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July 07, 2015:

Dario, Faora and Kara meet up

Flying Island


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Dario is what you would call a man who likes to make an impression. To this end he uses his extensive fortune to set up a flying island in the sky. Not as large as the one that his company makes it's headquarters in but a smaller flying island that is about the size of two square city blocks. It's a large floating platform that has a stealth field around it and an environmental shield system that create a bubble allowing for normal oxygen levels and temperature even a half mile up in the sky. The stealthed platform has three main areas. One quarter of the platform is a wide platform that is carpeted and designed to look like a restaurant. The back three parts are for the cooks, waitress, anti-grav, environmental systems and a high powered transmitter. There is only one table in the restaurant area and Dario sits there at the table waiting with one chair across from him.

A signal cuts across the planet earth in the ultra high frequency that Kryptonians can hear, it's painful, even at a distance, "Greetings. My name is Dario Agger. It has come to my attention that Earth has new refugees from the planet Krypton. I invite you to join me for dinner. " then the signal becomes less powerful, less loud and painful but becomes a low thrumming sound that can be tracked to it's source where Dario is waiting.

Hours later, a slim black silhouette lands on the open air platform. She is in strange, alien armor that is both black and vaguely chitinous in design, a long flowing cape pinned over one shoulder that appears to be velvet or some fabric analagous to it. A metal rebreather hisses back with a whirl of internal machinery, light shimmering off vector fields that provide an internalize atmosphere for the Kryptonian.

Woman, fair in features, dark of hair. Cold eyes inspect the landing with open suspicion, even as she sways forward, boots clicking as if by design. She's small for a Kryptonian, smaller even than Super Girl, but serpentine in impression where Kara-el is more human than not. "You wished to speak to us. I have come to hear your words."

After being kept waiting for so long Dario has grown bored and is playing a game on his phone by the time she introduces herself. He doesn't look up as she arrives or as she speaks in fact he makes her wait as well while he finished his level. When she is done introducing herself he says, "Have a seat. I'll be with you in a moment." never looking up from his phone. Why? Because he doesn't like to be kept waiting even when it's by a Kryptonian.

Faora places a hand on the chair, and doesn't crush it immediately after. In fact, she sits, quite primly actually. If she is upset by the less than subtle power play, she does not express as much, for the only thing that shows on her face is the occasional shimmer as light refracts off the vector fields of her suit.

There is a perfect stillness of form, only the slightest shift of her body with each low breath, idly examining the platform while she is paid for the perceived disrespect shown by the delay in their meeting. She watches as a servant walks up to refill Dario's cup, lip tilting at the corner.

After finishing his game level Dario saves and turns off the phone placing it in his jacket pocket. He took the jacket off long ago and now he's down to his shirt and tie with a nice pair of business slacks on. "Sorry about that. Couldn't be helped." he says and then puts his hands on the table clasping them together, "Rumor has it that you and your friends have been having some trouble adapting to life here on earth." perhaps he's talking about the atmosphere or just life in general, he doesn't specify, "I would like to offer my assistance in helping you adapt to your new home." he says then he waves a hand over his shoulder and people start to wheel out carts, lots of carts. He didn't know what Kryptonians really liked, so he made everything. Hamburgers, hot dogs, duck l'orange, steaks, salads, rice of, burritos, pretty much whatever she could want. There are two trays full of nothing but various kinds of ice-creams and cakes. "Tell me, how can I help make your stay on earth more pleasant?" he offers.

"Rumors are curious things." Faora says, voice gently accented. "It could be helped. You chose a response with the explicit desires to express fustration, or to impress upon me a sense of prestige, coupled with your floating fortress instead of a less grandoise meeting place. It is fine. I understand the social pull and tug of conflicts of power in every social engagement. I do not mind. Rattle your saber, human."

She leans back in her chair as the feast is wheeled out in front of her, watching it with neutral expression. Nothing, from the bounty of steaming meats and vegetables to every shade of desert under the sun seems to inflame her with any passion. Only after the last of the carts are put into place does she look back to Dario. "What do you want?"

Seeing as Kara had just been reunited with her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart today, a random dinner invitation from a stranger in a flying island didn't seem like the worst thing she could do with her night.

After flying from the middle of nowhere (Under the ocean) she made her way to the island, setting down on the landing platform and making her way towards the sound of Faora and Dario. She knows Faora and she would have to be stupid not to recognize Dario based on how rich and powerful he was.

Looking a bit awkward as she looks between the pair she asks, "Uh, am I in the right place? If this is a mistake, I can go."

Answering the warrior's question by addressing the staff, "Shark." and one of the wait staff starts to prepare a plate for him. Then Dario turns and looks at the alien, "Only a fool ignores opportunity when it presents itself and does not prepare for disaster when it is imminent. Our planet has enjoyed a limited but helpful.." then he's interrupted by the arrival of Kara and smiles standing up to greet her. Unlike for Faora, Dario treats Kara as an honored guest, "No, no, by all means, please! Join us! It's a real pleasure to meet you in person." he says as he personally walks over to get one of the spare chairs he had incase all the new Kryptonians showed up. He did cast a wide net. "We were just starting." he explains and moves the chair over for her to sit between him and Faora.

Is that tension finally showing on Faora's face? A slight tightening of the lips and a narrowing of the eyes come with Kara's arrival.

The contrast between the two is sharp. One in black armor, another in bright colors. One dark-haired. One blonde. The contrasts are there and they go deeper than just skin-deep. "I am starting to wonder the same thing." Faora is arguably more patient than Zod. Certainly Zod would not have tolerated the outright show of disrespect given to her. She watches Kara very closely. If she was suspicious before, now she's downright paranoid.

Kara nodded politely to Faora, a little fearful of the other one based on her always intimidating presence.

Dario on the other hand seems downright charming and she takes the seat brought over for her and smiles at Dario, "Thank you for the invitation Mr. Agger it's a pleasure to meet you as well." A pause, "So what are we all talking about tonight?"

Dario motions to one of the staff then the empty spot in front of Kara. A place mat is laid down, plates, forks spoons, there are militaries in the world less organized than this wait-staff. Even as she sits Kara's favorite style of hotdog is being prepared for her and fresh mountain water from the himalayas is provided for everyone, "I was saying, we've enjoyed a limited but helpful population of Kryptonians on earth so far but now things are changing. With the arrival of new members of your species we are going to have to think about the future. So far your people have engaged in a lot of fighting, which is all well and good," he says smiling because he wishes he could have been there to see it, "But I have to wonder how long before your small brawls break out into a greater battle and if you would be interested in securing the future of your people in a way other than conquest." he asks.

"No." Faora says.

Wow, way to make this comfortable for everyone. She looks back between the pair, shifting her posture just slightly. "Though I am willing to be convinced." Mayhaps simply to be amused, but she's also a realist. The easiest path to victory is not always the most obvious. "I do not suppose your plan has anything to do with choking us with delicacies smothered in…" She looks down at Kara's hot dog with silent disapproval. "Condiments."

Kara seemed ecstatic at the sight of the hot dogs, "Oh awesome, my favorite! Thank you Mister Agger." Apparently Dario had done his homework on what was eaten at the JL:A barbeques and in Kara's case it was usually lots of hot dogs.

A greater battle? Dario was no doubt aware that Supergirl had basically genocided a big chunk of Hydra and was a target of the United States Government for deportation at the moment, "I'm interested to hear what you have to say, but I'm more focused on just fitting in than trying to stand out."

"Oh, I doubt that would work." Dario says like he considered it for a moment, "No, I have no desire to defeat your people. I believe that it would be better for the future of both our species if we learned how to work together. " he says and then he looks over at Kara, "You've been here on earth for a while, tell me, what is the single most powerful influence on earth?" asks the CEO of RoXXon and she gets extra Ice-cream if she says, 'You are Dario'.

Faora's eyebrow raises at his opening line. It does not go down as he continues, and she still has not touched a single bite or taken a single sip of his rich feast he rolled out for her(but mostly Supergirl's) honor. Beneath the table, one hand loosely balls into a fist in her lap. At the question, she looks to Kara, and then back to Dario. The impression is that it's a rhetorical question.

The answer was close to Dario, Kara replied, "Money. Humans absolutely love money from what I've experienced." Kara was eating hot dogs like they were going out of style before looking between Faora and Dario feeling like she may have done something to upset Faora.

Dario takes a slide of shark and eats it while Kara answers since he's been waiting for hours he is rather hungry. Then he washes it down with some water and says, "Close!" Dario says, then he smiles at her and motions for more hotdogs, "Try taking a bite of hotdog then a bite of ice-cream and let them mingle together. Sounds gross, tastes amazing." and the staff wheels over a selection of ice-creams. Then he looks back at the hard-case,

"the most powerful thing on earth is the corporation. A group of people working together for the purpose of earning money. Corporations exist beyond and yet part of international law. We can change the course of history with our influence and your people are in a position to create one of the most powerful corporations in history. You have access to technology far the understanding of the common people. You could revolutionize the way humans live, the medicine they use, the food they grow, the way they travel. It's what Roxxon has been doing all along. We have been trying to drag humanity, kicking and screaming if we have to, into a future where no one needs to battle simply because there is nothing left to battle over. " he explains, "If you join me, join Roxxon, we can do that together and insure that your people are not only welcomed, but honored for what they do to help this planet."

"I followed the commands of men like you before." Faora says after a second's hesitation. "Men who thought themselves too clever, built their monuments in ivory towers so they could watch over us with all their brilliance." The coldness in her face completes this train of thought, left unspoken. "It is not my offer to accept. I am here as a representative of General Zod, so will not give you my answer. I will simply deliver your offer and he will deliberate on any alliances."

She looks over to Kara then. One could safely assume it is not her reaction about hot-dog flavored ice cream that interest her fellow Kryptonian.

Kara decided to try Hot Dogs & Ice cream and also managed to help herself to some French fries to dip in vanilla ice cream to, something she had tried before. She eats quietly and drinks the special water while listening to Dario speak, "You'll probably be disappointed to know this Mister Agger but I was just a girl when Krypton was destroyed, so I really don't know much about our tech. I wish I could help you though, I really do." Ok, maybe Kara had a whole fortress full of Kryptonian tech but she really did wish she could help, she just knew that she couldn't do that!

Dario leans over to pat Super-Girl's hand in a kind, fatherly way, "You don't need to dear, you make the world a brighter place just being in it. Don't you fret. " he says smiling then he looks back at Faora, "I look forward to his timely reply." in other words, be quick about it. Now he is looking at Faora while Kara is distracted with food, as if she should leave so that he can have some time alone with Kara. Lets see Faora's loyalties fall.

Faora's rebreather hisses over her face. Then, with a boom of motion that sends plates rattling and nearly strips the tablecloth, the woman goes from sitting to flying in a heartbeat, abandoning Supergirl to a creep like Dario.

"General Zod could use a good influence like you to fit in on Earth a little better Mr. Agger." Kara blushed a little at the compliments and the pat of the hand, looking surprised when Faora abruptly leaves, "How come she left?" Kara thought Faora could /really/ use help fitting in.

Dario's smile returns before his two faced self is looking back at Kara, "She's a soldier, you have to understand how they are. They are trained to give up so much of themselves that they are little more than servants to their commanders. I doubt she is capable of making a major life choice of any kind without asking Zod." he says then he takes a carrot and pops it in his mouth chewing for a moment before saying, "On the battlefield, you follow orders and you trust that the people in charge know what is best. Her life has been nothing but battle field for so long, she knows nothing else." he says shaking his head a little, "It's sad, but she's very much like a codependent wife, as long as Zod is in her life, she'll be consumed by whatever his desires are." he explains, trying to put the idea in Kara's head that if Zod went away maybe all the other Kryptonians could get along, "I'm sure you've seen it, people following leaders who are cruel. That cruelty spreads throughout the entire army over time."

"It's possible, I don't know as much about Zod as I probably should. I imagine it's like the average American Teenage girl knowing who the US military generals are and what they've accomplished in their lifetimes." Kara certainly believed in redemption though, "Maybe you can help him be productive, he's a soldier to just like her and maybe the reason he's the way he is? Because he has nobody to help guide him, soldiers need guidance without a war to fight."

Dario's nods and says, "That's what I'm hoping. I think if I give him command of his own corporate and make his focus profit instead of battle he'll come around. Corporate life is very much like war, in some ways much more complex. He will enjoy the challenge, I'm sure of it. " Dario says then takes another slice of shark and prepares to eat it before saying, "Lets focus on what we can do for you. You said you just wanted to blend in?" paraphrasing her words back to her, "Have you been finding it difficult to maintain your secret identity and hold down a job?" he asks.

"I think that could work, I admire you for trying anyways, not many have even attempted to reach out to us and offer anything." Of course, it was mostly her fault the public was aware aliens existed thanks to her reveal months ago.

The first step to keeping a /real/ secret identity in Kara's case had been to not let anyone know she had one aside from her Kryptonian identity, "Well, my secret identity is pretty well known to the world, I mean almost everyone can tell you my name is Kara Zor-El and I get paid by the Justice League, so that's kind of like a job." As friendly as Dario seemed, not even her ex-boyfriend Robin had known she had an ACTUAL secret identity.

Dario's eats his food quietly for a moment then says, "Please don't insult my intelligence. You have a secret identity. All super-heroes have a secret identity, well perhaps not that cyborg fellow. " he says somewhat sidetracking himself for a moment, "Otherwise there would be news reports of which grocery store super-girl shops at. You have a secret life, a secret name, most likely some kind of wig and makeup to make you look different that you use to pass as human while you do your day to day things. "

He proposes, "If you don't, you are depriving yourself of the quintessential American experience for all young women, the shopping spree." he says smiling, "But I'll let you have your secret if you want to keep it. I just want to make sure you can find happiness in that life. If you have any problems finding work that is flexible enough to work around your super-heroing let me know. I can set you up in the job of your choice. You just tell me where you want to work and I'll get your foot in the door. Proving yourself after that, will be up to you."

"Well, I mean, without the costume Mr. Agger, I'm just another blonde girl in a country full of blonde girls. I go shopping, I go out with my friends and I do all that stuff without anyone recognizing me." It was true, every word of it, "Honestly, if you can get me a job in Senator Traverstein's office so I can smirk at her all day long and annoy her until she gets her little bill passed to deport me, that would make me happier than you could ever imagine. If you can't do that, just oh my Rao, stop her from succeeding with these stupid laws she wants to pass." Kara smiled at Dario, "The generosity is appreciated though and if you had offered all of this a year ago when I first arrived, I'd have accepted all of the help without hesitation."

"But you have seen that people can be greedy and untrustworthy and now you are wiser. I respect that. " he says then he smirks about the bill, "Where, exactly is she thinking she is going to deport you too. Has anyone asked her that? Deporting you from America is like having a police officer escort you to the end of the block. It's not like you'll have a hard time getting back in." he says rolling his eyes a little bit at the silliness of it all. "Honestly, I've been thinking of running for president myself just so that I can stop us from wasting so much taxpayer money on ridiculous things. Did you know that congress has budgeted studies to determine if global warming is real for 2016? It's still somehow a question for them. Personally I would fire most of them. Elderly people have no place running our country. " he says a little hot under the collar about the topic.

"In my time on Earth I've had the privilege of seeing some of the /best/ examples of humanity, people who put their lives on the line to protect and help the innocent every single day. I don't just mean heroes, I mean people like doctors, firefighters, police and emergency workers. I've seen these people risk their own lives for others, often wanting nothing in return."

Kara played with her food a little and ate another French fry, "I've also seen the worst. People who would kill their own mother for a dollar or another hit of a drug, it's disgusting and disturbing." With Primal Force, she had seen some terrifying things, end of the world terrifying and most of it has been brought on by humans, "I don't know what they plan to do, maybe they'll find a way to lock me up and kill me or experiment on me, that might be their idea of deport since I'm not even from this planet."

She considers his words and smiles, "Someone with your influence could make a statement, from what I know of Roxxon, you're global and have holdings nearly everywhere. Run for President maybe?"

Dario says, "Do you know how much power I would have to give up to be president?" then he chuckles at the thought, "I would have to give up being CEO of my father's company. I would have to trust someone else with all my projects to restore the environment and create a world wide food distribution network." he would have to give up his life's work. You can't be CEO of Roxxon and president at the same time. "But I'll see what I can do. " he says then he has a thought, "What you should do, and I mean right now, is fly to where the senator is and start playing bodyguard for her. You're not the only person her bill will make trouble for and many of them won't hesitate to kill her in order to kill the bill. You might want to be her guardian angel until the bill comes to vote. Save her life and maybe she'll change her mind about you." he suggests.

"She hates me Mr. Agger. I'd probably end up declared a terrorist like that Rachel girl on the news, they want any excuse to cause trouble for anyone who isn't a normal human." Kara jokingly offered, "If yiu become president, I can run Roxxon for you!"

Faora-Ul heads out to FRP Ready Room.

"Yes, she hates you and she is still a person who needs protecting. Even if she is a afraid and angry, she needs protecting. " Dario says once more reaching out to touch Kara on the hand, "We do what is right, even when the world hates us for it. That is what a hero is. They do the right thing and no matter what happens, they do the next right thing and the next right thing and you keep going and you have faith that it will be ok in the end. Protecting her even though she's a bigot is the right thing. Don't let her hate cloud your judgement. If something happens to her that you could have stopped, you'll hate yourself for it. Don't let her have that power over you. Be the hero I know you can be. Go save her worthless, boney ass. " he says smiling at Kara.

"I'll try to keep an eye on her but I'll need to check for permission with Wonder Woman first, the last thing the Justice League needs is another incident.." Finishing up her final hot dog, she was getting pretty stuffed she smiled at the man, "So, how come you care so much about what happens with Kryptonians and metas and stuff? I mean, you know why I would, I'm an alien but you seem pretty human and rich so it's not like any of this hurts you if it happens."

Dario seems to lose his appetite when he thinks of the answer to that question. He keeps it brief and to the point as if it's painful to speak about. "When I was nine my parents were murdered in front of me. My whole family." he stops and takes a breath closing his eyes and saying more quietly, "I would have given anything, everything, to have someone just swoop in and save them. All I could do was try not to cry, try not to give away my hiding place and beg death to take me before they found me so they wouldn't do to me.. what they did to my parents." he says so quietly that only Supergirl can hear him.

Reaching up to rub his eyes he says, "There was no one there to hear us, but now, there is a chance, a real chance for there to be a better world where no child ever has to go through that again." With her supervision and hearing she can see his muscles tensing and his heart beating faster, hear his breaths becoming slightly more labored, that moment still an open wound on his heart, part of him still trapped back there with his family.

Kara reaches out to place a hand on Dario's shoulder, "I'm sorry to hear that you can count on me to help you. I know what it's like to lose your family and everything you care about." If Dario could fake all that, he was the best liar in the world and Supergirl had no reason to doubt him. She was genuinely sad for him, it was like a double-header today after hearing Tim's loss.

Villains always start out doing the right thing. That's the part that Dario neglected to tell Supergirl. If you just keep doing the next right thing no matter what, then eventually you become the bad guy. Dario will make a world where no child ever has to suffer what he did even if he has to choke the life out of anyone who would disrupt the harmony of his ideal, orderly world. People will be safe. People will be controlled. They will obey or they will be destroyed. There will be no mercy.

"Thank you." he says and clear his throat regaining his composure. Mustn't let the cracks show! He forces a smile on his face as he stands and puts on his jacket, "Go talk to Wonder Woman and see if you can watch over the senator. At least have someone posted for her." he says then he turns and looks at Kara, "Whatever you do, be amazing. Show them what I see in you. It'll work out fine in the end, I promise."

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