Crazier than a bag of...kittens?

July 17, 2015:

Thor and Loki have another discussion about Midgard. And kittens.

Lower Manhattan

The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east, and the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street. From the arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich Village, SoHo, and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled, working class districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan is one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything can be found here, and often is.


NPCs: A Kitten.



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Thor is flying over New York when he spots a kitten in a tree. It seems…superfulous and a little bit emberrasing but sure…why not..he flies down to pick it up and put it down on the ground.

"You have got to be joking," is said from behind Thor once the kitten is on the ground. "I'm sure cat-lovers everywhere will praise your name, but is the Heir to Asgard so very bored on Midgard that he is reduced to rescuing kittens? Isn't that Superman's job? There is nothing else in this Realm that could possibly require your attention?" Loki's voice just may be dripping with sarcasm…or it could just be his inflection.

Thor laughs, chagrinned. "Thou art not wrong brother but…it cost me nothing. And the realm is in good hands with Lady Sif for today. I am troubled by the opening of gates…and I am concerned it is because of the 'Russians' tampering with the Obelisk. So I am patrolling for disruptions rather than kitten rescuing…" he smiles.

"So you are relying on Lady Sif to protect Midgard." Loki pauses as if to let those ten words sink in. "I don't know what on earth you're talking about with Gates and Obelisks…and I don't quite understand why you even care…especially if your focus is on kittens."

Thor says, "Are you implying Lady Sif can't handle duties I assigned her?" There is an edge of frost in his voice,"And you must have been bored the day Father talked about it…the Obelisk of Midguard which makes gateways from the other 8 less…random. But methinks thou doth protest too much brother…are you missing something? A pet perhaps?" He smiles slightly."

"I'm implying that you're putting a lot of responsibility on Lady Sif's shoulders," Loki responds glibly. He inclines his head some, "I have not been to Asgard these many months, so if this discussion was recent, no…I would not know of it. Also, if you are concerned about these Russians obtaining methods to get to Asgard, just go kill them." As if that's the most obvious solution. "Why, are you offering me the kitten?"

Thor says, "I…" he thinks a moment, noticing that it has no collar and no immediate person asking for it. "I…think that if you will offer it a good home, I am. And yes, I am. I trust her. But you are still welcome at home by me brother no matter how testy father gets."
Thor says, "as for killing them….are you familiar with the Midgardian game…'whacketh a mole'?"
Loki grunts, "Not -my- father," before he looks at the kitten and back at Thor. He's…not entirely certain what to think of that yet. "Surely you are able to whack any moles…or Russians, with that hammer of your's. After all, isn't that what it was made for?"

Thor says, "Oh, make no mistake, I could kill them in droves, but we don't want to RULE Midguard, and, assuming we could conquor it despite all its fierce protectors, if we choose a side in their numerous wars that is what we would be doing. Why kill them when they don't yet even know what it is they threaten? But even telling them about the obelisk would make too many Midguardians tempted to 'mess' with it. No, mayhap I might simply nudge the Russians away from the island where they can cease disruption of the natural order. As for the kitten…I think you could do it good. And vice versa."

"We don't?" is asked simply before Loki glances again at the kitten, who seems to be enjoying the grassy area around the tree it was just rescued from. "The more you tell them about us and Asgard, the more -they- will want to rule us. Don't you see? Have you learned nothing of their history? The people of Midgard…the -rulers- of Midgard want to rule everything they can. Do you think that if we told them what it was they were mucking about with, that they would then leave it alone? Without a fight? Or do you think they would redouble…and triple their efforts in order to charge in and take, my force, our home and its resources?"

Thor says, "I…" If Loki had asked him that question three months ago, he would have defiantly defended humanity. After the Sentinels…he is not so sure. "I admit I am unsure. Some among them, certainly, but we have our own would be rulers as well. Ruling them would require so much WORK…and as I said…Midgaurd has many many defenders. It would harm Asgard more than help. I am considering more formal relations, but the timing must be right. I do not believe that timing is now."

"Most among them. They wish to rule over those who are different than they are…look at those Sentinels that they have created? All for people who are different. What will they try to do to us? To Asgardians…when they find out that we are different? Shall we be enslaved? Placed in their medical facilities to be poked and prodded, bled and cut up for their research?" He takes a few steps, his movement casual, as he keeps an eye on the kitten, "It may take work initially, but when they see that -we- are the rightful rulers…it would only take one or two demonstrations of our might to show that we are stronger than they could ever be. After then…well, it seems like they would be willing to settle…" since any uprisings would get smited.

Loki adds, "The timing isn't right yet these people are seeking to invade -us-? When -will- the timing be right, brother? When our home is in ruins?"

Thor says, "We've had this argument before brother but I think you severely underestimate the champions of this realm. But I am tempted to wager you as a way to demonstrate to you how difficult it really is rather than argue it…without making it a severe mistake….they have seen me and know my might..some know of your power….ignoring things that might incite a war…what kind of 'demonstration' are you proposing?"

"Most of those champions, brother, are about to be either detained or controlled because of their abilities," Loki grins some at that. "Or have you not been paying attention to the news?" Not that he has, particularly, but this is proving useful. "Well, it's silly to do any sort of demonstration unless you plan on taking some sort of leadership position. Although, if you are concerned about these Russians, surely destroying them before they can do too much with the Obelisk would show that you are not merely a rescuer of kittens."

Thor says, "I think these sentinels will be blown to bits myself. And how many kryptonians could we counter? Any asgardian could easily hold off a dozen Midguardians…but the kryptonians? The atlanteans? The Thymascurians? I do plan on dealing with the Russians, but your own ill opinion of them proves it far better if they don't know about the Obelisk…still…you have given me pause to …rethink…some things. Let me mull over ideas that would prove which of us is most right about this in a manner well suited toward your genius at…." he waves his hands trying to think of a word that isn't insulting…"the kind of thing that could prove a point with out necessarily having it tied to Asgard should we not wish it."

Loki crouches down to scritch at the kitten even has he offers, "And when those Sentinels are destroyed by the very people they are trying to surpress, do you think that will stop them? Or do you think it will show them just how dangerous these people really -can- be and they must do more to keep them contained? I have seen only two Atlanteans…Know of only one Kryptonian, and one from Themyscira. Are you saying, brother, that these few people are stronger and better fighters than all of our people on Asgard and our allied realms?"

Thor says, "I am saying that the Themyscirans and the Atlanteans have reinforcements and numbers…THEY are not midgardian and if we launched into New York and took it, what would THEY do? I am well versed in Midgardian capacities, but not so much of these other realms. I think seeing what they could do would make you reconsider taking them so lightly….they ARE a threat, but not all threats are dealt with under a hammer."

Loki gives a chuckle, "Do you really think they would care? If they are so strong and if they cared so much, -they- would be the ones ruling Midgard right now. They would be assisting those being attacked by the threat of these Sentinels."
Thor shakes his head,"Reluctance to fight does not mean they won't. Let me consider how we might prove it without risk to Asgard…or any loss of life at all. For now, I must be about my patrols…Do you desire the kitten or shall I give her to another?

"Think on it, brother. Take a look around at this realm you've sword to protect…and what they could do our home if they truly chose to invade it." It seems to be one of Loki's favorite games: Confuse Thor. When the kitten is mentioned, he shrugs and scoops it up, "I'm sure my hostess' cat will enjoy having company. For now."

Thor nods,"I shall think on it indeed. Until later brother." He nods and flies upward deep in thought.

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