Investigating the Deadlands

July 18, 2015:

Zee, May and Fenris head into the deadlands to do some investigating



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The Deadzone has not been quiet in the least. But sometimes there are lulls. Times when the activity slows enough that some of the more mystically inclined types might be able to go there and investigate. For those who watch for such opportunities now is one. The unquiet dead are at least not in the immedaite area and the sounds of combat and gunfire from the perimeter have died.

THis was a chance that WAND has been waiting for. So the moment the lull begins May is there with Zee in tow. She was honestly reluctant to leave Barton at the Triskelion 'unattended', but the archer has had enough weird in his existence for the past however long, she wousln't want to make things worse by bringing him here. Though… she is a bit curious as to his choice of weaponry that he returned with.

Zee's actually wearing the SHIELD issued body armour for a change. After the last few forays into the Deadzone have been fraught and right now is not the time to be too squishy. Looking at May as they approach the perimeter, the teen mage murmurs "I'll give us access through the ward here and then seal it behind us." she swallows "It means that getting out quickly won't really be an option, but better that than something coming through … "

With a murmur of words, her eyes glowing, Zee opens a hole in the wards and gestures for May to precede her…. then steps through herself.

As Zee begins to unseal the wards a Way tears open behind the two women and Fenris steps through. "Ah, I thought I sensed you both here. Good. You mean to look into the nature of the spell surrounding the area if I'm not mistaken Zee? Agent May, nice to see you. You're her 'knight' as it were, I take it?"

Melinda May gives Fenris an unimpressed look. "I never believed in all of that chivalry tripe." But, that being said, she WILL fight with all she's got to protect the teen mage. When Zee opens a hold in the wards, she steps through, pulling a matched pair of swords that are by NO means of the concealable variety. …what? Seeing Barton carrying that katana got her wanting to bust out her Daisho. They don't see nearly enough use anymore.

"I do Fenris and you shouldn't be surprised about that." Zee smiles at Wolf-God and smirks at Mays response. Zee really doesn't want to feel like she's need a protector, but the truth of the matter is she's not good in a physical fight. Gesturing Fenris through, Zee will wait before she seals the ward…

Fenris steps through and glances about. "Whatever you do work quickly. If Darque happens to take notice this will go very poorly." The new swords on May get a glance and a quirked eyebrow. Different. Not bad though. "If she starts doing anything active, May, there will likely be a response."

Melinda May nods to Fenris. "Can you work from here, Zatanna, or do we need to move closer?" As much of a skeptic as she started out, she's been seriously considering asking one of the spellcaster types (probably Fenris) to inscribe wards on the insides of Zee's SHIELD issue body armor. EVery little bit helps.

"I can start here" Zee murmurs "but we may need to move, it depends on what my spells tell me." If she knew what May was thinking, she might actually chuckle. "I'll work as quickly as I can, Fenris." Sealing the ward first with a few murmured words, Zee then turns her attention to the area. "I won't mean to ignore you, so if I do, I apologise now." Always so polite, the teen mage. Zees eyes start glowing as she draws power to herself

~~ wohS sU tahW mlaeR fO ehT daednU sI sihT dnaL degreM htiW ~~

Zee's trying to work out exactly what plane, realm, land of the undead has been melded here… and show them all the results.

The image starts to spin and resolve. It's clouded, confused. The magicks worked here necessarily cross the answer up but in no time it's plain. The area they're in has been melded with one of the underworlds.

All around Zee wisps of material start to shoot up from the ground, glowing darkly as her magic works.

Melinda May looks at the little bits of material, and not knowing their origin, uses the smaller of the two swords in her hands to swat one away from the mage. She's still monitoring the area intently, in case they have to move in a hurry.

If Zee wasn't concentrating so hard, she might just say 'Uh d'oh' but she is. Which realm, which underworld has been melded. Swaying slightly to avoid the material as it floats around her, she focusses her will on her spell… trying to refine the information it gives.

The amount of will it takes to get anything done here is rather incredibly high. Pushing into it will take a lot of concentration but a picture starts to resolve. At least she can tell which of the underworlds it's not. It's not sheol. Or Hades. And it's probably not Irish or Celtic or… hmmm. It has to be either really obscure if its being this hard to find… wait… that power. It's coming from outside the underworld. From… the Darkforce Dimension? No wonder it's so hard to figure it out. This isn't a two dimension merge. It's a three dimension merge.

May's blade swats the little orb and it floats away. But more of them are coming up, and they're coalescing into a form. "May…" Fenris murmurs, nodding in that direction as he pulls his own blade.

Melinda May frowns and hastily puts one sword backin its scabbard, then pulls that now standard-gear bag with the oily rag inside and reaches to try and catch the coalescing form and trap it inside with all of that consecrated oil. She has NO idea if this will work or not, and it might just royally piss of some otherwordly creature.

There are two things that Zee wants to achieve here - find out what dimensions are fused and if there anchoring points. She's going to push just a little harder on this spell, she now knows the Darkforce Dimension is involved but the third…. Drawing more power to herself, Zee's eyes glow bright blue … just a little bit more… please…

That actually… starts to work. May's got the thing trapped and its screaching and screaming and wiggling around. As Zee pushes further the ground starts to rumble. "They're reacting to her power… we may need to buy her time." May has prevented a specter from forming, so the land is resorting to more prosiac means. Skelatons. Lots of them. At the same time, power arcs up from the ground to grab onto Zee's leg. Ah, Magus… yes… I see you there. Join me… It's trying to force it's way into you.

Melinda May seals the bag as best she can then throws it away from them. But if they're going to keep upping the ante, she's going to do the same. Sadly, her main source of holy oil just got tossed away. But May is nothing if not prepared. She brandishes a hip flask and starts carefully splashing the holy water from the flask onto the ground around Zee's feet. She's completely unaware that something is already trying to grasp at the mage's ankles.

Damn, Zee grimaces as the power arcs up and steps towards May, into the path of the oil she's sprinkling, letting it soak into her leg. It's a struggle and Zee just manages it "May, pour it over me… Fenris…" Zee's trying to control the spell she was casting. Trusting the holy oil offers her some protection from the energy clawing at her, Zee's going to have to make a decision, her power, whilst she's got a lot of it, isn't infinite. Zee refines her spell one last time…

~ wohS sU ehT drihT noisnemiD stahT toN ereH rO ehT ecrofkraD noisnemiD ~~

She really wants this information….

The holy water leaches into the ground, causing shrieking and burning. They can't even emerge with the ground temporarily consecrated. Fenris is hacking limbs off the ones on the other side that did make it. They're not getting Zee but the power that's got her still has her tight and it grounds her spell. Join me. You'll make an excellent necromancer…

There's a crack of lightning and someone arrives and before Zee can respond to the surge of power something dispells everything in the area. Absolutely everything.

When the smoke clears a woman has joined them. One who looks like Zatanna… but maybe ten years older. Her skin is ruddy red and a pair of large horns protrude from her head along with a barbed tail.

"Careless, Zatanna. That'll never do." The not-Zee looks at May curiously for a moment and then to Fenris who looks back, crossing his arms.

Melinda May pours the last few drops of holy water — the oil May had on hand got tossed away with a THING trapped in the ziploc bag — directly onto Zee's feet, then startles at the crack of lightning. Her second sword is drawn in the next breath, and she steps to put herself between the teen mage and the horned woman. You shall not pass.

As her spell is grounded, Zee lets out a growl of frustration and responds to the voice that speaks to her "No I wouldn't, I hate icky stuff…" pure bravado on her part… she's still struggling against that power as the lightning strikes.

The glow in Zees eyes just dies… suddenly as the magic in the area is dispelled and she peers through the smoke until Demon-Zee appears, all colour draining from her face but she rallies "Of course you show yourself here, now…" Zee peers around May, as the Agent places herself infront of the teen mage "Why won't it do?" There's a note of resignation in her voice… she expects to be taunted.

"Because getting yourself killed or taken does no one any good." The demonic Zatanna replies, warily eyeing May. "I have no quarrel with you agent. Allow me to introduce myslef. I am Zatanna… Ruler of Limbo. Well not the one you know but Limbo all the same." She… uh… what?

Fenris blows out a sigh causing the woman's eyes to shift to him very warily. "Peace, God-Wolf."

"For now, yes." The Wolf Rumbles.

Ruler of Limbo? What? May thought that that dubious privelege belonged to Rasputin. When RedZee addresses her, she straightens and steps slightly to one side, but anyone who knows her knows she's still very much ready to put this woman in her place if necessary.

In this reality it does belong to Illyana, Zee hasn't worked out where this Demon-Zee comes from, but… standing in front of her is the example of what she could well become if she's not careful. "So you're watching me then… or something akin to that." Zees not commenting on what just happened, she hadn't tried to get away.

The question for Zee is why would Demon-Zee try to save her "What do you gain by saving me?"

May's wary stance is noted and acknowledged with a slight inclination of the head. She knows she's not trusted here. She's used to it. She's bearing the God-Wolf's scrutiny too. "I swear by my power that I shall not harm Zatanna today unless attacked." Perhaps that will satisfy May.

"I gain balance. You're necessary. You have a part to play, or didn't you realize that? All who become bound up in Limbo…" May gets a glance now. "To even the smallest degree…" Back to Zee. "Do."

Melinda May is fine with not being the first to attack. "Is your realm one of the ones merged here?" That'll answer Zee's last spell-question at least partly, right? Maybe. But at least they have a better idea now, if not the complete picture.

Zee snorts at the 'today' in Demon-Zee's comment even as she tucks the information the woman gives them away until later. Balance - light to dark, perhaps? "I knew that I had a part to play, the day I held the soulsword in my hand and was accepted by Limbo." The teen mage considers her older self carefully before glancing at Fenris and then May. Mays question is good and Zee nods to indicate that she'd like to hear the answer.

Fenris wants to hear this too. So he stays quiet. Demon Zee shakesh her head. "No. We'd be in rather more trouble if he'd merged this area with Limbo. And I'd be occupied trying to get it back if he'd done it to my Limbo. An Inferno is to be avoided at all costs. Even I know that."

"Then what IS this place merged with?" May's starting to lose patience with the vague half-answers. Not that she's going to attack or anything, but she might … I don't know. Lose her temper or something.

Zee knows that Demons rarely answer directly and she looks at the other … her … it's worth a try "And where is it anchored?" that had been her second question.

"Some underworld I suspect. Believe me you do not want me casting the magic I'd need to find out." Demon Zatanna turns to leave and then looks over her shoulders. "If magic won't tell you, try study. Most cultures send their dead on with something. Look for clues there. Think, Zee. We'll meet again. And who can tell on which side, next time." The demon woman teleports away and is gone.

Melinda May huffs out a breath of air — likely they closest she gets to openly displaying her exasperation. "We done here?" She's asking Zee, as this is essentially her show at the moment.

Zee watches Demon Zee teleport and is very thoughtful and quiet before looking to May and then Fenris "The things you've been fighting here… have they had anything on them, that might indicate a culture or timeframe" Glancing at the remains of the skeletons, Zee nods to them "Can we inspect these before we go?" She hadn't noticed anything, but she hadn't really been looking either…

"We've stayed to long for now." Fenris murmurs. "Darque's taken notice of you already, we should leave before he's able to force more magic this way. The next time there's an incursion we'll make sure to not turn everything to ash and leave something to be searched. May, perhaps you could issue orders t oyour teams."

Melinda May hadn't been bothering to look either. Though, the other Zee gave them a clue they can't ignore, so she nods to Fenris at his suggestion. "That should be easy enough." She looks at Zee then, to see what the mage wants to do next. Get the heck out of dodge would be her suggestion.

"Please do, Agent May" Zee gestures back to the barrier and nods at Fenris' comment. Once they get there, she'll open a space in the ward and they can get the heck out of dodge….

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