Super Arrow

July 13, 2015:

Supergirl and Green Arrow meet

New York



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Oliver has visited M-Town before, but only ever in the guise of the Arrow while he was in pursuit of one criminal or another. This time he's going in under the radar. An extra day's worth of beard helps to soften his features a bit, but it's his thrift store hoodie that's doing most of the hard work. He's got the hood pulled up until it casts a shadow over his face and conceals his features. A beat up pair of jeans and battered sneakers complete the ensemble. He's hunching his back and rearranging his shoulders to narrow his profile, which completes his transformation.

The undercover CEO has been tailing James McCarthy off and on for several days now. This is the first time the security consultant-turned-murderer has broken from a fairly rigid routine. Now he's headed to one of the seediest, most dangerous parts of the city in the dead of night. So Oliver follows at a safe distance, watching and waiting to see what the hell his latest suspect will do next.

With all of the recent problems in M-Town, Kara had been taking a few extra passes around it at night while on patrol to make sure there was no trouble. Mutants were powerful and purifiers were plentiful, but Supergirl was well Super; so it was kind of like separating kids on a playground.

Unfortunately for Ollie, Kara has spotted the very shifty Arrow in his thrift store hoodie and sighs as she flies overhead trailing far out of sight, "A mugger? This is so low key, someone should call Robin."

McCarthy is headed deep into the belly of the beast. His idea of dressing down is a muted, ugly overcoat, but it more or less does the job. He's carring a small shopping bag from a boutique, which he sets down when he stops to adjust the cuff of his pants. Almost at the same instant, another man passes who's wearing a vaguely similar outfit and carrying an identical shopping bag. He doesn't pause or even slow as he drops his bag and picks up McCarthy's. McCarthy straightens up a few seconds later and walks away with the second bag. It's a very smooth transition.

Oliver catches all of this and experiences a moment of indecision. Unaware that someone is watching the watcher, he continues to hug the corners of buildings, stay to the shadows, and generally make himself look very conspicuous.

Who to follow? In the end he decides to stick with McCarthy. He adjusts his hood and slides on a pair of sunglasses, M-Town again being one of the few places that wearing shades at night doesn't attract much attention. As the pair winds their way out from the more populated central areas, Ollie begins to slowly but surely close the distance between himself and the man who poisoned him.

Unfortunately, Kara is too busy following Ollie to notice the hand-off; she was like a satellite constantly following after her target except she was a little closer to the ground. "This is Supergirl, I'm following a suspicious guy in District X. I'll check in soon." Kara did her check-in with the Watchtower but unfortunately, she had forgot to unmute her comn device.

This isn't unlike stalking prey in the jungle. Different prey, different jungle, same principles. Oliver is right on McCarthy's heels. He pulls something from the hoodie's kangaroo pocket and holds it low and to the side, ready for when he pounces. It's an arrow with an oddly-shaped head; more of a dart or needle than anything else. He's trying not to enjoy this, but from the smile on his face his success has been limited. This is justice on both a personal and a professional level.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

If there was anyone near-by looking at the skies, they might have called out, but there was nobody there. Instead, there was just a blur of red, yellow and blue as Kara landed directly in front of Ollie with her hands on her hips.

"Seriously, I don't normally handle muggers. So if you give me your little arrow-knife thingie and run away we can call it even." She smiled at Ollie-Mugger.

It's not Oliver's first encounter with a metahuman (or alien) but this is a bit above his proverbial pay grade. He glances from Supergirl to his quarry and then back again. He doesn't follow when McCarthy takes off. Not right away.

"It's a tranq." His scrambler must be on him somewhere, because his voice is that of the Arrow, not Oliver Queen. The weapon in question is angled toward the light so the needle is clearly visible. "You're letting a murderer get away." There's a pause. "Try not to take this personally."

He takes off after McCarthy at a dead sprint and pulls something from under the back of his sweater while he picks up speed. It's been awkward having his bow tucked back there, but now his discomfort is paying off. Thumbing a trigger telescopes it out from a compact square of components to its full size. The arrow is fitted to its string, but he doesn't draw the bow yet.

"Personally? We're not finished here mister." Kara's eyebrows shot skywards as the man tried to tell her what was going to happen here. When Ollie darts away, she doesn't look too worried.

The bow doesn't seem to distract her much, just as many criminals as heroes used bows.

Flying towards Ollie at super-speed she grabs his sweater at the shoulders to pick him up, of course there was always the possibility of the fabric ripping, "Going somewhere?" She asked the man.

Up, up, up! Oliver takes the time for a quick gulp as his heart suddenly ends up in his throat. Still, he maintains his cool. A quarter-second of sighting, a half-instant to pull the string, and the tranq arrow sails down in a graceful arc and catches McCarthy in the back.

At this point, there's no real reason to struggle. Anything else he does will only endanger his life, so he relaxes and tries to enjoy the view. Not an easy feat. "I guess not," he says, finally answering the question. "But neither is he. Don't you think you're a little young to be picking up a guy like me? I'm too old for you."


Kara holds Ollie aloft above the now downed McCarthy and asks him slightly annoyed, "Don't be a creep ok."

She shook her head and sighed a little before asking, "Who are you? You've got like, five seconds to give me an answer before I drop you." It was a few stories down, not that it would kill someone if she dropped them at the right angle.

She wouldn't do that, would she?

Oliver seems pretty relaxed for a guy hanging this high in the air. "Same team," he says. "At least I'm assuming you're not a black hat, even though you're threatening to drop me. All I did was knock a guy out for a few hours."

The eldest Queen deactivates his scrambler, just for a moment. He looks up just far enough to reveal an extremely green set of eyes. "If that's not good enough for you, go ahead and drop me."

Oops! Kara had done it again, she's messed up and almost screwed things up. At least Green Arrow had got the target he was after, otherwise she would have felt even stupider. She quickly flies down and sets Oliver down on the ground near McCarthy and brushes the Ollie's shoulders off.

Did she recognize who he was?

"Um, sorry about that!"

She paused for a moment, "By the way, did you ever reconnect with your son?" She quickly added, "You know, that weird kid Red Arrow?" Kara may have totally been there when Connor was blabbing once.

Did she recognize Ollie as the super famous Oliver Queen? Who knew, hiding identities from those Kryptonians was tough but at least they could keep a secret.

All the same, the vigilante keeps his hood as firmly in place as possible. He gives McCarthy a nudge with the toe of his shoes and then nods when his prodding only elicits a quiet groan. "No apologies," he waves away the sorries, but not unkindly. "I would've done the same thing if I were you. Nice moves, by the way."

Ollie bends down, picks up the unconscious SysSol employee, and swings him over a broad shoulder. The additional weight doesn't seem to be much of a bother, either. "He and I have seen each other, yes," he bobs an agreeable nod. "Are you a friend of his?"

Kara looked down at the unconscious man before kicking him a little with her foot and smiling at Ollie, "Yeah, I haven't seen him in forever though, tell him Kara said hi would you?"

Looking down at the unconscious man again she asked, "So, what did he do? Or who did he murder?"

"I'll tell him." Oliver shifts the man to a slightly more comfortable position and then heads toward the alcove where he parked his motorcycle. "He murdered a scientist who was about to blow the whistle on inhumane research projects and experiments."

When they reach the bike, he puts McCarthy down long enough to zip tie his wrists to the gas tank and his ankles to the frame. Once the man is thoroughly hogtied, Oliver glances back up at Kara. "I think he'll be willing to tell me a little more about the situation if I give him the right incentive."

Kara nodded and did her best to turn a blind eye while Ollie pretty much kidnapped someone in front of her. She assumed the man would make it to the authorities one way or the other, "Well, I'll um, leave you to it with this guy. It seems like you've got something in mind.

Giving a thumb up to Ollie she grinned and added, "Oh and not so bad moves yourself by the way, not that I'd expect anything less!"

Oliver mounts the motorcycle and turns to look at Kara. "Thanks,"

Without further ado, he kicks the machine into gear, revs the engine, and takes off toward somewhere secluded.

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