Family fight

July 10, 2015:

Thea, Connor and Ollie get some fight training in.




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Thea Queenppl

Over the past few days when Connor wasn't being given other random chores to do around the club, Thea and him had been fixing up the old Arrowcave for the pair of them and training.

Now the Arrowcave was all cleaned up, as good as the pair would get it and hopefully soon it would be time to beat Ollie at his own game.

Dressed in a tank top and sweats, Thea was holding a pair of fighting sticks which she twirled in her hands as she stood opposite of Connor, "You ready?"

Connor stood very ready with a pair of kali-sticks, his eyes focused on his Aunt with a bit of curiosity, "The question is.. are you ready?" He offers a confident smirk, somehow managing to leave out any ego from the expression.

Connor was quite proficient in Kali-stick fighting, to say the least. It was a favored training weapon of his grandfather, and he knew it's sting well. Connor steps forward in a traditional fighting stance, his sticks being twirled about him like they were an extension of his arms.

Thea shrugged her shoulders and replied to Connor, "Not really, I don't think—-" Then she springs into action, lashing out with a rapid flurry of strikes attempting to his weak spots, "-you're ready!"

Connor was no rookie to hand-to-hand combat. Using a series of Kali-techniques, the ethnically diverse 'Arrow' side-steps and deflects the flurry. He's not showing off, yet. Connor knew plenty of defensive styles, so his tactic? Let her keep attacking! Waste that energy!

Thea notices what Connor is doing and she tosses one of the sticks at his forehead before slighting in low for a mortal kombat style gut punch, "Is that all you've got to show for seven years?"

"Actually, I was just evaluating your style, figuring out your attack cadence." When the stick is tossed at his forehead, the highly skilled combatant rips to the left, letting it clank across the ground helplessly. Distracting ones opponent, and allowing oneself not to be distracted was a vital lesson in Ninjutsu, and one he learned the hard way.. several times. For the first time in the fight, and directly after he parries to the left, he brings his off-hand down to batter the inner forearm of Thea, before bringing both sticks around in an attempt to strike her in the back. Now he was showing off, and he was quick. Though, should he land any of the body strikes, he would not attempt to injure.

Thea didn't even dodge the stick being brought down on her forearm, she took the hit like a champ and used the opportunity to grab Connor's arm and reverse his momentum as the other strike is taken and then toss him to the ground.

There were advantages to being highly tolerant to pain.

Connor is flung to the ground, where he rolls to his feet using his own momentum (that was used against him), to reposition himself. "Taking damage just to land your own attack. Impressive. Stupid, but impressive.."

Moving slowly, Connor sheds the two Kali-sticks, tossing them haplessly against the ground. Fighting with weapons was his handicap anyways. Stepping into a sturdy Hapkido stance, Connor awaits the next attack.

+MEET: Oliver Queen has arrived via +meet.

Thea recovered her other fighting stick before stepping back and shaking her head, "Seriously, it should be Ollie and I versus you." She didn't really like being called stupid but she wasn't going to give in to Connor's taunt.

"How do you think Ollie is going to want to fight anyways?" She doesn't press the attack and waits for an answer.

"It's been too long a day for stickfighting," Ollie replies. He's getting pretty good at answering questions people ask when they don't know he's there. "I could accidentally beat you both in an archery contest. Hand to hand seems the most fair and the least likely to leave permanent injuries."

He looks a bit haggard, but it's him. He's let himself in and has been watching, but for how long is anyone's guess. Today's shoes have been replaced by a worn t-shirt and linen pants that tie at the waist. "You two seem to be all warmed up," he observes. "Which one of you is losing less?"

"Judging by the way things were going, she was about to lose horribly.." He offers a playful wink to Auntie Dearest, "Let's all be glad we are not having an archery contest." Because he would lose against his father. Bad. Shifting away from Thea, Connor is now facing Oliver, "I've taken arrows, and I've taken bashings. I've found the injuries to be comparable at times." He never left that Hapkido stance. He's simply waiting.

"That's up for debate" Thea replies to both of them before flicking her bangs away from her face with a fighting stick, "but I was just suggesting it should be Connor versus you and I. He's good, like good enough to be Green Arrow good. You might have to retire soon."

"Good. At least I won't have to worry about him if he decides to keep putting himself in dangerous situations." Oliver doesn't have the right to be fatherly. You have to have been there while your kid was growing up before you have that right. Still. "Not as much, anyway," he qualifies.

He steps out of his shoes and raises an eyebrow. "So you've got your eye on my job, do you? Wishful thinking, kiddo." Ollie's being playful, but it's still a prod.

Connor, no doubt, would've continued to put himself in harms way, even if his father was concerned with his well being. You don't go through everything that he went through to sit on your laurels while the world burns around you. "Well good, because I'm going to be out there."

As he steps out of his shoes, Connor offers a light shrug, "I wouldn't go that far. But perhaps I can win my way into 'side-kick' status.." He offers jokingly.. but, kind serious too.

Side-kick? Thea was surprised at Connor's modesty, the young man had been out there being a hero on his own for this long. Some kids just really wanted approval from their parents.

"Ready to get schooled Ollie?" She winked playfully before teasing, "Unless you're too tired or not ready."

"I think I'll manage," Ollie replies wryly. He steps between the two of them and glances to one, then the other. He's been fighting for his life since the day he set foot on his father's yacht. He's understandably calm. "Well?" he queries, giving them both another look. "You guys coming or not?"

"If you insist.." Connor starts his assault just like his personality. Modest. Yet for every kick or punch he throws, his follow up maneuver is twice as quick, and twice as powerful, until Connor is a blur. Switching between several different styles, Connor is unpredictable. After a few fights with him, it's almost pointless to even try, since he absorbs other's techniques like a gelatinous cube.

Thea wasn't sure how to follow up on Connor's attack; it was impressive.

Without waiting she darted in towards Ollie from behind in an attempt to whack him on the back with the fighting sticks she was holding in a quick one-two motion.

When Connor approaches, Oliver raises an eyebrow and deflects blows with his lead arm. There's a whistling sound as one slips by and drives some of the breath ifrom his lungs.

Thea's attack is more difficult to manage. THWACK The first stick lands squarely. Only a desperate, instinctive dodge keeps him from getting hit twice.

He disengages and sizes them both up, this time a little more seriously. "Okay," he says, nodding. "Now it's my turn."

Without further ado, he pulls a compact stun gun from one of his pockets and a collapsible baton from the other. He winks, then advances on Connor. Each time a body part comes within range, he jabs at it and presses the tiny trigger on the stun gun. Meanwhile, he waves the baton behind himself to keep Thea at bay.

eConnor suddenly finds himself being held at bay by a stun gun. He backs up several meters, before nearly stumbling over one of the Kali sticks he had tossed aside earlier. The blonde-haired teenager inherited his fathers highly analytical thought process. Rolling the kali stick with his shoe, Connor suddenly flips it up on the edge of his toe like a hacky-sack, and 'kicks' the heavy wooden weapon towards Oliver's stun-gun with a little assistance from some concentrated chakra he had gathered at his feet.

Not missing a beat, Connor uses the momentum of the 'kick' to spin his body around, while rotating and lowering in an attempt to trip Connor with the exact same leg he had launched the stick with.

Huntress heads out to Old Gotham.

Thea was circling Ollie, waiting for an opening while Connor pressed the attack agressively. It was interesting watching the pair fight and she almost felt like she was barely needed with how good Connor seemed to be.

The flashy move gets a raised eyebrow from Oliver, but little more. He discards his baton and snags the stick out of the air, then takes the kick stoically on the outside of his thigh. "Nope," he says, shaking his head. "If you're willing to do that in a fight, you're either too good or too crazy for me to teach. Thea, at least you were smart enough to hit me from behind with the stick. Either way, this round is over."

It was meant to be a distraction after-all, but when Connor's tripping attack meets solid leg, he can't help but furrow his brow. Blinking at the 'Nope'.. he takes a step back. Tilting his head, he listens to his fathers explanation with a calm expression, sweat beaded at his eyebrow. Shrugging, Connor turns around, "Fair enough. Did expect you to anyways. I guess it's a good thing I wasn't asking you to teach me how to fight."

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