Tengu For Coming

July 20, 2015:

Misfit foils a burglary… with the help of Oracle - but it's not what she expects



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On the crimefront, it's rarely quiet in Gotham at night, from run of the mill snatch and runs and minor break ins to somethings potentially larger and more sinister. All of it is watched over by Gothams Information Goddess and when necessary - the Bats or part of Oracles team are sent to investigate and address it….

Tonight is no different, Oracles boards for Gotham flicker and flash with the crime that occurs but one particular alarm has the redheads attention …. it's slightly more unusual than the rest.

Charlie is out on patrol of the Gotham's this fine evening. She is sprawled out on the relatively undangeous incline staring up at the moon proper. She is trying to determine why she has a faint urge to howl at the moon. Very odd this.

Oracle's systems have alerted her to a breakin at a pawnshop. One not too far from Misfit, just a mile or so. Footage is a bit glitchy but she can see shadows along the wall. There's folks inside. Though there's no audio the shattering glass speaks for itself. Someone's ransaking the place. Unfortunately the security camera seems to have been knocked askew. Maybe she can refocus from other cameras or traffic cams in the area.

"Misfit" Oracle can see the young womans avatar is not moving "Is there a probl…." The redhead in the clocktower breaks off and peers at her screen "You're needed at the pawnshop about a block to the East." Coordinates are relayed to the chaos muppets communicator "Looks like there are people inside… I've limited visibility, going to try and recalibrate."

Using the city's management system, Oracle accesses the other cameras in the area… and realigns them… now… what does she see….

Charlie pulls her goggles down and adjusts them to fit properly. She taps her Camera on and then kips up to her feet now. "There we go crime busting." she seems pleased by the prospect. She steps along and then disappears bouncing over to the street across from the pawnshop. Appearing in that light slash of smoke in an alley down at street level so she can peer before just blindly leaping in.

What shows on Oracle video systems when the cameras realign, Misfit can see now that she is in a position too, four men have entered the shop and are obviously searching it.

Of course, to those with magical sight, there might be a certain aura or feel to these men - maybe they aren't men aren't at all.

"All yours Misfit." Oracle watches as they prowl through the shop "I see four people inside and my feeds show nothing else in the area."

With a light sigh Misfit notes "I'm not sure they are four people… heck not sure what they are to be honest. I suppose we can either go in swinging and find out.. or I could engage in witty banter and find out…"

Oracle has to think about what Misfit just said, just for a moment… thank goodness she's been working with Kane. "Do what you think is best, but work quickly, the GCPD has been alerted." Although Oracle could probably reroute the responders, doing so could tip off she has access to their systems.

Inside the store, one of the men somersaults over a display rack, from a standing start. The others pull things from shelves, spilling them on the ground, obviously looking for something….

Misfit pfffts out her cheeks and eyes them a little longer "Well okay but they better not be weregerbils or something stupid." she eases back into the shadows of the alley and reappears with a bounce into the shadows of the shop near Mr. Summersault and kicks hard without any warning even as she appears right for his knee with her weighted boots. "Okay That. Is Enough. Of That. Give up." there may be a twinge of growl rumbling out of the girl.

"Weregerbils?" Oracle questions, making a note to ask Kane about that later. "Tell me what you need, Misfit. Do you need light, lots of it, darkness, what?" The redhead, whilst she's becoming proficient in working with the arcane, is still not up to speed on everything out there and relies on the team to direct her.

Mr Somersault collapses as Misfit kicks him, hitting the floor with a thud, but instantly his features start morphing into what looks like something large and feline.

The remaining three men, leap to surround the chaos muppet, one draws a sword from a sheath at this back, brandishing it at the young woman.

Well it is probably not entirely soothing that Misfit doesn't panic at either the sight of the guy morphing or the fact she is quickly surrounded. "Huh.. werecats.. damn I was kidding about the weregerbils. I mean really is Catwoman involved…. what is Gotham coming to. Also come on I said give up… seriously guys." she vanishes in a slash and appears above the guy with the sword. Well her boot is right at head height as she kicks really hard .. aiming for his head…. and vanishes again appearing back on a counter in clear view of them all. "This won't end well" she notes helpfully and then channels chaos magic into her boots and gloves. Sure Fenris says this is always dangerous, god knows could kick someone into being a guppy, but mostly she does it so that supernaturals actualy feel her punches. Also because her fists start to glow with red ruby energy, which is totes awesome.

The swordsman goes down, out for the count with the kinetic force concentrated in Misfits kick to the head. As he drops to the ground, his form changes to a birdlike humanoid, complete with wings (http://terralthra.net/sdnet/rifts/R_Jtengu.png).

The catlike creature prowls closer to Misfit as stands on the counter and one of the remaining two men speaks a strange language. Instantly Misfit is confronted with three of catlike creatures, whilst the one who just spoke draws a sword and rushes at her.

The fourth man, resumes the search of the store, rather more desperately than he had before.

There is a surprised noise "I'm not sure what I need O.. I mean.. hmm… yeah let's go with the first option." the bright light because that should mess up the baddies and her goggles will compensate. She vanishes and appears over perched on a shelf. She charges three batarangs and hurls the chaos enfused items at the three cats, because well .. one is likely not an illusion. "I think batman being a bat.. man.. attracts animal villains O."

"On it." Oracle has already accessed the building management systems and turns on EVERY light she can find…

The shop interior immediately brightens, dazzingly and the men and the cat(s) cry out - not in pain but in shock. The ploy works, they're blinded for the moment but for how long is anyone's guess.

The charged batarangs hit their targets, two embedding themselves in shelves as they fly through the illusions, the third knocking the catlike creature out - it reverts to the birdlike humanoid form as it falls.

Although blinded, the fourth man is still searching, more slowly but making more of a mess as he pulls boxes and containers from shelves.

Misfit notes amused "Awesome O… two down two to go…" she is taking a bit slower than she would with thugs, she has no idea what other spells these four might have. She leaps into the air like she is kicking towards the one with the sword. She vanishes and doesn't appear anywhere at arm or chest or even above height. Nope she appears at ankle height.. trying to slide chaos boot first full leap into the presumably bird's ankles.

"Good work." Oracle watches as the young woman works, impressed by her restraint and care. "Tell me when you need something else" she won't hinder Misfit as she works.

As Misfit slides her boot at the ankle of the sword wielding man, he stumbles and then tumbles right back up to his feet and without hesistation bears down on the chaos muppet slashing his sword down with precision… The other man, now mostly recovered from the blinding starts searching behind the counter more quickly.

There is a MMmm at the deftness of the sword wielding man. She brings her arm up, it is heavily armored in the bracer area after all to block and deflect. Then she is gone. "Option two." aka cut all the lights. She is being a real brat about this. Misfit waits until the lights are cut before flinging the Chaos Rune at the sword guy. Powerful UnLuck Stone.

Then she is bouncing with a quick flash to appear by the searching guy "So what are you looking for?" vanishing and appearing on the other side. "Because this isn't ending well." vanishing over onto a counter.

Oracle hits the lights, the store is plunged into relative darkness, until Gothams Information Goddess also kills the street lights… it's now dark….

The chaos run does the trick, the swordsman slips on something spilled on the floor and goes apex over turtle, landing with a grunt and a thud. He's not out and is slowly regaining his feet…. the other two birdlike beings are slowly regaining consciousness too.

The man behind counter sneers at Misfit and even in the darkness brandishes what he's found - a Magatama, made of jade…. "Just this…" and if Misfit is quick she may be able to retrieve it.

"Neat!" and tosses two bat-flash-bangs down, one by the people recovering, and the other right into the hopefully blinded by darkness guy holding the Magamata. Her goggles and cowl will compensate for the BOOM And BRIGHT LIGHT that results of course.

Then Misfit will bounce again to be off at an angle from the man behind the counter, reaching to try to grab it and if successful stating "Yoink!" and of course vanishing back to the deep shadows, she is tricksy enough to not just leave them in case this was just a ruse to have her bop off.

By now the sirens from Gothams finest can be heard growing nearer. As Misfit grabs the Magatama from the man and disappears, regardless of the flash bangs, all four of them (men and birdlike creatures) just disappear…. no longer visible.

If Misfit waits just long enough though, she'll hear the door open and close ….

"Sitrep, Misfit. GCPD are nearly there." Oracles lost visuals except for the camera in Misfit's suit.

Misfit totes frowns at that and pops out to the rooftop across the way as soon as she hears the door open and close, tapping her goggles she activates mage sight. "One second.. I think there is something going on…"

Her mage sight pierces the illusion around the four beings. All four are birdlike beings, made to appear invisible to the naked eye. As Misfit watches, the four beings rise into the air and speed off into the night… she won't be able to catch them.

Misfit frowns "Well.. they ran for it.. flew for it… very wierd. Should probably ask Kane about them O… did the cameras catch when I pounded them and they went birdy?" she holds up the Magamanta though "Got what they wanted."

"They did, Misfit. Nice work… " Oracle responds and is already saving off the images "You don't know what they were or what that is?" Regardless, the Clocktower bound redhead smiles to herself "If you've finished patrol, bring it in. I've got leftover Chinese in the fridge." Rowan had bought her dinner last night.

Charlie perks and steps off the roof appearing in the clocktower. She fishes out a silk bag full of salt and drops the item into it, should help nullify tracking hopefully. "Chinese food sounds excellent."

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