Verdant Cove

July 19, 2015:

One whim leads to another and two strangers find solace during a night spent together.

Verdant, Isolated Cove on the coast of Spain

Verdant, a popular night club in Old Gotham and a secluded cove somewhere on the coast of Spain.


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Oliver Queen is doing what he always does after he comes back from the dead. He's throwing a party.

Officially, the diagnosis was a severe case of food poisoning. Few people know that what he faced was a severe case of regular poisoning. He's still looking a bit thin and pale from the ordeal, but he's not letting that slow him down. He's knocking back shots, dancing, shaking hands with total strangers, and generally making a show of having an excellent time.

Even here, surrounded by the well-off, the financially comfortable, and the wealthy, Ollie still stands out. His suit has been tailored to within an inch of its life and his shoes are worth more than most compact cars. Despite all of this, despite the presence of cover models and paparazzi and local celebrities, he looks bored whenever his carefully composed smile slips.

This brings us to the bar, where he's waving off a request for a second dance. He orders another drink, but doesn't sit. Around here, sitting makes him an easy target for the wrong sort of attention.

Jesana has seen an advertisement for the place and decided to come by tonight. It's not her usual thing, except for certain months of the year. So many people and scents and noises packed into one place but tonight that is what she wants. It will be a distraction from her conflicting emotions and worries, even if she can't drink, she can watch and perhaps dance, maybe even get lucky. That would be a hell of a good distraction. She's dressed for a night out, black suede short skirt and boots and midnight blue halter top. A silver and sapphire headband keeps her long black hair from her face but she wears no other jewelry. She's a bit of an exotic beauty in the crowd of people, something about her makes her stand out. People move out of her way without really knowing why. She just makes them nervous. Oliver might recognize it from the way she walks and stands, the movements of a predator, or hunter.

The eldest Queen looks much more comfortable once he has a double scotch in hand. The ice in his glass clinks back and forth as he turns just in time to face this new arrival. "Hello," he greets, raising his voice a notch so he can be better heard over the music. "It's always nice when one of my little get-togethers attracts new faces."

The scotch is knocked back and set aside in short order, freeing up his hands for shaking. He reaches one out and arches an eyebrow into a politely curious expression. "Oliver Queen."

Jes's nostrils flare and she first eyes the scotch. A brief flicker of sadness crosses her face but she smiles when she looks up at Oliver. Brown eyes study him intently as she reaches for his hand. Her grip isn't crushing but it's firm and he can tell she's strong. Perhaps much stronger than she looks. The native american nods and murmurs softly. "I'm Jesana. You've got a nice place here, Oliver." She glances around the room and nods. "It's clean too. I like that. I was beginning to think I'd need to go to New York whenever I was in the mood for a night out. Gotham is.." She trails off and shrugs. She does live her after all. It's still not one of her favorite places.

"Thank you." Oliver bends low over the offered hand, but his lips hover a few inches shy of making contact. It's a practiced, perfectly precise maneuver. He's smiling when he straightens up, and this time it looks genuine, though there's a wistful edge to is. "Gotham is," he agrees. "It's often best to leave it at that. And not to go out after dark if you can avoid it."

Brown eyes blink in surprise at his gesture and she smiles. She doesn't know who he is, not really but she's certain he's done that many many times. She doesn't find it any less charming for knowing so. Ruefully Jesana nods. "Yeah. Not without a gun at least. When I have the urge to wander at night I usually head to a park or the forest somewhere. It's safer." And she's less likely to run into people or things wanting to kill her but she's not about to mention that. Battle is something she needs to avoid for awhile. "This place seems safe enough. There is also a gym, I go to. It's always open and pretty well protected, but it serves a sort of specific clientele." Her lips quirk in a faint grin. Then she shrugs easily and laughs. "Gotham is home for now and I chose it so I can't complain really."

Now Oliver does take a seat. He gestures to the stool on his right. "Join me."

Someone approaches with another scotch, but it's declined with a subtle, two-fingered wave. The playboy CEO's eyebrow shoots up a little higher. "The forest?" he asks. "I mostly come here, where the worst danger I'm likely to encounter is a tequila hangover. And you? I can't help but notice you're not enjoying the free booze. What brings you to my humble party?"

"I love scotch. Truly." Again there is that hint of sadness. "I'm afraid I'm not going to be consuming alcohol for awhile though." She hops onto the stool, her skirt sliding up just a bit to reveal more tanned thigh. "I love the forest. I go hunting often. Tonight though, I just wanted some distraction from my thoughts. Dancing, maybe something more. Seemed better than sitting alone at home with my thoughts. This really is a nice place. I'm glad I decided to check it out." Jesana smiles again, meeting his eyes as she does so.

Always the perfect host, Ollie looks without staring and his nod is a balance of cordial and openly friendly. "We all need a distraction at times, I think," he agrees. His smile is back, but now it's a bare tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Life is serious business. If you don't have some fun every once in a while, you'll never get out alive. Excuse me."

He turns toward the bar and waves someone a bit closer. "Two glasses of water, please. Still, thin slice of lemon." While he waits, he speaks to Jesana without taking his eye off the bartender. "I'm glad you find this to be a pleasant distraction."

Jesana is eyeing Oliver with more interest as the talk. Occasionally her nostrils flare as she catches an interesting scent. Or maybe it's him that she's scenting out. Her voice is a bit sultry and playful when she responds. "Yes, very pleasant." Jesana grins as she takes advantage of his attention on the bar tender to let her own gaze travel over his body. If he catches her reflection in some surface behind the bar or turns back he might see mischief and perhaps a bit of hunger sparking in those brown eyes but she isn't being overly obvious about it. He's in the middle of a party after all and honestly she's surprised he's taking time from it to speak with her. Surprised but not all displeased.

"Glad to be of service." Queen swivels back around and sets one of the glasses down in front of Jesana. "It's not scotch, but it's something. Personally, I never touch the stuff. Fish do all sorts of questionable things in there."

He's smiling at his own joke, but it's still a small smile. He smooths his hands down the front of his shirt as he retakes his seat. His own glass is set aside; it's more an affectation and a sign of solidarity than anything else.

Jesana laughs, an honest laugh full of amusement. "They do indeed. I have a rather hardy immune system though, I regularly eat and drink things that most people wouldn't." Or couldn't without getting very ill. She sips at the water, her nose twitching at the hint of lemon. He might notice her first sip is very small and there is an intent look on her face. She's testing it to be sure there's nothing in it that shouldn't be. Drugs, or poison. Satisfied, she takes a longer sip. "Nothing wrong with it, and questionably fishy things." She grins at Oliver.

Oliver tips his head a fraction to the side, looking for all the world like a curious dog who's heard a sound he can't identify. "A hardy immune system? That's not a claim I hear often around here unless it's followed by a drinking game."

All the same, he looks a little more relaxed when he picks his glass up. Being poisoned will make a person cautious. He takes a sip of his own and nods agreeably. "Huh. Water. Better than I thought it'd be. Who would have known?" He follows this up with a quiet chuckle as he puts the glass back down.

Jesana smiles and chuckles too. "It is good to drink some now and then." She shakes her head and laughs a bit more. "No, I'm a bit different. I suspect I could outdrink everyone here now, were I able to drink at the moment." She looks intrigued by this thought. Something she'll be testing when she can for sure. "It never hurts to be careful and check your drink in strange or new places though." Jesana adds, with a shrug of apology, not wanting him to take offence that she'd been worried about the water too, albeit for different reasons.

"Couldn't agree with you more," Oliver replies. Rather than upset, he's taken on an air of quiet approval. His smile makes another appearance, but now it's a bit crooked and there's a definite boyishness to it. "As for your constitution, I can't count how many times I've heard that claim. It usually ends in tears or toplessness. Sometimes both."

Jesana laughs again, her eyes alight with mischief. "I don't need alcohol to convince me to go topless. That's one thing thats been driving me crazy since moving to the city. People are so damn uptight here. You can't even swim without wearing something. Do you know how many damn tickets I've gotten?" She shakes her head and scowls a bit. "They even patrol the damn beach at night." She hadn't been amused to discover that little fact.

This elicits a rich, throaty laugh from Oliver as well. "Believe it or not, that's something I can understand. I took a little vacation a while back. It was in the papers." He somehow manages to sound dismissive about five years spent rotating between solitude, misery, and torture. "When you have an island to yourself, you can swim wherever and in whatever you like. I miss that."

Jesana is recent to the city and they hadn't had many papers where she'd come from but she understands part of that well enough. "Gods yes. Back on the Res, hardly anyone wore clothing to swim in and on the farm no one wore anything if they didn't feel like it." She grins. "Kinda sterotypical indian heathens I guess but it was a damn sight more comfortable in the summer. No tan lines either." He can probably see from the low back of her shirt that she still doesn't appear to have tan lines. "Another reason I like the forest. No cops. No tickets. Just me and the trees and maybe a rabbit or two." She blinks as she realizes that was perhaps a strange thing to say. She did mention she liked to hunt though so maybe, he'll assume that's what she meant.

"I understand that, too." Oliver's voice is quiet, but forceful. He wets his lips with the tip of his tongue before he elaborates. "When you spend so long somewhere wild, you leave a piece of yourself there. No matter how hard you resist, that sliver of yourself always calls you back."

It's clear he's speaking from experience. He fiddles with the stem of his water glass, then takes a drink to give himself something to do with his hands. "I go there, too," he finally admits. "When I need to feel like I'm alone."

That's very interesting and Jesana studies Oliver intently for several moments. He doesn't seem to be at all what she'd expected after the first moments of their meeting. She understands putting on a front for others as well. "The need to hide your true self..the weight of it grows very heavy sometimes, exhausting, more than it seem like you can bear. To escape, even for a short time, it is a release unlike any other." Jesana murmurs softly, her playful tone turning more serious. "I can be here in a place like this, filled with so many people and so much life and still feel so alone. Out there though, it's different. It's peaceful, not lonely."

"Exactly." Oliver's wearing that curious, head-tilted expression again. "You really do get it."

He closes his eyes and rubs them through his lids with his middle finger and thumb. Memories. Too many memories. After a few seconds he looks back up at Jesana. "That's why I come here, you know," he explains. "This is the closest I get to being alone unless I leave the city limits. But tonight, alone feels a little less lonely. Thanks for that."

Jesana studies him once more and then reaches over and places her palm atop his hand. "Thank you, Oliver." She seems to be thinking very hard for a moment and her eyes move from him to the crowd and back again. From what she can scent in here, its crowded and busy and gods people use too much chemically made colognes, perfumes and deodorants..but from what she's been able to get she thinks Oliver is human. Getting out of the city limits for him would take alot more time. He's also less likely to be able to harm her if her idea turns out bad. She tends to live in the moment, and follows where her whims take her and just now she's had an idea. "I do understand. More than you might expect." For all she looks younger than him, there is a world of knowledge in those brown eyes. "I know a place, where we could go swimming and I have a way to get us there very quickly. It is outside the city though." She smiles, showing she won't take offence if he says no. It is a rather sudden offer and from someone he's just met.

The part of Oliver that's wise and wary wants to say no. The part of him that almost died a few days ago is very sure this is a bad idea. The rest of him doesn't care. The rest of him wants to be anywhere but here. He stands, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a neatly folded stack of cash. He peels a crisp $100 off the outside and sets it on the bar. "Okay," he says before he can talk himself out of it. "Let's go."

Jesana smiles and takes his hand. She understands that wariness and the urge to just go anyway also. "I give you my word, Oliver Queen. I have only fun in mind this night and nothing more." The native american woman leads him outside and over two streets, then around a corner and partly down the next street. She walks with a confidence and surety of step that gives the impression she isn't worried about being accosted by anyone, despite it being night on the streets of Gotham. This part of town right now, most are moving to the clubs and not interested in two more people likely doing the same. Finally Jesana stops outside a rather seedy looking bar, this isn't her goal though. She's just pausing to pull something from her left boot. A crystal of some kind, smoky quartz it looks like, with a leather string wrapped around it. She puts the necklace on and then looks at Oliver and smiles again. "Alright. I would have explained on the way here but either you'd think me mad, or not believe it." She should still give him a chance to back out though and she grins. "You're probably already wondering. Now would be the time to change your mind because in a moment we'll be gone."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure you're crazy," Oliver replies. He's laughing, though. "But you've got my attention."

He's retained his hold on Jesana's hand and gives it a small squeeze. The appearance of the crystal, the brief walk, the mysterious explanation, all of it has him intrigued. "I feel like there's something you're not telling me, but I'm too curious to back out now," he explains. "As long as being 'gone' isn't permanent."

Chuckling Jesana shakes her head. "Not permanent, no." She moves in close and wraps her free arm around his back. She looks into his eyes for a long moment and then grins and closes hers, a look of concentration on her face. Then all of a sudden there is light, every where, every thing, all that can be seen is the light and the faint sense of movement perhaps, but a speed to fast for his mind, or hers for that matter, to comprehend. Just as suddenly, all the light is gone but so is the bar, the street and the people. Once his eyes adjust to the darkness Oliver can see they stand now on the sands of a beach. The air is warmer, humid, like the tropics and the ocean water nearby a crystal clear aquamarine. It's a wild, secluded little cove with no obvious means of approach aside from whatever Jesana did to get them here. Her eyes open and she looks up to see his reaction.

For the most part, fear is an emotion that Oliver has given up. Between his absence from humanity and his return as a costumed hero, fear isn't something that often fits into any given equation.

He gasps.

This is his first direct encounter with someone more-than-human outside of a combat situation. His eyes are wide and his mouth is pulled into a tight 'o'. He tenses up, but when it's apparent that there's no immediate danger he starts to relax. His arms are around Jesana; he's holding her close, but it's unclear if he's trying to protect her or expecting to be protected. "Wow…" he breathes. "That's impressive."

Grinning Jesana gives Oliver a gentle and reassuring squeeze. She takes a final step closer, her chest pressed against his. "It is safe here, I promise. I wish I could say this magic is my own, but ley line, what we just traveled on are a natural part of the world and exist in many places. Most people can't see them, never know they are there. I was given this pendulum.." She looks down at the crystal resting between her breasts. "To allow me to travel them. It is because of who, or what I am that I can also bring another if I choose." She looks out over the water. "Spain. A city here, it was the first place I traveled to when I received it. I found this cove later when I was exploring on my own."

"Spain?" Blink. Blinkblink. Oliver opens his mouth, closes it, then tries again. "You've got to be…"

But she's not. This isn't Ollie's first trip to Spain. Like all places, it's not defined purely by sights and sounds. There's a specific way the Mediterranean air smells and tastes. He's no longer more animal than man, but he can still detect the differences.

"Wow," he says again. He lets Jes go, but only so he can stand next to her and take her hand again. Several silent seconds pass while he enjoys the view. "It's beautiful," he observes. "Thank you for bringing me here."

She smiles and squeezes his hand. "Thank you for letting me." She had really been hoping he wasn't the kind to easily freak out. Or one of those who hated anyone not human but she hadn't gotten that vibe from him at all. She's glad that in this case she'd been right. "Also, thank you for not um..losing it. I know that was rather unexpected." Jesana takes a long slow breath of the clean tropical air. "Oh I love the way it smells here. So clear and pure." Then she goes quiet and glances aside and up at Olliver. He might have questions and she'll answer if he does, in return for his kindness and taking a chance on her. This night is turning out nothing like she'd expected and while that is usually the case for her, Jesana is very glad tonight.

"It was definitely a surprise," he chuckles. "But I've seen stranger things, if you can believe that. You're pretty amazing, though."

It's the sort of direct, offhand compliment that's become increasingly rare these days. This isn't Mr. Queen or the Arrow or even Oliver talking. Just regular ol' Ollie. "I have so many questions, I don't even know where to start," he admits. "I'm honored that you'd share this with me. Trust me, I know what it's like to keep secrets."

"I believe you." Jesana smiles and there's that twinkle of mischief in her eye again. She might have more to show him before the night is over. Then she nods and turns serious for a moment. "It gets really old sometimes, the secret keeping." Jesana looks around for a few moments and then grins. "There, behind that rock. I left a few things." She let's go of his hand for a moment and moves towards a pile of rocks jutting out from the sand.

A few of them seem to have been arranged into a sort of stone container. The one on top looks like it could weigh a hundred, hundred and fifty pounds easily but Jesana lifts it aside without and problem and pulls out a back pack and and old army style blanket. "I've never brought anyone else here but it never hurts to be prepared. There's mostly medical supplies in the bag but I think there's water and some wine." She spreads the blanket out one the sand and drops the bag next to it and then sits, looking up at Oliver and inviting him to do the same.

"Wow," Ollie utters for what feels like the thousandth time. He walks over to the rock in question and gives it an experimental nudge with his foot. "You really are something."

He's got a broad smile on his face as he strips off his jacket and drapes it around Jes's shoulders despite the temperate conditions. Then he loosens his tie, kicks off his shoes, and joins her on the blanket. "The secrets do get hard to juggle," he concedes. He's got his legs stretched out in front of him and he's leaning back with his weight supported by his hands. "Letting people in is hard, but you make it look easy. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous."

Jesana laughs, though softly and for a moment she looks pained. "It is hard. Not easy at all but..I've gone through some things recently and I've realized that whatever else happens, I'm tired of being alone. I'm free now, for the first time in my life to make my own choices. I'll keep the secrets I must, the ones that belong to others, and the ones that keep me safe but otherwise, I'm done with that. People aren't always what they seem. Someone you think you can trust..they can end up tearing your heart right out. And sometimes someone you wouldn't think to ever trust will stand at your side when you need it most. Either you accept the risk or you live your life alone." She shrugs and leans against Oliver's side. She's chosen. "I'll make friends and I'm sure I'll make enemies but hey, life will be interesting, yeah?" Jesana smiles.

Ollie wraps an arm around Jesana and pulls her closer. "You're brave. I could've been a terrible, dangerous man for all you know." It's a teasing, playful jab. "I'm glad you took the risk."

The clear, clean air. The smell of the water. Pleasant company. It's a good combination. "I like it here," he says. "It reminds me of all the best things about my island. None of the ugliness, none of the danger. Just the beauty."

Jesana snuggles against his side and kinda of chuckles. "Not that I'm sure you aren't dangerous if you want to be, but I did consider that and..I mean no offense Oliver, truly. From what I can tell you are human, you could even be a very skilled fighter but still human and I am not. Not wholly. There really wasn't much risk for me and I'm trying to avoid any battle for awhile in any case." She looks out over the ocean and then smiles. "This is one of my favorite places too. It's untouched, pristine. Too hard for people to get to and too isolated for anyone to really care. Nothing but nature and it's power and beauty."

"That's something you don't hear often." It's clear that Ollie isn't talking about nature. Again, there's a brief tensing of muscles. A hesitancy at encountering the unknown. Then he relaxes and gives Jes a small squeeze, almost like a non-verbal apology for his reaction. "Ahem. Seems lucky for both of us that I'm not dangerous," he chuckles. "Not to you, anyway."

There's another pause, partly so he can take a deep breath and savor the air, partly so he can pick and choose his next words carefully. "I have a secret of my own, but it's not quite as easy to share. It involves other people. I wouldn't feel right if you didn't at least know that much. You've been very honest with me."

Jesana nods, she has some secrets like that as well. She considers for a few moments. "Well, I can perhaps guess. Considering its Gotham, and knowing some other people. I might have and idea what you mean but you needn't tell me, I should tell you this though. If I were to meet you, and you were in a way that I shouldn't recognize you, I would anyway. I know your scent now. There are a few I know that have more than one Identity. One is for the public and the other is very private. I can always tell who they are and I keep those secrets to myself. They aren't mine to tell." If she's guessing wrong, well, she isn't giving any vital information away. She also isn't offended by the sudden tensing. It's understandable really and he's still here, so. Really she doesn't mind. Hopefully she doesn't scare him off as the conversation continues.

Coming from anyone else, these claims would be easy to dismiss. After what Ollie has seen tonight, things seem a little more complicated and a little more plausible at the same time. He bobs a nod and lets loose a low, thoughtful whistle. Then, slowly, a grin spreads across his face. "In that case, rather than tell you my secret, I'll wait until you get a chance to see for yourself. Maybe."

A lot of this is new territory for the playboy-turned-CEO-turned-vigilante. He sighs out a breath and a little laugh at the same time. "This has already been some night. I'm glad you came and rescued me from my own party." There's no sarcasm to his statement. He really is grateful.

Jesana grins. She loves a challenge and this sounds like a good one. Then she laughs and shakes her head. "I'm glad you were at your party and run an honest club. Last club that I went to..well, it ended rather badly that night. I'm very glad tonight is different."

"You are interesting and good company. It's also a lovely night." She's still thinking about what more she might show him but the night is early and she's having a good time and not quite ready to risk it. Instead Jesana turns her face and ever so gently kisses his cheek. "Maybe we rescued each other, hm?" Her voice is a soft tickle in his ear.

"Maybe we did." Ollie closes his eyes and savors this moment. A beautiful place and a beautiful woman to share it with. Her voice is a pleasant reminder that sometimes people can be alone together. His hand slides up Jesana's back and tangles affectionately in the hair at the nape of her neck. When he kisses her it's brief and very gentle; almost chaste. There's no hesitancy, but it's a strong contrast to the normally forceful and brash mask he wears.

His questing might feel the scars on her back as his fingers move to her neck. Scars she hid with makeup tonight in order to blend in. Jesana's lips meet his and he can feel her smile as he gently kisses her. One hand moves up to cup his cheek and after a moment she returns the kiss just as tenderly. Soft warm lips moving slowly to hug his own. "Yes. I think so." Jesana smiles at him. Her expression is honest, she isn't hiding what she feels right now, or holding back her emotions. He can see the warmth in her eyes as she looks at him and the pleasure expressed by her smile and that kiss.

The Oliver Queen that once lived to plant his flag in a new Everest each night is long gone. His playboy facade melted away moments after they left Verdant, if not sooner. Against all odds, this Ollie knows how to be a gentleman, and how to enjoy it. He nods in response to Jesana's words. "The closest thing I have to a friend is my bodyguard. Or maybe my IT girl. At least up until a few minutes ago." He matches her smile with one of his own. "Thank you. I needed this."

After that she can do no less than answer his honesty with a truth of her own. "Until a few weeks ago, the three people I loved most in the world, I was bound to them. Compelled to love them and obey them in all things. If one had told me to kill myself, I would have done it. I would have done anything for them. They didn't place this magic on me and did their best not to abuse it. Now, those spells are shattered and only the memory of my feelings remain. I don't know what I feel for them or if I trust any of them. It's not easy, feeling so alone and lost." Jesana wraps her arm around his back and nestles herself against Oliver's side. "I would like to be your friend very much. Despite the mask you wore back at the club, you're turning into a very interesting person. Someone I would like to know." In more ways than one but Jesana sighs softly. "There is probably something I should tell you first. Or rather, show you. I could wait until we knew each other better but then that would be dishonest and much more painful were you to decide I'm not someone you want to know after all."

After the things they've been through and discussed this evening, the warning does little to alarm Ollie, but it does get his attention. He focuses on Jesana and gives her a quick hug. "That sounds very difficult. Luckily, i'm hard to scare," he reassures her. "And I appreciate the level of honesty you've shown so far. If there's more that you want to tell me or show me, I'm game."

The famous last words of so many who didn't know what they were getting into. He seems to mean them, though, His eyes settle on hers and he gives her an encouraging nod.

"Well, first. The reason I'm not drinking is that I'm pregnant. Not very far along yet obviously, but.. I am. I'm guessing by the fact that you own that club, you have a body guard and the way people looked at you, you're someone important. I didn't know, I've never heard of you." Jesana admits. "So I'm not out looking for a rich man, or a baby daddy or whatever. With your looks you probably get that a lot." She shakes her head. "I'd just gone out looking to be distracted. I hope I've found a friend." She smiles. "If anything else happens between us, its just, fun between friends, my kind, we don't mate for life but then neither do a lot of people." Jesana half grins. What's the current divorce rate in america right now? Pretty high she knows.

"The second thing is more..its easier to show than it is to explain." After kissing Oliver's cheek again, and then very quickly brushing her lips over his, its very possible he won't want to kiss her again after this and she'd rather enjoyed it, Jesana stands and moves a few feet away. "I can't do this so often right now, but normally a few times a day. I haven't been much lately though so it should be alright to show you." She isn't wearing much, her boots are the first to go. A likely surprise is the pair of daggers hidden in each on that she tosses aside in the sand before shimmying out of her skirt and halter top. There's short but jagged scar along her right side. Looks like a knife wound but other wise she's young, curvy and a bit more muscled than most women these days. She also doesn't seem to be bothered by being naked in front of him. She does look nervous but its from what she's about to do. "I won't hurt you. I swear." And then she's gone and in her place is a coyote. Or it really looks like a coyote, only she's bigger, bigger than a wolf for sure. She sits down in the sand and tries to look small and nonthreatening, wagging her tail. The change happens instantly and if he blinked he might have missed it. Nothing like they show in movies or on tv. No screaming or twisting or showing of bones and mangled skin as fur bursts out.

Oliver's eyes widen when Jesana explains her condition, and also at the words 'my kind' and 'mate for life'. The nudity and the knives are a mild and moderate surprise in approximately that order. Only human, he can't help but enjoy the brief view. His eyes come to rest on her scar, but not for long.

That's when Ollie's jaw drops. Because Jes isn't Jes anymore, she's furry and she's got four legs. This is as startled as Mr. Billionaire Vigilante has been a quite a while. He stares. He can't help it. He's on his feet, though he can't remember exactly when he stood up.

The shock starts to dissipate after a few seconds, but it's still a lot to take in. "I…" he pauses to clear his throat. "Wow."

Jesana gives her best coyote grin but then abruptly closes her mouth, maybe showing fangs isn't a good idea right now. She's knows this is a shock, probably a really big shock. She stays where she is to give him time to adjust but wags her tail again and then lowers her head a and paws playfully at the sand before looking back up at him. Her pawing had a purpose though and she bats at something, sending it skittering across the sand towards him. A sand dollar. Whatever happens, he's not likely to forget her. Not that it will be much comfort if he turns around and runs away screaming but.. it would have been dishonest to keep this secret and she's done with all the secrets and lies.

The sand dollar is quickly collected and deposited in a pocket. Its weight serves as proof that this is a real place and that this is truly happening.

Slowly, very slowly, he crouches down and holds out a hand until it makes contact with soft fur. It's not fear that paces him, it's respect for a new situation and a thing he has no frame of reference for.

He blinks and shakes himself out of his musing. Though it disappeared briefly, his smile is back. "You're magnificent," he says.

She waits patiently and makes no sudden moves but he can see her blink at the praise and then grin again. Slowly, not wanting to startle Oliver she lowers her head pushes the top between her ears under his palm.

Her fur is soft and warm and very real. It might be so strange as to seem like it but this isn't a dream. She hadn't been crazy or joking when she admitted she wasn't wholly human. She can't speak like this of course but it does look like she understands what he said. Her nose touches his wrist, cold and wet in contrast to the warmth of the air around them.

Ollie's touch is gentle, but it's no longer tentative. He brushes the backs of his fingers between Jesana's ears, then muscle memory takes over. His fingertips work their way around the base of an ear and along the curve of her jaw. It falls somewhere between being a scritch and a caress. "This isn't making my list of questions any shorter, you know," he jokes. "But it does explain some of the odder things you've said this evening."

Oliver gets another coyote grin and she slowly scoots closer. She loves being petted and scritched in either form. Just as she loves sitting in the laps of those she trusts. That list has gone from a few to none of late and his attentions feel wonderful. Ordinarily she can shift at will but while with child she's been told to take care not to do it so often. She'll change back and answer his question but it will be a few minutes yet. Her tail is still moving in a happy manner. It's harder to convey in this form just how glad she is that he isn't frightened, or disgusted by her. The licking of his chin when she tilts her head up probably helps show it though.

"Hey! Cut it out!" Playfully, Ollie gives Jes a little shove. He quickly wraps his arms around her neck and gives her a squeeze, lest she misunderstand.

Still stifling laughter, he flops back down on the blanket and curls up with his new friend. It's a comfortable, primitive thing, putting man and canine together. Had she become a hunting cat, this situation may have turned out differently.

She can't read his thoughts or else he'd see her expression of annoyance. Cats are an annoyance at worst and a tasty treat at best. She isn't overly fond of dogs while she's coyote either. Her human self is fine with them but mostly they don't take to her, they know what she is. Jesana snuggles into Oliver's side, so relieved at his acceptance that she's content to just lie there with him for a bit.

He's warm and smells nice and that thought leads to another and she's suddenly human again though still snuggled up against him. She brushes her hair out of the way and to the side. She rarely wears any kind of makeup and hadn't considered that it wouldn't survive her shifting. If Oliver looks down he can see the scars her might have felt on her back clearly now. Two of them, jagged and long, the marks one would bear after being badly whipped though its strange there's only two. "Well, you're still here. You have no idea how glad I am, Oliver." Her head tilts back so she can meet his eyes.

It's not the first time Ollie has found himself cuddling a naked woman, but it's the first time it's happened under circumstances that were anything like these. He runs his thumb along one of the scars and hmmms thoughtfully under his breath. "I'm glad, too," he replies. "Lots of surprises tonight, but they were good. You know I have one just like that. Right here—" he reaches around awkwardly to point at a spot to the side of his shoulder blade. "Triads. Not necessarily mean guys by nature, but you don't want to piss them off."

"Mine is..well, you've probably had enough shocks tonight." She smiles but he can probably tell its to cover up the pain of the memory. "I'll tell you about it some time if you want. It might help, its just too soon. Triads..yeah they aren't people you'd want to annoy." She looks at him, wondering just what he did to do so. This time her smile is more genuine. "Most of them rely on their guns too much. I fought a few once, with some others. I still don't know exactly why they showed up but.. they were not happy people."

She slips a hand up behind Oliver's neck and slides it under his shirt to feel the scar. Her fingers trace the skin gently. "The little white dots on my shoulderblades.. buckshot. I uhm.. chickens. Kind of a weakness. I didn't know he was out there waiting for coyotes." She smiles ruefully. She'd gotten off lightly there all things considered. "I got the chicken the though, and it was great."

Chickens. That's when Oliver really starts to understad that Jesana and the coyote aren't separate; rather they are the two halves of a larger whole. It's a strange thing to consider.

The scar near his shoulder is one of many. A smaller one crisscrosses it near the back of his neck. Just off the point of the second scar is a tight circle of red that looks suspiciously like a healed bullet wound. The list goes on and on. "I look like a road map with my shirt off," he admits.

"Scars tell a story, show that you survived. That you are strong. I only hid mine because I didn't want to be stared at like a freak tonight. I get that often enough." She slips her hand free but only long enough to tug his shirt out of his pants she can reach under to explore his back, her fingers gently questing. "I'd have alot more but a few years ago someone healed me in a way that took the scars from my body. I would rather have kept them no matter how badly I looked than see him pay the price he did for healing me. It wasn't my choice to make though."

She doesn't explain the ones on her back. Not yet, the pain and the memory are still too fresh. Instead she leans forward and kisses his cheek. Jesana had seen his considering look when she mentioned the chicken and can guess what he might be thinking, or wondering. "Coyote and I, we are one and the same. I'm as much her as she is me, no matter which form we take. And in case you were wondering, I'm not a Were. I don't think Werecoyotes are a thing. Unlike Werewolves." Her expression darkens and she shivers in his arms. "If you ever see one of those Oliver you run like hell and pray he doesn't see you. A shot to the throat will slow him down, a shot through the eye just might kill but unless the bullets are silver.. and most people can't shoot that well anyway. Especially when facing something terrifying."

"I can," Oliver replies. It's a calm statement of fact, and perhaps one he should've kept to himself. He considers this briefly, then shrugs. "I don't like guns very much, but I'm pretty good with a bow."

It's the epitome of modesty. He smiles at his own private joke and nuzzles against Jes. "I'll show you sometime. I learned the ins and outs of archery while I was stranded on an island. No chickens there, but a guy's gotta eat."

She smiles and moves her lips over his temple and then down his cheek and over the side of his neck. "That's good. If it's not something other people should then I won't tell. I would love to see that. I'm not a big fan of guns either, they're noisey. Archery is better but most people don't do it anymore. I bet I could get you some silver arrowtips." If he's going to be around her more than this once, that might be a really good idea. Something to consider later for now, she's quite happy to just lay snuggling and talking, exchanging kisses and caresses.

It's like being very young again. The tiny kisses, the gentle touches, each one is something to be savored and remembered. Something to come back to and smile about later, like the sand dollar in Ollie's pocket.

Though it'd been dark when they left Gotham, it was daytime halfway around the world. They stay sprawled out on the blanket until long after the Spanish sun has set. When the boyish billionaire starts to doze, he's using his shirt as a pillow with Jes cradled against his chest.

They'll get home. Eventually.

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