Bone Wolf In The Deadzone

July 16, 2015:

Something tries the wards on the deadzone… a group of heroes respond

Odessa - Delaware


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There's a very small town called Odessa that now happens to reside within the Deadzone. The town, if the data can be believed, had a population of less than 400. Had, potentially it doesn't anymore.

What's the Deadzone? It used to be a hundred square mile area of Delaware… now, it's a blight, a blight introduced when Master Darque made his play for godhood. Now, it's a fusing of the lands of the undead and the /real/ world. It's from somewhere near to Odessa that the feeling of a magical push from the inside can be felt. A feeling so great, that magic users or those magically inclined will find hard to ignore. More importantly, it's a push that filled with dark energy.

As a member of SHIELD's new supernatural branch - WAND - Sara has a vested interest in keeping tabs on everything that's been going on around Metropolis. She's not convinced that dealing with someone who basically eats magic by throwing magic at him is ideal, but she's also not one to let this sort of attack be. Nor does the Witchblade care much for it. So in the interest of being able to sleep at night without nightmares, she's at work.

"Command, this is Pezzini," she says as she gets closer to the border. "I'm picking up some activity inside the Deadzone. Heading in to see if I can pick up anything useful."

Hax is drawn by the dark energy surrounding the area. Having not partaken in the in the events leading up to its sudden transformation, Hax arrives with AI simply aghast at all the destruction and twisted earth he sees.

"What are you reading AI?"

The little orange ball's iris lense focuses on the earth, "As you feared, creator. Dark energy used to power a very strong death magic spell."

The runic mage's face looks grim. Hax takes his glasses off and rubs his eyes (it's been a long day). He looks back at the destruction. "So this is what he's capable of."

AI float back over to Hax "It would be so, creator. I doubt this is the last place like this we will see from Darque."

Hax visibly looks angry when AI says that. "No. He's not doing this again" Hax fixes his glasses back on his nose "not while I'm here."

Kara had added the Deadzone to her patrol area after its creation, so the strange sensation of dark magic doesn't go unnoticed by her as the Ley Pendulum alerts her to it. She frowns a little as she flies towards the source, wondering what it could be.

Why is Colossus here? He got a phone call!

Certainly no one would say that he's magically inclined. In truth, he always appeared the more brutish barbarian of any commonly structure fantasy narrative, all big limbs and bigger shoulders. He's in a car as well, an old beat up pickup truck that he rented, stepping out of the old groaning bear and closes the door. He squints, frowns, and then reopens the door only to slam it closed. "Old busted piece of shit." He grumbles as he turns toward the Deadlands, both brows going up. "Cjhort…. what is this?"

She feels it sure enough and has come in response. A woman of dark and ethereal beauty. She draws the eye and holds it without even trying. Pale skin and long black hair that flows down her back in waves. Clad in a silken gown of the scarlet, rubies and diamonds adorn the band that keeps her hair from her face and slippers of the same color and material cover her feet.Twin daggers are belted at her hips, her wrists and ankles.

She heads for the center of the disturbance and her expression is a thing of terrible beauty and anger. Amber eyes are turning as the sun fades, turning to a solid shade of black that somehow still sees all. She was born of the darkness and walks freely the realms of the dead. The night is her domain and she will not stand for others to use this power in such a way. They have called and the Dark Lady has come.

Zee arrives just beside Colossus with a soft 'pop' sound and smiles up at the man as he swears that the car "You came, thankyou. Sorry I couldn't give you a lift, was dealing with something else when I felt this." The teen mage has certainly been kept busy lately.

«Primal Force, This is Zee. Somethings stirring in the Deadzone, near Odessa. Come to me if you can.»

The message sent out via the Leylines, Zee also let's the Titans know. Peering around, Zee assesses the situation. It's certain that Hax and Kaeri will have felt her arrival, and possibly recognised who she was. She's certainly not tapped out today. "Be careful, Colossus" Zee uses Piotrs codename "this is dangerous stuff. I can protect you from magic, but I'm not much good in a physical fight." In other words - she'll use him as a shield.

At the edge of the Deadzone, the feeling of menance increases… there's something trying to break through the wards that the mages have set on the place.

Kaeira will see the souls, the souls of the inhabitants of the town. All of them, none were left alive - Men, Women and Children float in the miasma.

« This is Sara, already on the scene, » Sara says over the pendulums, letting the armor of the Witchblade grow to a full protective suit before she steps into the zone itself. She doesn't use the pendulum beyond that, reluctant to engage in anything magical more than strictly necessary. She even tries to keep from touching anything she doesn't have to, stepping carefully as she moves toward the others.

Hax notices Zees magical presence but does not smile this time (Can't be distracted right now. Must work.) He also notices the presence of another magic user although it feels… old and powerful. He would of thought the wolf was here but it's clearly not that kind of presence. AI continues to analyze the magical essence infused with the earth. Suddendly AI's lense perks up. "Creator, I am detecting a magical disturbance within the zone."

Hax frowns; he wasn't looking for a fight but info. Maybe this will be good anyway. "AI continue to analyze the magical essense in this area. I want to know more about Darque particular brand of magic."

AI chimes "Right away, creator" and zips to and fro analyzing the ruins and destruction.

Hax looks towards where the disturbance is forming, "Time to check this out" and he walks on over readying his hot-keys for a fight.

«This is Kara, I'm here also.» At present Supergirl was flying over top of the town of Odessa, circling it as she tried to get a bird's eye view of what was going on from above.

Colossus slaps a fist to his broad chest. He smiles down at Zatanna, "Is good that I am useless for anything else, other than maybe moving couches." He looks forward to the deadzone until he catches a sight of metal, and a woman whose attire is downright warmongering. "Whoa, is she on your team too?" Colossus armor is way shinier, at least, but less spiky gothic. Then his gaze cranked up to the boom of Super-Girl, before finally the unearthly spectre floats past with a visage both terrifying and enchanting. "Quite the team up you have. Hope is something we can handle." Sorry Hax, he's sure you're impressive too and will say later but you're not a flying girl in a skirt, a woman in battle armor, or someone who looks like they shouldn't even /be/ a real person.

Kaeira is armored only in silken dressing gown but she seems unworried. Angry still, and that is a terrifying sight as her eyes turn to pools of darkness. Her face softens and those strange eyes move to look at things the others may not be able to see. "So many. So many children. I must help them to go on. The adults will be harder. They will want vengeance or to say goodbye, to understand what has happened here."

"First though we must deal with what comes. Whatever happens, do not touch my blood. You mustn't. Not even you, sir knight with your metal guise." She looks up at Colossus. Her blood would harm even him most likely. She falls into place near Zee. She doesn't know the Homi Magi yet but they have met and she is strong. Kaeira will follow her lead for now.

"Don't say that, Colossus" Zee admonishes her big friend and looks around as Kara and Sara report in. «Joining you.» Zee sends to the two women as she paces beside Piotr "Thank you. I like to work with a team. And those women are awesome."

Detecting Hax, Zee frowns and sighs "There's another mage on location. Kind of… non-descript" she was going to say goofy, but thought better of it "If you see him, let me know? He's likely to stammer a lot when he sees me." She's still not entirely sure why. Nodding to the woman who joins them, Zee gives a small tight smile "I'm Zee, we didn't get the chance to exchange pleasantries the other day. And this… is Colossus, Agent Pezinni and Supergirl." Ever polite is the teen mage.

Now the group is together, Sara, Zee, Kaeri, Kara and Colossus. The souls of those lost swirl around them, obscuring the view for those who can actually see them. Kaeira may want to move the children on before they do this.

As the group moves further into the zone, they can see the outlines of the buildings of the town, now deserted. All of a sudden a shriek rends the air and the dark energy swirls around the group.

"Spread out" Zee murmurs "Kara, there's magic, be careful."

Zee's use of 'agent' gets her so many points in Sara's book. As she comes up to the others, she looks critically across the group, marking new faces. "Any thoughts on what we're dealing with here, Zee?" she asks, tensing at the sound of the shriek. "Nothing good, then," she sighs. Along with the tension of the place, there's another sort of conflict internal to the agent. She doesn't want to use anything that might count as magic here - including the Witchblade - but the blade itself is hungry for battle with this unnatural place. As will and blade struggle, the armor shifts ever so slightly, hard to pinpoint with the eye.

Hax feels the energy coursing over him from the hellish shriek. He sent AI to analyze the magical essence of the area so he's going into this blind. He notices a small group of individuals near the shriek's point of origin; not only that but Hax can see and feel the energy building around the group.

"Can't have that" Hax opens his magic interface (a 35x40 inch magic, holographic screen with a keyboard that has instead of letters runic marks) and brings up a pre-written "dispell magic" spell and executes the magic-code, directing the spell towards the swirling energy around the group.

"Eat crow whatever you are. I have more important things to do."

While she's accustomed to being called out for a mission randomly, Agent May knows that the mess people are calling the Deadzone is particularly bad. She got the pendulum message from Zatanna, and while she was gathering her WAND-issue gear she heard the acknowledgements of the others. Great. She's gonna be the one late to the party. But, that is what comes with being the most mundane of the Pendulum-bearers.

Appearing at the ley line nearest Zee's last location and still outside of the deadzone, May gets her bearings, pulls a chain whip from a pocket in her tactical gear, and starts into the deadzone after the others. The shriek spurs her to start running toward the rest of the group. «Z. May. ETA one minute.»

Colossus presses forward as they all do, taking a forward posture ahead of the group. He's the tank, you guys are the dps… and maybe Hax is the healer? He hopes that Hax is the healer, as Piotr finally takes his metal form, but only after removing his own shirt and jacket. /Still/ needs a gosh darned suit. Hold your breath, ladies? Maybe Hax too, depending? Alternate versions with alternate tastes. He grows in height and mass, squinting against the whirling spirits and slowly extending his left arm at the shriek. "I can't see a thing!"

He looks briefly to Zee, and the rest of the Magic Crew, "Is there something coming? How do we fight spirits? We did not bring ghostbuster gear… did we?"

The Dark Lady would be more interested in some of this group were the situation not so dire. The Witchblade for instance. The one using technology and magic together. She's focused on the situation at hand though. "Do not fight them. They are only lost. I will handle this. This is my domain and I will not let another tresspass and abuse." She looks at each person in turn and then nods. "I am not with the one who has done this. I cannot help what I am but I choose how I live and I will stand against Darque and his minions all."Kaeira draws one of the slim daggers on her hips and slices her finger open. They will see now if anyone watches why she warned against touching her blood for the metal sizzles and melts where liquid meets metal.

She traces arcane symbols across the top half of her chest left exposed by the gown and the spirits begin to move back. Kaeira makes two more shallow cuts on her finger and heads into the gathering mass of spirits, pushing them back and murmuring softly. Each time she comes a across a child she stops and briefly touches her bloody finger to the souls small forehead. A few more words and the child's spirit goes to it's rest. She is freeing them but whatever is here may notice and if it hasn't realized they are there just yet, it will soon.

«May, just inside the perimeter. There's something coming at us, come in hot.» What? Zee might be learning some lingo, even if she uses it incorrectly at times.

"Agent May is here, she'll be with us presently." Zee murmurs to the group. Glancing at Sara's question, the young mage shakes her head "Last visit it was a bone serpent. Whatever is coming through, Sara, it's not good."

"Colossus, don't fight the spirits, they need to pass on. You'll have something to smash soon, be rea…"

The scream continues and there's a rumbling of the ground under the groups feet, and a group of rather large Zombies come boiling out of the town. It's impossible to count them, the group is hampered by the miasma and they're coming to fast. However, it's not these that are the cause of the scream.

Hax's dispell magic construct flares as it hits the swirling energy and he'll feel the push back against his spell… He now finds himself on the end of a necromantic attack, it beats down on him, trying to steal his life. Oh yeah, he might want to be careful about directing a dispell magic spell around Zee…

"Bone serpent?" Sara echoes, giving Zee a long look. "Great. Sounds…great." Kaeira's blood magic raises her hackles, more barbs and spikes forming at her shoulders and joints as the Witchblade takes advantage of Sara's discomfort to bulk up as it would like to. "Oh sure. Or zombies. That could work, too." As the horde comes toward them, a pair of blades appear in her hands - short, wide and curved - as she braces herself for the onslaught.

Hax is breathless as the energy of life continues to be siphoned from his body. "CREATOR!" AI zips in from out of the sky and intercepts the energy stream. The flow of energy becomes disrupted allowing Hax to back away from the attack. AI absorbs the energy attack and disintigrates. "Thanks buddy." Hax catches his breath and looks back at the wave of zombies. "I hate this place." Hax re-opens his interface and begins to write some kind of fire spell.

Kara flies in from above with glowing red eyes and fires her eye lasers into a group of zombies before flying back out again through the miasma and up into the clouds. For the most part, she was keeping her distance; far far away.

Melinda May arrives, not immediately attacking the surrounding ghosts after hearing Zee's words to the others. Instead she studies Colossus for about two seconds before pulling a ziploc bag from an inside pocket on her jacket (who wears jackets in SUMMER?) and offers it to the tall metallic-skinned man. "This might help. Fast, we have incoming."

And then May's drawn an automatic pistol from the holster to pop off two quick shots at the quickly approaching hoarde. No, it doesn't make a dent, but two less to have to keep at bay is still two less. She doesn't bother with more than that, putting the sidearm away again as well as the chain whip to brandish a pair of small swords from where their paired scabbard is strapped to her back overtop of her jacket. "Pezzini. I'll stay with Zee." She's just given the armored woman free rein to go to town on the zombies, not that the bearer of the Witchblade really needed it.

Colossus ohs at Zantanna. That makes sense. It is also a relief. How do you fight ghosts after all without ghostfighting gear?

The big russian looks back as zombies pull themselves from soft soil, clawing desperately, a shambling armies of body parts. A quick mental checklist is made, judging /ALL/ the books by /all/ their covers. There's Sara Witch, which by the way, happens to have swords and body armor. There's Supergirl high in the sky and everyone knows what a Kryptonian can do in a scrap. That leaves Hax and Zantanna, the technomancer and the tophatomancer, both who can do their best work when not dealing with the thrash.

The Russian cracks his metal knuckles, "I will be covering the mages, Blades, feel free to cut loose." He looks down at her with a hopeful smile, "Get it?"

Colossus looks sadly at May as she takes command of bodyguard duty. "Oh. Okay." Then he takes a step forward to intercept the crowd instead.

"Wait." Kaeira cannot command these undead, their souls are gone, its something else animating their bodies. She also doesn't need to take the time to write out the simplest of spells in with her blood, not when it comes to something as basic as this. She drops the ruined dagger in her hand and draws a second, this time she slashes from elbow to wrist on both arms. Her gown sizzles and melts wherever the blood touches. The Dark Lady holds her arms and hands up, blood welling and running down pale skin and she *Shoves* forward and the Zombies in front of them go flying backwards as if hit by some sort of explosive force. They were actually. Raw power pushed into them with great violence. Not really a spell at all and rather effective. It should be easier for the others to dismember them now. The ones who haven't been already.

"It so wasn't" Zee responds to Sara dryly as the Zombies start to bear down on them. Taking a position behind Colossus and then May, Zee lets the others have at the Zombies… It's the scream that's drawing her attention. "May, something big this way comes" she murmurs "Be ready." Finally the teen mage starts to draw power, letting it build till her eyes glow making the blue seem just so much bluer and releases a spell

~~ gninghtiL nruB ehT seibmoZ ~~

Directing her magic to those that have been downed by Kaeira first, Zee's going to make sure they don't get up again.

Kara's eyebeaming, Kaeira's blood magic (if that's what it is) account for approximately half of the Zombies… the rest bear down on Sara, Colossus and May.

The screaming grows louder, and from the outskirts of the town, a massive bone wolf come thundering down towards the group.

Lightning arcs in response to Zees spell and the downed Zombies disintegrate into a puff of smoke… That leaves about a dozen for the group to deal with and that rather large bone wolf….

Blades in hand, Sara lets the Witchblade loose as she dives into the fray. She's been practicing, and between that and the knowledge inherent in the blade, she moves through the horde like a hot knife through butter. Her elbow eviscerates one, while a whip-like tendril of the blade wraps around another that tries to come at her from behind, holding it until she can turn with a blade and remove its head.

Hax now having finishes his spell realizes Zee has already obliterated half of them. Nonetheless he hears the shriek of the bone wolf and turns the spell towards it. Upon execution a prismatic crystals materialize between the group and the wolf. The crystals glow with red arcane power and begin to fire beams of, well, fire at the oncoming wolf.

Melinda May doesn't advance into the fray the way the others do, staying close enough to Zatanna to slice 'n' dice any zombies that get too close to the spellcaster. She sees the bone wolf and addresses the others still fighting. "Inbound!" Of course the sudden appearance of defensive crystals trying to hold the wolf back is a good thing, and if he's not already at least within arm's reach of Zee, she reaches over to pull the mystical computer geek closer. Easier to protect them both if they're closer together.

Colossus takes the bag from May, thinking at first to ask her about the content. Yet, hmm, she does seem like one that should be trusted without complaint. He eyes the bag for a heartbeat longer before pouring the liquid upon his fist, clenching them together as he turns toward the Zombies. The first wave is blown up, lasered down, and in general suffered the fate of mass infantry when charging very safe artillery; body parts flying to the tunes of explosions. The Russian charges forward after Sara, a step slower, but each footfall coming down like thunder. He lacks her grace and finesse but makes up for it by lowering his shoulder and throwing every bit of his weight and power into a charging tackle that has him spearing into the mass of undead. His fist catch rotted skin a-fire, and he smiles a cool metallic grin. Hey, the woman /did/ know what she was talking about.

Kaeira's face is mask of anger and dark beauty as she strides forward. The souls are pushed back by the power of the symbols written on her chest. The zombies refuse to touch her, even being outside her control. The Dark Lady walks the realms of the dead without worry and here one has mixed with the living. They cannot harm her. The only danger she faces is losing to much blood and that is always a danger for one such as her. It's darker now. Dark enough to call upon the shadows and so she does. Her hands are covered in the dark, nearly black substance and she points at the darkness and then the wolf, her rage at what was wrought here lending her more strength. Shadowy limbs and tendrils reach for the bones of the wolf monster charging towards them. Not seeking to trip or bind but to rip apart. Kaeira's arms and hands move to guide the shadows, She looks for all the world a blood soaked puppeteer with pale skin and black orbs for eyes.

"Hax. It's powered by a necromancer." Zee's searching, seeking for the connection to the thing controlling it "We're in their domain though…" a domain where Darque has declared himself a god. She's not going to go head to head with them… just yet anyway. "If it's like the last thing we encountered here, the best we're going to do is stop the construct." But first there are the remains of the Zombies to deal with, they don't want them getting back up. Zee calls lightning one more time to clear those remants away.

"May" Zee murmurs "We're not going to stop the necromancer today. Stop the Wolf and we need to get the rest out of here." The raven haired mage sounds worried.

The magically inclined will sense the feeling of something evil behind the massive bone wolf, there's definitely something animating it and pushing it at the wards…. and the power is getting closer.

The Witchblade, Colossus' oiled fists, Mays blade all do their job. This wave of Zombies are down and out, the final threat removed with Zee's lightning strike.

Hax's crystals slow the bone Wolf, but don't stop it's flight, Kaeira's puppetry has some effect but still it's not quite enough…

Surrounded by a pile of zombie re-corpses, Sara turns to face the next threat, the blades in her hands disappearing back into the armor. The wolf. And the darkness behind it. "I am sick," she growls, "Of these damned, dark, giant, everythings!" And then she raises a hand, a beam of bright white balefire firing from the palm toward the bone wolf. Apparently the Witchblade shares her sentiment.

May's hand grabs air (he's not THAT close to the group), but Hax does see the urgency to get away from the wolf. Turning to the group "Town". Without another word the mage unleashes five hot keys and blinding lights and force walls manifest between the group and the wolf. "Run!" and Hax begins a steady retreat keeping the walls up.

Melinda May nods to Zee. "Get ready to run, people." She scoops up the discarded oil container that Colossus left behind and stabs it near the closure with a throwing knife then throws it at the bone wolf. Hopefully, the oil will ignite with Sara's balefire and add insult to injury. "Move!" She's not going to let Hax's protective spell-things go to waste, and no one is staying here. You too, Bloody Mary.

Colossus squares off against the giant bone wolf, glistening fists lifted in an orthodox boxing stance. Internally, he's measuring his chances. Then allies are calling for the retreat as Sara's lance of white energy pierces the abomination. He lowers his hands, turns, and without asking permission from his fellow recruited soldier, get handsy. In particular that means that unless Sara is very quick, she's swept right up in his about face and flung over a shoulder. "Is time to be going!"

He's not picking up Bloody Mary because she said don't touch her. He's respectful of a lady's wishes. Sara /did/ not give that caveat so she's getting the ride instead. Also, despite her much-spiked armor and revealed skill with her blades, she's a heartbeat less scary than a giant bone wolf and a lady whose blood is literally shadows.

If Kaeira had noticed that moniker she might have taken offence. Or she might have laughed. She does hear the shouts about leaving but she isn't ready just yet. She wants that necromancer. Badly. failing that then she is going to take away his toy if she can. Moving outside Hax's protections Kaeira smears the symbols on her chest and allows the wandering souls to see her again. She hasn't a circle, can't bind them all any way but she knows what they want and she can direct them. "There. That is the plaything of the instrument of your demise. Tear it apart and go to your rest knowing you have helped stop this madness!" They weren't a danger to the others, not uncfocused and wandering and conffused, hurt, frightened. Given direction though, in a land where they wander naturally, against a foe with like powers…its entirely possible the lost souls will do just what she asked. Kaeira then turns and joins the others. Her silken gown is in ruins and tatters fall away as she moves. Wherever her blood touches, the grass burns to ash, marks sizzle into rocks. It kills and corrupts whatever it touches for that is the nature of the power within it. Not blood magic persay, but death magic.

Sara's balefire combined with Mays thrown bag of oil causes the bone Wolf to erupt in flames, slowing it, but not stopping it. Hax's force walls slow creature even more and Kaeira's directed souls do the rest of the work, rending the construct and pulling it to pieces.

Seeing Colossus start to pick up Sara, Zee's eyes widen in surprise causing her to pause momentarily before turning and heading back to the perimeter. Eyes glowing as she runs, the raven haired mage murmurs a spell and the group she's with will see a gap in the wards where they can all slip through.

Stopping just before the perimeter, Zee waits for the group to pass. She'll go last this time and seal the wards behind her. It was probably time to recharge them anyway.

What Sara says when she gets picked up isn't really fit to be repeated in polite company. Maybe Colossus is the only person in history who didn't learn swear words first when he picked up a foreign language and won't understand what she said. It could happen.

Sara's practical enough, though, not to actually lash out at him, especially as she sees the creature start to fall apart under their combined assault. Demanding to be set down at this point would take longer to get out then letting him run.

Of course, once she is down, then comes the armored right hook aimed at the jaw.

Hax begins to move towards the town. All the while using his remaining hot-keys to lay elemental traps on the ground for the wolf to run into.

Melinda May turns to run after adding the bag of holy oil to the mix, and at how SLOWLY Hax is moving, she frowns. Openly frowns. And then she's snagging the HexHacker(?) by one arm and drags him after the rest of them, forcing him to move faster. Zee is holding their exit, and she's not going to put the young woman at risk because Geeky McPotter here is moseying.

Klunk! It was a really good right hook. Colossus set Sara down, an apology smashed right back into his mouth by the stiff right. He frowns against the knuckles, staring at her for a second before giving a nod of understanding. "Next time picking up the other lady." He smiles, holding up his left hand. "Sorry, you just seemed like you might not have heard the order. Dad always said a lady will let you know when she wants to be touched." It's strange seeing the giant apologizing to the furious Witchblade but there it is. He looks to Zantanna as well, "That was no master of the yard. It was dog on a chain. Who controlled such abomi—" He pauses as Kaeria floats in next to him, slowly shuffling. Behind Zee. "Hi. Good work, da…"

"Everyone real good job…"

Kaeira seems unbothered by the fact she's clad only in her own blood and her remaining daggers now. This is a thing that happens often. She gives the falling bone wolf a satisfied look and turns to the others. She doesn't disagree with the statement but oh how she wants to go for that necromancer. Kaeira isn't stupid though, she'd never have survived so long if she were. So she sighs and nods. "I will come back tomorrow night and send more on their way. The ones that I can. Thank you all. And thank you further for not assuming me one of the enemy." Another thing that happens often.

Stepping through the opening last, Zee focusses on closing the ward behind her. It takes a few moments and she channels a lot of power into it. Nothing is going to come through for awhile.

It's the 'thunk' of Sara's witchblade hitting Piotr that finally gets her attention and she turns. "Necromancers, Piotr. We were in a place where the lands of the undead and our world melded…" Zee explains "The necromancers hold sway there for the moment. The best we can do is thwart their attempts until we can work out how to turn it all back."

Checking everyone over, Zee offers a wan smile "Thank you, for your help. Are you all ok?" Kaeira gets a strange look "Be mindful of the wards….. " Zee still doesn't know her name!

Sara Pezzini gives Colossus a long look at his response, but settles for a nod afterwards. At least he learns. "Don't do it again," she says simply, the Witchblade fading away to reveal the basic black suit that passes for a uniform for a SHIELD agent, armor retracting until it's nothing more than a bracelet. "I've got to go get this logged for the brains," she says, stepping back. "Zee, always a pleasure." Colossus got his goodbye punch. And Kaeira…well, probably best Sara doesn't think too hard on that.

Hax ignores May's life-saving rudeness and is simply engrossed in the data AI obtained from the earth readings. He doesn't seem to be paying any attention to the fact that there is the next best thing to a naked woman near him and also the teen heart-stopping mage. It's rare for him to be like this. Whatever he has obtained from the readings it must be interesting. "I have more work to do" and Hax disappears via his teleport spell (maybe it worked this time… or maybe he's arrived at his location covered in honey with angry/hungry bears about to maul him. Stranger things have happened)

Melinda May has just turned to scold Geeky McPotter when he absently takes his leave. Well then. "Remind me to put a tracker on that one." She then looks at the departing Pezzini then to the two newcomers. Colossus gets a nod when Zee introduces him, and Kaeira simply an evaluating look before she looks at Zatanna and tilts her head slightly toward the currently undressed young woman. If she'd known there would be risk of clothing loss, she'd have brought the FULL emergency gear which includes at least once change of clothes.

Colossus kneels and unzips the bag he stored his hoodie in, sighs, and turns to Kaeira. "Thought you might like this… y'know, uh, don't worry about returning it anytime soon. Your own time." He finally shrinks back to his own regular size as he pulls his shirt back over his head, sliding arms back through and smoothing it down with a hand. "Uh, I'll be in bu… Truck. I'll be in my truck."

Kaeira takes it and puts it on but the places where blood isn't dry sizzle and burn the fabric. She frowns. Oh dear. She'd spilt alot tonight. "I will um.. I will replace this. I will." She smile shyly but doesn't meet anyones eyes. It helps keep from accidently entrancing them. Though at night when her eyes are likes this usually it only works on those who are already twisted in some way and not frightened or weirded out by her. "Thank you." "All of you. I am Kaeira Duvessa. The Dark Lady."

Waving as Sara leaves, scowling after Hax's disappearance, Zee smiles as Piotr says he'll wait in the truck.

"Nice to meet you Kaeira" Zee nods to the woman "As I said earlier, I'm Zee." Glancing to May, Zee nods in Piotrs direction "I'm going to make sure he's ok before I go find Fenris. I want to do some investigation." The invitation is extended to May to join her.

With a sleight of hand, the teen mage produces a card that she hands to Kaeira "You can contact me anytime you like. Titans Public Office in New York can also get a call through to me." and with that she's off with a wave.

Melinda May offers Duvessa a small nod before turning to follow Zatanna. Clearly she needs to talk with the mage.

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