Part 1: A Trip To Paradise

July 21, 2015:

Diana invites some of the JL:A women to Themyscira



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Being invited to the Embassy itself is something rare. Kara has been there before, but Oracle, in person has not. But today was not just a trip to the Embassy, when the gates to the front of the large Grecian building open and security gives clearance to the entrants from above and below the doors to the Embassy are closed, but that would be hard to see beyond the large jet parked on the front lawn, much to the landscapers chagrin. But Diana had landed it gingerly and stepped from inside with ease, waiting for the company she had sent for.

Shayera, Oracle, and Kara. Kara though was not asked along. This was more of a presence required, as well as a presence long past due. But Diana had to be sure. This is not just JL:A matters when it comes upon neutral soil and departs to soils of an Island far less admitting.

Oracle isn't there as Oracle. She's there as Babs Gordon, friend of Diana. Babs is keen to see the Embassy and meet some more of the JL:A members… get a feel for them in person so to speak.

Arriving just as Diana touches down on the lawn, the wheelchair bound redhead waits on the sideline patiently until her friend steps… and raises a hand in greeting as she moves across the lawn to meet her.

Shayera touched down upon the lawn, the flight slightly haphazard due to the last time she went out in the field. She never was the same after witnessing what she did, she was more quiet, more reserved, a little bit more thoughtful. A slightly, hesitant smile and a lift of her hand was given towards Diana and Babs, her wings protectively curling around herself and releasing, hands soon dropped within the pockets of her jeans as she turns and waits for them at the entrance to the Embassy.

Kara had arrived in costume, honoured to be here even if her presence was required. The recent news involving the JL:A had her a little down but she still had a vibrant smile on her features.

Bowing before Wonder Woman she says respectfully, "Thank you for having me here again Wonder Woman." Recognizing babs from other get-togethers, but not knowing who she is she also smiles and nods, "Hello Ms. Gordon and Hawkgirl!" She gave the other girl a little punch on the shoulder.

When Shayera seeks to go inside the Embassy, Diana holds up a hand and becons her back. "Oh no. We have somewhere to be."

The door to the jet folds down for a ramp to form, steps folding down to flat for a lift to get Oracle aboard. "Barbra, thank you for coming. I do hope you all enjoy the trip we are to take. It is a rarity, but I feel one we all need sometimes as women of our calibre and of the JL:A." Pausing cerulean gaze flicks to Kara and the bow is noted, a smile returned to the woman with a gesture to inside the (currently visible) jet.

"One night, is all I ask of you, but I think if this works out well and my people are accepting, I will extend the invitation again to Cameron and Kate as well." A people living secluded to outsiders and now only beginning to allow their brothers in residence do not meet with newcomers well, especially with the political upheaval current standings are at, but none the less. Home is home, and they are all warriors in need of a night of reprieve with no holds barred.

A night… Babs has arranged for a night… patching comms through to her tablet, so at least she can monitor the OracleNet and JL:A as required.

The redhead smiles at Kara "Babs, please call me Babs." and then nods at Hawkgirl "Hello, I'm Babs Gordon. It's a pleasure to meet you, Hawkgirl." as she moves her chair up the ramp into the plane.

The light punch to her arm has her cringing as a hand reaches up to grasp, rubbing it briefly as she gives a slight look and a tiny smile towards Kara. "Good to see you are well." She murmurs, then looks towards Diana with a slight hint of curiousity, her shoulders slumped in a slight hitch as she grasps Kara's arm briefly to tug her with. She lets go, her eyes drawing down towards Babs as she gives a slight nod of her head in greeting.

"Pleasure." She was rather short tonight, and that was fine for her. She was waiting, patiently waiting to see where they'd be taken. As Babs moves onto the lift and into the jet, Shayera steps in as well with a small hop, searching out the area for a seat that she could take without disturbing her wings.. they still hurt just a touch.

"I would be honoured." Kara replied simply to Wonder Woman, she had been fascinated by the Amazons ever since her arrival on Earth and now she would finally be getting a chance to see how they lived and maybe even train with them.

"Sure thing Babs! You can call me Kara. Would you like a hand?" Kara asks it politely, not wanting to intrude on Oracle's freedom with her chair.

Walking beside Hawkgirl as she enters, she notes the movements of the other woman and asks, "How are you doing?" Her blue eyes drifting towards the wings of Shay as she steps onboard.

Diana notes Kara and Shayera's movements, has since their arrival. Once they get settled and the day at Themyscira has passed into night and events are settled, they will discuss those matters. But for now Diana is keeping things on schedule and hoping to keep them light whereas matters here have only gotten heavier. Diana is a diplomat, ambassador, and princess, moreso known for those things, but there is also time and places for one or the other, as well as friend and a person as well.

Once they are all in the jet, Diana climbs into the piloting seat and the engines whir. Nothing deafening in the open, in fact it seems to rise with ease and from within it is hard to see that the jet goes completely invisible. The jolt though, the thrust forward presses them all against the seats as the world blurs around them. The speed necessary, disorienting, and when they stop they are lowering onto a remote island mottled with dense woods, ancient architecture mottled amongst the mountains, hills and rivers. The land forged this place it seemed, not the other way around. The Amazons just reside here.

Upon landing the jets doors open, the ramp hoisted for Oracle to descend down where 4 Amazons await them, each bearing radiant fabrics of chitons for them to choose from if they desired, lined in gold and silvers. Kara's bearing blue and red, where Shayera's a black and gold, Oracles a softer green and gold with black linings and Diana's a white with silver. What she is in New York is not what they see her as at home.

"The cleansing House is ready for your arrivals, Princess and guests." One states bowing lightly to them all while turning and heading up a winding ramp to the first tower that enters into an edifice of vast living quarters carved into the moutains side.

Disembarking from the jet, Babs accepts the chiton that has been chosen for her. The green and gold gaining a measure of approval… and she glances…. ah, cleansing house. Following the Amazons up the ramps, Babs will change when they get there.

Shayera offers a limp shrug of her shoulders as Kara questions her. "Better." She admits, but says nothing else about it. She was a private woman, her brand of military didn't allow for sharing. So the time in which she opens up would be a rare sight and occurance.

The flight was long and quiet for her, keeping to herself most times, staring out of the window, watching the flight. And once they touch down, she was left in a state of awe. She didn't expect this.

The chitons were taken graciously, a little smile drawing upon her lips as she bows her head in kind, "Many thanks." She murmurs slightly, following her escorts into the separated baths, her wings fidgeting uncomfortably.

For Kara, flying in a vehicle is a different experience for her each time and she relishes it; listening for the different sounds and vibrations while looking out the windows on their way to the fabled isle of the Amazons.

The jolt and forward thrust throws her off-guard a moment, especially since she was so used to flying herself and Babs and Hawkgirl may notice a little panic in her face before she settles upon seeing the beautiful landscape outside of them, "It's breathtaking."

With a gigantic grin Kara accepts the blue and red chitons offered to her and hugs them tightly for a moment, "Thank you, they're lovely." She heads for the cleansing house feeling quite at home already.

Here on Paradise Island, the morning has just begin, told by the sun barely over the horizon and the shadows stretched thin across marble floors. each person gets their own small private quarters off of a main room where they will stay the night together and in comfort of their friends, each others company. The air that is open cuts through the halls, rusting gauzy draperies as it whisks through the carved in living spaces, from one side of the mountain to the other, playing around pillars that are more decor then holding the goliath of a mountain up around their heads.

Their baths were hot water drawn through the center of the mountain, frsh fountains for shower heads into basins, off to the side sauna room to relax in and an empty esthetics lounge where after sparring there are massages offered to sore and taxed muscles. They are left to their own devices, offered aid after dressed with hair and accessories and then lead to the morning breakfast table set for just them, Oracle left an open space while Shayera is gifted more of a cupped and cushioned stool with a slender backrest to fit between wings, where Kara and Diana have high backed chairs.

The cuisine is unique, and fresh, the flora and fauna all native, so don't ask, you wont know what you're eating aside from the evident!

when Diana comes out with her hair up, the chiton adorned and fitted over one shoulder and her diadem placed inericately into the curls, she claims her seat, waits for them all to join and finally speaks when the Amazon aids leave the room.

"Now, we have a moment to ourselves. Welcome to Themyscira. The day will be full, but if you want to know or experience something, ask. This afternoon, we hunt for dinner. After dinner, we spar. This morning and until noon, we do as we please." Diana speaks simply on it, but lightly, she is home and the air is refreshing. "So now, if there are concerns, la them out because the rest of our day will be filled with things we need, and perhaps experiences that will benefit beyond these walls if we choose to take them with."

Babs takes her time in bathing, enjoying the hot water… and the peace of the place before drying and dressing herself. Not accepting any of the hair adornments, Babs leaves her hair down … she does accept assistance in affixing the chiton appropriately, though.

Finally emerging, she moves her wheelchair to the place at the table … it's obvious which one is for her and listens as their hostess sets out their agenda, smiling at the mention of hunting and sparring. "No concerns from me, Your Highness" indeed she seems quite eager to participate in whats been outlined.

Kara enjoyed every moment of the bath, it was unlike anything she had ever experienced on Earth before; to the point she almost wondered if this place could even be on Earth. While it wasn't a high-tech wonderland like Krypton, she was awed by the natural beauty and how the landscape had been made to serve the inhabitants rather than ruined.

Resting in her seat comfortably she was about to dive right into the food until she realized that it would be rude to start first!

She considered asking if she could live here if the USA deported her but tabled that for another time, "What will we be hunting?" Kara gulped, "Also do we call you, your majesty here since you're the princess of themyscira?"

The bath, it was a godsend. It eased the wings as well as the massage from the aid who noticed that one seemed less than the other. She was dressed without care, arms lift so they could adjust and accomidate for her wings, black garb fitted along her body and tickle her thighs as gladiator sandals were adorned upon her feet.

She approaches the table to sit in the chair made for her, elbows propped upon the table as she leans forward, fingers steepled as she watches on. And then a shrug. They could do whatever they wanted, right?

"I'll take my leave. I need a moment of space." And that was that. Most know not to bother Shayera when she was in deep contemplation, and she leaves to do just that.

Kate Bishop is a busy, busy little bee. When punching giants isn't really your forte, you learn to cover the things that don't require super strength, or super speed, or…well. Let's just say that Kate's been spending a lot of time talking to people who either resent that they're talking to 'just' Hawkeye - the second - or people who are extremely glad to be talking to someone 'normal.' Both of which are draining in their own way. And then there's Cap's departure. And Clint.

She slept through the jet ride to Themiscyra, passing out before the wheels even left the ground, curled up in her seat. When they land, the pilot has to give her a few good nudges before she wakes up, wiping at her face and wincing when she rubs over a split lip. Her knuckles look like they've been through the wringer as well. And sleeping on a plane isn't great for the body no matter how young you are. But she manages to make it out, pausing at the bottom of the runway to take it all in. "Please, god," she says to the sky, "Let there be no reception here."

There is a reception. When Kate steps off the quint-jet there are two Amazons waiting for her. One bearing the chiton specifically woven in her colors for the comforts sake, but to shed her of the unnecessary baggage she carries not only without but within. Their smiles are warm and no heed is taken of the overall look she carries, in fact they only warm moreso, knowing this one needs what Diana has brought them to offer. Those who opposed this visit have been kept away at the Princesses request. Even upheaval is happening at home but this is not to touch on personal matters - not those ones.

"You are to be shown to the quarters, there is much waiting for you." A blonde states, her smile creasing her cheek, but also jaggedly dimpling the rugged scar that runs from temple to jaw and leaves a small canyon in its place. Turning on heel the duo guide her along the stone paths carved into the mountain they ascend and then enter. Halls are carved into the country here, not taking from it or reaving it to replace.

Once inside the mountain the girth of nature is held aloft by pillars and open doorways are veiled by the weaving billow of gauzy fabric.

The first room is a heated bath hall, the water trickling from the ountain itself, heated the same into a tub to form a natural shower, but the stea, is evident seeping from another room off to the side. Kate's reception will leave her in capable hands that leave her to her bath alone but when she steps out assistance is given to take her to the sauna for a massage, oil application, and then wrap the chignon.

She can slap and swat or protest all she wants, they will let her be comfortable but not go against Diana's wishes either, and it goes how it will up to leading her to the sprawl of breakfast table laden with fruits and vegetation as well as wrapped bites of meat for them. Oracle is present in a seat left open for her, kara in her own, and Diana before them, sipping slowly from a glass of wine. Never too early in Themyscira, it's all about the rationing! Hawkgirl's custom seat is left empty as she needed a moment away with all she had gone through, but this is not to stop them from going through the motions, but broaden them.

Babs happily sips from the glass of wine she was presented with, she's used to sipping wine and making it last long time. Looking to their hostess, as Kate's bustled past them, the redhead raises an eyebrow in query "How will we hunt for dinner, Your Highness?"

It was the wind that carried her, high into the sky.. looping over the Quinjet and under it carefully to not get sucked back into it's engines. The beat of the wing was strong, even if she armored sections of it with gold, it was strong enough to beat the jet and that was only because it was landing. Through the clouds and over.. down.. under.. arms outstretched to take in the freedom of the skies over the beautiful landscape. She came into this world alone, come hell or high water she was going to fly into it the same.

She archs herself upright to rocket herself through the clouds, leaving a lasting imprint of a donut hole through the thickness, stopping once she could point-tip her foot against the gathered precipitation.. and then she lets out a sigh.

This world, much like Thanagar was beautiful. Everything in it was worth saving. And much like home, their Gods and Demons ran amok and needed.. something. Or.. that something needed a little bit of faith to get them going.

That's where she stood then, faith. It wavered and moved and swooned and shook so easily. She was still shaken from those events.. but she would not be stirred. Shayera. Shall not be moved.

She had been gone for a while, as another Amazon trailed behind her, her breath was not heavy.. as it seems she carried that same flight patterns as well. The need to be.

"The other guest has arrived."
"My namesake with an eye?"
"Then well shall greet her."


As long as there's no cell phone reception, Kate can make peace with a personal one. Attempts to hail her by cell phone may result in cell phone destruction. Nor is she going to protest a decent bath and a massage. Put simply, she's just too tired - and too much in need of both - to put up much of a fight. She falls asleep again during the massage, but at least by the time she makes it to the table, she's almost rested. Or more rested than she has been for the last couple of weeks, at least.

"Hey," she greets the others with a tired smile as she reaches the table. "Sorry I'm late. SHIELD stuff. We should probably talk later. But right now…" Her stomach rumbles noisily. "Yeah, the last meal I remember sitting down and eating was burgers with Cyclops."

Kara is sitting in her seat rather quietly, enjoying the different foods and drinks with her advanced Kryptonian palette, everything far more different than it is on the mainland. When Kate arrives she nods her head politely and waves, "Why hello Lady Bishop!" She seems to be enjoying herself immensely.

"Diana, please." She states towards Babs' note of state and position. The other Amazon's would approve of the respect given where due, but Diana considered this table the true divide of states of affairs. The Embassy is still governmental and affiliated, Paradise Island and them upon it are more like family, friends. But it iseasily moved away from as Kate arrives and her weary state is noted but just as the other Amazon had greeted her so did Di. A smile and a tip of glass as well as head in a nod to the other, extending a hand for her seat and then rising to fill her glass with the large ewer of wine and gesture to the spread.

"We will talk of wieghts and measures when they are a bit more free of being seen as such on ourselves or eachother." This was not to escape the dire necessity, or to even forget it. This was something Amazons, Spartans, warriors of old did between battles for morale and to remember who is still alive and still accounted for as family. The others of the team not forgotten of this, but in Paradise Island if Diana brought -more- men in, even those welcoming may frown, and she always has to acknowledge peace. The men will receive the same.

Shayera's re-arrival gets studied with a light perk of brow. "Better?"

Seeing as Kara is falling right into the place and comforts the place had to offer with a disposition more desired, as well as Babs this eased Diana a bit. In time she hoped… "We will discuss matters as they flow and match timing and the scene. For now, eat, enjoy. Our mounts are being readied at the stables while scouts seek the herd of Erymanthia's offspring."

Cerulean eyes slide to Kara and Shayera. "If you can fly, you will only do so with your mounts choosing and lead, otherwise this hunt is in fairness and we only have control of parts." Amusement dances in Diana's eyes, oh there is a shoe in for everyone's little quirks.

"Diana, then" Babs eyes crinkle with a smile as Diana makes the request. "I confess that I am intrigued by the notion of hunting." Eyes widening at the mention of Erymanthia's offspring - Babs now knows what they'll be hunting. As to what they'll be riding… the hint /may/ just be in Diana's advice to the two flying women. She'll wait, she's patient.

As Kate joins them, Babs cants her head and looks at the young woman seriously and with concern "It's nice to meet you again, Kate. Perhaps this time, we could have that match Fenris challenged us to."

Mounts? MOUNTS? Kara practically jumped out of her chair before sitting back down so fast that nobody probably noticed, "Mounts? What kind of mounts? I'm not familiar with the creatures of Themyscira. If it's a surprise, I can wait."

She was pretty much holding herself down right now, it was like her legs had a mind of her own.

Poking Shay and Kate (Cause babs seemed a little more dignified), she asked quietly, "What do you think they'll be?" Maybe she could give Di a moment to answer first!

Shayera lands, and when she does her heart skips a beat at the landing. Everything seemed so smooth here, and as the Amazon who accompanied her return departs, she issues a smile towards the woman and the rest gathered. "Yes. Much." Her wings fluff and ruffle to show her glee, even though her face remains stoic. Okay. There was a little smile peeking at the edges, and thoughts of making this space? Her home. At least the skies, that is.

Hearing of the festivities -does- draw out a heavy grin, her wings lowering their span to collapse and rest against her back as she strides forth, plucking an apple from the center of the table to take a bite and be shocked by its sweetness. Yes. This place is the ultimate sin for her. Eat, spar, hunt, fly..

The ultimate vacation. Now if their drinks were as strong as the asgaurdians.

"I will adhere to these terms, Diana-Woman." A smirk. And then she's pocked.

"I don't know, Kara. But I want to mount a dragon."

Kate loads her plate with a little bit of everything, and then a little more of everything. She eats neatly, but there's no mistaking that she's past time to have eaten already. "Hey, Kara," she smiles faintly to Supergirl, before she's shoving food in her mouth again, smirking at the excitement. "No idea," she chuckles. "Guess we'll have to wait and see."

She nods to Babs, pausing as she takes another bite, and then another. Food. Is delicious. "Fenris doesn't lay that sort of thing out unless he means it," she says ruefully. "I'm sure there's time for everything."

As Kate ate she let her take her fill, relax and bask in it, leaving the others to wonder in the thread of low hanging silence while Di, herself, takes up fig leaves stuffed in cheese and meat and dines on them, keeping her meal light, but more replaced with wine then food. She is falling into her own comfort zone that comes with hearth and the company kept, sitting back in her chair tucking the smile behind the rise of a fist and the dab of a water dampened napkin.

Bab's reaction as well as Kara's do not help in keeping that laughter at bay, but for the moment it only shook Diana's shoulders.

When they were done eating Diana rose upon the approach of the same two Amazon's bearing bridles of different fits, handing one to each, fitted as tac, but slip holds to adjust to the beasts heads and be held, nothing more. Stepping aside the two bowed lightly to Diana, a moment of a concerned look towards the party and then back before smiling at the small hand gesture from Di.

"Let's go see who chooses who." And with that Diana is leading them from the stairs that descend from the balcony that had dined on, curtains blowing aside to reveal the stretched acreage of vineyards for the strong Amazon wine, the farms for crops set where nature would provide and extensively large stables kept open and outdoors.

The closer they get the more they can see, that within a field several large winged beasts are tethered to stakes, leads allowing enough space to pace. A dozen of varying colors and patterns, but all bearing their own wings. Six winged horses known commonly y the namesake of Pegasus, and six gryphon.

The closer they get though, the more they pull, the more earth gets dug up beneath claws, and the wilder they show by the whites of their eyes. "Your mount and you choose eac hother. Both enjoy the hunt and they know that is what we are here for, but you cannot just hop on and ride. We retired the kangas years ago for the challenge these wrought and their free spirits. Once it is yours it is yours and you are theirs, but they remain here for you." The final said with a look to Kara. No taking your mount home!

No taking your mount home? Wonder Woman was lucky she mentioned that to Kara or she might have been flying around on a mythical beast around smallville when she stabled it at the Kent farm; no doubt it would have been something else for the gentle old Kents to have a near heart attack over.

Kara approaches the animals slowly, looking over them all. One of the Pegasi seems to be smaller than the other, it must have been a runt and Kara falls instantly in love with it.

The timid little (by Pegasus standards) is smart enough to see Kara's intent when she approaches and begins to run away before kicking it's wings and flying away a bit, staring at the woman from afar and snorting.

Kara chases after it and after quite a bit of back and forth and some offered food she had snuck away from the meal in her robes, she managed to coax her new friend closer.

"Hi, I'm Kara. I'm your friend." She said gently while reaching out to the Pegasus and offering it the food, after it takes it she begins to pat it on the snout and pet the pegasus' head.

There's nothing that Babs like best than challenge and … this is a challenge almost like none she's had before - except maybe Bratling wrangling. Pausing her chair at the edge of the area, she considers the animals in front of her. Selecting a Gryphon, the redhead approaches with care, holding a hand out, palm down, so it can scent her.

Babs might be physically strong, but without the use of her legs, she needs to be smart…

The creature claws the ground and issues a sound like a growl, Babs stills waiting for it to calm again before approaching slowly. It takes what seems to be /forever/, inch by painful inch, the redhead makes ground, until she can bring her chair up beside the creature… and then with one powerful pull of her arms, she hoists herself onto its back and holds on… she expects this will be a wild ride.

The Gryphon rears as Babs settles ontop, and the redhead looses purchase… starting to slip down it's back but she won't be beaten, she holds on and painfully pulls herself back up. That's all she does - let's the creature have its head and work out she's not really threat.

It's physically tiring though - she takes the whole effort with her upper body…. and by the time Gryphon has settled, there's one sweaty redhead with hair stuck to her face, sitting on top.

Lets face it, apples this sweet does not go unnoticed. She takes three of them at least. A slab of meat. Guzzled it all down, drank from her cup of spring water and slamming it down upon the table not to shatter but to show her appreciation for the feast of warrior women. But the challenge was set before her, saddle and those slung upon her shoulder, Shayera watching and waiting with arms folded, not jaded.. not angry, wishing to be here and also.. concentrated.

The Pegasus was there.. in the corner.. off to the side and walled off from the others. The gaze upon him placed him as the meanest mutherfucker on the block. And you know what? Shayera likes that. He would make a better warmount than Fenris across all the fathoms of the earth. And that's a lot.

Her approach was one with authority, her wings outstretched, the Pegasus himself intent on staring Shayera down, a stare that would put fear in the hearts of man and hunter that seek to steal their wings for their trophies. Shayera has those wings. And they were almost clipped by a demon. And those two looks were shared as she stands nose to nose to the beast, unblinking. Unmoving.

It was a sheer battle of wills. One will not move, nor the other. They both breathe at an even cadence as they soak up each other scent.

There was a quirk of her finger as if she were about to reach out and grab the pegasus by the mouth. And there was a twitch within his eye. He whinnies softly, but it almost sounded like a growl..

Shayera lets out a small, little 'heh'.

And soon, he nudges her nose with his and her hand reaches up to lightly pat his cheek like a good ol' boy.

"As Sarina would say.. 'You're cool, dude.'"

Kate manages to hold herself back from gorging, given that there's definitely some activity planned for later. Which is probably a good thing, given the next challenge that's presented to them. "Sure," she smiles faintly as she gets close enough to the field to see their prospective mounts. "Why not?"

Horses she knows. Gryphons…not so much. So it's the horses that she heads over to, slipping the bridle over her shoulder as she looks them over. It's been a rough week. If Kate was smart, she'd aim for something reasonable. But Kate, generally speaking, doesn't aim for reasonable. She aims over her head. So when she picks out a pegasus, she picks out a big, black creature that looks like it's going to put up a fight.

Bracing herself, she takes a running start before vaulting onto its back, which sets off a maelstrom of twisting, turning, bucking, rearing, and all around protest, through which she clings stubbornly, jaw set. Eventually, the bucking settles to prancing, and the prancing to panting on all parts.

"Yeah," she pants, thumping a hand against the horse's neck. "C'mere, let's do this the right way around." It's awkward, but she manages to loop the bridle on without getting off, adding a good scratch around the ears.

Diana was to join the festivities on full tilt, sandalled feet clear the field and after a moment of looking along te line of herded mounts she lets her gaze fall upon a gryphon, the beast of twixt natures lowering the avian head to stare dead on, locking eyes with the Amazon as taloned nail sink into the earth…

A large equine body standing 18 hands slams down between them, narring the path. Pure white with a wingspan that spreads and intentionally slaps at the gryphon, inciting a chorus of bantering whinnying, knickering, and screeches between the two, looking as if they would fight - kicking up earth beneath hoof, paw and claws.

The gryphon ruffles its feathers, bristling before it turns away as if it never happened, keeping its proud stance of predatory grace while the winged horse lowers its head and exhales exhuberantly from notrils, snapping teeth down in a hard *clack* at Diana, who only offers him both hands up and out. "Alright, alright." The bridle she held set aside as she ascends the large winged stallion and looks at the others.

"They also sometimes…don't share." Twisting her hand lightly into the mane of her mount she strides along the row and smiles, Babs getting a nod that holds her chin aloft though the lingering look has Babs' griffin posturing. Nope, not sharing.

"Alright, the herd of Erymanthian stock is just two miles south of us along the base of the mountain crags. No flying save for your steeds, we stay together, find the old and segregated and those are what we will take. These are the offspring of a godbeast in his own right and we keep the legacy alive here in Themyscira, but we also let nature takes its course as we need lunch."

Stopping she nods to Babs. Scout ahead for us and hover over the best course and those you find as the feeble, you set our path. Kate, scout with Babs and see if you can get the herd to separate off from the elders so we have our opening to strike. You come in from that flank as we will see where you are positioned. Kara, work point. I want you to observe, tell us where we have an opening a best shot. Hawkgirl. Distraction, push the elders out with Kara."

All of them are given more out of their norm. Kate is best and comfy where she normally is, but they are a team, and even their weaknesses can be strengths as long as they see the main goal.

Striding past them there is a board set up with various weapons upon it. "One each." Diana states as she takes a flail from it and then leads into a gallop that has her mount in quick flight, circling for them.

Brushing the hair off of her face, twisting it into a loose knot at the back of her head, Babs glows with the exertion of her last efforts. "Scouting, with Kate, got it." Looking to the younger woman, Babs inclines her head "Shall we then? Let's ride…." gently applying her heels to the Gryphon, she urges the creature onwards and upwards in the direction Diana indicates.

As she comes upon the herd, she reigns in the Gryphon (which she's calling George in head, don't ask) and waits for the others to follow.

"Ok Diana!" Kara said enthusiastically before hopping onto her Pegasus and trying to fly away with the others, "Come on Runty, you can do it!" She coaxes the Pegasus who snorts a little at the name it's been given before trying to buck Kara off but he was Runty, so he couldn't.

Finally, after like six tries, Runty gets airborne and Kara is taking up the rear at first as Runty tries to gain speed.

Then suddenly with a furious flap of wings, Runty whinnies and races past the big'ol mean mother*cker Pegasus that Shayera was on and Kara cries out, "Go Runty, you show him you're the best! Woooooohooooo!!!!!"

This more than anything else, reminded Kara of being back home on Krypton oddly enough.

She flies towards the massive boars and swoops down between them laughing gleefully as she keeps control of Runty or maybe it was the other way around.

The beast put up a fight as she mounted the saddle onto it's back, along with Shayera cursing at it and it whinnying back at her in turn. But it was a fun sort of whinnying, the two warmed up to each other like old friends, and once the saddle was on the beast curled a wing around Shayera then nudges her out into the front and away to get used to the saddle on it's lonesome. Of course, there was a tiny wing fight, but soon she was ready, mounting the beast with a quick slap against his body, his front legs lifting in the air and kicking wind until it rests down upon the ground again. Ready.

"I shall call you something noble one day." She mutters to her mount, stroking its hair and nodding towads Diana. Kara was given a look as well, her chin lifted with a hint of pride, her gaze falling upon Kate and Babs with that same look of comraderie. With a trot towards the weaponry she picks the best one to fit her frame, and then takes off after Kara, following suit, allowing the younger to take the lead as she swoops down to cut the younger boar.. (that she could tell) away from the elders.

She chases them for a small amount, coming from behind to corral the boar into the circle.

Up in the clouds above, an orange tabby cat with a red cape was flying around watching his Kryptonian pet. As Streaky saw Kara with the Pegasus, he thought, 'What the heck, that's my pet.'. He was going to have to do something about it— nevermind, he was a cat, he didn't do stuff.

"Bet you've got no problem getting up to the good views, do you?" Kate murmurs to the horse with a rueful smile, thumping at its shoulder. "Wings. Must be nice." After the fun of getting on, she isn't in any hurry to get off, though she takes a bow and a quiver from one of the Amazonians, slinging it over her shoulders.

Once she's armed, she grins to Babs, urging her mount forward. "Wanna fly? All the best views from a distance," she winks, then lifts her weight up a bit, urging her mount into the air.

It beats the hell out of climbing the stairs to the top of any building in New York, that's for sure.

Once they're airborne, Kate leans over her mount's shoulders, ranging out ahead to search for their prey.

From above they can all see the herd is massive, and a culling is a necessary thing. If the herd does not do it on it's own the Amazon's do. It's a circle of life thing here and it all hold principle. They are the spawn of a Herculean trophy he can never truly hold because his welcome here is long worn out. Favors for future favor, but nature takes its course…

Thick brown hides cover their brawny frames, larger then the mounted steeds and riders on all fours, their pelts only penetrable by piercing at a force and with extreme precision, their skeletons only cracked by a fall from the top of the Mount but their vision is a failure from behind or dead ahead due to the broad skulls and the many horns that jut from shout, along the ridge of jaw and cheeks and even along neck, then along their spines the ridged backs bear quills when on alert, akin to Patriarch's World porcupines.

From above Oracle can see the mothers with their young, they are centered amongst the mottled dots of 3 dozen, around them are the males, pushing through the terrain with their tusks, some fighting amongst eachother while others are obvious scouts, ones that let out an unearthly bellow upon the arrival of Kate and O, while Kara and Hawkgirl begin to divide the herd, the elders kept on the outskirts, so it is not hard, but what they did face while in their dives is the males, protecting the inner circle of young and mates charging, attempting to gore the sides of their mounts in proximity, the elders doing the same towards their threat, charging forward only to step back and repeat.

Once the divide is made though Diana calls out from her hover, large wings slapping downward to keep them aloft and in place. "The gap is made, pick two and those ae the ones we take back!" Though it does not look like two are going to come as an old boar roars to the front, headed to charge at Kara in her swooping ride between.

It's been weeks, or maybe a month (give or take), since Babs was in a fight… Which could be a little surprising if people knew.

Brandishing the spear she picked up, she slides a look towards Kate and takes a deep breath in… "Let's do it."

Urging her mount down, the redhead braces the butt of the spear against Georges back (not under her arm!) and dives towards the boar charging down on Kara. She's certainly not practiced weapons from the back of a moving mount - but she has practiced using weapons from her chair… she hopes many of the principles are similar.

"Big one over here!" Kara calls out a little worried as she spots the elderly boar.

She hefts a spear and uses her heat vision to heat the tip a little before tossing it at the big boar, trying to give it a merciful death with a spear through the head. She hoped it would work.

Runty seems to be a great partner for her and senses that she might not be the most accurate tosser of spears and gets in dangerously close, bashing the boar on the head with his hooves.

Kara threw the spear with superhuman strength and cried out, "Up up and away Runty!" The Pegasus was already doing it without being commanded to though, it snorted-out a sigh.

"Apophis.. FLY!" Shayera commands, and fly he does. He lowers himself into a downward swoop, his wings, her wings.. easing the glide as she draws back her smaller broadsword, picking one that nearly gets away. He was a big, gangly beast. His age told by the gray hairs that linger upon his hide, but his legs remained strong and powerful enough to put up quite a chase. Which pisses Apophis off.

His wings beat with all of his might, flapping hard and fast, lowering to the ground in an angry run that threatens to break craters into the dirt. Shayera leans, her sword arm drawn back, leading the pegasus closer to the boar as she gives a quick stick to the back of the pigs neck and releases. Quick, easy, painless.

For him.

Not so much for her. For Apophis unexpectedly pops and snaps back into the air, nearly bending Shayera backwards in two, but she soon rights herself and breaks out into a laugh, smacking the beasts side with the flat edge of the blade.

Kate sees the boars and knows they're packing more than she is. They're definitely not safe. No way, no how. No matter how hard she holds a spear, that's just not going to end well for her. So instead, she draws her bow, aiming carefully around her mount's wings. Arrow after arrow flies, neatly separating the herd and driving the prey away from the main body of it with their pinpricks. None of them are going to kill the boar they hit, but it's enough to guide them toward the heavy hitters.

Oracles charge down is just in time. Kara's spear throw imbeds her weapon into the boar's flank as it spins to try and catch her in its tusks, but what responds is the hooves of her mount, hammering out a loud clack like hammers on stone before it takes off, the enraged beast turning with blood oozing from its shoulder towards Oracle with its spines bristled and that tail whipping to and fro while eyes locked and it awaited the descent of beast an woman. There is no disability here in the battle of life and death, even as every breath and heartbeat flow blood in rivulets down its flank.

Hawkgirl's effort and chase of the other elder boar earns her one thing before her flight takes her back up, a blood coated sword and a pissed off boar that is turning as well, spinning on himd legs to nearly blot out the sun with its scarred girl before it slams back down, and instead of seeing Shayera in th sky it focuses on the lower flying. The sword swing did its damage, splitting the hide wide to reveal meat and bone, but that protective plating of a heavy bone structure beneath a heart hide only leaves wounds that this one has apparently had lain upon him and healed from. A heated snot escaped its nostrils of six (not the normal two) and it charges for Kate in her path that threatens the rest of his aged companions. but right now it is his life as well and his century he feels is not over!

"Shoot to kill, do not let them suffer!" The large on Kara had picked out that now charges at Oracle is her target, though mostly picked by her large steed is now met with the sudden onslought of hooves an impact that comes crashing down upon the boars hindquarters, spinning it from its intended target and back to her, leaving it open.

Babs has trained since she was a teenager to fight… and facing down an enraged boar may just be like facing those Ninjas that attacked her in her Clocktower…. she holds, bracing the spear waiting for it to rush on it. George, her Gryphon, picks up on her intent and holds their position as well.

As Diana's mount spins the boar out of her way, the Gryphon mounted redhead glances up… and then charges again, trying to embed the spear in the boars side - no hesitation, at least - not yet.

Hunting was hard Kara thought to herself but this was her second time! She had gone hunting with Kate and Thor in Asgard before the JL:A feast, a good memory from a bad time. She smiled brightly as she calls to Babs, "I'll help finish it off!"

Kara wasn't fond of weapons generally except her natural ones or unnatural according to some; but natural on earth for her!

Her eyes glow red and when Babs impales the beast, she zaps it with her heat vision right in the head. If the beast wasn't dead, she hoped to end it's life quickly or any final seconds of suffering without pain.

As she does this, Runty gets startled and bucks her off, causing her to land on the ground in a gigantic puddle of mud and other stuff the boars had left behind. She doesn't look pleased but is still laughing as she cries out, "Runty! What the hell seriously! Hahah!"

"Shit. Apophis!"

The animal knows what's up, he rounds back again, the deep swoop from the flight that they take, their paths intent to intersect the bleeding boar from Kate's path. Protection, that is what mattered, protection and distraction was her game and she was going to play it to the fullest. This wasn't going to be her kill, she resigned herself to that fact and was alright with it. It was a preference, really, to let others take the shot while she shields them from the blows. She could do that.

That was her design.

Once she's down and within range, she draws her arm back, her muscles tightening.. releasing a loud war cry as she slashes lightly at the boar to steer its direction. It was her hope that the most vulnerable side of the elder boar was revealed so that Kate could take the shot!

"I've got it," Kate calls to Shayera, her mount unmoving despite the boar's charge. Kate should probably be more afraid, but for one, endless moment, there's nothing but the bow, the string, the arrow, and the target. Everything slows down. Everything is still. Will is aim. And as she releases the arrow, it flies hard and fast at the boar's eye. At the least possible second, her mount's wings come down hard and strong, pushing it into the air and out of the boar's path.

The boar spins and in it's stare down of Wonder Woman upon her steed it even rears, the air omitted from its nostrils one of returned challenge to the boar, landing hard and pawing hooves into sod to kick it up, its head arcing gracefully and bobbing before it takes its head and charges! The spear babs throws takes it in the side, staggering its response time, faltering the pace enough to have the charged aiming to gore the side of Diana's horse missing, its head throwing back, an unearthly cry erupting… And cut off. Kara's lasered glare taking the life quickly as it's body slowly rolls to its side and the final exhale is blown out.

The one charging Kate is tossing its head, those eyes pinpointed on her, or what it could see of her, unable to catch Shayera coming in behind it until her sword slices through that thick hide once more, a screech throwing its head back as that tal shoots ramrod straight, rearing to slam down and launch through the air. Still andgered at Kate for Shayera's harm as she was the easiest to see, right in the line of sight.

A sight lost when the arrow finds home and the charging body skids across the ground, burrowing a canal in it in it's massive and weighty skid, marking a path for another strait ofits own life beginning and end, making way for new life.

The mace Diana held is wound back up, a moment of silent prayer as her eyes lost focus and then returned to the group, her smile one of delight, a finalizing cry of success coming from her lips as the winged horse spreads its wing and rears in its own celebration.

No, not a meat eater like the gryphon of Oracle's who is pecking at the one she helped fell, taking it's earnings…

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