An American SHIELD Agent in Paris

July 20, 2015:

Immediately following the take down of the LMD Clint Barton ( in Paris, France; Black Widow pursues one of the 'SIGMA Agents' who was behind the plot to infiltrate SHIELD and the JL:A through the streets of Paris. (Emits by Ronin)


Paris, France


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It had only taken the downed runner moments to recover. Systems were shorted, well, some where. Should still be fight capable, if not flight capable. That left fleeing by ground and at this point eff running. The man had hotwired a motorcycle and taken to the streets, headed in the direction of the Paris International Airport. The good news is that SHIELD was still tracking him, thanks to May and Kate. And thanks to Jemma, Nat was in contact with the local office. The bad news? Well if someone didn't get eyes on him quick he was going to get away.

After making her way down to the bottom of the building with all haste, Natasha took a moment to watch her comrades depart in their Quinjet before meeting up with the lead Agent on the ground quickly. She had no intentions of telling him how to do his job, but she would need a little extra help, "Get a bird in the air along with Agent Reynard and his Tac Team, send them to Paris International. I'll give them further instructions as needed."

An agent pulls up in a sleek black sports car, a Bugatti Veyron, the best of the best in France and one of the top cars in the world; this one fully kitted out for SHIELD use. The agent driving steps out and Natasha hops in with a wink and no words to the man.

Inside she finds everything she requested, a laptop to do the tracking, some random gear, an assault rifle with armor piercing rounds, those depleted uranium ones and a pack of juicy fruit.

Putting her foot down on the gas she screams off towards her target through the streets of Paris, flipping the laptop open to keep an eye on the tracer. She wouldn't need it for long, just until she got a visual.

Nat's got way more speed than the bike will ever have. And she's a good driver, though the guy she's tailing is no slouch and he's already headed onto the motorway and weaving through the traffic. Thankfully that's light this time of night. Still he's putting the speed on and no mistake. There's a glimmer ahead. Ah, his armor is still online. That has to be him. Agent Romanov we're coordinating with Paris PD. They're attempting to route traffic away from you. We've got nothing in our databases on this g-

The line scrambles with static and something breaks in Romanov, eh? Never thought SHIELD had anyone that good to put on my case. If you think you can keep up with a SIGMA agent, let's see what you've got.

Natasha was about to reply when the communications line got hacked and instead of getting cocky, she allowed her enemy to reveal crucial details about himself right off the get-go; a stick of gum was stuck in her mouth and she began to chew it, Sounds like you're an admirer. Too bad I don't know who I should be signing out an autograph to. She tried to keep the man talking.

What the hell was a SIGMA Agent? She had never heard of it and that disturbed her just a little bit.

Keeping her eyes on the road, she swerved around traffic at high speed, heading into oncoming traffic at one point before weaving back onto her side of the road.

She would have to hope the local PD and SHIELD could get traffic rerouted, because she didn't want to let this guy run much further.

She's got him on the straightaways. She really does. But he's better cornering and he's cutting his weaving in and out of the traffic very close. The motorcycle hurls down an offramp and into the city streets. He's still miles from the airport. So… maybe he thinks he needs to lose Romanov a bit, or maybe he's got another plan.

Rather than verbal, the next response comes by way of a large bore holographic orange weapon manifesting in the man's hand moments before he turns and launches some kind of rocket propelled projectile at Nat.

"Son of a bitch." Natasha swerved the car hard to the right as she came down over the off-ramp and into the city streets. Her options were limited, she wasn't going to endanger civilian lives, so she could only hope the vehicle was one of the really nice ones, "Countermeasures Activate."

Even if that didn't work, it was bound to have some kind of armor, hopefully enough to withstand a few blasts. Grabbing the assault rifle she holds it in her right hand sticking it out the driver side window while handling the wheel and weathering the incoming shots.

Her thumb hits the fire selector over to a three round burst and she takes aim at the stolen bike, intending to lead her shots up from the tires and up into the man.

Eat Depleted Uranium sucker!

The countermeasures deploy and the rocket impacts the street to the side of the car spraying molten shrapnel everywhere. Widow's return fire tracks along the pavement and shreds the tire sending the thing end over end abruptly. As it does the rider leaps and lands in a three point crouch along the sidewalk, sliding several feet and glancing up. There's that look again, unsettling on a very deep level. And then he smirks.

'Who does he think he is, The Winter Soldier?' Natasha thought to herself as her quarry kept making a show of being a step ahead of her. She wasn't going to let him get the chance to fly.

Skidding the car to a halt she leapt out and called out in French to any civilians in the area, "Anti-Terror Unit. Clear the streets."

The rifle in her hands was aimed at the Jericho-Wannabe and in particular she was aiming for where the wings had sprouted from before but really? She was just looking to put this guy down one way or the other.

Information was good if she could somehow manage to incapacitate, but a high risk target like this couldn't be allowed to escape; not if it had been overseeing the LMD.


Natasha advanced towards the man as she opened fire on full automatic with no intention of stopping until her enemy was down.

The rounds start to impact the holo armor and perhaps to her surprise, perhaps not, they flatten against it, deflect or whine off in various directions. Some cause sparks on the inside and the man winces. Clearly he can feel it. "Nice. My turn." He holds his hands out in a pose near his waist and his traces flare. In a moment there's a minigun made entirely of hardlight in his hands.

And then he opens up.

Dodging a few bullets was cake, but dodging a minigun's worth of bullets? That was not something that was entirely possible, even for Natasha. Trying to find something in her environment that could help her she dove towards a concrete embankment as a bullet grazed her shoulder.

The effect of the bullets had been noted, Depleted Uranium Rounds were among the best and this guy's armor had stopped them. She could see that it had weakened the man beneath the suit though.

Reaching into her utility belt she tosses out a handful of smoke bombs in the area, to obscure her approach and she leaps over the concrete barricade from the opposite end and opens fire on her man again.

Her hope is that she can get close enough to make that minigun ineffective while she delivers a 30,000 volt shock to her target.

Of course, is she messed up; she had no more charge left in her gauntlets.

That had worked for May and seems to be effective here. The shock causes the operative's armor to flicker for a moment and he stumbles back. Then it stabilizes albiet dimmer than before and the minigun vanishes. Blades form along the wrists and he moves against Natasha. She's seen the styles he uses before. US MAC, Haganah and a couple of other military oriented ones. He's good though. And fast. Not as fast as she is but with his armor it might make up the difference. OF course, now he's in close and his summoned guns are less of an issue for Nat.

"You're not half bad." Natasha taunted her target as she moved around dodging blades and martial arts maneuvers, /most/ of the time. Every few strikes from the man, she seems to allow the attack to get close enough for her to have to block or even take the blow.

It hurt like hell and she was going to pay for this later, but it wasn't a concern at the moment.

Every time she's let an attack through or blocked, she's used an opportunity to place a miniature explosive charge or Widow's Bite charge.

She's not ready to detonate them just yet though, that would be a last resort; one that had been repaid with bruises, possibly a broken rib and a split lip at this point.

Last chance to settle this nicely, when she blocked the next attack she activated the 'Widow's Kiss' aerosol launchers on her gauntlets, firing pinkish-purple gas at the man. She hoped it would knock the guy out, otherwise, this was going to get very very messy.

Good call and gasses are a real concern. As she deploys the aerosol the man stumbles back again. His traces are flickering but this time it's not because of the shock. The mind maintaining them is having a hard time coping. He's almost down. He just needs one… more… push…

Natasha didn't detonate the explosive charges, but she did activate the Widow's Bite ones; sending further electric shocks she hoped would short out the electrical systems of her target temporarily.

Just long enough to get one hell of a shot in.

It wasn't elegant, but it was simple and effective and she had one hell of a right hook. The moment the widow's bite charges activate with their high voltage, she punches her man right in the kisser, "Night night darling."

The operative keels over. Poleaxed. He's done and the collateral… er… well… not horrible all things considered. Didn't even knock down any buildings.

"Agent Reynard, re-route from Paris International to my location and have a few containment teams get in here to clean up." Natasha transmitted to the local SHIELD forces, mostly the support she had requisitioned before taking a moment to actually catch her breath for a moment.

She would have the new acquisition brought back state-side where it could be interrogated and analyzed properly, soon they would find out what SIGMA was hopefully and the purpose behind the LMD-Clint.

Despite her injuries, she was off to enjoy a fine dinner and a bottle of champagne before heading back to rejoin the others in America.

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