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July 18, 2015:

Doctor Strange joins the JL:A!


Hall of Justice


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It has been a few days since Wonder Woman invited Strange to the Hall of Justice. He had intended to come sooner, but problems kept piling in, as it always happens after he spends a few weeks troubleshooting in other dimensions. Interesting times, interesting whole decade. Small wonder the Vishanti are prodding him to take a disciple. There is more than enough work to do for two Supreme Sorcerers.

Earlier this morning, Wong called to the Hall to notify the Doctor would visit today. Hopefully Diana did leave a note about the invitation. It is around ten in the morning when he materializes near the main entrance, giving the building a cursory inspection for magical wards and defenses, and then heading inside. Since the place is quite public, he hides the Clock of Levitation behind a simple illusion, but otherwise wears his real face, and a light blue three piece suit. His only concession to his status is the heavy medallion around his neck, which most real occultists would readily identify as the Eye of Agamotto.

The invitation was not one that would erase with time, and time is what each of them needed to handle things apparently, but Wonder Woman hears of his intended arrival and sends notice to the others if they had not already received it. They are a team and they need to even show as much when a prospective member shows interest and brings themselves to their doorstep.

When Strange arrives he will notice there has been nothing placed, though an offer had been made for such as well as attention brought to their lacking of it before. This does not seem to stop them from being who and what they are but it does show a lacking among their ranks - a need of small gaps to be filled.

When he passes the doors into the Hall Wonder Woman is already waiting, adorned in the attire renown to her name in these walls as it is only fitting. A smile spreads across features with his approach, only touching upon the corners of eyes while her hand extends to him in greeting, vambrace flashing in effigy to a past and present of history (in the making). "Welcome to the Hall of Justice, Doctor Stephen Strange."

"Okay, well, the National Guard is sort of the National Guard, but you're right, it's your town, and you know what it's supposed to be like. I'll see if I can make a suggestion, okay?" Kate is just finishing a conversation with the local Sheriff of one of the towns in the Deadzone, hanging up as she comes to the main hall. The archer's looking a little worn around the edges. Between relief efforts and trying to keep everyone happy with the JL:A and each other, she's been working some long hours lately.

Not to mention the background concerns about the mutant detainees who were removed from the Hall just a few days ago. The phone goes into a custom pocket on her uniform as she comes to join Wonder Woman, giving Strange a curious look. "Hi," she greets with a quick smile.

Kara was hanging around the Hall of Justice, having been training all morning to try and keep herself in tip top shape. When she heard there would be a visitor though, she put on her best costume in a jiffy.

Smiling brightly as she walks towards the trio and greets Wonder Woman and Kate with a nod, "Hey Wonder Woman and Hawkeye." She didn't know Dr. Strange so she stuck with codenames.

Turning her head towards Strange she says, "Welcome to the Hall of Justice, I'm Supergirl."

The Doctor bows politely to Diana, "my thanks, it is truly an honor." He nods to the younger women, offering Kara a faint smile. "Supergirl, we met just a few days ago, I remember your valiant stand against Master Darque abominations." Then back to Diana, "princess, I hope there have not been further problems with Hades' prisoners. Apparently the breach was caused by the misuse of one of the Caius scrolls by an… unhinged adept. She didn't survive the Lion's arrival."

Diana looks to Kate, the weary and exhausted look is a familiar one held close to the heart when so much is going on. But it is part of the duty of being who and what they are within these wall or outside of them. There is a flicker of concern but it does not linger long enough to be caught unless looked upon in just the right moment. Kara receives a smile as well, unfaltering when it travels back towards Strange with his words about their own meeting against the Darque - or Dark forces. It seems they are all converging in many ways then one. Within, and with-out.

The admission by Starnge brings the small warming smile to one of a chill fade with the slow nod that only lowers her chin slightly and holds it there. "Hades is extremely displeased at the enroachng of his barriers andfreedom of the Nemean Lion. He has assured me there was no intent on his own behalf and greature measures are being taken." In saying as much her hand had instinctively gone to her lasso that rests upon hip, though a whsiper of a touch and she withdraws to a relaxed position.

"Let us move to a more comfortable room so we can discuss matters from both sides." A rise of hand and she gestures towards the back of the Hall where conference rooms are set to take on such manners in a more private setting.

"Wait, seriously? The Nemean Lion? Like…Hercules?" Kate looks between the others. "I am so behind on the memos," she admits with a sigh, though she manages to keep a weary smile in place. "Hi, I'm Kate," she adds to Strange, offering out a hand. "Also known as Hawkeye, but Kate works. You're the head honcho on the magic side of things, right?" Just some small talk to move from one place to another. And find out where people fit.

Kara grinned a little at The Doctor, "Right, sorry about that. It was such a hectic battle and I ended up leaving right away." Looking between Diana and Strange as the man begins to explain something about magic scrolls, "Oh my Rao, Fenris has spoken about you before. You're the Sorcerer Supreme…" It all made sense now.

Strange shakes Kate's hand and nods, "indeed, the Nemean Lion was killed by Hercules during the last Heroic Age, but he is the child of Typhon and Echidna. The Titans are immortal and their deaths are brief affairs unless Hades keeps them jailed."

The doctor follows Diana towards the conference hall. Wait, head honcho? "I am the Supreme Sorcerer, a title that acknowledges my mastery of the arts and the blessing of the Vishanti, but conveys no leadership position. No one rules the Earth's mystics. Unortunately, we are an eclectic and fractious bunch."

The look from Kate is one Wonder Woman could share, bits and pieces coming without firsthand knowledge can also be a task to look into and keep up on, but in the end it all converges, and hopefully will at the table. Sometimes the Fates play games, and sometimes their timing is for a very good reason, one even -they- have felt lately despite their concerns being little in regards to Patriarch's world.

As introductions are passed and given the door to the meeting room swings open and a round table fitting for a smaller gathering is open for them with a carafe of iced water and glasses left there from preparations set for Strange's arrival and those here to greet him.

Taking her seat Diana speaks up only once the last has entered and the door is closed. "The movement of Master Darque and his hoardes, the freedom of god-beings in their imprisonment. This only touches on some of the issues we are having, but none the less, they are great ones. Ones we find ourselves at a small loss on. We all have our own strengths and feats we can step up against and with hold, but a veil is being torn and threaded with a darkness that touches hearts and souls of innocents across the globe. This is something the Justice League would stand against as a unit and your arrival seems to have great timing in these matters to balance where we have need."

Now she looks to Kate and nods lightly as a response as well. "Yes, the Lion Hercules set to destroy as a cloak of honor and fame. A secret and prisoner kept for many many years in a desrved and fitting prison and for preservation." Diana's hands now are upon the table, fingers splaying.

"Darque… The spread of this mystical /disease and plague/, the reach is going too far and upsetting the balance. But also letting it be known where balance is needed." Now Diana pauses, looking to Kara and Kate as well for any additions as well as understanding on where this could go - then to Strange for a mutuality.

"Sounds like the usual god deal," Kate nods on the whole not dying thing. "And yeah, I don't think I've run into anyone in the magic community who does things the same way. Zee runs on words, Fenris runs on deity and ritual, Constantine runs on…Constantine runs on just about anything he can get his hands on, I think. Oh, speaking of, the Merlin teleported his bed into the park the other day, and the one I ran into seemed pretty clueless on the grand magic front, so…Maybe it would be good to keep him clear of Darque."

Kate Bishop: categorizing all the things. And always on. She may be tired, but the latest disaster's been magic-infused, so she's got mages on the brain. "After the mess HYDRA made of the ley lines, I'm guessing he basically had an open door to start screwing with things. And he's clearly gathering up deity-power, but…to what end?"

"Yeah, Hydra did a real number on the leylines." Kara replied before showing Doctor Strange her Ley Pendulum, "Have you spoken to Fenris Wolf or any other members of Primal Force since your return Doctor?" Now she was wondering, how did one become a Doctor of magic or was it just a title or an honorific or was there a school like Hogwarts he went to. She held on to her questions for now, given the brevity of the discussion.

+MEET: Hawkgirl has arrived via +meet.

Stranger nods at Diana, settling on a seat by the table. "Master Darque could have been a sorcerer of extraordinary talent, but he chose to become a necromancer instead. He is a parasite, disease and plague, indeed. His path leads to madness, and his attack on Metropolis hints he is attempting a death ritual at planetary scale. I have made my priority to find and stop him."

He listens to Kate listing the magicians she knows and chuckles. "Zee, I imagine, is Zatanna Zatara. But she is of the Old Blood. And Fenris is a Jotun of royal blood. They shape the magic that is their birthright with word and ritual, so it is not wild and destroys them. John Constantine, and myself, we are human. We rely on spell and formulae. But even for those, there are many schools of thought."

Then to Kara, he shakes his head briefly. "I am afraid I am not aware of any society called 'Primal Force'. I am somewhat surprised the dreaded Fenris Wolf, the Sun Devourer, is now a defender of the world. But even ancient powers can change for the better, it is true."

The mention of HYDRA alone draws Diana's demeanor to one of placidity. The leylines and disruption comes back to the meeting here and now, but HYDRA's actions against the late President and that crux of it is what caused that small shift that only washes back to one of current circumstance upon Strange's words of the scale.

"The scale and the threat as well as the many this sets in dangers way," Diana pauses and then looks to each of them and back to Strange. "That has made it a concern we all need to be involved in. I am sure you have heard of the Justice League: Avenger's Initiative?"

The purpose here for Wonder Woman is to bring this knowledge as well as this balance to their ranks on a scale needed for threats just as heavy. It had been pointed out before and as time has gone on and more seeks to ravage what they seek to pretect, the need is approaching dire. Though when Strange speaks up and the variances of each are given it is apparent Wonder Woman's interest is piqued and the moment id filed away for perhaps later discussion.

"A death ritual at planetary scale," Kate echoes, glancing over at Diana. "Well, as someone who lives here, I'm not exactly a fan of that plan." She gets herself a bottle of water before joining the others at the table, taking a drink. The explanations of how different magics work gets a serious look as she stores the information away. "There's also Vorpal, who's got chaos magic thanks to some sort of soul bond with a Cait Sidhe. For whatever that's worth."

Settling in, she sets her elbows on the table. "You said magic users were eclectic, scattered sorts. And we saw that when HYDRA was going after the ley lines, picking them off one by one. What can we do to help you pull them together and put this Darque guy down?"

"Primal Force are Ley Guardians and Magical protectors. One of our earliest kind of missions was to try and find you actually but with everything that's happened since, we really haven't had a chance. I should put you and Fenris in contact, don't forget about Zatanna to, she's a powerful magic user like you and John." Kara bit her lower lip after replying to Doctor Strange, her magical knowledge was still pretty limited despite her time with Primal Force. She looked to Strange for an answer to Kate's question a hand raising to twirl ringlets of blonde hair around her finger.

The arrival of Shayera was a quiet one by way of sound, although loud by presence. Not because she had a larger than life personality, but because she reeked of high heavens of oil derived from various parts of the universe which creates an eclectic smell of wonder. Towel slung over her shoulder, wife beater that she wore stained with grease, even a bit of it was upon her nose, underneath her eye, wiped upon her chin and smeared as an effort to wipe clean while doing her work.

There was a look of primal satisfaction upon her face. Having finished fixing her ship, as well as received a meal in grand porportions from Hans. She was pleased and if she were of that ilk she'd purr like a kitten. Though, the Nth metal that moves along her bloodstream, just beneath the surface casts a faint glow in pride as she approaches the room and.. settles upon the table. Upon it. Not on a chair. On the goddamned table.

"Who is this Primal Force and why should we care." Was it an enemy to fight? "Is this something that my warmount cannot best? Must trade him in for something new." She grumbles quietly, but the subject is changed almost immediately. "I have a matter for the JLA that I wish to discuss with you all." And then, only then is when she looks towards Strange, a finger lift and pointed, Nth gold seeping from that finger-tip to allow it to become sharp and curved. "Who is this man and why is he here?"

+MEET: Oracle has arrived via +meet.

Oracle waves. O listens in :)

Doctor Strange says, "Yes, of course I have heard of the Justice League," confirms Strange. The Orb of Agamotto is much better than the TV to keep track of these things, really. "The concentration of power in this Hall is impressive. Although I noticed when I arrived there seems to be little in regards mystical protections. In a confrontation with a mystical menace such as Darque, this is certainly a problem. You could be watched easily, and certain harmful spells can be cast even through the veil of worlds.

He stands up and nods when Hawkgirl arrives, "madam. I am Doctor Strange, former surgeon turned sorcerer. Wonder Woman invited me to visit this Hall a few days ago. We were discussing some current events. Would you join us?""

The arrival of Hawkgirl and where she claims a seat has a brow rising, but then when her eyes shift to the chairs within the room, the one for the winged woman is not present and she leaves the devil to those details. Leaning forward then her hands rise from the table, a prop formed upon elbows and clasped together to form one fist before her lips she waits for them all to finish speaking before she goes on.

"Then that goes two ways. Your reputation precedes you as well, Doctor Strange, and your attuned knowledge and aid is needed for our cause." Pausing, a curious glance is tilted Hawkgirl's way but a single digit rising asks for a moment and for pause when that claw protrudes and Strange speaks for himself.

"Your expertise, precision, and cause shares place with our own but just along another avenue. Considering the threats on this scale and the fact that it is something we are involved in, in part and now as a whole: Would you join us in one path?" Now her hands fall from their place and spread, palms out and heavenward before settling back to the table, a glance cast to Kate, Kara, and Hawkgirl as well, seeing if any protest to the extended offer.

"Hey, Shay," Kate greets Shayera distractedly, still putting together the pieces. "Wards have been on the list for a while," she nods to Strange. "I think Fenris was going to work on them, but Darque took him before he could, and then…things were different. Magik could probably work something up, though. Except I get the feeling that might not be the sort of energy we want warding the Hall of Justice. Just a gut feeling." She takes another drink, rubbing a hand at her brow and falling silent as Diana makes her offer. "We could for sure use the help," she agrees.

Kara waved at Hawkgirl when she arrived, holding back a little laugh at where the other girl was seated before nodding her head in agreement to the offer to Doctor Strange, "It would be good I think, we could use the magical aid and expertise with how much it's threatening the world right now." Not that she was sure she had any input but she gave it anyways.

Once Doctor strange introduces himself, there was a slight sound over the comms. A bit of a static, and a clearing of a breath. "Diana. I'm sorry, but you gotta see if he's a shape shifter. I stand by my cause that we need a shape-shifter and if he ain't one, this won't do." — Rachel, from very far away.

Shayera rolls her eyes a little bit as she takes it all in, nodding her greeting towards Kate, her feathers ruffled just a touch. Ruffled in a good way. There was a little itch! "I am here and I have joined." Shayera offers politely, even though the words may seem scathing. Though, she's quiet afterwards, watching the induction into the JL:A with a hint of curiousity, the talks of magic and wards way above her paygrade. She knows she can nullify them, so she doesn't care to know them. Only that they can be gone.

"I have no objections. As long as he.." She glances towards Doctor Strange, "..can summon me a proper warmount to replace Fenris due to his laziness then I shall be his number one fan. Aside from RACHEL who needs to STOP ASKING FOR A SHAPESHIFTER." Rage, rage, rage.

And then she calms.

And smiles. Tries to. Anyways. This was getting awkward.

Then Shayera belatedly waves at Kara. Cause not waving is mean. And rude.

Strange sits down again just in time to hear Diana offer. He looks somewhat skeptic, but on the other hand… the Justice League would make tackling Darque far easier. Because managing magic societies… is like herding cats. And the League is already a solid group.

So he folds his hands and considers for a few heartbeats. "Yes. It is unexpected, but I believe it is an excellent idea." Shapeshifting and summoning mounts for winged women (why, in the name of the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, does she need a mount?) will be best discussed in other occassions.

The weary smile of Wonder Woman's fades a bit more until it is a small twitch at one corner of her lips when Rachel comes over and inquires about a shapeshifter. Palms splay over her face and slowly rub down in a show of exhasperation. "That girl has an obsession and needs checked out.." The words are low murmured but it is over and a smile is trying to reform in place like the hands were a curtain and a new mask of joy (comedy)/reproach (tragedy) is revealed. But it is no mask, it was already planned out in her head. The therapist has a new patient. Stat.

A small slot in the table is revealed with comm buttons, only few can cue in through the proper channels and somehow Rachel stumbled on one, but a small quirk to a brow appears when she sees another channel is lit up for a listener, easily assuming on who that is and letting it be instead of tuning one or the other out. "Hello, Oracle." She whispers, and leaves it be.

When Kara ad Kate aside with the decision, as well as Shayera, it is solely up to Strange himself at this point, and upon his acceptance there seems to be a relief, a weight lifted with the roll of shoulders and lean back within the seat. The smile that forms is one that could almost seem like one of an Amazon nearing finality in preparations for a large battle. "I am glad that we are all in agreement then, Steven. If it is not too much to ask, is it possible to ward this place? Because we may need it for more then just ourselves if this gets worse."

Even though her features read one way, her mind is still somewhere darker, and reinforcing. They just held a couple mutants here out of necessity, they may need to do the same for other innocents or bystanders to keep them out of harms way.

Kate Bishop holds back a laugh at Shayera's condition, ducking her head to hide her expression. "Hey, Oracle," she greets over the comms, though she's otherwise gone quiet, waiting to see about this whole warding issue.

Who doesn't want a war mount? When you can't fly, you ride. War mounts are awesome, war mounts are cool, though it would look rather strange if Shayera took to brushing Fenris like a babe on various occasions. Kate's laugh gets a raise of a serious brow, she was totes serious about that warmount. Every girl needs a noble steed and she fully expects Kate and Kara to be outfitted at once.

But either way, he was inducted, accepted, and granted. So with that? She slides from the table to stand, giving her wings and idle stretch as she does as well, lifting upon the tips of her toes and reaching to the sky with fists and a yawn.

"Steven? That's his name? Tuh.." It was a half laugh as she sets to walk. "I want the Valmorra warded and charmed as well. I will send you all a dossier of the Valmorra and quite possibly access codes. If I feel like sharing." Who are we kidding, Shayera would share. But with those words, she's out.

Kara kind of wanted a flying steed of some kind, maybe a dragon or a Pegasus or a flying unicorn; she wasn't sure and truth be told she gets a little lost in thought and daydreams for a bit during the conversation, "Oh Hey Oracle, didn't know you were listening."

From the Clocktower in Gotham, Oracle smiles a little. She's just listening in, keeping up with the events at the JL:A. "Hello all. A pleasure to meet you Dr Strange." The digitally disguised voice will filter through. "Just keeping up with the goings on." and with that, the wheelchair bound redhead settles back, dividing her attention between the JL:A and other concerns.

"Stephen," admits Strange. Although not many have called him by his first name in the past decades. "A pleasure to heard from you, Oracle," he replies to the voice in the machine. "I will need a geomantic plan of the area," which he doubts the JLA has. No one bothers in America. But he can draw up one in a few hours. "As well as certain talismans I need to retrieve from my workshops. But I will have a basic design by the morning tomorrow. Ah… a guide to the whole Hall would be invaluable."

Wonder Woman watches after Shayera, catching the name of her ship and the obvious desire to see it repaired is there lain bare, but one thing at a time and her mention of a JL:A concern will be likely discussed soon and before, if not during said tour!

A small comm device is withdrawn with Diana's rising, moving from her place at the table to where Strange sits, offering it to him. "You will be added to security clearance for the Hall, this device will keep you on channel with everyone on the team. Feel free to call upon us whenever there is need. I will have Rachel get you the blueprints of the Hall as well and bring them to you before you leave." Another glance to Shayera on her exit and then back to Strange. "Our cooks name is Hans if you need anything while planning. Be kind to him, as he already has his work cut out for him." Ahem.

Pausing before Kate, Diana offers her a small smile. "I do hope you recall, the House is open if you need it." Diana meant the Themyscira House and the relaxation that their customs offer for just a few simple hours of unwinding and rest. Sometimes even the human Amazons need it, when they stop being stubborn. Kara is offered a nod in passing as well before Diana heads for the door.

"Thank you all. And thank you, sorcerer. If anything is needed I will be available." But for now she has another matter to attend to.

"I'll keep it in mind," Kate promises Diana with a small smile. "Maybe I'll have a few-" Which, of course, is when her phone goes off, and she stands up to check the message. "Hey, looks like Clint's back in town. Wants to meet over at SHIELD. I'll see you guys later," she says, stepping back. "And Doctor Strange, great to meet you. I look forward to hearing more about these magic plans."

Kara stood and bowed, "Right, I've gotta get back to training and fun stuff that we're supposed to do. So take care and beep if you need me! Welcome to the team Doc!" She whisked off at top speed towards the training halls.

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