Dragon Shelter

April 05, 2015:

Rowans a Dragon again and meets up with Mera, Ulani, Misfit and Siryn in New York Harbour

New York Harbour


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There is a dragon flying over the harbor. That's not an unusual state of affairs to be sure, though it's not one that's often acknowledged. Rowan, the dragon in question, has become something of an urban legend: The Serpent of New York Harbor. The fact that he has several forms means that he's often been mistaken for several beings which gives the stories about him a sort of mythological air in that no one can quite agree how he looks and whether he flies or swims, whether he has feathered wings or batlike ones and so on. It helps that no one has managed to get a really good quality pic that didn't look like something that was photoshopped really well. But there he is, plain as day, circling, just streching his (two, batlike) wings, as it were.

The things you see in New York. Siryn was just enjoying a stroll along the banks of a muddy, polluted river when there is a dragon in the sky above. Just like home. Or at least a tourist's idea of Ireland. "Will you fookin' look at that" she grins, "Hey! Do you see that!" Her yell is to the dock workers who are currently loading her small van with boxes of blankets and clothes. They are New Yorkers…they look up…shrug…and get back to work.

Well Misfit bounces in to see Rowan… and finds herself in mid-air… mother … of … ack… flail flail pinwheeling arms by the dragon. Then there is another bounce >PinkUrple> and she is down on the docks below near Siryn really "Son of a bitch…" she mutters, odd seeing a batcostumed misfit outside of Gotham.

Ulani and Mera have been chatting, they seem to find each other a lot in the depths of the Ocean these days. The Blue Envoy is not complaining, it makes the task of seeing how things in Atlantis are a little easier… not that she's broached the subject with Mera yet, relationship building comes first.

As the two sea women talk, the shadow of the dragon flashes overhead. It might have been missed, at the depth the two are except Ulani's seen that before. Looking over to Mera, the Blue smiles slightly "Shall we go and say hello to Rowan? It has been many days since I saw him."

Mera does NOT equate a shadow overhead with Rowan, though she does look up sharply. After all, shadows usually indicate large predators. But then Ulani's words clear that up immediately and she nods to the Blue Envoy. "Yes." Now, she could very easily send a telepathic message to warn the flying Blue of their approach, but really. Where's the fun in that?

The dock workers shrug because they've seen him before. They're here every day. They know that sometimes something not quite natural comes and suns itself out on that one rock, or flies over the harbor. Word is that it lives somewhere around here and at first it was a bit panic inducing. But he's been here for a number of months now and not hurt anything. Indeed if the rumors are true a dragon showed up to help defend people during that atlantean troubles. And there are also rumors that put him doing rescues at sea, not all of which are true, or really him. But there you go. Urban legend.

Now the sudden appearance of a Blue, a Sea Queen and a Misfit? Those do get some attention from the dockworkers.

The dragon turns and swoops low, nearly buzzing Siryn and Misfit. Probably on purpose.

"Saint Peter's ballsack!" Siryn exclaims as Misfit plummets from the sky. She runs for the impact area, expecting to find a mess that resembles strawberry jam but instead finds someone dressed up like a bat…sort of. "Are you alright? You fell a…fookin' Christ!!" That last has more to do with being swooped by a dragon. "Ya crazy, bat!!" she yells back at the dragon before helping Misfit to her feet. "Everything in one place?" she asks with her heavy Irish accent. "And in the right place at that? We better find some cover. There's some lunatic dragon up there." Not a sentence she says every day.

Misfit is dressed like a sort of quirky old school sort of batgirl, not an actual bat. She does accept the hand up though hopping to her feet. "His name is Rowan.. and yes I am fine… one second…" she disappears in a puff of pink and purple smoke as she bounces out >pinkurple> and appears gripping Rowan around the back of the dragon neck "You goofball!" she yells at him.

The Blue is still in the water, she can't be causing that much of a stir amongst the dockworkers just yet. After all, it's just her head and some of her shoulders that are visible. Seeing him buzz the two on the dock and one disappear, only to reappear on his neck, the Blue Envoy frowns and turns to the Sea Queen "Is he under attack, Majesty?" She's forming a gladus from water, holding it under the surface… if he is, she'll attack to defend him.

Mera watches all of this as well, frowning ever so faintly. She calls to Rowan telepathically NOW. ~ Rowan. Are you being attacked? ~ She also chooses to not remain head and shoulders out of the water, creating a coherent water pedestal of sorts to lift herself and Ulani up about even with the docks nearby where the woman speaking very strangely still stands.

Rowan flips around with startling agility and tucks his wings, dropping like a stone. "If you liked that, Misfit, you'll //love this."

~Your Majesty? Oh, no. I was just having some fun. The surfacer on my back is an ally of a friend of mine from the city to the south.~ Just when it seems like he might hit the ground Rowan flares his wings and touches down accompanied by a gust of wind. Right in front of Siryn. He's pretty big. Thrity feet long from snout to tail. And there's a Misfit on his back.

"Hello there. Sorry for the scare." The large, red-black lizard says in a deep, rumbling voice as fire licks at his (very sharp) teeth.

"Ya didn't scare me" Siryn replies, trying to put on a brave face when confronted by a giant dragon looming over her…and trying to keep her feet after the blast of air. "Ya annoyed me!" she adds defiantly before taking a calming breath and regretting it immediately. "For fook's sake, do you ever clean ya teeth. Saint John on a stick, that is foul." An overly dramatic cough before she takes a step back to try and spot Misfit. "Batgirl! You okay?"

Misfit does squeek and squeel a little bit at the dragon dropping from the sky. Who the hell needs a rollercoaster when there are dragons to ride. Once she catches her breath down by Siryn once more she laughs shakily "I'm fine.. and it is Misfit not Batgirl… Batgirl is much scarier than I am.. trust me… much.. scarier…." she shakes her goggled face at that and grins "This is my Dragonsteed… be nice." she kicks him lightly in the side of the neck.

As Mera lifts them out of the water, Ulani holds on to that water gladus watching the dragon dip and whirl. Clad in traditional Blue clothing (think string bikini and then make it skimpier), she doesn't appear to feel the cold at all. The funny speaking woman gets her attention, particularly now they are on eye level. "He seems fine, Majesty" she murmurs obviously confused as to what is going on. Surfacers, are always confusing.

The water platform brings them toward Siryn as Rowan dives back toward the ground. "He is not under attack," Mera relates to Ulani. "Apparently the Surfacer is an acquaintance of his. I get the impression that is a typical greeting from that particular individual." Once the platform is close enough for both Ocean Dwelling women to step off near Siryn and the now-landing Rowan, she looks the oddly-accented woman up and down almost as if evaluating her. Of course, her own accent is likely even more odd than Siryn's considering it's mostly Atlantean with a faint but noticable Maine Coastline Native to it.

Mera's attire and Ulani's get attention for different reasons. Mera because it's odd. Misfit, strange as she can look, looks like hero. A gothamite but a hero all the same. Mera looks like an Atlantean - and that's not necessarily a good thing here - and Ulani… isn't wearing much at all. No one wants to stare too much though when the dragon turns. "Hello Mera, Ulani. This is Misfit and… um… I do not believe I got your name miss?" He turns back to Siryn.

Siryn stares as barely clad women now emerge from the waters. "Fook me…now we have Merrows. Or are ya Silkies?" A shake of her head. "Christ on a turkey spit, this town is one of the damn strangest places I've ever had the pleasure to spend an hour sober." Did the dragon ask her something. "Oh…fook…sorry, how rude of me." She offers her hand to the dragon, "Theresa." Siryn looks at her hand…then the dragon's…and pulls her hand back before the embarrassment of shaking a claw. "A pleasure to meet ya all." A quirk of a brow at the not-Batgirl. "Misfit? You let people call ya that? Good fer you."

Misfit vanishes off Rowan's neck with a splash of smoke >pinkurple> and appears standing next to Siryn "I picked it. Trust me it fits." she grins sideways to Siryn then looks to Mera and Ulani. She tilts her head for a long moment at Mera. "Aren't you…. the atlantean queen….?" she studies her thoughtfully from those yellow goggles, snapping a pic or two without doing anything overt.

"What are these Merrows and Silkies, you speak of." Ulani, reassured by Mera and Rowan that all is well, releases her water gladus. "Rowan, it is good to see you again." The strange girl with the floppy ear gets a cant of her head "I am Ulani, I am Blue." That should explain it all, shouldn't it?

Mera doesn't recognize the terms merrow and silkie either, but then she only understands American English because her husband taught her. Then Misfit comments on who she is and she nods once to the mask and cowled young woman. "Yes. Mera, of Atlantis." Yup, as eloquent and verbose as always. The water pedestal has already fallen back into the water below, and Mera looks up at Rowan-dragon. ~ If you're going to loom like a hungry orca, at least offer some shade. ~

Once Misfit is off his back Rowan lifts a wing to shade Mera as she'd asked. Well, mentally. "As am I… though it'd be inconvenient to show you at the moment. What were you doing out here, may I ask? Well, any of you actually. I'd not expected visitors today, not that I'm not happy to have them."

"Of course ya blue" Siryn replies to Ulani, "I'd be fookin' freezing in that outfit too." Wait…did someone say a queen was here? Siryn half curtseys in Mera's direction. "Honour to meet ya, Majesty" she states nervously, not having met royals before. "Merrows and Silkies are women from the sea" she explains to…the women from the sea. "Where I come from, Merrows are mermaids and Silkies are sort of seals and women. Neither of them like people who live on hand much. So excuse me if I thought ya were coming to drag me under the waves." A blush of apology before there is a dragon talking to her…which is much more rational. "I'm here to pick up some supplies for the homeless shelters" she explains with a jerk of her thumb in the general direction of her van. "Managed to find some cheap stuff that could help."

Misfit nods to Mera "Well then.. pleased to meet you your majesty." she looks the blue over then back to queem them to Siryn "You are taking this really really well." she grins and then looks to Ulani "So… you are like.. a guard or something or just.. I mean whats with blue vs. not blue?"

"I am not cold" Ulani looks at Siryn, obviously perplexed and casts a sideways glance at Mera wondering (rather loudly in her mind) if the Sea Queen was having similar issues with the language. The term 'homeless shelters' has little meaning to the Blue and Ulani simply ignores it. "Blue. A different people to the Atlanteans. And whilst I was a guard once, I am no longer. Now I serve as Envoy to my people." Ulani sighs and looks to Rowan "I came to seek you, Rowan. To speak further."

Mera looks from Siryn to Misfit and back, inwardly glad for the shade from the sun, even though it's still not to the point that Arthur has described. Her telepathic thanks to Rowan is barely more than a sensation of appreciation. "While our people do indeed dislike Surfacers as a general rule for the thoughtless ways the oceans are treated, keeping our homes protected is far more important than pulling random Surfacers under the waves due to some misplaced form of aggression."

"Ah, well you have found me." The dragon shrugs and grins. "Blue are their own people, as she says. We live mostly in another ocean. And there are… political differences. I've heard, once upon a time that we are named for the sea's color. But whether that's true or not, we are Blue."

"I know Deadpool" Siryn asides to Misfit about her ability to handle things, "And I'm not just a pretty face meself." And then there is a discussion on ocean politics…who knew!? Apparently the Ocean Girls want to talk to the dragon…of course they do. Makes perfect sense. "Glad to hear it, your Majesty" she replies to Mera about not killing landlubbers, bowing slighty in further appreciation. "I think you're out of your depth here, Terry" she whispers to herself under breath, "No pun intended." To the others she says, "I should probably go back…those dockers will start charging me overtime soon."

Misfit asides to Siryn "I've met him… I'm not sure I'd general acknowledge knowing that psychopath." she says it chipperly though. Of course she has also met the Joker and Harley and others too #whee. To the atlanteans she eyes them. "Well It is nice to meet you."

Ulanis' superiors will probably have apoplectic fits when, or rather if, they find out she's been interacting with Surfacers. But done is done "A pleasure meeting your Therese and you Misfit." The talk of dead pools has the the Blue frowning slightly again.

Mera nods to Theresa when she starts to take her leave. "A pleasure, Theresa. Perhaps we will meet again at some point." She also makes a mental note to tell Arthur about these merrows and silkies. She suspects he'll find the whole concept highly amusing.

"Psychopath?" Roawan heard something of the other two's conversation. "Is there trouble? Something you perhaps need help with? I can talk to the dock workers if you like." They're… not super likely to argue with a thirty foot lizard and while Rowan doesn't usually address people like this he can be somewhat blithe in the way he just saunters up to people and addresses them in conversation no matter what form he happens to be wearing. "What did you need to talk to me about Ulani?"

"Yer not the first person who has advised me not to mention his name" Siryn snorts to Misfit before shrugging, "But he's okay with me. And he helps down at the shelters." Hopefull she isn't ruining Deadpool's reputation. "He only does it to try and get in my pants but he's still helping." And there's Deadpool's reputation restored. "No thankyou, Mr Dragon. No need to frighten the staff. Lovely to meet ya all and I hope we meet again…but I ugess I need to be near a beach for that." A bow to Mera. "Yer Majesty." And then she backs away because she's seen 'Reign of Fire'.

Misfit does gape a bit at Siryn for a moment then oohs and nods "Right.. into your pants.. okay that makes more sense. He totally hit on me while trying to shoot me this one time.. yeah… that sounds like him. I still have trouble envisioning him ladeling out soup though but okay…."

Nodding as Therese backs away, Ulani shakes her head slowly not understanding a lot of what the other two women are talking about. "I was simply wondering how preparations are coming for the upcoming meeting." Misfit gets a small frown "Why are dressed like that?"

Mera glances from Ulani to Misfit again, studying the young woman's clothing with more attention. "Those garments… they are not normal Surfacer attire?" She's seen so many REALLY odd garments on Surfacers, she has no idea which are 'normal' and which aren't.

Rowan rolls his shoulder again. "This might be a bit easier if we took it elsewhere, rather than just standing around. Oh! Misfit's a champion, Mera. Like Simon Williams. But… younger. And more teleporty." Having made his decision (and knowing there's a pod of dolphins not too far out. He saw them earlier), Rowan grabs Misfit and Therese and deposits them on his back as he leaps toward the water. As he does his scales go from red-black to blue, his wings vanish and… well, he becomes a sea dragon. One that's cutting through the water at speed in moments. Clearly he doesn't think Ulani or Mera will have any trouble keeping up.

Siryn doesn't scream when she's nabbed by a dragon…because that would be bad for everyone. Instead she decides hanging on for dear life would be better. "Wait!" she yells at Misfit over the beating wings and sudden sea spray. "He tried to chat you up? That fookin' bastard. When I get my hands on him he's going to be introduced to his balls…from the inside." The dragon is swimming now? "Fookin Saint Jerome on a hovercraft, the bloody thing's trying to drown me now!" Closing her eyes at the spray, Siryn leans over the scaly hide rather than show off any powers she has. She's probably still a wanted felon after all.

Misfit starts to answer Mera.. and is interrupted by the dragon talking about her..and then grabbing her… and then dragon rides "I think there might be an emergancy?" she calls over to Siryn.

Ulani looks to Mera and unless the Sea Queen has other ideas, she'll dive into the water just behind Rowan. As a Blue she's able to keep up with remarkable ease. Hearing Misfit's conjecture, Ulani frowns "I don't think so, he did just say we will take this elsewhere…"

Mera looks to Ulani and doesn't have any better ideas. So she dives in after the Blue Envoy and starts after Rowan, catching up with him without any real effort then keeping pace alongside him. "Please tell me there is a purpose to this chase," she tells the now blue-scaled sea-dragon.

"Dolphins." He nods. And they're moving at a good clip. There are indeed Dolphins ahead. Which start to breach as the dragon appraoches and slows. He was out having fun after all. And the last surfacer he took to see dolphins rather enjoyed it. He does, sadly, still not get a few things about how to approach them despite being better at it than most. Still, in no time he's among the pod and, really very, very close to the rather playful mammals. If ever there was evidence that he's a sea person too, here it is. "So, sorry, the meeting should be soon, I just need to find Aspen." He glances back to the other two. "Are you sure you don't need any help with your… what did you call him? Psychopath? Someone dangerous enough that saying his name is a problem?"

Siryn sighs with relief once there are dolphins to ogle. No drowning today. The dolphins would save her…right? She even has a smile on her face as she reaches over to pet any that come close enough. "Psychopath? Oh…Deadpool?" Siryn laughs and shakes her head. "Nah…he's fine. He's a softy at heart…and he has a good heart." A jerk of her head towards Misfit. "When he ain't chatting up other lasses. No offence, Misfit." But then its back to the contentment offered by playful dolphins. "They're so beautiful" she sighs.

Misfit notes helpfully "This… was like months ago… when we stopped him from robbing a place… he is a criminal.. or well mercenary you know.. wanted all over the place…"

Dolphins! Ulani nods at Rowans words "Very well. I will let those who are coming know." She is a little distracted by the pod of Dolphins and swims out into the middle of them. Diving and surfacing with, swimming amongst them for a few minutes before returning to the group. "Are you still talking about those dead pools?" she asks, canting her head at the two women on the Dragons back.

Mera has never really been one to play with cetaceans, so she doesn't join in the 'frolicking'. Instead, she tries to make sense of what the two Surfacers are discussing. It sounds like they're discussing a male, but then they use the term 'dead pool' and she can't seem to link the two. So she goes with the one she might comprehend more readily. "Why are these pools devoid of life?"

"Wait, is this the insane man Stinkwater? Er… Necroriver?" Rowan can never get his name right. Something about water and death. If he'd paid slightly more attention he might have gotten at some point that 'Deadpool' was the guy's name but really, what kind of name is that?

Siryn pats another dolphin as it finally sinks in what the women are talking about…she's quick like that. "Oh…of course…the water thing." A shake of her head. "No, one word - 'Deadpool'. And it's got nothing to do with pools of water. Fook…how do I explain this one. On land, a pool can also be…umm…a set of options. So like you can pluck fish from a pool…umm…you might not like fish being plucked from pools. But anyway, like fish from a pool, an option from a set of options." A pause. "And what that fookin has to do with him being called Deadpool I have no idea. But I assure ya it's not about water." A reluctant nod to Misfit. "Yeah…I know, but he's gettin' better. I promise ya that."

Misfit eyerolls lightly "okok… maybe…" she tilts her head as her comm buzzes "Ah crapsticks… Im needed back in Gotham.. nice meeting you all seriously…" she vanishes in a slice of pink and purple smoke >pinkurple>

As Siryn explains, Ulani frowns "No, we would not like fish plucked from pools. That's where they belong." and then something seems to just 'click' "Oh, his name is Deadpool. If you say it has nothing to do with water…" and then Misfit disappears and the Blue Envoy cants her head "She did that before. Is this usual behaviour for Surfacers,Rowan?"

Mera stops abruptly when Misfit disappears in a puff of smoke that would make a famboyant cuttlefish envious. Then she hurries to catch up again. "I am now wondering the same thing. I have not seen such behavior before."

"She's… unique." Rowan explains, glancing back at Siryn. "I'm not planning on stranding you, don't worry." He assures the woman and then a thought occurs to him. Misfit's odd, it's true. Nice, but odd. Maybe Mera and Ulani would benefit from meeting a more normal surfacer. Therese's is normal. Right? "So, tell us a bit about yourself? Ulani and the Queen don't get much exposure to the surface." Not yet anyway. "You said you run shelters?"

"That's not normal" Siryn notes about the disappearing Misfit as she waves away the smoke. "I certainly couldn't do that. Not sure I'd want to either." And then suddenly she's a ambassador for all the lung breathers. "Umm…okay. I wouldn't say I ran them. I really just volunteer there. They are places where people who don't have a home, don't have any money, don't have any family, somewhere they can come to find food and shelter. Maybe some company. Just someone to talk to. I guess you have total employment under the ocean." A little smile there before she remembers she is talking to the Queen. "Umm…because you're such a wonderful queen and…stuff. Um, anyway, not much to say about myself. A gal from Ireland who's doing the best she can until she knows what she wants."

The description of homeless and shelters causes Ulani to pause. The comment about complete employment has her nodding "Basically" she notes "All our citizens are looked after. Those that can't work are cared for and those that can, do." It's part of the Blue. Ulani herself is an orphan and was taken in by a family straight away. "What is Ireland?"

"Atlantis is very much the same as the realm of the Blue," Mera adds. "There is no shortage of tasks to be done, and every citizen capable contributes." She reaches out to put a hand on Rowan-the-sea-dragon so he can tow her along for a bit while she looks at Theresa squarely. "And no. Our people's societal structure is not my doing. It is my husband's vision for Atlantis. A vision that this recent … unpleasantness has jeopardized."

"Ireland is an island across the sea." Rowan supplies with a vague nod east as he turns back toward the New York shore, swimming at a more leasurely pace. "It was burnt to the ground in the world I came from, but I've heard it was a very beautiful land before that. Too much magic in it, for the Overlords, though."

Siryn nods along to Rowan's explanation of Ireland until it gets to the burned to the ground bit. "The fook? When did it burn? Your world?" A sigh. "I guess I should have known you were from somewhere else." Though the water women are from her world…aren't they? "That sounds great, your majesty. Good for your husband too, King…something. I guess there are just too many people on the surface. Sure are too many greedy ones." Then a crease of her brow. "Unpleasantness? Did I miss something?"

Ulani, following Mera, swims to the other side of Rowan and holds on as well. "Thank you, Rowan" Falling silent, Ulani listens, both waterpeople are telling stories she wishes to (and perhaps needs to) hear.

Mera studies Theresa for a moment longer. "I had thought the communications links between land masses had been restored. The attack on the surface that Arthur's brother Orm ordered and led. I missed most of the actual battle, and likely for the best." She IS a trained assassin, after all. "Arthur told me that many lives on both sides were lost. A tragedy for everyone."

"There was some… tension between Atlantis and the surface." Rowan murmurs as the harbor comes back into sight. "Which has also resulted in tension between the Blue and Atlantis. Ulani is here partly because of that." And partly because of Rowan. Because he got their attention in a way they couldn't ignore.

"Oh…really? Wow…aren't I an advertisement for the cultural awareness of my generation?" Siryn laughs. "I hope it got sorted out then since you're pretty cool…for a Queen and all. Looks like my stop coming up. Thanks for the trip, it's been interesting and enlightening."

Ulani listens as Mera expresses her views on the war, tucking the information away for later. "It has been a pleasure, to meet a Surfacer, Therese." Well one that knows she's a Blue at any rate. "Let me know when Aspen Matthews is available, Rowan. The sooner we do this meeting, the sooner you may be able to see one of the cities." With that the Blue Envoy submerges totally and is just gone.

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