New Friendships

July 19, 2015:

Lin meets Lyn and Joshua, new friendships are made.

South Shore


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Lin remembers very vaguely being at an indoor park awhile back. There had been a woman there who spoke a strange language and a man. The woman had felt of the earth in a way that puzzled and intrigued Lin. Until recently she'd never seen any kind of magic. What she does might seem that way to some but it isn't. Not at all. She's felt something similar out this way and such and abundance of life and nature, a strong current in The Stream that she hadn't expected to find anywhere in the city so she's come to investigate.

Lin looks to be around twenty three or so. She's a bit taller and certainly more curvy than most asians though the rest of her features are clearly just that. Aside from the antlers that sprout from the top of her head. She's sort of floating along a few inches off the sidewalk as she heads towards Lynwen and Joshua's house. She wears a plain yellow sundress and sandals and sturdy backpack on her shoulders. A blanket sling rests across one arm and her chest and something is bundled safely within. When she gets to the house she stops and just stares, seemingly puzzled.

Joshua is in front of the house, inspecting the shrubberies that grow profusely, providing a natural barrier against intruders and a welcoming hiding place for small wildlife that might not be as welcome elsewhere in the community. When a dog in one of the neighboring yards sees Lin, he begins to bark ferociously, determined to defend his territory even though she shows no signs of posing a threat to him or his kibble. Joshua turns from the hedge, shields his eyes from the afternoon sun, and peers down the street. He squints for a moment at the young lady whose antlers distinguhsh her from all others, even among mutant-kind, whom he has met. He recognized her when he paused the roster after joining the X-Men, but he has not seen her again in person since their first meeting. Still, he now has a name to match with the face. He sets the safety on the sheers, steps away from the greenery, and bows his head slightly to her. He smiles warmly and calls, "Welcome to the neighborhood! What brings you here? I hope that things are well with the team, or what's left of it."

The windows of the house are open, when Joshua speaks there is movement and woman with wild and curly golden blonde hair slides the screen up and pokes her head out of the window. She is pale but her moss green eyes bright and there is a healthy color to her cheeks. It can be seen she is wearing a pink tank top. "Do we have a guest and would you like some tea Sunstone?" She asks him. Her eyes squint a little bit and she calls out, to whom she assumes is a guest. "Would you like some barley tea? Also bread is out of the oven if you and guest would like some?" Her accent is thick and her words carefully chosen.

Lin turns in the direction of the dog and he quiets immediately, bounding forward and wagging his tail, sitting at Lin's feet. She smiles and pets him for a moment, scratching behind his ears and flanks before making a gesture back towards his yard. The dog trots off and Lin turns her attention to Joshua. "Hi." She gives a shy smile and floats a bit closer. "Lin is well. The team will manage, Lin hopes. Came because, this." She gestures at the abundance of growing things. A chipmunk scurries out from the brush, followed by a rabbit and then a snake. They all head towards Lin and she laughs and lowers herself to kneel in the soft grass. She pays attention to each animal and despite their nature none of them seem to mind the other, even when they return to their hiding places a few moments later.

Lin looks up at the new voice and smiles shyly once more. "You have made this all, yes? So very nice. Good. Not a thing Lin thought to find in the city. So much life here." She tilts her head to one side, looking as if she listening to something. "All very good. Healthy. Wonderful." The antlered woman blinks. "Tea? Lin would like." She looks a bit uncertain. She's still not used to dealing with people. These two seem nice though and she knows Joshua is part of her team.

Joshua watches while the animals emerge and mob Lin. When she answers about why she came, he glances at the hedge and then nods. "Every community needs some green," he comments. beckoning for Lin to come closer, he smiles. "We usually have tea and a light meal in the evening, and guests are quite welcome here," he assures, speaking in a gentle voice. He turns and nods to Lyn. "Tea and some bread, with butter and honey, would be wonderful, love!" Returning his attention to Lin, he explains, "We moved here to be closer to the woods and the quiet. We're glad that our work on the yard is attracting the right kinds of people."

"Come and join us, there will be fruit too." Lynwen offers. "I will meet you both in the back yard." She smiles brightly and pokes her head back into the house. She then slides screen down. While in the house she gets a tray, on the tray she places the oven warm bread, honey, butter, tea and fresh fruit. When everything is gathered she goes to step out into the backyard.

Lin returns the smile and follows Joshua, encouraged by their friendly and welcoming manner. She isn't good with people and she knows it and she's also used to them not having the patience to deal with her, or thinking she's simple-minded. This is a very pleasant change and this area is so wonderfully alive she doesn't want to leave just yet. "Would be very nice, fruit. Thank you." The bundle tucked against Lin's chest moves slightly and she strokes it in a calming manner. " good. No bad dreams." Her voice is soft and her brown eyes focused for a moment as she soothes the distressed little creature.

After Lynwen withdraws into the house to prepare the refreshments, Joshua leads Lin to a gate at the side of the house. He presses his thumb on a small sensor and the lock releases. He opens the gate and glances back to her in time to see her soothing the creature in the bundle. "What do you have in the bag, Lin?" he questions. "If your friend needs some fresh air, the back yard should be safe enough to release it. We have a pool, but I'm sure that you'll keep a close eye on things." Once they are though the gate, he latches it again, and waves toward the table in the back yard, where Lyn is already delivering the treats. Large trees spread their branches over the yard, and verdant bushes form an almost impenetrable natural fence along the border of the yard. A variety of birds are singing overhead in the trees, and although they are quieter, many squirrels have made their homes in the branches.

Bees buzz from flower to flower here, there are also butterflies that cheerfully float from bright bloom to bright bloom. Not only is there a pool but there is the infamous koi pond. The air here is sweet with the scent of ripening fruit, summer blooms and good fresh loam. Flowering plants are bursting merrily from their beds. The grass is a vibrant shade of green and there is even a vegetable garden. The back patio table sits beneath the boughs of the trees and sitting on it is a place set for three. A pitcher of lightly sweetened barley tea, fresh bread and bowl cut up fruit. There is also crock of butter and honey. The bread in question is different that what is found in most places. It is a dark bread. Lynwen goes to take a seat and she motions for them to join her. She is dressed in a pink tanktop and khaki shorts. "come and join us, bread is still warm." She tells them both as she reaches for bread knife to cut thick slices of the bread.

Lin rocks happily on her heels and looks around. "Its so beautiful. So good." Her eyes light up further when she sees the food and she moves to sit after dropping her backpack, keeping the sling close on her chest. "Oooh. Lin doesn't like most of the food people have. So many chemicals, things, don't belong. Tastes bad. That looks good. Real. Fresh." She's rather excited by this. In response to Joshua's question, Lin smiles again and untucks the infant chimpanzee at her chest. He blinks at the sunlight and then looks around curiously. Big enough to see and move around a little but obviously too young to survive without special care on his own. "He can't go far. Still sickly. Lin takes good care." She tickles the baby's tummy and he squirms and makes a sort of smile.

Joshua watches Lynwen while she slices some of the bread. "We bake our own," he explains to Lin. "We also barter with a local beekeeper for the honey, and with a dairyman for milk and butter. We still need to buy some things from the e store, but we like to steer toward natural foods when we can." When the chinp peeks out of the sling, Joshua grins. "Are you tending to him for one of the local zoos? Did something happen to his real mother?" he asks. "I read your dossier while familiarizing myself with the team. I'd say that he's in wonderful hands." Then he looks to Lyn and adds, "I'm sure that you remember meeting Lin at the botanical garden some time ago, although the circumstances weren't as … friendly. I recall some tension between you and that Phobos fellow."

Curiosity is what Lynwen has for the chimpanzees she has never seen one before. She is studying it intently with her eyes when Joshua and Lin converse it pulls her from her observations. "What is he?" She asks. "It is true, I do not like us eating the alchemical food. It is not taste good and I do not think there is any possibility it could be good for you." She grins and places the bread on the plates. She then offers the honey and butter. "The fruit is ripe so should not need more sweetener in it." She looks between the two. "Where is the creature from and would you like for me to look him over?"

Lin smiles. She doubts its good for people either. "He's clean, no bugs, not a sickness that people get. Just a cold, and weak, frightened. His mother killed by poachers. He brought to bad auction. Lin goes and saves. Chimpanzee. Came from Africa. Far over the ocean." Carefully she hands the infant to Lynwen if the woman wants to hold him. She isn't usually so trusting but she can tell from their surroundings Lyn won't hurt him. "Lin does not like Phobos, no. He is friend to Lin's teacher though so she behaves." Lin spreads some butter on the bread and a drizzle of honey. Her expression upon tasting it is sheer pleasure. She just barely remembers her manners and doesn't speak until she's finished the slice. "So very good. You cook well! Lin is forbidden from the kitchen at home." She looks a bit sheepish.

Joshua glances from the chimp to Lyn and he grins. When Lin explains the infant chimp's origin, Joshua frowns for a moment and sighs. "They probably hoped to sell him to deathly people who want exotic pets," he explains to Lynwen. Then he nods to Lin. "Saving him was a noble thing. Chimpanzees are very intelligent creatures. I've read about some who learned human sign language so that they can communicate with us." He takes his slice of dark bread, augments it with butter and honey, and munches it with evident appreciation. He glances again to Lyn and praises, "She is a wonderful cook. Why won't they allow you in the kitchen? Cooking is a useful skill for anyone to learn. As for not liking Phobos, now you know that you're not alone. He seemed … unkind, certainly not one to care about the feelings of others."

Taking the Chimpanzees into her arms Lynwen cuddles him against her as she murmurs soft words over his head. She reaches for the knife on the table and cuts her fingers. When the blood wells up she goes to rune upon the chimps forehead. The chimp does not react to what she is doing. A soft breeze drifts around them. The birds seem to talk louder and there is a growing sense of peace in garden itself. "He is very cute, what do you call him Lin?" She asks carefully. "Joshua, why would they poach do they not follow the laws of the hunt?" She motions towards the bread and already the wounds on her fingers are healing. "Have more, and do not let Joshua fool you he is very good at cooking. He cooks much, I cook when he does not. We share the burden of it. We will send a loaf home with you, and he can teach you. He is a very good teacher, my sunstone is."

Lin's eyes widen when Lynwen cuts herself and puts her blood on the chimp's forehead. She doesn't understand what she's doing but it doesn't seem to be bothering him. "His name is Norman." A slight blush colors her cheeks. Her newest friend, one she made all her own is named Normand. He's sweet and wonderful to her and so she named the little baby after him. She gives Lynwen a sad look. "People..they are stupid. Selfish. Do not care. Every day so many animals, plants, they disappear forever and no one cares. Not enough to stop it. Poachers are terrible. They care not for laws or rules or nature. Only for money." Lin closes her eyes and sighs. It's a sore point with her, athing she hates and cannot stop, she calms herself after a few moments and then changes the subject to answer their questions about cooking as she makes another slice of bread ready. "It is very good. Lin has given Samuel food poisoning three times. He is too old for more he says." A flash of guilt. "Caught kitchen on fire twice. Exploded the eggs. Burned the chicken. Made things that were not fit for pigs to eat Samuel says." This seems to baffle her. Pigs could have eaten just fine. "Gets distracted to easy, wanders off and forgets. Or, forgets while still in the kitchen." She never means too but.. it happens. Frequently.

Joshua listens attentively while he munches his slice of bread. When Lin laments about the poachers, he nods and frowns again. "That is why we have this yard," he explains. "It serves as a haven for birds and animals." When Lin describes this Samuel, Joshua shakes his head. "You'll never learn to cook if you never have a chance," he comments. He blushes at Lynwen's praise, but he does agree, "Cooking does require some concentration. Has he thought about having someone in the kitchen with you for those moments when … something distracts you? I'm sure that you could learn some things about cooking."

Lynwen nods her head as she listens intently to what is said about the poachers. "The world is poisoned and Danu weeps, but there is still hope. What is tainted can be cleansed. It takes time and patience, what is dead cannot come back but the earth will heal and what is left will grow stronger and will adapt. Do not lose hope." She tells her. She looks to Joshua next. "That is a brilliant idea; you could teach her and perhaps speak with her Samuel? It is true Sunstone you really are a good cook. That dish you made the other night was a delight. Also remember the carrot ginger soup?"

Lin blinks. Carrot ginger soup? She isn't sure what that is. "It is a difficultness. Samuel has managed to find a lady who comes and cleans but others, they do not stay long. Lin is different. Frightens or annoys or the animals Lin brings home scare them. Or the plants moving. Or when Lin had to take the pain medicine and..could not keep up her shields. Animals, plants, everything came to take care of Lin." She winces. It had wrecked Samuel's nice house. "Samuel is good to Lin. Has taken care of her since he found her so very long ago. Maybe, maybe Lin could try harder with the cooking. It has gotten easier with practice to.." She frowns, trying to find the right words. "To be human. No, to think like human? Some. Don't think Lin will ever understand it all. Too different. Lin is human, and mutant and of The Stream. Animal, plant, they are Lin and she is them."

"Coping with change is difficult for many people, Lin," Joshua observes, speaking gently to the antlered young woman. "You are fortunate to have help, but adjusting can be a slow process, like trees that grow slowly over time." He nods to Lynwen again. "I do remember. But don't discount yourself. You've taught me a few tricks in the kitchen, tool." He lifts hs glass and swirls it, causing the ice to tinkle. "Barley tea, for example." He sips some of the chilled beverage. Then he looks to Lin. "You know where we live. If you ever need some time away from Samuel and the others, you're welcome to visit. You and your friends will be safe." He nods to the chimp who is still cuddling in Lynwen's arms. "We watch out for each other, and we don't mind watching out for others who need help, or simply a place where they can feel comfortable."

The chimp cuddle in her arms passes out and lets out a sigh contentment. Lynwen chuckles and runs her finger along the bridge of his nose. Looking up she nods her head. "Though we may move you are still welcome to our new grove and we will still be on the island." She adds. She looks to Joshua. "We should move soon before the new term." She points out. "Also you are both right, I think we just need to work with her to see what will work."
Lin smiles brightly. She eyes the sleeping chimp with a surprised expression and flash of understanding. " healed Norman?" For a moment they might notice a look of desperate longing on her face before she shrugs it off. "Thank you. Lin can heal the plants, make them grow. Sometimes they do it on their own for her. Cannot heal the animals hurts, except for the ones in the mind. Lin speaks to them all. Even some people, ones who have feral minds, like Lin's Nick. Is a mutant, like a wolf. Wish I could do that. Heal the hurts of the body." Lin gazes around the yard again. "Thank you for the welcome too. Why move from here though?"

Joshua smiles when Lin notices Norman's contented slumber. "As part of her training, Lynwen learned how to heal many injuries and sicknesses in animals and people," Joshua explains. "I know how you feel. I can't do that, and I wish that I could. Still, each of us has talents." He sweeps his gaze over the yard and smiles. "This house belongs to someone else. We're tending it for her, but some … unwelcome visitors came recently, people who would not be kind to others, or to animals. We've found a house that's nearer to where the ferry lands. It has a bigger yard where we should be able to grow more food." Then, as if he anticipates a question that Lin might have, Joshua assures, "Even if we move, I'm sure that you'll find us. You found us here, and you didn't have anything more than instincts to guide you."

Lin grins in delight. To be able to make bread like this.. she would love that. She also loves the wilderness. "Lin can find for sure, this wasn't to be missed." She thinks a moment and then lifts her backpack onto her lap, unzipping it and pulling things out to sit on the table. It isn't work stuff or school supplies in there. Road Flares, flashlights, knives, two hand guns and a metal box containing, what they can't see until she opens it and reveals several passports and fake ids. Also cards. One with her name and number, an email address and mention that she's with X-Red. She hands it to Lin and repacks the bag. "Who came to trouble you? If you need help, call on Lin. She is sure you can care for yourselves but sometimes, help is needed and Lin can do things others may not." She smiles again, not aware how strange the things she carries might be. "The forest is lovely here. Lin thinks you will be very happy.

Joshua smiles. "They were creatures drawn to the magic that Lynwen wields. IF this was our house, we would stay and deal with them, but because this house belongs to another, we decided that we should move so that she will not need to deal with such things." He watches while Lin gives the card to Lynwen. "You can be sure that we will tell you how to find the new home, and as Lynwen said, it will be near a large woodland. I think that you would enjoy it, too. I think that you would enjoy baking the bread, and having the recipe so that you can bake more whenever you want it. As I said, you are welcome in our home, wherever that is."

Lynwen goes to give Lin the chimp. "Take and let me get you some bread to take home. I will be back." She tells her with a slight bow of her head. Her gaze goes to Joshua. "Need more tea?"

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