Nabisco Justice League Avengers Initiative of America

July 16, 2015:

Kate and Logan have a heart to heart about heroing

New York, New York

The City so nice they named it twice


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Kate Bishop leads an interesting life. On the one hand, there's meetings with so-called mutant terrorists. Then there's trying to help coordinate the JL:A with various government agencies looking into the strange events around Metropolis. Dragging a nigh-immortal knight of Camelot shopping. And all rounded out with an afternoon at the Eleanor Bishop Memorial Shelter teaching self-defence classes for the women who've taken shelter there.

Once it's done, she's made her way back into the city of New York, giving herself a few minutes to just think. Her walking and thinking has taken her near the borders of Mutant Town, where she pauses to buy a hot dog from a cart. In jeans and an oversized t-shirt, she looks less like Hawkeye. Though the quiver over her shoulders doesn't exactly blend in. Even here.

Blending, that's something Logan excels at. Which is impressive when you consider his unique hair style. But the man knows how to disappear into a crowd. Although he might be laying it on a bit thick to say he's been blending in with the residents of Mutant Town.

His jeans fit him well enough, a little loose on him, but with his physique, it's hard to find jeans that fit. Most people don't have his kind of musculature. The plain white t-shirt is a better fit, tight across the chest, but hidden by the brown and yellow leather jacket. It's left unopened, baring his chest, but hiding his sides.

Spotting the quiver, he breaks from the crowd and makes his way behind the archer. He knows that scent. He never forgets a scent. But where does he know her from. And then it comes to him, Morocco. "Been a while," he begins, and offers a firm hand to the girl. He doesn't believe he ever got a name, so he offers up, "Logan."

Kate turns at the greeting, hot dog already halfway to her mouth. There's a brief, awkward moment as she tries to decide if she should finish the bite first, but she ends up lowering it instead, smile rueful as she takes the offered hand. "Hey," she greets, head tilting a bit. "Long time no see. Better circumstances, too. Kate," she adds, smile broadening. Given that she pretty much came off as the plucky intern for the trip to Morocco, it's easy enough to imagine her name didn't make it across.

She pauses, concern flickering across her features as she looks around. "It is better circumstances, right?"

While his head doesn't move, the flick of his eyes towards the hellish nightmare suggests that 'better' is a relative term, "I've seen worse." He eyes the hot dog for a moment, then thinks against it. He prefers food, hearty food, preferably something he killed himself.

"You expectin' to need that?" And his eyes dart towards the quiver. For a moment, he wonders if she has some kind of retractable bow in there too. Or does she just hurl them. There are all types. "How's that Avengers Initiative thing of yours going?" He tries to keep informed, but he's still not sold on the Justice League.

"Every time I leave it in the trunk, I end up needing it. You know, like an umbrella," Kate smiles crookedly, taking a bite of her hot dog. There's all sorts of things in that quiver. There's a bow clipped to one side, and an honest to goodness sword on the other. "They changed it up, actually," she adds on the subject of the Avengers. "Instead of S.H.I.E.L.D. starting up their own Avengers Initiative, they decided to join forces with the Justice League. Which has… had some growing pains. And then things happened. And now Congress is trying to demand Wonder Woman and Captain America step down, and that we cease operations, and…" She stops, taking a deep breath. "So, you know. Keeping busy. You?"

Fortunately for Logan, he carries his weapons with him. They're part of him. He can't forget them. They're just one snikt away. "I know how that goes, dealing with government bureaucrats." Logan worked for the government. His government. Her government. And a few other governments for good measure.

The best of them, Alpha Flight, was good for a time, but it didn't last. Oh, who is he kidding. He knows exactly why it didn't last, and it had nothing to do with government oversight. He wonders where she is right now.

He has to wake himself from the reverie, "so, what's it going to take to settle that down?"

"Either a whole lot of lawyers and lobbying, or a miracle. Though a whole lot of lawyers and lobbying working for a good purpose probably counts as a miracle." Kate takes another bite of her hot dog, eating much more quickly than the average young woman. Then again, she has to fit it in when she can. "And that's gone into this whole registration thing, too. Which is one thing if you're someone who's decided to just stick their nose into fighting crime. It's another when you're born different."

"Can't do much on the first one. Maybe I can help on the second." He has a habit of being a bit of a miracle worker. Impossible situation? Call the Wolverine? No-win scenario? He'll find a way. It's who he is. It's what he does. It's just not very nice. But he's the best at it.

"I ain't bothered too much about that registration thing. I wear a mask, sometimes, but it's more for tradition than concealing my identity." Anyone who cares knows who he is, and chances are, they know as much about his past as he does. "Mutant or meta, both sides make good points." Ideally, he'd like to stay out of it if he could.

"Well I'm not one to turn down help," Kate smiles crookedly, taking a look around the neighbourhood. "Not when it's about a whole lot of people and the lives they should have. It'd be good if I had something more useful to tell you about how to help, but…Well. Cyclops seems to have a few ideas, if he ever gets out of holding." She grimaces, shaking her head. "As if that isn't ridiculous enough, to add to it."

Raising the issue of Cyclops incarceration brings a smile to Logan's lips, more of a smirk really, but definitely a positive reaction. He finds it amusing. Part of him's enjoying it, if for no other reason that the absurdity of it. "Cyke's a good man." And almost before he gets that out, he moves forward, hand gesturing, "you tell him I said that, and you'll regret it… the boy scout shouldn't be locked up, nor his kid."

Kid, like a nail in a coffin, that one hurts. And yet, Rachel seems to show no influence of Cyclops. She seems far more like Logan, or so Logan thought. Reaching up to scratch his stubble, "but I mean it. If the Nabisco Justice League Avengers Initiative of America, or whatever the hell they're calling themselves, need a hand, I'll be there." He might as well. He seems to have joined every other team.

Kate Bishop snorts back a laugh. "Nabisco League," she echoes. "Pretty much. That's how I feel trying to say the whole thing. But…" She reaches into her pocket, pulling out a business card to offer it over. "If you're ever looking to get in touch, you can reach me here. I'm pretty good at answering. Unless I'm in the middle of… things. You know."

"Too many names. I like 'em short and simple. The best ones aren't even widely known. When people talk about Chinese Intelligence, they say China, or Beijing, nobody ever says they have to talk to the Ministry of State Security, or the long form, Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China."

Logan used to work for organisations that barely have names. Hell, most people don't even know the X in Weapon X is a roman numeral. But he takes the card, sliding it into his pocket, nice and secure. No chance of losing it there.

He'd give her a card, if he had one. People just seem to know how to find him. It's damn infuriating at times. Someone must have placed a tracker in him during one of the operations. That's gotta be it.

"I pretty much boil it down to the League," Kate admits, smile flickering before she downs the last of the hot dog. "And even that usually sounds more pretentious than it really ought to. But it's making a difference," she adds, chin rising stubbornly. "Giving other people something to look to. Starting something. We may not be perfect. We may not have all the kinks worked out. But we're making things easier for the next people. Or at least we're trying to."

Getting a little philosophical, Logan says, "Whether you're with the league or all alone, everyone makes a difference. Some are good, some are bad, most are like me. A single action can becomes like a pebble in the ocean. Give it enough time, and the ripples will cross that ocean." Maybe he's been watching too much of David Carradine's Kung Fu. He looks like he'd be a fan. It's a Western, and an Eastern, and that sums Logan up nicely.

Walking along with her, he takes a moment to study the girl. "I'm guessing you get by on skill and attitude. You made a choice to do this. Some of us have been taught that it's our responsibility to use what we've been given to help people. But you weren't given it. You made it. It's all you, Kate." He admires her for that.

"That's… pretty much it, yeah," Kate laughs, one hand in her pocket as she walks. "Skill and attitude. And friends. The last part took some time to really figure out how important it was, but it turns out it makes a hell of a difference in the big picture." She sobers a bit, silent for a few steps. "Hard too, though. Scary sometimes. No powers means I'm always in over my head. And yeah, it's a thrill. But every now and then… it can get a little intimidating."

"Yer probably ahead of me on that last part. I'm still workin' on it." Yeah, Logan may fight alongside people, but how many friends does he really have? It's hard to make them when his guard is always up.

"Just remember what you're doing this for. It ain't for the thrill, or the fame. You do it because it's the decent thing to do. Nothing else matters." Like her, he takes on more than he really should be able to… shred. But when the cause is just and all that…

"So no one else ever has to go through it," Kate says quietly, the simple words more grim than the way she usually speaks. There are reasons she does what she does, and they're not all pretty. Before she can say anything else, though, there's a beeping from her pocket, and she pulls out her phone with a faint sigh. "And it sounds like they're trying to pull together an observation team for something weird going on in that dead zone," she says ruefully. "So I should get headed back to Metropolis. You should talk to Cyclops," she says as she turns down another street. "He could probably use another point of view."

While he is highly observant, Logan isn't exactly the first person that comes to mind when recruiting for an 'observation team'. And if Kate's being recruited, they must be desperate. He would have gone with her, to help, but she didn't ask, and he has a 'friend'. He probably should go see Cyclops. This may be the one and only time he'll ever get to see Scott behind bars, and that's got to be worth a look.

"Alright, hope it goes well, and if it doesn't… I'm sure you folks know how to find me." He even heard a rumour that they have their own space station. But that couldn't be true, could it? He offers her a brief smile, and turns, heading towards the Hall of Justice. "… I have to see a man about a dog."

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