Sunglasses at Night

July 09, 2015:

Thea and Dario meet up at Verdant




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Even though last call is coming up, the club is still packed and the line-up is still down the street, unless you're a celebrity of some kind, than you're already on a blanket list of guests always on the list.

Dario Agger being a billionaire was on that list.

Thea is behind the bar, helping out a few of the bartenders with the final rush wearing a silver sequined mini-dress that probably cost as much as some people spent on a car.

After the announcement made earlier today, Dario is being hunted by the media for comment. All the places that he would normally be are currently being watches like a hawk for any attempt to grab a second of his time so instead of going where people would expect, he sends all of his security forces, the caravan of cars and a body double to his apartment so that the media thinks he is there. Then he takes a trip to visit someone he hopes to get to know very, very well.

He arrives late, just before closing entering just like many of her customers. He dosen't make a big deal about who he is however, he also doesn't give up his suit and sunglasses even though it's nighttime and business power suits really have in place in a club like this. He does put on a party tie that is a very festive blue color with red stripes instead of the traditional black or gray tie.

Skirting the crowd and trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible, Dario moves for the bar because on a day like today, he definitely needs a drink. Sliding into a seat like anyone else, he waits his turn to be served.

As the celebrity guest DJ (Yes even on a Wednesday Night) started approaching the final set for the night, balloons began to fall from the ceiling; some of them having prizes inside like VIP passes for a week or free drinks.

It serves the purpose of cutting the line to the bar down in half as people scramble from the bar to the dance floor.

Thea's eyebrows raise a little as Dario turns out to be the next customer, she waves the bartender off who was going to handle it and leans against the counter, a sardonic smirk crossing her lips, "I wouldn't have guessed you were the clubbing type."

It was hard for her not to recognize the man and wonder what kind of motives he might have had in being here especially since her brother rejected him.

Dario, who is still wearing his sunglasses for some reason says, "I'm the hiding from the news type tonight. I thought why not do it at Thea Queen's club where I could not only avoid the press but tick off your brother at the same time." he openly admits, "Whiskey please, straight, tennessee if you have it. " and odd choice for someone who could have anything. "But don't worry, not a hostile takeover. I come in peace, at least for you. " the man says as he looks out to the club. Listening to the music and trying to enjoy it. He's more of a classical man himself.

"I'll give you a free tip then, lose the sunglasses at night." Thea stared at him and painfully said, "That is soooooo eighties." She turns around and begins to fill Dario's order pouring a triple shot of the whiskey and setting it down in front of him, "Enjoy."

Dario reaches up and takes off his glasses, then he holds them out and offers them to Thea, "Try them on." he says. If she does, she'll find that the club is lit up as if it's day light, the flashing lights of the club seem to be missing, there is virtual information, facial recognition, and if she focuses on any one person a subroutine runs which shows a thermal scan and gives them a general health scan. Somehow the glasses can even detect blood alcohol levels from across the room.

Taking a sip of his drink Dario says, "Linked to my phone. You should see the things it can do." then he explains, "It's a prototype system for combat doctors. Operate under any light conditions with full bio-scans. Once we get them into production for the Army it will save countless lives." and make him a lot of money.

Thea puts the glasses on, not quite sure what to expect before looking around with her eyebrows raised at all the information that is being displayed, "Cool." Once she's done looking around she hands them over to Dario again, "Let me know when I can pre-order a pair, never know what shades like that might come in handy." She smiles politely before asking, "Anything else I can get you? Aside from another meeting with Ollie, that's your problem."

Dario holds up his hand and says, "Oh, no, your brother made it quite clear where he stands. But you can tell him I did take his advice. He is why I threw away my script and just talked about my family, he was right. Rhetoric and depending on society to rise to your standards wasn't going to work, so I told them my story. Hopefully people will see this bill is too much, too fast and rise against it. If not, it's a sad day for America when we turn on our own citizens out of fear." he says accepting the glasses back and slipping them on.

"I'm glad he could help you, he's usually good at that even when he doesn't mean to." Thea had seen parts of the speech but overall, she wasn't exactly the most political of people, "I hope it works out best for everyone, I can see both sides of it. There's a need to have some kind of control though but it's nothing to do with me. I stay out of politics."

Dario takes another drink and says, "I'm surprised, really I am. You're a Queen. Leadership is in your blood." he says taking one last drink, "Don't let Olliver convince you that you should be anything less than your namesake." he says as he sets down his empty glass and takes out his wallet to pay. Roxxon Credit card. Never leave home without it.

Thea laughed a little at the words before sliding the card back to him, "On the house this time, next time you should buy everyone a round of drinks." She doesn't reply to the comment about Ollie at first, "Feel free to come by anytime and hideout or chat, but…" She smiles oh so sweetly, "Keep my brother out of it, I'm my own person."

"Yes, I can see you are." he says smiling before he leans closer and says more quietly, "Next time, when I'm not hiding, I'll buy everyone's drinks all night. I'll call ahead. " he promises and then he slides up to leave. This trip was, educational.. Queen's baby sister isn't as much of a weakness as he thought she would be but she could still be exploited.. Yes, in fact he can think of the perfect way as he once more skirts out of the club.

This, is going to be fun!

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