesn't account for the energy from the Dark Dimension that's melded in there as well."

By the look on Zee's face she's obviously considering another course of action they take.

Kara gets a blinking look "Your Ley Pendulum was glowing because you picked up Green Arrow?"

Fenris chintaps at Kara's news. "Mmmm. It probably means he has some kind of affinity to it. That or he has some kind of mystical nature or object on him. It's not entirely uncommon. Pendulums are suited to more individuals than most magical items. I've been considering crafting a few more and handing them out. Our numbers are a little thin on the ground in the face of this kind of thing. Thoughts on that?"

May's point to Jesana gets a bit of a chuckle and shake of the head. "Jes, there's also the matter of every one of them that dies being added to the ranks of our foes. Making your enemy's army bigger is seldom a winning strategy."

"I think a few more members in Primal Force couldn't hurt." Kara nodded in response to Fenris and Zee at the same time; two birds with one stone!

The army of the dead and living adding to the army sets off a lightbulb in her head.

She seems hesitant, opening and closing her mouth at least twice before stating, "I've got a really good or a really stupid idea."

She picks up a bunch of peas and with super speed sets them out on the table, "Ok, so like this big pile of peas is zombies. This little pile is like us and other people fighting."

She sweeps a bunch of peas from the small pile into the big one, "When people die, they get added to the zombies no matter what we do. Sooooooo."

Kara makes some pew pew and fighting sounds with the peas before she grabs a bunch of the zombie pile of peas and adds it to the smaller pile, "We need to make a spell or something that adds the zombies to our side that we can use on them and then we'll have more help to fight!"

Jes sort of shrugs at May. She's never been concerned with impressing people other than her bonded and now those bonds are gone. Lots people get things don't deserve. Like children being burned and slaughtered. Entire towns wiped out by Darque. She is also isn't that thrilled with the goverment at the moment. And slightly less human than she'd been before and she knows it. She frowns at Kara and then Zee. Who or what is a Green Arrow? Something about that is tickling the back of her mind but she dismisses it for now. "I think it would be agood idea to have more people, specially since I'm not much good for awhile. Don't the pendants do different things depending on the bearer? I can travel the lines as coyote if I have the necklace. I can also take a person with me. I've done it several times." Last night in fact. "Am I allowed to tell someone I'm part of Primal Force, and what we do? And Zee, I know it was discussed but I don't remember all the details. I'm allowed to mention I'm a Titan right? Just not give anyones secret identity away if I know it?" She just stares at Kara with an unreadable expression when she starts..Jes isn't sure what she's doing. Aside from watching way too much tv.

Green Arrow. She might have seen someone with that description in passing when she was in Gotham last. "Fenris, I can try to track down this Green Arrow individual unless you would rather do so directly." Then Kara starts in on her explanation and she looks from the peas to the Kryptonian woman and back. "That's a thought, all right, but I don't really see it working out so well." At least she didn't speak her thoughts as bluntly as she usually does so that's something. Right? Maybe?

Zee pinches the bridge of her nose… she really can't help it. "Uh no Kara… we don't want to be messing with that kind of magic…." It sort of makes Zee quake. "But more members might be helpful… just who, is the question."

"You can tell people you're a member of the Titans, Jes. I tell people about Primal Force but it's not something that I make overly public, Fenris what do you think?"

Fenris actually goes to get up and gets a couple of magnets. By the time he's coming back he's crushing part of one into fine iron dust. "It's not a bad thought Kara, but here's what we're up against." He puts the filings on a napkin and puts the napkin on the table. "Now imagine the filings are zombies. We cast necromatic spells to take control of them." He passes the now smaller magnet over the filings and they fly to it. "Now because we're close, we can do that. Not all of them but some of them. Now, because that's Darque's domain he or his people take notice." The bigger magnet comes in and snags all the filings. "He grabs the zombies because his folk are better at this, and then…" Clack. Fenris lets go of the small magnet and it flies right to the big one. "He uses the dark magic as a channel to corrupt and take over the caster that was our ally a minute ago." So good idea, but impractical because Darque is just better in his field than anyone who might be on their side and be able to manage necromancy.

"Might not be a bad thought May. Suss him out. If he is magically active, your agency might want to know about him anyway. Maybe Kara can go with you."

To Jes and Zee's question Fenris just smiles. "I did not charge you with secrecy. Some will not believe you and it is not wise to tell all people, but I leave that to your judgement."

Jes nods. "I.. I've had a lot of time to think. I don't have the greatest track record with trusting people. And this last time..well, it was my choice. I payed the price. Either I can run off to the woods or disappear into the city like when I first got here and stay alone so I don't get hurt again. Or I can risk trusting some people and maybe itll work out. I'm done with running. Hiding. And with all the secrets and lies. So if I meet some one that I think is alright..I want to be able to tell them what I do." She doesn't really have any more suggestions about Darque or the dead zone. Magic isn't something she knows much about and her own, if she learns it is going to be different than Zee's or Darque's. Maybe a little like Fenris's but she doesn't know. "Besides. I transported someone last night on the ley lines. I told him the necklace allowed me to do it and that I was given it but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to say more."

Kara is pretty quiet now, she's just eating and drinking some food, "I can get in touch with Green Arrow. I know his son and stuff and um, I shouldn't say more but I know like other stuff. La La La La." She was humming now because she had almost revealed she knew the secret identity to.

Melinda May nods to Kara. "Arrange a meeting then, if you could. Please." And, if the meeting is scheduled to be in Gotham, it's highly likely she can ask Oracle to assist as well. "I'll keep an ear to the ground for other potential recruits."

Fenris' response is what Zee expected and he gets a nod and a smile. With her tea finished, she glances at the God-Wolf "Do you have anything stronger?" Listening politely to the discussion about Green Arrow, Zee continues eating.

"As will I. There's one or two I can think of. But if everyone is agreed then…" Fenris goes to get the Asgardian Mead. Of the folks here he figures May and Zee can know when they've had enough. Which they will get to a lot quicker than with ordinary alchohol. The god-wolf plunks down mugs in front of everyone. "Alright. Here's to all of you. The bravest, boldest, most selfless people I know. If this were an Asgardian hall I'd make a big speach about you all and then headbut someone and start a fight but… I think we can settle for a toast here."

Jes smiles and watches them toast. She's off regular alcohol right now, Asgardian stuff..noooo way. Maybe several months from now. Maybe. Really she makes enough questionable decisions while sober. "Gods I'm gonna miss fighting for awhile." Jes sighs and sips at her tea.

"I'll try and arrange a meeting with him after this amazing feast, we'll see if Gotham or New york or metropolis works best May, Oracle is everywhere anyways. I'll send you all a message from my pendulum." Kara went back to eating.

Raising her mug in toast, Zee casts a smile at the group and deliberately 'chinks' it against Jes cup. "Who said you needed alcohol to toast anyway?" Settling in, the teen mage is going to enjoy this one and only mug of Asgardian cider… because she really is quite sensible.

Fenris smiles and it'll be a few hours of just eating and conversation with his friends. Its a big, dark world out there and they've volunteered to protect it. But tonight?

Tonight, the world is theirs.

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