Tea Break

July 18, 2015:

Lynwen and Joshua delivery a pet and then talk hot beverages with Bette.

Sommerset - Gotham

Directly east of Gotham across the Gotham River lies Sommerset; a
relatively peaceful location that can be reached from Bristol by way of the
Mooney Bridge or Gotham along the Trigate (which gives an amazing view of
Arkham Asylum).

Sommerset was popular during prohibition due to Slaughter Swamp. A given
it's name because it was a favored spot for mobsters to dispose of dead
bodies despite this the land itself seen little use until the Archie Goodwin
International Airport was built. Now days one of the busiest airports on the
East Coast.

Somerset is now a prime spot for tourists, campers and hunters and traffic
heading in and around Gotham due to the airport and the government protected
Dayton National Forest; a huge forest that skirts around the Gotham River
and further inland offering miles upon miles of wilderness that is largely

Irving Grove is located here only several miles from the airport, a popular
residential community that was once known for it's logging industry but now
caters mostly to those who don't mind a commute and wish to work in Gotham
and fishermen. Irving Grove also caters to one of S.T.A.R. Labs most
successful weapons department facilities.


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Fade In…

"I don't mind at all," Joshua says to Lynwen after they emerge from a house along the shaded street. He is carrying an empty sack, and wearing jeans, a comfortable T-shirt, and scuffed tennis shoes. "The Mercers are a fine couple, and very generous to pay us to bring their dog so far now that they've settled here. I'm sure that it helps them, too, to know that he wasn't in the hands of strangers during their absence." He leads the way to a tandem bike with a small suitcase strapped to it, sitting in the front yard.
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"They did pay well but we will see them again, they said they were coming to New York for the what did they call that thing Op or a." Lynwen says she walks with the man. She is a woman of medium height. Her golden blond hair has been braided and abounds up with golden combs and she is dressed in a hunter green, short sleeve polo shirt and khaki shorts. On her feet she wears brown leather loafer and white ankle shorts. When she speaks her words are carefully chosen and her accent thick and hard to place. She offers her companion a grin. When they reach the bike she lets him get on first and then she mounts. The sunlight catches a gold jeweled ring she wears on her ring finger.

A little way down the street there is a little cafe with a few tables and chairs outside. At one of the tables sits Bette Kaine, dressed relatively casually in designer jeans and a t-shirt. Plus some slightly oversized sunglasses. Every now and again she alternates between sipping at a latte or making a few notes in the margin of a newspaper and from the number of empty coffee cups on the table she's probably been there quite some time.

"Opera," Joshua confirms while he holds the bicycle steady for Lynwen. After pushing off, they proceed to cruise along the streets until they come to the area where a few shops and that cafe sit. He glances over his shoulder to Lynwen. "What do you think about stopping at that cafe for a bite before we head back to the city itself?" he questions. "We aren't due to return until tomorrow evening. We should enjoy our visit. The new term will be starting soon enough."

"Lunch would be good, water would be better why do they not serve barley tea? Also what is Op er a?" She asks him as they move towards the cafe. "Do they have those pastries there or is it sandwiches?" She asks him. Out of the two of them on the tandem bike she is the one who is most unsure. She is able to keep her balance but her pedaling has a hard time synching with him. "Can we sit outside in the shade?" She asks him. She ceases to pedal when they reach the cafe.

As the couple pull up on the tandem bike Bette smiles and makes a little polite wave. "I think they do cakes and sandwiches inside, maybe a few croissants too," she offers helpfully. "They also have a decent enough selection of tea. Not the best in Gotham but it's still pretty decent."

Joshua pulls the bike to a nearby rack and steadies it again for Lynwen to dismount before he secures the tandem with a chain. He smiles and shakes his head. "I doubt that many people here even know about barley tea, love," he answers her. "As for opera, it's like a play, only with bards who sing the parts of the various characters. The college has a group of students studying music who perform some small productions. We'll go to one at them, so that you can se it for yourself." He nods to the patron and calls, "Thanks! Do you recommend anything in particular?"

"We have the tea at home." Lynwen points out. "It is good for you." She adds. Her heavy accent still plaguing her words, "Term starts can you show me your office is? We can have lunch." Her moss green eyes go over to the woman sitting there. A warm smile touches her lips as she responds back to the woman. "Good day, thank you, I will ask if they have barley tea. It is very good with honey. If you are able to try it."

"I'll keep that in mind if I get the oppertunity," Bette assures. "Personally I like the lattes here but I do sometimes get the Earl Grey if I want something a little milder." She shrugs. "Are you two here in Gotham on vacation?"

Joshua chuckles at Lynwen's comment about the barley tea. "Have I coimplained about it yet?" he asks her. He looks to the stranger and smiles again. "Lattes can be charming, but I think that we'll stay with the water for now. Hydration is important while riding. Beside that, I doubt that they'll have any proper tea - barley or otherwise." His English accent is noticeable, especially when compared to the accents of New Yorkers. Before they reach the door to the cafe, he pauses to answer the woman. "You might say that we're on a kind of holiday although we came to deliver a family pet to friends," he explains. "Things in New York and New Jersey have been a bit … tense."

"Very, tense," Lynwen chimes in. Her eyes are bright when she says this. She nods her head. "I will still ask you never know." She responds back about the tea. "It has been a good one." She says to the woman. "Holiday that is. We have also been staying at" she pauses looking for the right words. "Bed and Break fast." She says to her. "The trip has been lovely and it has been good to get a good distance from that area."

"I have to admit Gotham isn't usually considered better than New York in any respect," Bette notes with a laugh. "You'd be surprised how often it's possible to get good tea here. I've been across the pond a few times, so I like to think that I've grown to know my tea!" She glances across the street and makes another little mark in the newspaper. "Hydration is indeed important, especially at this time of year. They might do some lemonaide or fruit juices inside, I don't think I've ever really checked. Too fond of my caffeine."

Joshua grins at the newspaper-doodling stranger. "I do appreciate a decent tea or coffee but with the ride, I think that it's best to avoid such things until this evening," he answers. "Juice might be good." Then he looks to Lynwen and nods. "We've seen more difficulties in the past week than in some time. I only hope that someone can explain what exactly is happening, and why." He reaches to hold the door open for her to enter the shop.

"It is a pleasure talking to you, I am Lynwen and this is Joshua." Lwynwen tells the woman before she ducks through the door Joshua is holding open for her. She has a bounce in her step when she does. As she passes him she asks him. "What does that says." She is most likely pointing to an advertisement that the cafe has inside.

"I tend to find if you wait for answers too long the question changes before you discover anything," Bette laments. "Still here's wishing you both luck and a pleasant ride!" She nods and lifts her coffee cup up in a farewell.

Joshua waves to the stranger outside and then follows Lynwen into the cafe. When she points out the sign to him, he chuckles. "It's advertising a new pastry, a 'Cronut.'" he explains. "It's a cross between a croissant and a donut. Some people seem to think that they are a marvelous new confectionary development. I'm not so sure. I suppose that I need to gather the courage to try one." He sighs. "It's odd. I've face some vile things in the past few months ,but I can't bring myself to try something that … unusual."

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