Skeletal Hordes: Magic Edition

July 17, 2015:

Another attempt to expand the Deadzone… This time Doctor Eclipse shows himself (emits by Zatanna)

Deadzone - Delaware

A 100 square mile area of Delaware, where thousands of lives were lost when the necromancer melded the lands of the undead with the lands of living


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The Deadzone came into existence a few days ago when Master Darque decided to make a play for Godhood. A 100 square mile area of Delaware, where thousands of lives were lost when the necromancer melded the lands of the undead with the lands of living and there were those who were trapped inside, unable to get out. SHIELD have been conducting Search and Rescue since it happened, and whether there is anyone left alive in there is unknown.

What is known is that the dead walk and horrifying, terrifying creatures animated by necromantic power inhabit the area and continually test the wards that Magic Users have set around the area.

Which is why, Zatanna Zatara will be seen most evenings at different points, her eyes glowing blue as she ensures the area is as secure as she can make it.

This evening, the sun is just about to dip under the horizon, shadows lengthening along the ground, the teen mage has been working for a long time at this ward, it's been sorely tested in the last 24 to 48 hours. Her head snaps and a look of frustration crosses her face… something is trying to come trhough… Magic Users will feel the power easily enough, dark and tainted as it seeps through the barrier.

«Primal Force, this is Zee, another ward is under attack. I need help. To my location»

Zee speaks through her pendulum to one of her teams before using her teamspeak app to alert the Titans and sending text messages to any and everyone she can think of who might be able to provide backup.

Ryden has been keeping his phone close incase Zee needs him. He's fresh and rested and for the moment sober but it still doesn't help the man arrive any better. Ley line travel makes him ill and he'd obviously been doing something…not at all related to battle before getting the text. He's dressed in a very short green silk kimono with cherry blossoms embroidered on it. Fortuneately the man has on pants. Of a sort.

Brown leggings that wouldn't look out of place on a ballet dancer. His travel pack is hanging from one shoulder and he manages to run forward about five steps after he pops into existence before a branch smacks him in the face and he stumbles, stubs his unclad toe on a stone and lands in a heap at Zee's feet. "Sonofamotherf-" he cuts off looking up at his young friend and panting. His skin is almost a green to match the Kimono and he turns aside just in time to avoid puking all over her shoes. "Good gods and little squirells! I hate that!" Finally he scrambles to his feet and looks out at the mess of the deadlands.

For Timothy Hunter he'd only been in New York City for the last evening. The last time he'd been brought to the deadzone he had no intention of being there. Sure he helped out a bit, but he had to get back home. He had responsibilities. He had an owl to feed, and temp job to try and keep. But porting to the deadzone without warning threw his life into disarray. Luckily he's home now in New York… for exactly one more second.
Appearing out of nowhere as if summoned by her words, Tim is leaning back in a wooden chair precariously with a tablet in his hand and his feet propped up on… suddenly nothing.
With a clatter, Tim falls over, his chair tips on its side, and his tablet goes flying across the way. "Ack!l

Joshua is no master of magic, but he was here within hours of the initial "eruption" to offer help. Not all of the dangers are strictly magical, and other forces beside magic can be useful to protect those who are working here. When he receives the text from Zee, he is not far. Unlike others who rely on lay-lines or teleportation, he glides toward her at a low altitude. He slows gracefully and drops to the ground only a few feet from her. After glancing to the others who have arrived to offer assistance, he questions, "What are we facing, Zee?"

Deleware is not his typical stomping grounds, but with his business expanding, Ozymandias just happens to find himself in Delaware when this occurs. Ozymandias uses his Justice League: Avengers credentials to get him access to the site. He drops to the ground close by the others via his grappling hook, "Nice night, what do we have here?"

As Gods, Magic Users and Super Heroes gather, Zee's eyes actually widen… she hadn't expected quite a turn up but she is obviously grateful. Tim Hunter gets a quizzicle look, the raven tressed mage hasn't had time to follow up on why he looks older and is not trained in magic.

«Thanks Kara. There's a few of us here, I'm going to split us into two groups. Provide aerial support when you get here»

"No idea what we're facing, but it's been pushing this ward all day." She looks a little tired, something those close to her will be getting used to. Blowing out a breath "We're going to have to go i……." cutting off as a scarlet blur breaks through the barrier right into the deadzone. "Just great…"

Looking at the group, Zee thinks quickly "Ryden, Joshua, Tim and Ozymandias with me" and then "Loki, Black Adam" Zee's done some homework "Kara… go after that blur and protect it." She watches the news and suspects she at least knows who it is.

As the groups steps through the barrier they'll be confronted with a thick, soupy miasma causing low visibility. The souls of the dead swirl around, and those with the sight may very well be able to see them.

Flash is confronted by a trio of skeletons, each armed with a sword and they to slash at the scarlet speedster.

The ground begins to shake and rumble, like there's a herd of Buffalo stampeding.

Ryden nods and steps up beside Zee. He isn't quite as squishy as her in a physical fight and if it comes down to it he'll jump in front of her without a seconds thought. She's the closest thing he has to family. Her mention of Joshua's name causes Ryden to turn and give him a curious glance and then do a double take. For a moment he looks alarmed. Usually when he recognizes a face its a previous one night stand and that either goes well or awful but..wait. "Oh! I know you, yes. You and the Ard Draoi. Good to see you again, man. I've been meaning to visit but.." He shrugs. Things happen, obviously. Ryden holds a hand out to Zee. "Draw on that power through me again if you need. I can't use it and it sure isn't going anywhere." The lorekeeper offers. His pack is hanging open and he's already considering what would be best to bring forth.

Tim gains his feet awkwardly only after scrabbling a bit for his glasses. He slides them back into place and and looks around helplessly for his fallen tablet. But then Zatanna, that woman met once in an inter-dimensional space, is beckoning him and others forward.
"Umm, hey. This is kind of a mistake. You think you could maybe…" But whatever he had been about to ask is lost as they step into the deadzone.
"Actually… nevermind." As a lost soul wails and floats past him he frowns, blinking rapidly as he pulls his glasses off to clean them.

Joshua nods to Zee when she directs to the two groups. He glances to the others. When he comes to Ryden, he nods and smiles. "It has been some time," he agrees in his usual calm English accent. "I regret that we aren't under better circumstances. The Ard Draoi is elsewhere, resting from our last bout with this … situation." He frowns at the soupy fog that suddenly obstructs their vision. He rams his hand into a pocket and produces a small tube that casts a blue-white glow from one end. It is enough to provide small light. Then he looks to Tim. Without knowing what Tim actually saw, he queries, "First time here, then?"

«No. We can't see anything from the ground. How many Kara, estimate please.»

Zee might actually sound calm - she's been practicing! "Army of skeletons incoming." her eyes still glow as she walks with the group Nodding to Ryden, Zee doesn't take his hand but she will if she needs to. Tim gets a reassuring smile. As the group moves into the miasma, Zee cants her head a little an winces. "Oh, I know the feel of that power…."

Adam's power snakes out through the mist and takes out one of the skeletons Flash is taunting, one sort of whirls on the spot at Flashes attack and falls in a pile of … well… bones. Loki's staff accounts for the last one.

The army of skeletons Kara spotted? There's an awful lot of them. All marching in formation and descending quickly on the group of heroes… but something is following behind, the feeling of power unmistakeable.

He winces. "She was here? Gods above and below this is a bad place for her to have been. When I recover from tonight I'll visit, for real this time. I might be able to help if she needs it." Then things seem to be getting serious. Ryden knows those souls are there but he can't see them without summoning something to enable it and isn't going to waste the energy. They aren't the problem at the moment. "Skeletons. Yay." Ryden says with a total lack of enthusiasm. What would be the best way to.. Zee doesn't take his hand so he uses it to dig into his bottomless black pit of a bag and pull out a book. "Lookout, don't fall in." He warns before a page flies open and Ryen papercuts a finger and then runs it over the image. A large, vastly deep chasm opens ahead of them too wide for the skeletons to cross but not for the group of living. He smiles as the first of them topple into it. "But what is that Power?" he's already looking beyond them as he thinks what else would serve against the skeleton army.

Following along behind Zatanna a pace or two it makes little sense for them to be heading towards the danger, at least to Timothy. But it's better to be amongst others than by oneself in such a situation. So the young man keeps putting one foot in front of the other even as he puts his spectacles back into place.
When Joshua speaks to him, Tim blinks a few times then answers. "Oh, umm, no. Second. First time was a mistake. Well, this is probably a mistake too. I'm not a…" He gestures with one hand awkwardly towards the swirl of activity and the hurtling of heroics.

"She was," Joshua answers Ryden. "It gave her fits, almost literally, but that's a matter for another time." When Zee breaks the news about the skeletons, he nods decisively. "They're already dead," he notes. That seems to bring some consolation to him, or some ideas about how he will handle the situation. He takes a samll breath and a faint blue-white glow begins to form around him. He slowly rises into the air and hovers. When the first skeletons come into view, he raises his hands. Forks of lightning arc though the air to strike the opposing force.

"Skeletons, you ever notice how noone ever invades this world army of leprechauns. Ozymandias smirks behind his mask as he looks at the coming skeleton army. He pulls out his assegai and sickle sword transforming them into mystical energy version of themselves. He digs his foot into the ground to preparing to charge into skeletons, when they get close enough.

"Good thinking" Zee nods to Ryden and casts a grim smile at Joshua "I'll use your electricity again, be ready." The glow in her eyes doesn't falter

~~ nruB ehT snotelekS htiW gninthgiL ~~

Zee's power grabs the lightning that Joshua is throwing, blinding flashes lash down on the skeletons coming at them…

2000 skeletons are quite an army and as they approach it becomes obvious that it's divided into two sections.

Ryden opens a chasm infront of the left flank and the first couple of ranks just disappear as the other ranks keep on marching. Problem with that approach is that eventually the pit fills up and now there's a nice little bridge for the rest to cross towards our little group. Joshua's lightning, magnified by Zee's power addresses most of what's left. The remaining making their way to Ozymandias and the waiting mystical energy assegai and sickle sword.

Kara's laser beams, Loki-Dragon, Black Adam, Flash make a meal of the right flank… there's just some stragglers left for them to deal with as well.

The power the two mages could feel? Two men… follow behind the ranks of skeletons a man in the plague mask and a tall thin man in black suit with the symbol of an eclipse on his chest…

Zee sucks in a breath "Plague and Eclipse. Strong, very strong" At best, the group can probably expect to turn them back, but not beat them.

"Aw shit.." Ryden stares aghast. He hadn't expected so many. "Uhh…" Thinking quickly he grabs another book and this time the thing he summons is.. A Cyclops. An honest to gods creature from mythology. It's huge, massive, and really pissed off. It stomps forward swinging giant fists and kicking giant feet, crushing and breaking skeletons like sticks. Ryden is sweating now and looking a bit pained. This is beginning to cost him. He needs to hold that Cyclops though. It can do a lot of damage. His sky blue eyes widen as he spots the masked man and the black suited fellow next to him. "Shit indeed." Ryden mutters.

For his part, Tim is lost amongst all the mayhem and effects that swirl around him. He seems bewildered as he tries to keep up with the group. The chasm opening, the surging attack of the skeletons, the flash of lightning… it all whirls together to create this horrendous chaos. And through it all Tim manages to stay close at hand. As the skeletons meet their fates he reaches down and picks up a femur, brandishing it nervously like a club. Look out Eclipse and Plague, there's a nerd with a club.
"This is insane. Seriously." He bites his lower lip, but finds a place to stand next to Zee, bet she feels safe now.

Joshua looks to Tim and nods when the nervous one creeps close to Zee. "I don't know why she summoned you, lad, but stay close to us!" he calls. He launches another volley of lightning toward the oncoming skeletons. Looking at the pit that is filling with now inanimate bones. Then he looks toward Ryden. "They're using the bones of their comrades as a bridge. If you can do something to make them flammable, we can turn that into a firewall."

Since he is fighting with a bunch of new people against magical creatures, Ozymandias decides not to use his shields as he uses the weapons to attack and defend. His enhances reflexes and superspeed multiplied by centuries of battles allow him to pierce several skeletons with his assegai, while blocking attacking with his sickle sword.

He drops sickle sword to the ground for a moment, the sword returning to titanium as he pulls out some concussive bombs and throws them at the chasm. He picks up sickle sword quickly turning back into mystical energy to cut down an approaching skeleton.

Zee glances at Tim, yeah she feels safer now and smiles even more grimly "Welcome to my life…" she murmurs before looking to see what the others are doing, determing where best to direct her energy. Seeing Kara disappear into the portal, Zee cries out in alarm "Kara, No!"

Hearing Joshua's call, and seeing the bones of the skeletons being reanimated by the necromancer on the field, Zee acts and her eyes glow bright neon blue, she's drawing power to her… these are her friends and teammates and she means to get them out of there. "Enough, Skeletons"

~~ nruB ehT senoB oT hsA ylkciuQ ~~

Around the battlefield, bones catch on fire, flaring hot and bright, reducing them to ash… but there's a small problem, fires are breaking out everywhere… and slowly starting to spread. Zee really does need to be careful.

Rydens Cyclops takes care of even more of the skeletons, but still there are more to look after… so many there were to begin with, which Ozymandias seems to be addressing. Piles of bones soon litter the ground, and only a few still remain standing.

Plague simply disappears as Black Adam descends upon him… no evidence he was even there to begin with…

Eclipses' attack on The Flash is quickly turned to Loki-Dragon and the full power of the Darkforce is directed at the Trickster God, even as he phases and reappears several feet back and starts to turn his attention to Adam, who suddenly finds himself shrouded completely in darkness and then a blast of necromantic energy directed at him as well.

Where's the Flash? Over there….

Ryden blinks at Joshua. Fire, of course. The fiendfyre was very effective before but he doesn't have the power to control it with eveyrthing else and that stuff had a will of its own. Regular fire though, he can do. The book is replaced and another summoned and the page that opens this time is of a burning building in new york city. One he'd recently trapped inside. Concentrating, gasping as the sudden spikes of agony start striking his brain, Ryden summons just the flames and directs them at the wall of skeletons. Hot fire, consuming, that had torn and raged all through a building now surges through the skeletal army. The cyclops charges towards the necromancers with a roar of rage. Ryden's losing his ability to hold the spells though and in moments he's going to be on the ground screaming in agony. He hopes Zee remembers where his medical device is on the outside of his pack.

Still holding the femur in his hands, Tim looks across the way, his eyes distancing and distracted. His brow knits in confusion and consternation as the world seems to roar and lash around him with no thoughts nor nevermind for his wishes. He shrinks in on himself, trying to be unnoticed, trying to be small.
But then there is a cool chilly voice that whispers to him, « A debt is owed, shall it be paid? »
From outside he looks like nothing more than some suicidal twenty something beside Zatanna. But then he no longer slouches, no longer cringes. While high above suddenly the clouds swirl.
A great billious face manifests in the sky, clouds shifting and roiling together to become some great leering and smug countenance that has cold long fangs instead of teeth and large cheeks that swell as white and grey lips part to blow a torrent of wind and snow and… winter down upon the field of contest. The chill of death creeps up from the very ground, icy fingers that merely disturb the quick, yet seems to freeze and fracture the dead despite their efforts to cling to their misbegotten life.
Wisps of aerial motion dart forth from the horizon, creatures wolfish in shape yet crimson of eye with a baleful gaze that speaks of the soul of creatures who made their hunt in the places where the fires of mankind could not reach. At first there are several of them, then ten, then a hundred… more. Their howls come to life even as they rush forward, brought forth by the power of the Opener.

Joshua nods to Ozy and continues to blast skeletons with jagged spikes of blue-white lightning. "They're still coming, lads and lass, but we'll show them a good fight! Their masters are toward the back, driving them forward like sheep to the slaughter! Those two look like trouble, so be ready!" He glances to Tim and warns, "Stay close! If I know Zee, she means to open an escape-hatch if we're cornered."

Eclipse is no fool… as Loki descends, the man… disappears and doesn't reappear again… the effects of his attack dispelled. Sorry Adam, better luck next time… and there probably will be a next time.

The effect of Flash's vortex take care of some of Zee's fires. Tims… opening to whereever that is, and the cold that creeps forward takes care of the rest of the fires… It's the wolfish creatures that are the biggest concern, robbed of their target, what are they going to do?

"Go now, back to the barrier." Zee's voice sounds like a whip crack across the area, she'll brook no argument, not now. "We've pushed them back and staved off the attack, time to regroup until we can fix this." Gesturing to Joshua "Help Ryden please, his medical device on the outside of his pack." Zee turns to Tim and offers a smile "Nicely done, now call them back and lets get out of here." The teen mage will drag Tim with her, if she has to. She'll also be last through the barrier, so she can close it and reinforce the ward again… but maybe the others will help there.

Once Joshua gets the drugs into Ryden the pain will fade enough for him to stand, at least for a bit. Soon he'll be asleep or, so very out of it he might as well be. Deadly migraines are deadly. He'll accept the man's help and follow Zee. Ryden squints. Okay, he'll follow those three Zees. Fortuneately they seem to be going all in the same direction. "Thasa helpful lass there.." He slurs and stumbles forwards.

The haze of winter remains in that young man's eyes, unmoving and seemingly unaware to the world around him. Those almost invisible ethereal wolves growl steadily as some stalk around the feet of the captivated young man, almost protectively as if seeking to intimidate all others that dare to be near him.
Yet as no further opposition arises, slowly the grasp of winter upon the world is freed. The chill in the air remains, the steady snow, but no longer is there that feeling of unnatural malice that was heavy upon the wind. With no preamble the young man comes back to himself, and Tim blinks a few times at Zatanna. "What?" He asks succinctly.
But then he is carried along towards the gateway she had created… then the next moment he goes through.

When Zee gives the word to fall back, Ozymandias quickly fires his grappling hook through the barricade capturing a Shield Vehicle on the other side of the barrier. Ozymandias gives a quick salute to the others and allows the line and hook to pull him through the barricade. One of the many reasons why Ozymandias is still alive, he is always stays close to the exit.

Joshua drops easily to the ground and crouches beside Ryden. He finds the medical kit easily enough and begins to help them man, not only administering the drug but checking him for other physical injuries. "You'll be well enough soon," he assures. "I'll tell Lynwen that you'll be coming around soon. For now, rest. You put up a good fight." Then he looks to the others to see that they are ready to move, and he helps Ryden to his feet. He nods to time. "Now I know why she brought you. That was a good call, lad," he congratulates. He helps Ryden toward the waiting portal.

"Doctor Eclipse, one of Darques people" Zee looks at Loki as he joins her "and right now, I haven't a clue" and raises a hand as Black Adam ascends "I may be calling you before then." She has a feeling this is going to be a long war. Flash will get a wave too, if he even sees it.

As everyone steps through the barrier, Zee smiles the first real smile since they all turned up "Thank you, all of you, that could have gone bad very quickly."

Ryden, she'll leave to Joshua to look after, right now the Mistress of Magic is going to reinforce the ward. Later, she'll worry about Kara.

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