Acts of War... And Friendship

December 19, 2014:

During a sparring session, Jim decides to approach Diana and ask her for a friendly favor.

Themyscira House

The Embassy and home of Wonder Woman as well as Amazons.


NPCs: Amazons


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It's been a few days since the 'peace talks' with Diana, Shayera, Jericho, and America Chavez. Jim has been spending some time at the House, as the Ambassador had kindly offered, slowly mending from previous experiences. Several times the partner tried to insist on speeding the process, but Jim was adamant in private that it was his injury, dangit, and he was going to heal at normal paces.

This has somewhat subdued the bird-entity, as it tries to fathom why a sentient would willingly endure pain they could easily avoid.

But today, the portly fellow is on a *mission*. Several months back, a certain cat had asked him a favor, and well, it seems that the fey feline had been quite prescient indeed. The context and the situation has been blowing Jim's mind, but heck, this is the perfect opportunity to approach the Ambassador and make the request.

She could always just say 'no', right?

So an appointment is requested from the male guest to meet with Diana in her office, at her convenience, no rush, no hurry…

The response is rather quick, though her office is not the place that he is directed to go, the sparring grounds is where Diana is, watching a contests amongst her present sisters.

Some may sit behind desks, some may stand guard at doors, but they are all still Amazons and warriors, and their heart beats for certain moments. Like this:

The sound in the small arena area is one of many excited chants, jeering calls, and roused voices while metal clashes and bodies impact. It sounds like a sport of war, and that is almost precisely what it is.

Diana is seated just at the edge of the ring wearing her own sparring gear of a breastplate, bared abdomen and a pterugres, sandalled feet and her vembraces. Those never seemed to be removed despite a change in attire.

It's a bit intimidating — Jim wasn't one for boxing, and the last time he was in any sort of 'sporting event was heavily organized football play quite a few years back. He's watching, though, and listening, to make sure he's not stepping on anyone's toes, pissing anyone off, and generally staying the heck out of the way. He does have a black legal-notebook holder as he moves along towards the woman, and his outfit is more of one that a vacationing sort would wear, not the stodgy business suit of the big meeting.

He'll approach the Ambassador respectfully.

Diana's eyes are one of a light Jim has likely never seen, he usually captures time with the woman on strictly business, sadly. But this time it is fun. Amazon style.

Sirena is in the ring with another woman. A tall blonde woman, pale skin in comparison to that of the African skinned woman, her hair that was normally bunned in many braids is now down and in a flurry as her brutal movements carry her in a dance towards the Nordic Amazon, the spear spun in a flurry, but thrust with a purpose. To draw first blood. The other woman bears two axes. Not small in the slightest, battle-axes that cross and parry the attempted joust to snap it back at the woman and in turn go for her with her own sweep of bladed weapons…

Diana even offers a yell and her own cheer but settles back and looks up at Jim glancing to the seat beside her with the follow through of a firm pat to the wooden surface. "Have a seat, enjoy the contests, refreshments will pass shortly." Though she does not miss the folio in his hand, but it does not take from the moment. "What is it you need, Jim?"

The portly fellow will take the offered seat and attempt to not slouch.

"Well, a few months back I helped mediate a cease-fire of sorts between the Titans and another party that does not wish to be named. When I was talking with one of the Titans though, they'd made a bit of an odd request — I mean, I didn't envision this chain of events happening in the least? But he'd asked if I had a chance to, if I could get your autograph for him?"

Jim pauses briefly.

"It's really not for me, it's for a guy named Vorpal, cat-guy. Decent sort of fellow, isn't afraid to put his butt on the line to save people, heck, he's even gone out and tried to help out when he was at death's door and didn't even bat an eye."

"If it's a no-go, that's fine by me, I just… figured there's probably not going to be a better chance in my lifetime to do this?"

Sirena had the opening she was looking for, though it did not seem as such when she is laying flat on her back with two axes crossed over her neck holding her to the dirt floor beneath her. The Nord is simply waiting for the call of an end to this spar and be named victor.

A quick movement from Sirena has the spear rising up to crack across the Nordic woman's back, with that resounding crack and breaking of her weapon the woman does not flinch… only smiles down at Sirena mouthing the words 'say it'…

That's when Sirena smiles and the broken end is captured in her other hand and both pieces now thrust upward, a force into the Nord's shoulders, just above the armpits where when pressure is applied her grip is weakened, allowing the African woman to burst free of capture and literally throw the Nord up and off her feet and slam her back and down into the ground, held in place by her own flesh and bone, blood pooling from around the spear head to hit the dirt.

Diana raises a hand then, calling it as first bloodfall, Sirena backing off and helping the Nord up with a sportman like clap of forearms, the blood on her neck only showing as a sheen against perspired skin.

When cerulean eyes return to Jim there is evident pride and joy in the moment. "I believe I have met him already in the capture of a few criminals escaped from Stryker's. You do not need to talk him up. He can do it well on his own. I will do this for him and you." Her hand extends then for him to give her what she is to sign.

"Have you had contact with your friends since being here?"

Jim watches the violent interplay with a dispassionate eye. Well, somewhat dispassionate, as his partner is giving an excruciatingly accurate play - by - play of what is happening in the ring, and positing a dozen different outcomes to the fight even when it looks like it is about to be complete. He does wince a bit at the violence. He's more a reader and a thinker than a fisticuffs sort, though not entirely a stranger to violence.

He hands over the leather folder, flipped open, with a pen in his other hand. The paper is the expensive fancy sort that can hold the ink for a while and is acid-resistant, light-resistant, all that good jazz.

"I'd say I was more…"

He kind of trails off in thought for a second.

"…more like comrade - in - arms? We were through some seriously dangerous situations together, and at one point he bailed me and the partner out of a tight spot? I haven't contacted anyone since I've gotten here, to be honest. There's a memo sitting at lowest - priority at the workplaces. Pepper… that's my boss over at Stark… she'd tear Shayera a new one… and it wouldn't be pretty. Trying to prevent war from breaking out, not start one? And Mike, well, he's very busy with Drakos Recovery and he'd drop a dozen tracers on me and nothing within a hundred yards would be private because he likes watching out for his people? I'm treating this whole thing as 'personal time', and both the bosses respect that?"

Diana leans back now, Jim did not have to slouch, she would, sliding back in the seat and crossing one leg over the other. The cheers and the sounds of the Amazons were of no existance to her in this moment as she listens and signs the paper in a neat handwriting.

// Thank you for all you do, Vorpal. - Wonder Woman //

"Yet you come here now and do him a kindness that has nothing to do with comraderie of arms." Diana smiles at Jim as she slides him the folio back, rising after. "It's a good thing your comrades do not breach the embassy without asking first. That can be taken as an act of war. We already have enough of those." Her voice goes stern for a moment.

Leaning down Diana slides the large shield upon her arm, the leather straps bracing it against her arm, from her hip a sword is drawn and held at her side. "You could always simply ask for a guest to visit. You are no captor here and he has my permission. I do hope his wound is better."

Climbing the seat row by stepping over the backs of chairs the leather straps of the pterugres part and slap against her legs, the parting revealing the lasso still there and present on her person.

"Your heart and your brain are your spines reinforcements, I see." Diana states before she turns towards the ring and the waiting rallying cries. "After we should break for ice cream, unless you want to go a round?" Glancing back at Jim Diana wink and leaps the banister, beating her sword across her shield towards Sirena her battle cry omitted to Athena before the fight begins and the crowd settles back to normalcy. "Alale!"

"I'll be sure to get this to him as soon as possible and I'll ask after his injuries then, too. I was raised to be respectful as a guest when I'm staying at someone's place, and it's rude of a guest to invite another guest, it's… kind of complicated. But you have given me an idea and I have to work on it a bit more, I think the bosses will go for it and it might even help out your Embassy a bit, too. No details yet, but just an idea. Less war, more peace and goodwill."

The portly fellow nods. "The brain and spirit are what keep me going, yeah. Because sometimes, it don't matter how good you think you are, there's always a bigger fish."

Way to mangle some sayings there, Jim!

"I'm nowhere near in shape for going a round with the exemplars of your society, with no disrespect intended? I mean, sure, it'd be fun, might be worth some laughs even, but… I'm the kind of guy that wants to save fighting as a last resort? Partner says I should, though."

He sketches off a bit of a salute as she leaps on in.

"I know a place over in Midtown, it'll be great, and we'll all get out for a bit of fresh air."

He holds the autograph to his chest like a sacred treasure, and already his mind is working on how to get it to Keith…

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