JL:A Communications

April 04, 2015:

Oracle catches up with Fenris and May, talk moves to the JL:A and their need for tech support. Wonder Woman and Simon Williams appear on the scene…

Central Park - New York


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After the vampire attack on the Clocktower the other day, Oracle has set up a time to speak to Fenris, via phone, about the female vampire who aided them and a few other things. She's also asked Agent May to join the discussion. The female vampire, might be an interesting addition to the team the two women were setting up.

"Thanks Fenris." Oracles voice is still digitally disguised, she generally doesn't do 'Babs' when communicating, less finger prints so to speak. "May and I will speak to her further. She certainly sounds like a candidate, May." The redhead is quite interested in the Vampiress.

The first part of business concluded, Oracle moves onwards "May I ask about how you are finding being part of the JL:A, Fenris?" The JL:A is of interest to her, mainly because of Batmans previous involvement. That, and she keeps tabs on anyone who works in Gotham.

"It hasn't really affected anything. It's a 'League' in the old Greek sense. Members largely do their own things until called upon. And honestly, other than arcane advance or leveling small nations, my portfolio is best suited to doing what I've been doing without them." Which doesn't mean that he won't help, or take help when he needs it, though he's been developing other avenues of getting that help. Hence the Pendulum May has, along with a number of others. "Nighteyes is rather curious. She actually sought out my permission to remain in the city. Which is an old… formality." Makes him wonder how old the woman is.

"Mmmm. Though speaking of the JLA they're in somewhat dire need of… shall we call it technical support. At present most of it comes from SHIELD and my understanding - correct me if I'm wong May - is that it would be ideal for both SHIELD and the JL:A if that were not the case."

Melinda May listens in on the conversation, not really having anything to contribute as of yet. She's seated across from Fenris mostly so it looks like they're having a conversation with each other and not some distant third party. She nods slowly to Fenris' words, then finally offers a word or three. "I agree about Nighteyes." The Sun Eater's comment about the JL:A using SHIELD resources does not garner any sort of glare, even if one would think it should. That's because she agrees with him. Whether or not Fury and the Council agree, that's a whole different story.

Diana has already had her moment with Fury after the announcement and public show of the JL:A's activity. The moment consisted of him yelling at her about the revelation a young member of their team made and the aftermath that will come… Has come - due to it.

Ambassador, renown public eye, heroine. Not even she is safe from the new judgements cast by wary eyes when it comes to the new fanatical reaction to 'aliens' existing. Even Di read a National Enquirer or two while shopping. But one of her best friends is also Superman and so she is just as guilty by knowledge and association. Moreso for the fact of keeping it tucked close to her heart and no one ever directly asked. Oh yeah, avatar of Truth, too.

Though hanging up on Fury and refusing to answer his calls has likely left her in sour regard and soon to have an escorted audience, other movements have caught her attention and who better to seek out then Fenris, though it seems one part is answered just by hearing their words carried upon the wind above.

Wonder Woman does not need to call Fenris, the communicators every member has can be traced, and when she gets the coordinates she knows he is in the open and not secreted away. She may be who she is, but impeding is not on her bucket list. Lowering from her hover above Central Park it is a slow descent, not to scare people gathered and to give warning, long onyx hair lightly lashing like tendrils around olive toned facade, teasing shadows over those cerulean eyes that are set to the earth sandalled feet touch down upon on. A silent entry but one she does not keep as such - only a few feet from their picnicing table when her chin rises slightly and those eyes settle upon the duo and disembodies third.

"Hopefully this technical support does not come from a hidden child of Lamia." Though how serious those words are, is hard to be told by her with that slight lift of lips corners.

"That's good about Nighteyes, May." In the clocktower, Oracle looks interested at Fenris' description of Nighteyes' approach. The CCTV feeds from the area, show the two (and then a third) at the picnic table, on the screens in the Clocktower. "Technical support, Fenris?" It was SHIELDs' involvement with the JL:A that caused Batman to sever his ties with them. "There is concern amongst my colleagues about the connection, that's true."

Diana's approach has the redhead smiling slightly "Ahhh, I see you're joined by the Ambassador herself." Too polite to tap into the communicators, she's fairly sure she could, or call Diana directly, Oracle waits patiently to see how this conversation evolves.

Fenris glances up as Babs mentions Diana's approach. "Ah, yes." He murmurs more to May than Oracle who's already seen the woman. "We do seem to have company. A moment, ladies."

The God-Wolf rises and bows politely to the Princess and Ambassador of Themyscria. "Good afternoon." He rumbles. "I trust things are well?"

Not at all surprised to hear that some of the JL:A old guard were less than thrilled by SHIELD involvement, May doesn't offer comment on that. Her opinion on the matter will remain solely hers for now, especially as Oracle announces Wonder Woman's arrival. Almost as if they planned it, May moves to stand in almost perfect unison with Fenris and as he offers a polite bow, she does similar though in a manner much more reminiscent of Thailand than Europe: she brings her hands together with her index fingers touching the bridge of her nose as she bows her head and bends slightly at the waist.

Diana tilts her head, a small gesture, enough to reflect lighting off the ever-adorned diadem, but when Fenris bows he finds his nose almost meeting the forearm embraced by a bracer of Hermes' forging; his own reflection. Her hand is extended to him in greeting and when he rises and accepts she will clasp arms with him. "We have fought together. You can greet me as a Brother."

May's greeting and bow is studied, the origins sought to be found in the gesture, the antiquity.. A small step to the side to stand before May and watch her with a smile that touches upon the borders of curiousity. "You greet with a reverence I am obliged to return, though in time." Just as she had done with Fenris, she would do with another as soon as those moments between them pass. "Sawatdee." Perhaps she has the exact origin wrong, but she does the same to May, her wai not as full of grace and training, but shown use and knowledge of.

Rising she looks between the two with a light rise of dark brow. "Things are well. I have spent a couple days watching a pair of large birds rebuild and repair as well as keeping an eye on the oceans for further stirrings, the stars for a new alignment…" He will get her, though May…

"I am Diana." Introductions necessary?

Blowing out a breath, Oracle taps into Diana's communicator "Wonderwoman, Diana, this is Oracle. We've spoken once before." When Diana had been at dinner with Bruce and Oracle had first /met/ Birdwatcher. "I'm not a child of Lamia." Nor a priestess of Delphi. "But it is a pleasure to meet you under more normal circumstances."

"Though those things have been about of late." Vampires. There' not common but they have been slightly troublesome. Fenris straightens up and nods to the Amazon Princess. "What brings you by today? Oh, you've met Agent May, have you not?"

Melinda May can't help but be somewhat impressed that Diana responded with an equitable wai. "I don't believe we've met before, though I do remember being informed that I'd be assigned to the Justice Liaison to SHIELD… once there was one. It never seemed to happen." She doesn't seem all that broken up about it, either. Maybe she's just got enough other things to deal with currently.

The slow shudder of noir lashes over those turbulent eyes does not foreshadow anything in Diana's expression, in fact the smile is lightening when Oracle chimes in over the communicator. "We have spoken, but not directly. I have heard quite a bit about you, and the birthright meaning was not for you, but I do have to somewhat agree with the discussion had before I made myself known." Meaning that of the communications within the JL:A Watchtower, or btween teammates and beyond.

Fenris gets a brief lingering of eyes and then they fall back upon May. "A lot has been about, it is not our place to discuss their placement, but to let them find it on their own and be there as needed."

Though Diana does not release the fact she is also an Agent of SHIELD and liason split thrice, she had her priorities and deeper agreements with a very angry cyclops director. "Is it a position you even desire?" The lacking of emotion on it is easily picked up on, but if she wanted it she'd be sure to lay it out on Fury's desk when her ears stopped ringing and they were done yelling. "It is good to finally meet though, Agent May."

"I see" At least, she thinks she does. Oracle conferences the communicator with Fenris and May, all three can join the conversation. Sitting forward in her chair, the redhead watches the three at the table and tilts her head in interest. "And there's no one with the JL:A ranks who could take that on, is there?"

"Not at present. I am given to understand that SHIELD once looked at a few technical experts. I'm not privy to what they decided but at the moment, there is no one with any particular faculty for technology nor the ability nor experience to deal with supporting unusual operations." The god-wolf smiles. "That might be something to consider. I know that some of your own are wary of working with SHIELD but clearly you have a rapport with at least one of their agents." He gestures here at May. Whom is herself becoming something more than simply a SHIELD agent. The God-Wolf smiles a bit at Diana. He won't say that he knew that would happen, but he rather hoped it would. May is an exceptional warrior and her dedication and determination can serve far more than simply SHIELD.

About ten minutes ago, Simon Williams finished his concise, semi-demi-hemi-useless-for-spy-work report to one Nick Fury on the state of Atlantean attitudes about the surface. In a word: "parahatefulnoid". There are parallels to Japan in the time of Halsey and just after WW2, and some serious differences, and Simon's feeling like his warning not to underestimate or demonize or oversimplify Orm is not being heard. Fine. Let Fury deal with him, the man can make his own mistakes. And will.

"I need to find Namor," Simon tells himself. "And it's really disturbing that Namor is making more sense to me lately than the people I allegedly work for. But don't really get paid for. I really need a new agent to fix that kinda thing."

He flies up from the Triskelion, and stays in the sky the way bricks don't, for a few minutes. Kryptonians seem to do this kind of thing without working hard, but for Simon, changing his vision is a deliberate, chancy thing, but he gets something that works, well enough, and starts scanning the city for the Atlantean, but before he gets very far, he notices a very disturbing, neutrino-bubbling thing in Central Park and goes to check it out.

He lands next to the odd twist of energy and forces his eyes to work on visible light again.

"Oh. You. That's where I saw you before. You were with Loki," he says to Fenris, more a statement of fact than a challenge. "And you were at the JL:A introduction. I'm trying to find Namor, have you seen him today?"

Interrupt? Sure. As his eyes adjust, he realizes that there is also the Themyscrian Ambassador and Agent May, and he winces. "I'm sorry, I literally couldn't see you, Diana, Ms May. I apologize for intruding."

"I am not resistant to the position, Your Highness," May replies to Diana. Yes, she has been briefed on the Themysciran and knows she's royalty. "I suspect that you're familiar with the feeling of having too many tasks to do and not enough time to complete them all. Yes?"

Okay, Simon? Just dropping in like that is NOT a good idea around May. By the time the new arrival's said 'You' at Fenris, she has her ICER pistol out and aimed at Simon's face. His apology gets her to lower the weapon, but she doesn't put it away again. Not yet.

"We had one link that could have, perhaps would have. But he did not like the new move." Diana speaks to Oracle directly in that regard, she knows who she refers to. Batman. His ties, and those were in a communicator with her right now. "You are his eyes in places he cannot have them, information in excess. He trust you. In that I respect you because from him that does not come easy, nor does my consideration…" Pausing she listens to Fenris and nods lightly.

Things change, and in that things have to evolve. So many do not understand that, it is a fight even my Home suffers me to this day. But it is for the better. We need to tread the path most resistant sometimes," Beat when she looks at May and continues but in response to her words. "And find ourselves far too busy to even fall into reverence at the right moments. But it's worth it."

when Simon 'drops' in Diana stops her words completely, the light turn shows no onvious tension at his appearance, recognition quick in her gaze of his face and the name. "No intrusion, on my behalf. I have not seen Namor recently." Is that relief? The man is set in old ways far more then she is to the point he almost perplexes her.

Yes, she' hit him again.

Yes, Oracle knows of who Diana speaks. "Thank you, Diana. And yes, Fenris, I do work closely with May." The redhead in the Clocktower smiles a little "I try to remain neutral between all the groups. Each serves in their own way and if I can be of service to make their jobs easier and keep them safe, then I will." She pauses then, considering further "If I may be of service to the JL:A, I would like to." And with Batman equipping the Watchtower systems, Oracle is already familiar with their operations. "I see you have another visitor."

Simon continues trying to make his eyes adapt back to normal vision. Red stops being ultrahotlent and blue becomes a color instead of what X-Rays cause other things to emit. He glances at the color band that was added to the cuff of his jacket and when it looks right, he returns his red-eyed gaze to the others. And, May's pointed a gun at him, and it's very rude to tell the lethal people that their weapons don't work on you — in part because it makes them want to find out why, and fix it — and Fenris is being the strong, silent wolf. Or he's embarrassed by Loki. Or both. Well, awkward.

"Hello, Magic Voice," Simon finally says. "Diana, should I come back another time? I don't mean to interrupt League business."

Diana watches each person, consideration is evident, though there is no doubt evident at all. Fenris has fought by her side, May has been a whisperwind, but not unheard of, nor unseen. Seeing more is only a matter of looking deeper. "Be sure it is something Batman would be on the side of. I do not want huim withdrawing further, we still need him.. And you." There is no fault in those words, no wavering. If she wanted she could pick him up and bring him back to the JL:A… Literally. But she doesn't, his reasons are his own and he'd give her the same. Though this blanketed voice and the possibility of technological smoke and mirrors..

"I am sure you know of the Hall of Justice's location, Oracle?" Diana pauses then to await the respons, tilting her head towards Simon, turning to face them all now with that golden lasso picking up lighting against her thigh with the darkening sky. "Considering Namor's demanded intention to join, and you seem to play a part at his side, I would not reject your presence. How are things in Atlantis? I have been watching for stirrings in those depths."

Oracle watches the screen and listens as Simon speaks. "Yes, Diana, I know where the Hall of Justice is." She was there, at the recent event, just not in the guise of Oracle. "Greetings, Simon Williams." She's quite interested to find out how things in Atlantis are.

"Hm. Well, honestly, it's still strange there. First I should tell you how I got caught up in all this. Coincidence and accident. I was helping out escorting ships shortly after Namor's attack on the oil rigs. I ran into the Blue dragon-knight Rowan, and he introduced me to Mera, and I ended up somehow being the liason to Arthur's court from SHIELD. Which then turned into him turning the tables on me when I tried to convince him that it was worth it for him to rejoin the Justice League when it formed again. He basically demanded that I go to Atlantis and represent the surface."

Simon's self-deprecating tone at that concept is just exactly right. Well rehearsed even.

"Well then, Oracle, after you have spoken with the Dark Knight in regards to your wishes, come see me at the Hall." Diana states that flatly, her tone leaving no room for wiggle. /See/ her, meaning bring a body through those front doors. "I know you are your own woman, but I will not impede." Oh the arguments that have already arisen due to her persistance that finally have died.

Simon's tone while speaking bring a small quirk to one corner of her lips. "Well, on the day of the ceremony I recall you there when Namor made his presence and demand very well known, as well as his desires that needed met. I applaud you for coaxing him into it, but I do not feel.."Pausing Diana's eyes snap back and forth quickly over Simon's face, as if choosing the right words or seeking for what exactly her mind is putting out there. "Namor is ready to leave his people. Changes have happened so swiftly for him lately." But that does not change how she is regarding Simon himself.

Everyone wants to know who Oracle is and Batman's been quite succinct on the matter - protect your identity, and protect those of the Bats. She considers for a long while. Diana knows who Batman really is… "Part of the strength that I will bring to the JL:A is the anonymity that exists around Oracle." she pauses as she frames her request "The less people who know who I am" yes, Oracle is admitting to being flesh and blood, not an AI "the safer for everyone. I will happily meet, in person, with you, Diana, and Fenris. But until things are agreed and we have a plan, I would not want anyone else knowing just who I am. Can you agree to this?"

Listening to the discussion on Namor and Atlantis, Oracle remains silent. She has some insight into what's happening there, but from more of a personal nature.

Simon nods. "Of course, Oracle. I have no intention of finding you unless you ask me to."

He looks to Diana and shakes his head.

"Maybe I wasn't clear. I didn't coax Namor into anything. Arthur did it the same way he got me to go underwater for six months. I got assigned to help Namor adjust to the surface, while Arthur and Mera undo the misinformation that's been fed to the majority of Atlanteans. Did you ever spend time down there? It's dark, and cold, and there are things that live there that don't welcome people. And there are leaks into other places, and that's one of the biggest things the Atlanteans do — they stop the things that want to come through those leaks into this world. It's part of their world-view: if something is a danger to Earth, they stop it. This is why it was so easy for Orm and his people to convince Atlantis to go to war. They're very conservative, very protective, and as they showed, much more advanced than they seemed when it was just 'that guy who talks to fish' being mocked in the news bytes."

Simon shakes his head. "Namor is having a serious case of culture shock. We seem very frivolous to the sea peoples. But yes, I'll definitely do whatever is needed to help him adjust. I may need to go places where you don't admit civilians, though."

Diana listens to Oracle, and nods. Though that gesture cannot necessarily be heard it is backed by words. "I understand. My position does not allow me much secrecy, but what I can have.. when I can have something my own, I keep it close." Her words seem to fall on reverent, endeared, wistful. Even then she looks towards May in her silence and then towards Simon. "I agree to whatever terms that keep you comfortable and meet both our needs."

Now Simon gets her full attention when he speaks, thought there. "What do you know of the JL:A, Simon? What are your desires beyond that of what the Atlanteans desire of you?" just as she had asked Oracle, she now awaits the answer.

"Very well. If we can meet in private in the Hall of Justice, I can make it appear that I am there for other reasons. Otherwise, I invite you to my sanctuary. Only few have been here and I can ensure our privacy." Babs has been rather secluded for many years and Fenris does enjoy teasing her about being locked away in her tower. Getting out has provided an interesting perspective for the redhead. "Thank you for your consideration, Simon." Oracle responds to the man.

"What I know of it, is that I was considered at one point for what was going to be called the Avengers Program. I only knew that because I overheard someone talking about it. I was on Long Island at the time, and the conversation was somewhere near the Triskelion, and I don't know why I could hear it. Sometimes this ionic powers thing does stuff… my name was mentioned and so the conversation popped up out of the noise," and Simon shrugs.

"I know they eventually decided to fund the Justice League, as a new entity, with SHIELD backing, under that name, and that much I learned from attending the public announcement."

Simon tilts his head to the right as he considers the question.

"I accepted Arthur's challenge because I wanted there to be peace between the Atlanteans and the surface, and that won't happen without understanding on both sides, and that has to be more than just at the level of governments. But how do you fix people? It's going to take time. What I want for myself? I kind of enjoy making movies, but I need to wait a year or two for people to stop thinking I was a traitor. Once things get settled down again, I intend to spend at least every other month living in Atlantis, if they'll have me back. I don't have any immediate ambitions here on the surface, otherwise. I've been at loose ends, and I should find something constructive to do."

Melinda May has been listening quietly thus far, though now she pulls a cell phone from her jacket as if checking her messages. She types somethign into her phone briefly then returns it to her pocket without speaking a single word.

Text to Oracle: Add Williams to the list.

"If it makes you feel more at ease I will come to you. Batman may want to be present and I know his feelings on all of this." The sum of it in totality, is trust and comfort and Diana has no issues with extending to the full effect for the same goal in mind. The JL:A, the people, and with how things have been surmounting, like a slow building underwater geyser - it's all necessary.

"The Avengers Initiative had the same goal and purpose in mind, the same kind of people, the only difference was the placement and backing. There are difference, there are similarities, but we should all work together if the same desire is ultimately in mind. I don't care who you are, or what you are, sometimes things cannot be done alone and you need that support lest you fall and take a lot more with you then yourself." Diana is speaking to Simon there, but she glance to May when the motion for her phone comes forth, a regard on the device and her hand flexes and then balls at her side.

"What if I extend you an invitation as well. For now on a reserve basis to see. But you can help us while Namor adapts, keep your liason position as well as the communication betwen land and sea." A small smile. "Perhaps fix that image while doing something constructive?"

"You are most welcome to visit me, Diana. I will extend an invite to Batman, but he may not come." He's been so busy lately and devolving some responsibility to the team. A good thing in Oracles eyes. "I will send you the details via secure channel and we can agree a date and time."

Mays text receives a nod from the redhead, the two women will be visiting Simon Williams soon with an offer.

Text to May: Acknowledged and done.

"Uhm. Yeah, that'd be great!" Simon answers. Once again the universe at large is conspiring to move him away from 'meta-powered civilian ordinary guy' to, what was it the Sea People call it? A 'Champion'. Right. It's not like he could actually pass as 'ordinary' anyway.

"I should keep looking for Namor, though. Last time I lost track of him, he was at a Skipper's Fish and Chips … not saying anything, really, just terrifying people by watching. Before I go, is there anything else you need from me?"

Melinda May again stays quiet, though she offers Simon a nod. She doesn't check her phone again, she knows that Oracle received the message and she'll be able to see the reply later. It's an interesting thought, though, the relations between the ocean dwellers and everyoen on the surface. But, it's a thought for another day. She's got enough on her plate as it is.

"I want no one closed out if they want even to partake in silence is all." Diana states, the diplomacy in the whole thing a slippery being trying to be maintained when it comes to the lines drawn in places that respect will not allow her to toe.

Simon's words on Namor bring back that small bemused smirk with a slow shake of her head. From within the space between vembrace and forearm a small device is withdrawn and tossed towards Simon for him to catch. "Yes, keep in touch, keep it on. We may come calling sooner then later." A reserve member for now, but as his history already tells, that will only last so long. The communicator will grant him communication with the team, and Diana will be adding him to the permitted list at the Hall, along with Oracle for when she wants to come out and see for herself the long line of what she is getting into, though Diana is sure once permission is granted Oracle can do so in her very own way.

"Thank you Diana, Fenris, May. A pleasure to meet you at last, Simon." Oracle nods to herself back in Gotham. In all the time this discussion has been occuring, the redhead has been monitoring her teams on the ground and providing assistance. "If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving you all." Waiting for final confirmation, Oracle will disconnect the call and return to her regularly scheduled programming.

Simon catches the communicator, and puts it into a slot in that red W armor piece.

"Thank you. I will," he says, and with a soundless KRAKL begins rising into the air.

"Take care," he says, before he swiftly flies directly UP to stop in a holding position ten miles above Manhattan. Now. Where would a Namor be…

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