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July 20, 2015:

Kurt Wagner approaches Nelson and Murdock to represent Rachel Grey and Scott Summers

Law Office of Nelson and Murdock

The Law Office of Nelson and Murdock in Hell's Kitchen, New York City.


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Logfile from Daredevil.

It's another hot day in New York City — so hot that one can see the waves of heat coming off of the pavement. It doesn't stop the city, however, as it continues to bustle with folks going to and from various places, beggars on the street, and tourists taking pictures of every neon sign and Broadway marquee in Times Square.

A few streets downtown and west of that tourist trap is the area known as Hell's Kitchen that is in the process of revitalization, but it seems to be fighting it tooth and nail. Next to trendy cupcake shops and cold-brew coffeehouses are bodegas and sketchy neighborhood bars. There's some new construction trying to creep its way there, but most of the buildings are older, revealing the down-to-earth, blue-collar, New York history if the neighborhood.

In one of these buildings, an older office building that is still mostly empty, is the 4-room Law Office of Nelson & Murcock. There's a sign on the outside of the building and a sign on the old-fashioned, translucent glass of the door, but otherwise it's a very sparse sort of place. The basics are there — a couple of desks that look a good 20+ years old, some office chairs from Staples, and basic office equipment. The window-unit A/C is running, but it's not doing much to beat the heat of the city that rises and creeps into the office. Suit-jackets have been removed and sleeves have been rolled up in an effort to try to maintain an image but also stay cool.

The receptionist and legal secretary, Karen Page, is seated at her desk, scrolling through her laptop. Foggy Nelson has just made an iced-coffee run while Matt Murdock is also at his desk, one earbud in an ear as he listens to the news being read from his computer.

Kurt Wagner has his image inducer on when he arrives. He appears to be dressed quite simply, with a basic suit of white linen, almost the kind of thing someone might wear in a tropical climb, along with a bright blue tie. His features are essentially a humanized version of his own natural features, with sharp cheekbones asnd chin, a hint of a goattee, dark hair slicked back. His eyes appear steady and firm, as closely layered over his true eyes as can be and remaining disguised.

Not that any of that will matter with Matt Murdock. The image inducer won't hide the tail from him, or the strangely shaped hands, all of wfhich will be immediately evident to the lawyer's enhanced senses when the mutant is lead in.

"Mister Murdock? My name is Kurt Wagner," he says, his German accented voice clipped and serious. "I'm here to see you on a matter of some urgency and delicacy."

Karen was happy to show Kurt into Matt's office — he had already paused the news feed when he heard someone coming down the hall. He stands and moves from behind his desk to offer a hand, "Mr. Wagner…certainly. Have a seat, will you?" Karen then closes the office door so the two can speak in private. Well, as private as an office like this gets.

"Do you mind if I record this?" a hand goes to his phone so that he can prepare the settings. Otherwise, taking notes can be a bit tricky. "How can I be of service, Mr. Wagner?" although by the man's shape alone, he has an idea.

Kurt Wagner considers for a moment. The disguise will hold up underneath video recording equipment, but he's not actually concerned about his identity. He just didn't want to freak out Matt's secretary or make his office a target of anti-mutant sentiment just because he showed up here. Still, he leaves it up, for the moment, since he hasn't established privilege as of yet. He might not be a lawyer, but he was almost a priest, so he knows something of the concept. You need to have a relationship before it kicks in.

"I'm sure you're informed as regards the situation regarding the young woman known as Rachel Grey. She deserves a defense, an excellent defense. I - and, more importantly, other friends and associates who are in a position to pay your fee much better than I can - would like you to consider being the one to make that defense."

Matt Murdock turns the phone on to do an audio recording…not his computer as that could always be appropriated more easily. Ahem. "The one from the news…who threatened the United Nations…yes, I've been following her story some." He pauses as the rest sinks in. "You want us…to represent her?" He turns his head towards the door as if looking across to see if Foggy has returned…or maybe just to consider what his partner will say to that. Upon hearing 'paying your fee', he'd most likely accept despite anything else.

"I'd definitely consider it, Mr. Wagner…I'd also want my partner in on this case as well, if that's all right with you. I would like to speak to Ms. Grey as soon as possible though. Could that be arranged, do you think?"

Kurt Wagner considers, "I think getting access to her would likely be part of your representation, Mr. Murdock. So far, the government has kept Ms. Grey and Mr. Summers isolated and separate, under extremely close guard. No one, not even their friends and family, know where they're being held or is being allowed to speak to them currently. They're being treated essentially as terrorists, in the full Bush-era fashion,' he sighs. He's deeply concerned for their well-being himself, much as he has mixed feelings about their actions and everything that's been done. Things just got out of hand, as far as Kurt's concerned.

"We're very concerned that there may be attempts to railroad or circumvent normal legal procedure. We need an experienced legal mind to help prevent that and make sure they get their proper day in court."

"Mr. Summers?" Matt tilts his head some as he recognizes that name. "Scott Summers?" as that's the only other mutant-advocate he knows with that name…he has to ask. "I didn't realize he was in custody as well!" There's a pause before he gives a brief shake of his head, "They're American citizens and allowed legal representation and trial by jury. It's in the Constitution…they can't deny them on any grounds, Mr. Wagner, as they meet the requisite citizenship. The Government may try and deny them this, and then you have an even larger case on your hands…one that could easily mean that they are released on a mistrial. Do you even know if they were read their rights when they were apprehended?"

Kurt Wagner shakes his head, "I can't say for certain - as I said, they've been kept fairly isolated since they were taken into custody. I know that Scott was in negotations with agents of the govenrment beforehand to try and makea peaceful surrender. Specifically, he was in contact with Captain America. But I don't think they knew things would go down quite liket his," he sighs. "Those of us who care about them certainly didn't."

"There's a lot of distortion and misunderstanding in the media and on the streetes in regard to both what they did and why they did it. Public relations, obviously, mein herr, isn't your responsibility, but the sooner we can see justice served and get the truth out there, the sooner these tensions will hopefully begin to quiet. It is in everyone's best interests that cooler heads prevail."

"Oh, of course it is, Mr. Wagner, and the media certainly isn't helping things with the mutant and meta-human population…which is receiving the brunt of the abuse," Matt points out. He stands and takes a couple of steps as if pacing — he knows his office layout quite well — "I'd like to meet with them if that can be arranged easily. If not…let me know as soon as possible and I'll make some noise with the higher-ups. They can't deny legal representation. We can easily drag out the 'Un-Constitutional' flag onto the field if need be."

Kurt Wagner nods, "That sounds like the right kind of flag to wave. While I may not be an American myself, I've come to appreciate this country's rule of law - I hope that it will serve well to help sort out this whole mess going forward," he sighs. "I can have members of my…organization help set you up with contacts, in terms of who's been handling them through law enforcement and legal circles. I admit, I was drafted to come here quickly because I was in the area and we want action on this, obviously, as soon as is possible, ja? It is painful to think of my friends…" he says, shaking his head, "I know that, perhaps, not everything they did was legal, but I know their hearts, Herr Murdock. They are good people."

Matt Murdock gives a nod and turns back to Kurt, "If you can get us to them, the sooner the better. Karen can get you any of our credentials that you may need to wave in their faces to get us in as their legal representation but the sooner we talk to them in person, the better. Even if it means some sort of secret Government transport, we'll take it. But without speaking to them or without proof that they are being denied representation, we can only go but so far."

As for whats in their hearts, Matt gives a slight grimace, "I'm sure they're good people, Mr. Wagner…and sometimes passion can overwhelm common sense, even in those with good hearts. We'll do our best within the confines of the Law."

Kurt Wagner nods, "That's all that we can ask of you, of course, Herr Murdock," he says. "As I said, I'm not a person particularly for logistics - my training lies in different areas of expertise. But we'll get you there, come hell or high water. We're going to find a way to make this work. Justice has to be done and done fairly and publicly. There's been too much secrecy already," he sighs.

"As for your fee, I was told to provide you with this," he says, 'This is contact information for the financial officers at DaCosta Industries. They'll be footing the initial billing," he says.

Matt Murdock takes the offered contact information…not that he can do much with it at the moment. "DaCosta Industries? Really? Is that…public knowledge that they're in support of mutants?" It could be something else they could use in their defense if necessary. No doubt Foggy will be thrilled about this. There's another pause before he offers, "I'm sure that we'll be in touch with the financial officers once we're able to get things rolling, Mr. Wagner."

Kurt Wagner nods, "It is, actually. Mr. DaCosta has been willing to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, in regards to mutant rights and activism. That isn't to say I wouldn't ask you to be discreet, but that comes with the attorney-client bit, doesn't it? I believe you can contact their legal department to help arrange any further legal niceties beyond the initial. I hope, as time progresses, more and more people will be willing to stand up for our kind. I hope, if I am ever blessed with children myself, that they may walk the streets more safely than I do."

"Of course, Mr. Wagner. We wouldn't use their name without express permission from their legal department, but it might be something that could be useful…depending on which path we choose to go down." Having a major corporation backing Mutant Rights could mean something positive if it's played in the right light. "But of course…there is always attorney-client confidentiality. If you can speak with Ms. Grey or Mr. Summers at all before me meet with them, tell them to Lawyer Up. Say nothing more to anyone."

Kurt Wagner smiles, "I will do so. Thank you for your time, Herr Murdock. We will be in touch soon," he says. He stands up and moves forward, offering his three-fingered hand, hoping that the other man knows to reach out to take the gesture, but he won't be offended if he doesn't, "I appreciate your understanding. And I wish you the very best of luck"

Matt Murdock will also offer his hand at the farewell, in the direction that Kurt's voice is coming from. No doubt the two will be able to clasp hands to seal this discussion. "Call me any time. If I can't pick up immediately, I'll return your call as soon as I can. Good luck, Mr. Wagner, and let me know what you come up with for meeting with them."

Kurt Wagner smiles, "Guten tagg, Herr Murdock," he says and, suddenly, there's a burst of smoke, a whiff of brimstone, and the sound of collapsing air in a trademark BAMF as Kurt Wagner, the Nightcrawler, vanishes from the office.

It also leaves a very scent-sensitive Matt Murdock coughing up a lung as his office is suddenly filled with brimstone-laced smoke. Karen rushes to the door and throws it open only to be hit with the dissipating smoke as well as it's sucked out of the room by the struggling window A/C. "What the hell was that?" is asked as she goes over to help a nearly-doubled-over Matt out of the office and into some fresh air.

"Next time…" Matt struggles, "…he shows up…open all the windows!"

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