The Hero Takes A Selfie

July 20, 2015:

Spider-Man rescues a simple nobody.

The Great New York


NPCs: Three thugs!



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Fade In…

Behind the mask the world is a heady almost hallucinogenic blur. The city's skyline is a beautiful thing when seem from afar and upon the ground, or when flying past in a helicopter or plane, but nothing quite holds a candle to swinging past skyscrapers at sixty miles an hour with the only thing between you and death being a small strand of polymer…
Well, that and spider powers.
The world flashes past him as he swings, the Spectacular Spider-Man, flipping as he releases the webline, turning the world upside down as his lithe athletic body goes end over end… until gravity reasserts its purview upon his hurtling form. He falls, dropping and dropping, then lashes out an arm to fire another webline with a /thwip!/ turning that fall into an arcing swing launching him back up into the air.
From below at this time of night he's little more than a blue and red blur against the dark of the night. Yet when he stops, lighting upon a billboard that proclaims Van Dyne Fashions, he pauses there… listening to the faint tingle pf his spider-sense.

'You think I didn't see what you had in that bag?'
'Yeah, that's some real shiny tech you got there lady. Give it up!'
'Yeah, c'mon! Give it up, or else. You know the deal kid. That's going to be your ass!'

New York, New York. There were reasons as to why Melody hated coming out to this area. Without ample protection, or her Bruce-Goose or Shiftypants (RIP) and even The Woman about, she was ripe for the picking. But the area she was in wasn't too dark, the alleyway smelled of booze and wee, broken bottles littering the ground near the corners with cigarette butts tossed the same. A garbage can sits where Melody stands, pushed and backed into the corner so tight that there was a threat that her 'tech' would actually break. The brickmasoned building behind her had graffiti upon it, words scrawled giving homage to the gangs that were once there but had moved on to bigger and better things, or possibly lesser. There was even a shout out to some of the heroes written upon the expanse of the wall, and anime caricatures in various states of play. One with a baseball bat, reminant of Hell Girl, another surrounded by wispy lights, Mushi-Shi.

There would be a time for Melody to admire the urban landscape and art, yet today was not that day.

"Listen! I keep telling you! I got nothing for you guys in this backpack, trust me! You guys.. just let me go home!"

Her hands raise defensively as the first thug pulls out his gun, the other reaching out to try to grab at her shoulder. She tries to slap his hand away, but the third thug kicks the garbage can hard to startle the slip of a woman into complying. But it doesn't work.

'We ain't playing with you, goddamn it! Don't make him shoot you!'

"I'll play with you guys, if you want." The cheerful chipper voice comes from behind those thugs, accompanied by a short /thwip-splat!/ as a glob of webbing flashes out, blots onto the firearm and then _yoinks_ it up out of the man's hand, clattering upon the ground somewhere across the street.
And when they turn they'll see little more than a short crouching silhouette perched upon a streetlight with his knees bent and his hands between his feet. Mirrored lenses tilt to the side as the masked man looks at the thugs and then pipes up, "I'm partial to Uno. Or Clue. Ooh maybe Monopoly. But only if I get to be the shoe." He _leaps_ off the lamppost and lands lightly right there in between the gangsters. "The shoe is non-negotiable. I'm super serious guys."
And once he's down there amongst them… it suddenly becomes obvious he's a bit shorter than them… and skinnier.

'Screw it. Sho—..'


One moment he had the gun, the other he didn't. Melody's eyes go wide as she follows the line of sight of the gun, and then upright to where Spider-Man was perched. No fucking way!

See, everyone knows about Spider-Man. He was a murderer, a masked menace, a plague on the city of New York (if you believe what is read within the headlines). He erred upon the side of villainy by saving old women from random, stray cars and stray cats from random old women.

"No way.." Melody murmured underneath her breath, as the men nearly scramble as the scrawny, skinny kid plops down right in the middle.

'Let's kick his ass!'

Great, they were about to start fighting and Melody was going to watch… a distance..

Slowly, she edges down the wall as the first and third thug pulls the first punch, while the second sets his sights upon her. 'Oh no the hell you don't!'

"Aww c'mon guys, everyone wants to play kick my ass. It gets boring." But that's the last 'witty' rejoinder he offers before suddenly they're all moving. For him it's like reality slows down, fists are drawn back, words are murmured in that slow slurring tone of voice, feet slowly scrape and scuff across the ground. And during it all, Spider-Man is moving.
Those two thugs bring their fists up and back while the third steps forwards to menace Melody. In the time it takes them to take a step forward Spidey seemingly explodes into motion. He crosses his arms, web-shooters firing to either side of him and /splortching/ straight into the faces of those two criminals. He drops down, almost falling onto his back but somehow keeping his balance like some limbo expert, and as he drops the weblines _yank_ the two men into each other their heads clocking together with a resonant /thwok!/ knocking them out yet leaving them upright each supporting the other with their shoulder.
Yet in the same motion Spider-Man snaps back up to his feet, flipping into the air to land heavily on the remaining man's shoulders, forcing the fellow's knees to buckle yet still able to support the light weight of the wallcrawler. "I got it, how about Twister?" And just as he says that he flips back, somehow taking the man with him and slamming him around onto the other men making an abrupt pile of unconscious jerks. "I call that move, left foot black and blue."

For Melody? Reality doesn't slow down. She doesn't even try to -not- look. In fact, the look upon her face is really jarring in the since that she hadn't seen moves like that since.. ever. She wasn't fangirling, she was studying, and in her mind she was going.. 'Ow'. What the fuck! Oh god that had to.. OW. She even winced a little, and wiped away at her face a bit to hide the tear that may have fallen because.. she really felt bad for the guys. Not in the sense that they tried to rob her but they were going to be aching in the morning.

She slides a little bit towards the left to freedom, her eyes still upon the scene of the men upon the ground and the webbed menace that's probably standing above them. How could anyone really fight with added jabs and words? She didn't understand that bit herself..

"Du'hhh…" She stammers out, her hand lifting to jab a thumb towards the way to freedom. Thankfully, her criminal side only shows on the inside. Nothing like what these guys here were..

"Guh…" Man, tongue tied. Maybe she was scared…

As quick as that, one moment there are three angry men getting ready to lay some smack down… and the next, three crumpled forms on the ground. Rising up to stand straight to his full not so considerable height, he looks over quickly at Melody, those mirrored lenses in his mask reflect her image back to her as he extends a hand and says, "Are you alright?" A step is taken towards her, "They didn't hurt you did they?"
The young man in the booties and spandex eyes her for a moment but then holds up a finger. "One sec," He turns back, taking three quick steps and /leaping/ up on top of that lamppost. He alights there, turns and fires several weblines at the fallen men, covering them in a haze of webbing connected to a webline. He then drops off over the arm of the street light and _yanks_ the men up in a nice neat package to dangle from on high. "There, all set for the cops."

"Uh…" She was okay. Maybe she couldn't speak right now, but Melody was a-okay! She even lifts her hand to point just a little, towards a twitchy leg which was soon taken care of, the thugs strung up high enough and tight enough to not get down, leaving Melody gawking and..


She was flabbergasted. Flummoxed! Shocked as all get out! Spider-Man came to -her- rescue? A little whip of a girl, a nothing! And she was saved! There was once upon a time when she thought that she'd be someone like him, or she'd actually see someone like him rescuing someone who's all too important and that mattered to the world. Not. Her.

That hand draws from it's pointing spot to press the palm against her forehead, rubbing it briefly to stave off the tears. She remembered the conversation she had last year, the thoughts that came with it. She actually did think of this masked menace .. and balloons for a kid. And really.. no ones going to believe her at this moment that this happened.

"I.. can.. can we take a picture together?" Cause moments like this, for her? And maybe people like her? Won't happen again.

And there he is as she's stuck there with mouth open and giving such a strong accounting for herself. That bewebbed noggin tilted to the side with those mirrored lenses flashing back at her, and he smiles at that question… though it could be a frown… some sort of weird facial contortion, behind that mask it's so hard to tell.
Yet even as that slowly twisting webbed up bundle of thuggery turns slowly in the wind behind him, he steps forwards. "Hey sure thing, got a phone?" And as he says this he steps towards her, perhaps waiting for her to indicate where it's secreted about her person. Once she produces it he takes it from her, steps right up close and extends his arm outwards and upwards so the angle is down on them. He ever so casually slings an arm over her shoulder, flashes the peace sign and then chirps, "On three, say Spidey! 1-2-3, Spideyyyy!"
The light flashes, the alleyway brightens up entirely, and she's left with that small momento even as he casually flips the phone back to her. "Gonna call the cops, and an ambulance. Stick around. I'll be watching just to make sure everything's ok."
There's a /thwip!/ as a webline fires upwards, the line tenses and then snaps taut launching him up into the sky. "Stay safe, girly girl!" And with that… he's gone. Just as quick as he arrived.

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