Let's Go Knock On The Door

July 18, 2015:

Another attack by the Lord of The Deep and Arthur decides it's time to act

Atlantean Outpost


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In the dead of night the reports starting coming in. A giant tentacle passed near a small Atlantean settlement. Within a mile or so. The Army had been on alert, and responded very quickly. Swarms of… sea creatures had detached from the thing. Hundreds, maybe thousands. Mutated, altered by some science or magic, impossible to say. The battle had lasted a quarter of an hour before the tentacle, which had yet to take any serious harm, reversed course and withdrew at great speed. The guard was in pursuit but this thing quick and rapidly receding into the darkness. The consensus? A probing attack of some kind.

Ulani's communicator had gone off the moment the attack took place. The Blue had no direct way of watching and no intention of angering Arthur by trying to spy but the sounds of such a combat were detectable with the right magic and technology. As the only Blue authorized to speak for their government, she was urged to check up on the situation as soon as possible to the extent Arthur was inclined to share.

Having just moved to the Surface, the Blue Envoy has let Rowan know and headed off into the ocean. Stopping on the borders of Atlantis, with the triad of the Tide behind her, Ulani waits for the Atlanteans to acknowledge her presence before proceeding any further.

Aquaman is not as secretive as his people, though he is security minded… there are times those two are decidedly not the same thing. Welcome to Now. Arthur stands on the sea bed a half mile out from the settlement in the direction the tentacle disappeared, his trident in his hand, hsi face a hardened mask of concern and anger. Behind him the settlement in question undergoes a slow but diciplined evacuation into a massive transport ship, one with plenty of room for personal belongings as well as people. He doesn't look away from the darkness of the ocean depths, hsi eyes cutting through the eternal night like it were lit with spotlights, "When they arrive, let them through. They'll likely Gate in." he says to the massive mountain of evolved and engineered muscle and armor that stands next to him. The Tide, his ever present companions, have been becoming more and more fidgety as they're awakened status hasn't yet led to battle.

Reports continue to flow in from Arthur's army that the thing, whatever it is, is withdrawing (oddly, eastward) at great speed as Arthur's people begin to evacuate. "Your Majesty, we have reports from the corpses of the sea creatures recovered from the battle, if you wish to hear them now." One of the nearby officers says.

Rowan was quick to join Ulani. Any news of the Lord of the Deep is one of great concern to him. He knows well enough what kind of terror that thing is. Or at least, reputed to be. And if half of the stories are true…

Glancing at Rowan as he joins her, Ulani nods as permission is received. Creating a Hydraport from their location, right to the gates of the Atlantean Settlement, the Blue Envoy gestures Rowan through and follows… not stopping until they shown to Arthurs presence.

Aquaman continues to stare out into the darkness, "It's testing my defences." he says as Ulani and Rowan arrive, "Small sortee into enemy territory, scouting pods…" he shakes his head then motions to the Atlantean that spoke to him earlier, "Report."

"They are common cetaceans and sharks altered and fused by some magic with… things not of these waters. Some are so far gone we cannot positively identify what they first were. All exhibited increased aggressiveness, durability and strength among other more eldritch abilities." The officer seems greatly disturbed by the notion that something could do this en masse. "Also front line units report several attempted abductions of civilians although none were known to be successful."

Rowan arrives with Ulani and looks at the remains of the battlefield. His face is tight and worried as he glances at the other Blue.

Ulani surveys the battlefield and then Arthur, all the while listening to the report and flinches as the mention of abductions are made. "Testing your defenses, yes." She agrees with Arthur, the triad of Tide forgotten as she focusses. "But I wouldn't think abductions were part of that test." She thinks there may be a touch more to it.

Turning to the one who gave the report "You said you couldn't identify some, what of the others?" Hopefully Arthur will forgive the impertinence of addressing the person directly.

Glancing to Rowan, the Blue female considers "Did you see anything like this on your world?"

Aquaman shakes his head, "Thirty-five hundred years on the ocean floor and even we don't know all the waters hold." There are portions of the earth that human's havn't yet seen, small though they are, how much greater then is the unmapped ocean floor, even given the time and motivation of Atlantis to protect it's empire. "Why?" he asks, jumping topics clearly, "Why the scouts, why the attempt to kidnap my subjects? It doesn't make sense."

It's Rowan who speaks next.

"The legends from my waters spoke of him taking people and animals to transform them into servants and weapons of war." The blue shrugs and glances to Ulani. "It's only a legend but… the behavior does fit."

"It does fit." Ulani considers Rowan for a low moment before turning back to Arthur. It's her turn to shake her head "He, it, either considers that he is more powerful and doesn't require artiface or…" The Blue Envoy bites her lip "It's a distraction from something else." The good old smoke and mirrors.

Aquaman waves a dismissive hand, "It is more powerful." he says plainly, "Clearly." he turns to look over his shoulder at the evacuation process with a frown before turning back towards his vigil, "I grow weary of waiting." he says after a moment, "Distraction or war attempt the answers lay with the beast itself." his jaw sets, "And I feel like asking a few hard questions."

Rowan has no idea what the power of this thing is, but the stories make it out to be nearly deific in scope and scale. What Arthur may or may not be able to do against it… he's not at all sure. He's never heard of such a clash and anyway his knowledge is all hearsay and legend. "Do you intend to go after it, your Majesty?" He murmurs.

In response to Ulani's previously overlooked question the officer murmurs aside to her.. "Animals, all of them. Dolphins and whales and sharks."

Rowan shakes his head. "That was an ocean away and we were at war. There were rumors but nothing more. The pacific was a dark place in my world. Well, parts of it."

Ulani offers the officer a small smile and a nod. There's a lot going on and at least he remembered to answer her. "No people…" she murmurs. Arthur gets her full attention as Rowan asks the pertinent question, she'll wait to hear his answer.

Aquaman's gaze continues to stare unblinkingly into the darkness, "It tried to take my people." he says as if that were answer enough. He reaches down and plucks the trident from the stone where he's 'rested' it, "We need to have a discussion about personal boundaries."

"How personal?" The Marianas Trench is an ocean away, in outside Arthur's borders, through the waters of a nation he has no diplomatic relations with and, oh yes, possibly inhabited by a god-being. The Blue doesn't say any of that. He figures if its pertinent, Ulani will pipe up. Certainly his officers are looking warily at him.

Ulani raises an eyebrow at Arthur and smiles slightly. "May I offer counsel, Your Majesty?" She's not stupid, this is not her nation and she has no official capacity her. And yet, maybe Arthur will listen if approached correctly. Right now, the Blue female wishes Mera was present.

Aquaman's eyes narrow, "Extremely." he states evenly, "This thing lives in the trench… that's fine. There are Atlanteans that live there too. Perhaps it's time I … reaquaint myself with them." It's not /all/ outside of Arthur's borders. Technically. The Trench live there, hence thier name, and they /were/ a part of Atlantis… when it sank. Or so goes some of the lore. So. It could be argued he does have territory there. Gray area. He eyes Ulani, "Your purpose here is to represent your people in some capacity, you should counsel whether I tell you too or not. What sort of a King turns away advice?"

Rowan won't try to dissuade the King from this course of action though he may have other considerations. "Good luck then." Is what the Blue murmurs to the King of Atlantis before Ulani speaks up.

Ulani looks at Rowan "Speak up. You've been in a similar situation, share your thoughts." Whatever Arthur does here could well affect them all. "I don't know how you intend to approach this being, Your Majesty and can full well appreciate they encroached on your territory, but perhaps an approach to enquire why they did it." Rather than something that may be seen as confrontational.

Rowan shakes his head. "I'm uncertain. If push came to shove the Blue I know would overlook any territorial breach made fighting this thing. I don't know about your Blue though, Ulani. But this thing's power… your Majesty if the legends are true confronting it alone might be… difficult." Or you know, a good way to get hurt. "I doubt it can be talked to Ulani, none of the stories…"

Aquaman meets Ulani's gaze evenly, "It tried to take my people Ulani, can you imagine there would be an explination that would allow me to forgive a tresspass of that magnitude?" he asks curiously, "As for making an inquery, that would require an open line of communication, which this thing has repeatedly denied." he shakes his head, "Apparently long distance calls are of no use, perhaps a knock on the door is in order." he flexes his calf slightly and pushes himself up into the water, floating slightly in the manner that Superman does on the surface, "Rowan, if you believe this to be the first god a King of Atlantis has defeated, you would be sorely mistaken… besides," he grins wickedly, "who said anything about going alone? Mera would sooner skin me alive then let me go without her. Have you /met/ my wife?"

Ulani really can't fault Arthur, she'd just prefer a slightly /softer/ approach. "Knock on the door, Your Majesty." The Blue Envoy smiles a little "I really can't imagine Queen Mera allowing you to go on your own." Glancing to Rowan and then back again "May we accompany you?"

Rowan has a baaaaad feeling about this. "I'll go." He's not sure what he'll be able to do but he'll go. Perhaps something will reveal itself or it won't be as tough as advertised. Though with multiple thousand mile long tentacles… the Dragon Blue thinks that perhaps that might not be the case.

Aquaman grins at Ulani, "As the good shape shifting lizard here is fond of informing me, neither of you are subjects of mine. I can't very well order you to stay, now can I?" he asks fondly.

Ulani actually grins at Arthur "No you can not, but you may request." and in order to further relations between the two nations, Ulani would most likely comply. "What is your plan, Your Majesty?"

Aquaman quirks a brow at Ulani, "Plan? It's a being of tremendous size and camoflauge abilities which means it likely possesses heightened awareness of it's surroundings as most predators of that nature due. Given it's age and the blocks I've encounted, it's likely telepathic, which means stealth is not an option. Without stealth, there is no damage we could do to it on the periferal that would last or be significant to a being of it's size. In fact, attempting any sort of wittling down of it's strength would tire us far more quickly then it. It's not generally my style, but I don't see any option, tactically, other then that of a frontal assault, at least not without pulling my military into the fray which would leave Atlantis unacceptably undefended." he shrugs, "We attempt communication as we near, when it fails to respond as we all suspect it will, we fly to it's core and if nothing else we at least see what the hell we are dealing with." he glances between the two, "I'd like to end this quickly, but I'll settle for recon and intelligence if we can get it. Fair enough?"

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