Clint-BOT Takedown

July 19, 2015:

Clint-Bot is traced to Paris, Clint and others track it down…



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The texting from Kate's phone proved to be the key. The phone that was responding to her - presuming this was the Clint-bot - had been traced to a suburb of Paris. Ordinarily that'd preclude a quick response. Fortunately, SHIELD has Quinjets, though even at supersonic speeds the trip does take a couple of hours.

Objectively, Clint's probably not the best choice for this mission. He's too close to it. However keeping him off of it, well that might have been more trouble than it was worth. As to the others? Well, a group of people who knew Barton well and had interected extensively with his double had the best chance of dealing with him. The mission: Locate and neutralize. What does neutralize mean? Mostly 'don't let him get away.' It's important to know what information he collected on whom and where it went. Since he's an LMD he could concievably be deactivated and brought in for examination but in the words of one Lord Vader: 'No disintigrations.'

Paris Police and SHIELD containment units are setting up a perimeter as the Jet approaches. Clint hasn't said a whole lot on the trip over but he is watching everyone else in the bay from his seat. T Minuts 1 Minute.

Kate has been very quiet on the flight. Honestly, she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to be involved in this mission. She's had just enough time to think about how this whole LMD thing works. Either it's programmed with Clint's brain patterns, in which case it honestly thinks it's Clint Barton, and may, functionally speaking, really be him in its own way. Or it's got an operator somewhere. The first she can make peace with. Eventually. The second…Doesn't really bear thinking about.

She's had her headphones in for most of the flight, sitting cross-legged in a jump seat and going through arrows. Once she got over the initial shock, she also let the SHIELD techs know that she had a tracker in the LMD's suit. Now it's just the waiting.

Agent May, of course, flew the quinjet here. There is no way in this world or any other that she'd have allowed anyone else to do the flying. As they approach, she glances over her shoulder to the passenger area, making a quick visual check of everyone there with her peripheral vision. "Simmons. Barton. You're staying with the quinjet. Bishop, you'll be going with me." Diffcult to tell how she truly feels about all of this, with her sunglasses concealing her eyes. One thing's for sure, she's been even more emotionally locked down than usual since they started toward Paris.

Natasha was sitting opposite Clint in the back of Quinjet, with Agent May here there was no way she would be flying; she would never admit it openly but she knew the other Agent was a far superior hand at the stick.

A high caliber sniper rifle rests beside her and she's loading up some specialized electromagnetic rounds into the cartridge with a bemused expression on her face.

Out of the corner of her eye she looks between Kate and Clint, not envying the situation the other woman was in right now.

"I'll provide support Agent May. Let me know if you need anything special."

Simmons is sitting quietly in her seat, reviewing data on her tablet, or at least that what it seems like. In truth the biochem is thinking about her own set of issues and the trip to take the LMD down is welcome a distraction. As May speaks, Jemma looks up absently and nods "Of course, Agent May. I'll stay in the Quinjet."

Clint just nods. Not super, super happy about that but he can fly the jet and Simmons can operate the tracker suite and really what May's saying makes sense. He glances up at Kate and Natasha as the jet makes final approach. "Good luck." He says quietly.

The tracker signal is coming from a tentament building that looks fairly new but also unoccupied so it's an interesting question why Clint-Bot would be there. Ten stories, eight units per floor. At least the signal resolution can localize to the top third of it somewhere. Though someone's going to have to block the exit. Or well, they'll have to corner the guy pretty quick.

Wait… is that a portable sattelite transmitter on the roof?

Kate pulls her earbuds out, turning off the music and tucking it into her pocket with a nod for May. Clint she's just not looking at. Almost ever. There's just a certain degree of awkward that can't be dealt with right now. "Let me go in first," she suggests, quieter than usual. "I should be able to get in close, pretend like I'm just trying to surprise him with a visit. If we're lucky, I can disable him before he can go anywhere, save the show from every camera-phone in the city."

May manoeuvres the quinjet to land on the nearest rooftop helipad, promptly leaving the pilot's seat and nodding to the others. "Let's move." She agrees with Kate's assessment of letting her get in close, but plans to shadow her in case the LMD catches wind of what's going on and tries to attack the young woman.

Natasha finishes loading the rounds into the cartridge and inserts it into the rifle before raising her eyebrows at Clint, "Luck? It's not like we're dealing with a dangerous target." She was clearly joking, she knew how formidable Clint was and it was definitely going to take everyone here to even stand a chance against an LMD Clint; at least she thought so.

While everything was being sorted out with the final approach she snagged a SHIELD issue laptop from the back of the Quinjet and began to hack into the satellite transmitter to intercept the data and also see where it was being sent; setting up an automated tracer program.

When May and Hawkeye are departed she sets herself up on the ramp of the Quinjet with the sniper rifle in a crouch activating infrared sights, "Clint, get us in the air and circle the floor other you is on."

The signal is still going strong when May and Kate depart. Clint takes over the controls and brings the quinjet into the air, high and a bit further out to give Natasha a better shot with the rifle she's got.

"Doctor Simmons if you can take over the scanner there that'd be great. Can't resolve a precise location for Kate and May." Clint's all business right now. May, Kate and Nat will know that he's coping. Just… focus on the task at hand. Don't think about the mess it represents.

Getting over to the other building won't be too hard. A few things of note as they make their way over though. The first is that the area is thankfully empty thanks to Paris PD and SHIELD containment teams. The seocnd is that there are no lights on in the building which makes sense. LMD Clint might not need them. The third is that despite the lack of lights there is power.

And when Jemma takes over the sensors she might get an explanation. Someone's powering up a transmitter and probably preparing to send data. Which is probably not good.

Kate steps down out of the jet, heading for the building and reaching for her phone as she does. "You might not want to be super visible, Agent May," she says as she starts a text. "Clint's a horn-dog, but he's probably not going to believe I brought you along for a threesome." She takes a few more steps, then sends out a text.

« So, how would you feel if I said I missed you a lot, so I decided I should come and visit? »

"Wasn't planning to be visible. Not unless it's necessary." May either completely missed the implications of Bishop's words, or more likely, she chose to completely ignore them. The moment they're set to cross over toward the aforementioned building, she nods to Bishop and steps away from her. Knowing Barton's typical vision, the LMD has to have at least similar, so while he's focusing on Bishop she plans to get to the building from a more blindspot-prone route. And then she'll meet with the younger archer again if the building entrance isn't visible from those earmarked floors. "Widow, May. Find me an insertion point."

Natasha was scanning the building with the scope of the rifle trying to get a precise location on the Clint LMD. The first target she catches in her sight is Clint's former protege Kate, the one and only Hawkeye these days.

Making sure the other woman is clear she takes her eyes off the scope for a brief second to make some tactical judgements about the entrances her fellow agent can take including the ones she's already seen.

"Eighth floor. Open Window on the western side of the building. You've also got a balcony on the ninth floor, Southern side."

Back to looking down on the scope she continues searching for Clint, "Simmons, can you get me any more information on the LMDs location?"

Taking the scanner and seating herself next to Clint, Simmons focusses on the task at hand. "One moment, Blackwidow" She murmurs distractedly as she reads the information presented "There's a transmitter powering up, and… he's on the ninth floor, northwest side of the building." Simmons takes a fraction longer "He's not alone…."

There's a response to Kate's text near immediately. «That'd be great. When are you dropping by?» The location gets transmitted. Neither Kate nor May should have too far to go though of course Kate'll get there first. The hallways are dark. Little light filters in from the outside and most of the doors are locked. There is one slightly ajar and a glow comes from it, one that looks like computer screens.

"May this is Barton, Simmons is right. I've got… yep, two other heat signatures on them. Simmons can you resolve that? Look and see if its people or equipment?" At least one looks like a person.

The quinnjet continues to orbit and when the news comes back that there's a transmission… "Could be that he's planning on sending his latest batch of information. Can't afford it I don't think." God, his friends. The JL:A. No, think of the mission. "Nat can you stop that transmission from here or do I need to put you on the building?"

Kate doesn't bother to answer the text, though she takes a minute outside the door to compose herself first. Nat knows - Kate is an excellent archer, swordsman, and martial artist. But pretending? Well. Outside of schmoozing, it's not actually her strong suite. But after a deep breath, she puts on her best smile and knocks on the door. "Candy gram for Mongo!" she calls in.

Two extra signatures. Crap. And Kate's walking right up to them. "Acknowledged. Simmons, use Fitz's jam and capture algorithm." May's words are perhaps a bit more terse than even the other field agents are used to, but hey. She's busy scaling a building here. With the help of her rope-and-weight weapon, she's climbing the fire escape to the ninth floor much more quickly and quietly than one would have expected, and thus is on the floor just around the corner from Kate's current location when the young archer knocks.

Pulling her ICER silently, she peeks around the corner to get an idea of where Bishop is in terms of the door she just knocked on. The Blazing Saddles reference gets ignored.

Simmons lets the scanner resolve the images and using her tablet, deploy the jam and capture algorithm… "Algorithm deployed, Agent May. Two people, both armed, one has something that looks hot."

"Way ahead of you on that." Natasha was so used to keeping secrets, that /sometimes/ she even forgot to alert her team members about what was going on. She had possibly planned on not saying anything unless anyone asked.

"Receiving end of the signal is Chechnya. Don't worry, they're not getting what they wanted, but I would hate for them to be disappointed." When she was hacking the system earlier, she had replaced the data LMD-Clint was sending with a set of spoofed data, all useless and encrypted that would keep the signal source open long enough for a precise location to be nabbed by the tracking program.

She doesn't need to tell Clint to take the quinjet around to reposition on Simmons new information, so she just waits patiently and gets LMD-Clint in her sights. She would take the shot when ready.

"Thanks Nat." Clint's got the quinjet circling for a new position and then dropping into a hover. "Simmons, if you could go back and check the feed Nat set up, find out what the LMD had on us. Might be encrypted…" But she can manage, right?

Clint, the Clint Kate's known, turns to look at her as she comes in. Next to him is an older woman holding what looks like a brightly glowing, possibly molten sword. Near a computer, working a console, is an unassuming looking man with a sidearm.

"Kate…" Clint blinks. "Damn it Kate… you shouldn't be here." The woman's already approaching. And the man, well… he's turning to see what the fuss is. May gets there just in time to see the blade blaze to life, full on plasma fire.

"You don't say?" Kate heard the transmission. He wasn't alone. Fine. She's certainly looking for a fight. She snaps her bow out in a smooth motion, diving for cover as she fires off a shot toward the woman with the sword. "Clint, you are doing cheating on me wrong!" she calls out as she goes. "You're supposed to upgrade when you're cheating!"

That's May's first target, then, the one with the blazing sword thing. She pivots around the corner and promptly two ICER rounds are fired at the blade-wielding woman, with a second pair of rounds being fired at the man with the sidearm. She doesn't wait to see if either one of her targets went down, instead holstering the ICER with one hand while pulling a small but solidly built sword from a concealed scabbard at her back with her other hand. The blade she's pulling gleams as if freshly oiled.

The sniper rifle opened fire with a rapid boom of shots that was loud even with the hatch of the Quinjet open as Natasha fired it without hesitation or warning. Based on the succession of the shots, it was clear the weapon she was using was not a standard one; most sniper rifles weren't designed to be fired fully automatic.

The shots are timed precisely so that the high caliber rounds will pierce through glass and the walls of the building.

Two shots apiece are aimed towards the kneecaps of LMD-Clint before the last two shots are timed precisely to go roughly for his hands.

Natasha rarely missed her mark.

As she briefly released the trigger for a millisecond and depressed it again for a torso shot to further try and incapacitate the target; there was a click.

The rifle had jammed, clearly it wasn't up to the stress.

"Bring us in closer Clint, I'm going in."

Simmons unstraps her belt and hurries to the back of the Quinjet to check the captured data. Stumbling a few times as the Quinjet circles. When she finally gets there, the information is most certainly encrypted "It will take a moment, Agent Barton." the biochem deploys one of Fitz's decryption algorithms.

Kate's arrows are on target as are May's ICER rounds are on target. But that blade. The woman blurs and actually slaps the first shot from Hawkeye and the dendrotoxin bullets out of the air. Clearly dealing with an enhanced of some form. Nat's sniper rounds hit Clint and he cries out in pain, going to his knees and holding his hand which has a massive hole in it.

"Barton!" The man at the console snaps as he turns. "Override Alpha Five." The wounds close and he shakes his head. "Sorry Kate." And then he pulls his bow and snaps off a shot at young Hawkeye as the other man… well, May's seen it once before. So has Nat. Circuit like traces glow under his shirt, orange, and armor appears. And a rediculously large gun just as Clint veers the craft in closer for Widow to get in on the action.

"Simmons! Can you rig the radar to generate a low band EM pulse?" Clint's seeing all the tech in there. They might need a hand.

Kate has worked hard to be the best archer she can be. She's trained for years. And if the actual Clint Barton might still be able to pull one over on her, well. The knock-off sure isn't. She fires an arrow of her own at the LMD's shot, knocking it out of the air and pulling another arrow in the same motion. "I've got one of those, Clint," she says over the comms, firing at the false Clint. It's one of her newer tips. EMP. Great for taking out people who rely on heavy tech, and pretty one-sided when your main weapon is basically a stick and a string.

Luckily, May's choice of weaponry isn't much more advanced than Kate's. In fact, in some cases it's decidedly lower tech. Rather than pulling a second sword, May brandishes a taser-tipped baton, which, yes, she totally took out of Morse's playbook. She tries to keep the attention of both of the other individuals off of Kate, because she's not about to get in between the two archers. They've got their own quarrel to settle.

Taking a swipe at the super fast woman, she tries to get a hit in on the man beginning to armor up. If she can stop him quickly enough…

A small shaped charge is removed from Natasha's utility belt and tossed towards the window of the building and then she jumps directly out of the back of the Quinjet. Her timing is precise and she flies through the hole in the window a second after the explosive detonates, showering the area with glass.

Another pair of charges are tossed towards the wall that separates the room she is in from the room the others are in, hopefully with the positioning they would be giving her an entrance right behind the armouring up man; showering him in shrapnel.

Rolling through the hole in the wall she sets her Widow's Bite on her gauntlets to a good 20,000 volts, more than enough to deal with a powered individual like that hopefully; but at the cost of a great deal of charge and slams them into the back of the swordswoman.

Smiling at Agent May she asks playfully, "Did you miss me?"

"EMP?" Simmons sounds a little distracted. The decryption algorithm finishes and data starts to display. Apart from giving it a superficial look over, Simmons turns her attention back to the setup in front of her. "Yes, Agent Barton." With a few keystrokes, the EM Pulse is released, at the building where the other Agents are fighting.

Kate's EM pulse strikes Barton right on the chest, making him spark and jerk. He's still up but he's not in fighting shape anymore. The wider one rather abruptly shuts down the woman's flaming sword… but not the tech armored man's armor. That May deals with by just shocking the guy. It sends him back into the computers with a crash. He turns and actually punches a wall out. He's not sticking around for this…

And then Nat comes through the window and puts the swordswoman out. That leaves Clint-bot up, spasming. And, unless someone wants to give chase, no one else.

The forward gatling gun on the jet deploys. "Say the word, Kate." He'll mulch the guy. They can get info from mulch right?

Okay so probably they'll want to bring the thing in, but a guy can dream right? "Nice work, Simmons. They may need help securing that… other guy."

"Shut up, Clint," Kate grumbles, pushing up to slam another of the EMP arrows into Clint-bot's chest without the aid of a bow before turning to walk away, leaving it to May and Natasha to secure him. "Don't think there's not a tracker in your stupid ninja suit, too. Maybe next time it'll take less than a year and a half to find out you let your stupid self get picked up by whoever the hell these weirdos are."

"I'll take care of the runner. I'd hate him to be the one who got away." Natasha seems to be enjoying herself as she takes off through the hole in the wall after the armoured up guy, it's not lost on her that the man seems to be utilizing similar tech to one of their own agents.

Maybe LMD-Clint was responsible, she knew nothing about Jericho's particulars; but this was cause to look into it.

The grappling hook on her gauntlet is used like a lasso and she fires it at her target, attempting to grapple it around his waist before she tosses a miniaturized mine that mimicked the effects of her Widow's Bite at the man.

She called out deadly serious, "Stop or I'll shoot to kill. You're not leaving here." A warning. It was all she was going to give, her pistols were already out and aimed at the back of the man's skull assuming the widow's bite didn't stop him.

May sees the armored man flee as Nat takes down the swordswoman. She hastily pulls a tracker and throws it after the man. Maybe she'll get lucky and actually tag him. SHe's not going to hope for it. But then Bishop stabs LMD-Clint and walks away, and she can not in any way blame the younger archer. So instead she pulls that same rope and weight contraption she used before and moves to truss the LMD with some of those really creative and VERY effective martial arts knot-tying skills. They're real, and they're meant to be humiliating if anyone's studied the art as May clearly has.

May also flatly refuses to so much as address the LMD, no matter what he tries to spew at her. Even a fake Barton given the real Barton's memories would know that that means she's about as angry as she can get. So behave, tinker toy. Or you're returning to the Triskelion in pieces. Like that android in the Aliens movies.

Stuck up in the Quinjet, there's very little Simmons can do but watch the scanner show her what's happening. She's not realised the runner has the tech she's been investigating on the side… if she did she might be a little more inventive.

"Agent Barton, one's getting away, we need to stop them." Relaying the scanner results to the now pilot "Perhaps you can do something to detain them?" She's no idea, she's just a Dr dammit.

The widow's bite makes the circuit markings on the fliing man ripple and he grabs at a chunk of water main piping and flings it back toward Nat as a distraction. He's not stopping and the grin he gives back over his shoulder at the agent is… unsettling. Rounds ping off his reforming holo-armor. When he reaches the wall he just kicks it out and a pair of large, angular wings shimmer into existance. "Come get me if you dare agent." And then he's out the window.

Clint almost hits the throttle to chase but… damn it. Kate's down there with other him and May and he's not leaving them for this. If Nat wants to give chase he wouldn't blame her, though.

Speaking of other-him, that Clint looks up and blinks. And then blinks again. As if blinking were supposed to do something. Fortunately, Kate seems to have fried his self destruct mechanism. The real Clint brings the Quinnjet in close so that May and Kate can load the prisoners, whom they now have well in hand. And then get back to safer or at least more secure ground.

"I uh… you what?" The part where Kate put a tracer in his ninja suit… he missed that one. Come to think of it though… why didn't he do that in the first place again?

Kate is already on her way back to the jet when the runner makes his break. She's seen that sort of tech before, though. Enough to have a vague idea of what it can do. And much as she'd like to just get out of there…There's a chance that man did some of the operating for the LMD. The one she thought she loved. Stopping at a window, she pulls out another EMP round. This one she takes the time to really aim, sighting at the center of his back before firing.

Natasha dodged to the side as the water pipe is thrown at her, slamming into the wall and then ducking low, "You asked for it." She knew she wasn't going to take down the armored man here and now but she still emptied the clips of her pistols into the man as he flew away.

Thank god for Agent May, she truly was The Cavalry in every way. In this instance, she had put a tracer on the fleeing man which would allow Natasha to pursue. There wasn't a target in the world that could escape her for long.

"Nice Shot Hawkeye." She comments after the arrow is fired before radioing in, "May, Barton. I'm going to hang around Paris a bit. Simmons, any chance you can patch me through to the senior agent here. I'm going to need something fast and a few pieces of gear."

She had no intentions of returning with the others. Looking back to Hawkeye, she made sure her comns were off before in a rare moment of real emotion said to the younger woman, "Don't hold it against Clint, the real Clint. He cares for you, don't forget that. I'll take care of the operator."

Agent May is done with all of this. She simply nods and lets Romanoff chase down that other person, then takes a moment to also restrain the swordswoman, whose sword is also claimed for later study. "Strike Team Gamma to LeFebvre. Area is clear. Send in cleanup." She looks at the other to women then, giving Natasha a nod and clearly okay with the other agent doing solo after the fleeing man and sparing Bishop a look and a different kind of nod. "Time to go." She then leads the restrained LMD toward the per-arranged landing point for the quinjet.

Patching Natasha through to the local office, Simmons frowns as she watches the winged person fly off. Maybe Black Widow could him, or maybe not… regardless she'll be reviewing the notes she has on that particular project.

That shot would be near impossible for anyone trained on a lesser level than Kate. Fortunately, it's Kate taking the shot. The EMP arrow hits and there's a sharp drop in altitude. It must be, oh, five hundred meters away but he's certainly not leaving the city on wings now. If Widow's staying, maybe Kate too, they might well run the guy to ground. Either way Clint picks up everyone who's comeing on the Quinjet and turns the controls over to May. He's not really even looking at his double. Too weird and too… yeah. Still angry about this. Just a little. Temptation to fill it with arrows very high right now. Instead he just straps himself in as far away from it as he can get and waits for the ride home.

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